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Chapter 189: Major Turn of Events

Mu Xinya said indifferently, “We also have the two mutated corpse kings as well as the corpse king we just discovered. That is a total of three corpse kings. Each corpse king has the strength of a Martial Monarch. We should be able to deal with most things.”

“According to the agreement, you need to increase my payment by half. I have been in here for ten years already and have been living an unbearable life. I’ve had enough of this already.” As Supervisor Li spoke, he revealed an agitated expression.

Mu Xinya frowned slightly, “My race has already prepared this plan for a hundred years. What do your ten years of effort count for? When it reaches the critical point, you start to go back on your words. That is too unreliable!”

Supervisor Li chuckled, “Whatever you say, either you do what I say or we can forget about this.”

A sharp killing Qi flashed in her eyes as her aura was raised suddenly. It was as though she was going to attack at any moment. Supervisor Li smiled indifferently and stepped forward fearlessly.

Finally, Mu Xinya compromised. She snorted coldly, “As you wish. I will increase the Medial Grade Spirit Stones you receive to three thousand.”

In another tunnel, Xiao Chen was in a restless state of mind. He practiced his saber in a messy manner, creating violent gusts of wind in the tunnel lit brightly by Night Pearls. Saber lights flashed frequently and there were shouts in the air occasionally.

Xiao Chen casually practiced a set of Saber Techniques. When his aura was raised to its peak, he shouted loudly. He flung his Lunar Shadow Saber violently. The saber glowed as it stabbed into the stone wall.

“Shua Shua!”

Black rocks kept falling from the wall. The Lunar Shadow Saber’s blade was completely buried in the wall. Xiao Chen’s frustration and anger were clear to see.

It could be said that Xiao Chen had done his best to obtain the news. He did not think of obtaining any rewards, he just wanted Ye Wen to pay more note to it. Who knew that Ye Wen would simply label him as a tattletale.

It caused Xiao Chen to be very depressed. He took a few deep breaths before he calmed himself down. It seemed like Supervisor Zhao’s matter was a no-go, he had no idea how to face him tomorrow.

Never mind, the cart will find its way around the hill when it gets there, Xiao Chen sighed to himself. It would be fine as long as he could make sure nothing major happened before the end of the month.

[TL note: The cart will find its way around the hill when it gets there: This means things will eventually sort itself out.]

It was just a girl and ordinary miners. I should be more cautious, even though I do not believe that they could cause any major problems.

The next morning, Xiao Chen behaved like he normally would, as though nothing had happened. He left for the patrol together with Ma Chen and Mu Xinya.

The morning passed peacefully like this without any incidents. It caused one to feel that something was wrong. Not to mention the corpses, even the Spirit Swallowing Worms they could normally see had all vanished without a trace.

The mines were so peaceful that it was frightening. Just as Xiao Chen thought that he was wrong, Ma Chen suddenly said, “What’s going on today? I keep feeling that something is wrong.”

Xiao Chen exchanged a look with him. He said in astonishment, “You have this feeling as well? I thought it was just me.”

Ma Chen had done this mission in the mines many times. His instincts should be trustworthy. Xiao Chen could not help but remain on guard.

During the patrols in the afternoon, Xiao Chen paid extra attention to his surrounding environment. He also paid a lot of attention to Mu Xinya.

If anything happens, it definitely will have something to do with Mu Xinya. As long as I keep an eye on her, I should be able to deal with it.

When they reached an area where the paths divided, which they frequented, Xiao Chen ignored the two dead tunnels and headed for the well lit tunnel on the left.

“Young Master Ye, is that you?”

Xiao Chen did not get far before a weak voice suddenly came from one of the dead tunnels. He quickly stopped and headed to one of the dead tunnels to take a look.

He extended out his Spiritual Sense and saw that person’s appearance. Xiao Chen was startled; it was that supervisor who went missing for nearly half a month.

“Who is there?” Ma Chen asked cautiously.

Xiao Chen replied, “He is the Supervisor Wang I mentioned to you the previous time. He had been missing for half a month. I did not expect for him to turn up here.”

“Young Master Ye, is that you?” the weak voice drifted over again. It sounded like it was issued from clenched teeth. Hearing it made one feel their scalp go numb, making them uncomfortable.

Ma Chen already drew his saber and his entire body was tense. He was completely in a state of high alert. He said to Xiao Chen, “Junior Brother Ye, should we go take a look?

Xiao Chen muttered to himself for a moment, pretending to think. Actually, he was using his Spiritual Sense to observe that supervisor. He discovered that aside from his life force being extremely weak, there was nothing else wrong with him.

Even so, this person had disappeared for half a month. Suddenly appearing like this was strange; they did not dare to be careless.

“We should go over and take a look, we just need to remain alert.” Xiao Chen grasped the hilt of the Lunar Shadow Saber as he led Ma Chen into the dead tunnel.

When they drew near, they discovered that Supervisor Wang was lying on the ground. He was leaning weakly against the wall and was moaning breathlessly. When Xiao Chen saw this, he let his guard down.

Xiao Chen took out a bottle of water and delivered it to him. Supervisor Wang revealed an expression of joy; he extended his hand to receive the bottle of water.

“Hu Chi!”

“Keng! Qiang!”

Xiao Chen did not discover anything wrong. However, he had only stretched his hand out halfway before Ma Chen at the side hacked out with his saber. His saber broke through the air, it was extremely fast and completely unavoidable.

The sharp saber blade hacked Supervisor Wang’s arm but something strange happened. Supervisor Wang’s hand was not harmed, it even gave off a metallic sound.

Xiao Chen expression changed and he quickly retreated backward. Supervisor Wang, who was on the ground, leaped up and stood rapidly.

He had shed off his pretense completely and a rotting stench came from his body. His clothes exploded apart, revealing dried black skin.

“How did you discover something was wrong?” Xiao Chen asked Ma Chen.

Ma Chen quickly answered, “His fingers were all black, they completely lost the look of a human’s.”

So that was how, Xiao Chen looked at Supervisor Wang in shock. After not seeing him for half a month, Supervisor Wang had turned into a corpse.

“Ga! Ga! Ga! Ga!”

A strange laughter came from Supervisor Wang’s mouth. He said clearly, “I originally wanted to give you a surprise. I did not expect you to discover it.”

Ma Chen was pale and he said quietly, “Something is wrong, how does he still have his consciousness? After being infected with the corpse poison, he should have turned into a mindless corpse.”

Xiao Chen frowned slightly, he could not figure out what was going on either. Humans turning into corpses had happened before. However, ordinary people who were infected with the corpse poison would become mindless corpses.

These mindless corpses did not have much combat prowess. Even ordinary people would find it easy to avoid them.

Supervisor Wang laughed weirdly a few times before he said, “Can I be compared to those mindless corpses? I am a Corpse Monarch. A person who walks the path of corpses. A monarch of thousands of corpses.

“Hu!” He clawed the air with his hands and a golden cape appeared out of nowhere. He put it on his body and then put a golden crown on his head.

A skinny corpse wearing such an outfit felt very strange.

“Who cares what you are, I’ll hack you to death with my saber!”

“Mountain Splitting Chop!”

Ma Chen snorted coldly and leaped into the air. His body moved quickly into the air; he had already practiced this Mountain Splitting Chop to the great perfection.

A huge mountain appeared above his head; it seemed like it carried tens of thousands of kilograms of force, its might was boundless and majestic.

Supervisor Wang, or the Corpse Monarch, laughed coldly. He pointed to the ground and it split open. A corpse broke through the ground and leaped at Ma Chen.


Ma Chen looked at the corpse that clawed and bit at the air. A look of disdain appeared in his eyes. He shouted loudly and the saber that carried the tens of thousands of kilograms of force chopped down on the corpse.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen felt that something was wrong. He quickly looked at the corpse in the air. A purple light flashed in his eyes for a moment and he could see the condition of the corpse clearly.

He could see countless black lights flowing in its veins. There was  spiraling black Qi in the location of its Dantian, spinning like a hurricane.

Xiao Chen was startled, this corpse was clearly a ticking time bomb. The black Qi flowing in the veins were the fuse; once they were broken, it would explode.

Furthermore, its might was definitely not small. If Ma Chen was not prepared, he would be at a disadvantage.

“Azure Dragon Tail Whip!”

Xiao Chen shouted and a boundless Essence gathered at his right foot. He stomped the ground and it trembled slightly.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen seemed to be enveloped in an illusion of the Azure Dragon. It was as though he had turned into a dragon. The dragon’s tail swung in the air and caused an intense ripple. Space started to tremble.

In the next instant, Xiao Chen’s figure formed an arc of light in the air. He arrived before Ma Chen immediately and used the Three Flowing Cloud Images.

Xiao Chen turned into a boundless ocean and struck the corpse gently with his scabbard. An intense wave surged from the ocean and threw the corpse toward the Corpse Monarch.

This was the first time Xiao Chen had used a high leveled technique from the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art. After the true might of the Heaven Ranked Movement Technique was revealed, his speed was instantly raised to the peak. Not only was Ma Chen unable to react, the Corpse Emperor was unable to react as well.

The corpse flew had crossed half the distance between them before the Corpse Emperor managed to react. Its withered face revealed a strange smile as it flicked its finger.


The corpse exploded in the air, turning into bits. It turned into a black ball of Qi, expanding into its surroundings.

When Ma Chen’s Mountain Splitting Chop struck the Qi ball, it was like they were evenly matched. He somersaulted in the air before landing firmly on the ground.

“Traceless Flowing Water!”

Xiao Chen remained in the air and executed a technique from the Three Flowing Cloud Images with ease. The scabbard moved with the gentleness of flowing water, sweeping the black Qi ball away without a trace.

When the black Qi ball was dispersed, Xiao Chen and Ma Chen looked cautiously at the Corpse Monarch. Although it called itself the Corpse Monarch, it did not have the strength of a Martial Monarch; it was about equivalent to a human Martial King.

Even so, a Martial King was not something the two of them could deal with. Furthermore, this was a monster and it was extremely strange. It was significantly stronger than a regular Martial King.

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