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Chapter 192: Running Corpse Sect’s Inheritor

There were only about 200 Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Martial Saints. The corpses completely outnumbered them. They were working very hard, defending passively,

However, the main forces of both sides had not made their move yet. The bladesmen of Divine Saber Camp stood in front of the stone sealing the Fiend. Their Killing Qi was reserved as they grasped their sabers tightly. They had no intentions of making a move.

Xiao Chen watched for a long time, but he did not discover any Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Martial Monarchs leading the battle. There were only ten Martial King elders standing in the distance, observing the situation.

Amongst this group of Martial Kings, Xiao Chen discovered Ye Wen’s figure. Ye Wen was the same as before; he was unable to discover what he was thinking by watching his expressions. He was very calm, as though everything was under his control.

On the side of the Running Corpse Sect, there were no strong corpses fighting. There were three huge corpses standing in the middle. These three corpses were five meters tall; their skin was completely black. There was a dense black Qi flowing out from their bodies.

Occasionally, they would be roaring hoarsely. Xiao Chen only took a look from a distance, but he still felt a tremendous pressure, causing him to tremble in fear.

Are these the three corpse kings? Xiao Chen wondered in fear. For a corpse to turn into corpse kings, they must have been at least a Martial Monarchs when they were alive. After they died and were refined into a corpse, they could retain their previous Martial Techniques and combat experience.

Under the Running Corpse Sect’s control, they were much stronger than regular Martial Monarchs. This was because of their undying bodies, the lack of fear, the lack of a sense of pain, and an impervious steel-like body that could not be destroyed by water or fire.

Beside the three corpse kings, there were hundreds of two-meter-tall corpses. Their entire bodies emitted black Qi. They were very stout, and it was clear from the aura they were different from the other corpses.

They should be the mutated corpses that were only second to the corpse kings. They would be able to hold their ground when pitting their combat prowess against a Martial King.

Behind the corpse kings, there were about ten people dressed in black. They were all hiding in the shadows of the corpse kings. Xiao Chen discovered Supervisor Li among them.

Looking further back, Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense also discovered ten Corpse Monarchs standing there without moving. These were the inheritors of the Running Corpse Sect’s faction who walked the path of the corpse.

Turning themselves into an existence that was neither dead nor alive. Compared to a regular corpse, they still had the consciousness of a normal person. They were very difficult to deal with; a regular corpse king was no match for them.

Xiao Chen was feeling suspicious. The Running Corpse Sect had such a strong lineup; how did the Heavenly Saber Pavilion hold their ground. They only had ten Martial Kings present here.

Although the bladesmen of the Divine Saber Camp gave off an extremely horrifying evil Qi, their cultivation ranged from Medial Grade Martial Saint to peak Martial Saint. Even if they had rich combat experience, they were definitely not a match for the corpse kings.

The battle in the river was starting to tip in the Running Corpse Sect’s favor. The Heavenly Saber Pavilion Martial Saints were slowly defeated. A significant number of corpses rushed up the opposite side of the river.

However, before these corpses could get far, a strong energy was fired and crushed their harder-than-metal skin. In front of this energy, they were as soft as tofu.

Xiao Chen observed carefully and discovered this energy came from the Martial Kings. There was a qualitative difference between the strength of a Martial King and a Martial Saint. Just one attack was able to easily crush these specially refined corpses.

After the Martial Kings made a move, the battle that was tipping in the Running Corpse Sect’s favor regained a balance once again.


Suddenly, a silver figure flew over in the air. That person’s silver hair was dazzling. Her petite body then landed on the ground firmly, beside the three corpse kings.

Supervisor Li frowned and stepped forward, “Princess Mu, why are you only appearing now?”

Mu Xinya looked at the situation and said indifferently, “I had some personal matters to deal with. There is no need to mind it. Tell me about the situation now.”

Supervisor Li answered, “It is unknown why, but the Heavenly Saber Pavilion Supreme Elders have not shown themselves yet. I am not confident, so I did not make a strong push.”

Mu Xinya thought for a while before saying, “There is no need to care about them. Just make a strong push. Once the Fiend Ancestor is out, no matter how many of their Supreme Elders come, opposition would be useless.”

Supervisor Li said, “Are you confident? If we fail, the hundred years of effort the Running Corpse Sect has put in will be wasted.”

Mu Xinya took out an arrow shining with a black light, “This is a ancient forbidden weapon of my race. It had been passed down since the Ancient Era; then it was refined for a thousand years.

“As long as I can enter the Nine Concealed Saber Demonic Formation, I am confident of breaking the Fiend Sealing Stone. By then, all the realms within the Spirit Mine will be broken; all the Spirit Stones will become masterless objects.

“There are a lot of Spirit Stones. They will be sufficient for you to revitalize the Running Corpse Sect.”

After Supervisor Li heard that, he thought about it for a while. Then he discussed it with the people behind him. Finally, he made his decision, “Push strongly!”

The ten black-clothed men controlling the corpses kept changing their hand gestures. All the corpse on the ground stamped on the ground and leaped up into the air.

Within the cave, there were ‘ca ca ca’ sounds coming from the walls in all directions. Like flowers blooming, corpses climbed out from the walls.

These corpses all seem berserk; their strength significantly increased in an instant. The Running Corpse Sect now completely held the advantage.

Before they could retreat, the remaining hundred Martial Saints in the river were all torn to shreds by the corpses.

The ten Heavenly Saber Pavilion Martial Kings exchanged looks, and then executed their Movement Techniques, quickly moving to the back of the cave. This allowed the berserk corpses to rush forward.


Just at this moment, the Divine Saber Camp’s hundred bladesmen finally made their move. They all shouted at the same time, causing the entire cave to tremble lightly.

A surging killing Qi was released without holding anything back. They turned into a large ocean; the formless evil Qi actually managed to envelop the entire thousand-meter-tall cave.

The evil Qi infiltrated their bones. Even though the corpses were already dead, due to the instinct of the body, they could not help but tremble.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

They all drew their sabers together, the sound of a hundred sabers being drawn at the same time echoed throughout the cave. The sabers were 1 meter long and about 5 centimeters thick; there was a scarlet glow on the blades. With one look, it was obvious these were not ordinary sabers.

These sabers were known as Bloodsucker Sabers. When they were stabbed into a living person’s body and used with a special Cultivation Technique, they could instantly suck the person dry of blood. There was once a powerhouse of the Divine Saber Camp who sucked his opponent dry in one move.

The forging method of these sabers was already lost. Once, a thousand were passed down in the Divine Saber Camp. Disciples not from the Divine Saber Camp, even if they were core disciples, could not obtain these sabers.

After the hundred bladesmen from Divine Saber Camp made their move, the situation immediately turned around.

In front of the Divine Saber Camp disciples, even the refined corpses the Martial Saints found difficult to deal with were completely sucked dry with one stroke of their sabers. After the corpses fell, they turned into strands of resentment and flew into the sabers.

The more they massacred the corpses, the more resentment the Bloodsucker Sabers collected. The Divine Saber Camp disciples were like demons from hell; they all had fierce expressions.

They looked like devils and monsters, even more horrifying than the corpses. The more resentment they collected, the heavier the evil Qi they released. The speed and strength of their sabers increased explosively.

The path of killing, Xiao Chen thought in shock. No wonder the first time I saw the Divine Saber Camp disciples, there was a horrifying murderous intent coming from my heart.

He did not expect there would be such evil Cultivation Techniques in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. They comprehended their martial path by immersing themselves in the joy of killing. All their Martial Techniques were geared toward killing.

Such a Cultivation Technique was even more horrifying than the path of corpses. A cultivator who walked the path of killing must kill at least thousands of cultivators in his life.

Furthermore, the people they killed could not have a cultivation lower than theirs. Otherwise, it would be useless to this cultivation. They could collect the resentment after their enemies died and use it to raise their cultivation; it was very horrifying.

A cultivator that walked the path of killing would be able to hold their own against an opponent who had one cultivation realm higher than them. If the opponent was careless, it might even be easy to kill the opponent.

The most important thing was that these people were not afraid of death. The closer they were to death, the more excited they felt. Their strength would even increase by many folds.

It was just a hundred Divine Saber Camp bladesmen, but they were able to defend the Nine Concealed Saber Demonic Formation tightly without letting anything through. They instantly killed any corpses that got near.

Under the control of the black-clothed men, the corpses continued to launch themselves forward. Currently, the sounds of killing shook the place; the sounds of roaring were like thunder. The entire underground cave seemed to become hell on earth. It was very cruel; the flowing blood was enough to form a river.

Before long, the Divine Saber Camp’s bladesmen killed more than a thousand ordinary refined corpses. However, the Divine Saber Camp did not have any casualties.

The boundless black resentment wound around the Bloodsucker Sabers. When one looked carefully, there were the painful cries of vengeful spirits coming from them. The Divine Saber Camp’s people were not tired; under the stimulation of the resentment, they became even stronger instead.

Supervisor Li was astonished. Although he knew the Divine Saber Camp was very strong, he did not expect it to be at such horrifying levels. Killing these refined corpses was as easy as chopping vegetables.

Mu Xinya said indifferently, “Don’t be frightened. They are only using a special Secret Technique. In addition to their own strength, these corpses without spiritual intelligence cannot hurt them. Preserve your strength and use the mutated corpses.”

Supervisor Li nodded and waved his hand. Beside the three Corpse Kings, the hundred-odd mutated corpse emitting black Qi all leaped over.

The mutated corpses already had a little spiritual intelligence. They had preserved most of their combat prowess from when they were alive. With one order, they automatically went forward to attack.

Furthermore, the strength of their physical bodies was strong. When they were alive, they were at least Martial Kings. After they received the order, they moved like fast arrows, leaping across the hundred meters wide river; they instantly arrived before the Divine Saber Camp’s bladesmen.


The number of mutilated corpses was about the same as the number of Divine Saber Camp’s bladesmen. When they came into contact with each other, a huge battle began. Compared to the refined corpses, made from ordinary miners’ bodies, the mutated corpses were significantly stronger.

The strong Divine Saber Camp’s bladesmen were not able to kill them instantly. When the Bloodsucker Sabers in their hands struck the mutated corpses, they gave off metallic clangs.

There were no scars left behind on the mutated corpses. They gave off a weird ‘ga ga’ laughter as they continuously executed the Martial Techniques they knew when they were alive.

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