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Chapter 182: Mysterious Companion

Ye Wen tossed over the ring gently and smiled to Xiao Chen. “There is no problem, just pay attention to yourself.”

What does he mean by pay attention to myself? Xiao Chen thought. Ye Wen seemed to have given him a deep look, like a warning.

“Let’s go. Grab a good sleep tonight. That’s right, there is still a very important thing I have not told you two yet. Do not cultivate here. Otherwise, if you are not careful, you might explode and die. There has been many previous instances of this already. I hope the two of you will not simply mess around, “Ye Wen prudently warned them.

This means I cannot cultivate for a month, Xiao Chen could not help but feel disappointed. He was initially filled with anticipation when he first arrived and saw the dense Spiritual Energy in his surroundings.

The two of them spoke as they returned to their stone room. When Mu Xinya saw that Ye Wen was not around, she said, “Senior Brother Ye, thank you for saving me earlier.”

Xiao Chen smiled. “It’s nothing, just helping each other out. Who knows when I would need you to rescue me.”

When they returned to their stone room, Xiao Chen let Mu Xinya choose her bed first. Afterwards, he slowly laid down on the other stone bed.

The stone room was rather large so they did not feel constrained even when two people stayed there together. The walls were inlaid with Night Pearl, so it felt quite bright.

Xiao Chen laid on the bed. He still had not figured out the outline of this place yet. Leaving his escape path in the hands of others was very unsettling.

He turned his Spiritual Sense into a thread and extended it upward. The results were as Ye Wen had said, it was really several thousands of meters underground. Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense was able to extend upward for close to two thousand meters.

However, aside from seeing a few other layers of the mine, he did not know how far he was from the surface. Xiao Chen withdrew his Spiritual Sense and could not help but think to himself, Where exactly is the exit?

Xiao Chen did not give up and used his Spiritual Sense to scan the entire layer. Finally, he focused on the area where the headquarters was located. However, he was blocked by a formless barrier. He could not go through it no matter how he tried.

After failing a few times, Xiao Chen could only give up helplessly. There was a simple hourglass being used to keep time. He took a look at it; according to the time on earth, it would be about seven in evening.

It was still early. Although he could not cultivate, Xiao Chen did not have the habit of sleeping early. He took out the Clear Wind Chop manual that Liu Ruyue had given him and started to read it carefully. The impression that Ye Wen’s Clear Wind Chop had given Xiao Chen was quite deep.

“Senior Brother Ye, I have finished my bath. You can take yours now.”

When another stone in the stone room was pushed open, there was a simple bathroom. There was a pool of groundwater there; there was no need to worry about their cleanliness.

After Mu Xinya came out from the bathroom, she immediately informed Xiao Chen. The clothes she wore were all arranged neatly and properly without making it look erotic; it was not enough for Xiao Chen to feel awkward.

Xiao Chen put down the manual and nodded. He was not too obsessed with cleanliness. As such, after he entered, he cleaned himself up in a simple manner and quickly came out after wearing his clothes.

Mu Xinya had a more lively personality. When she saw Xiao Chen reading, she kept asking him questions non-stop. The smile on her face never faded at all; she was quite optimistic about this mission.

“Senior Brother Ye, why did you enter Heavenly Saber Pavilion initially? Furthermore, you entered into the weakest Qingyun Peak.”

Mu Xinya asked questions after questions; it was simply never-ending. The result was that Xiao Chen could not focus. He could only smile bitterly and put down his book helplessly.

After he thought for a while, he answered, “Initially, I entered in order to save a friend. Then I realized that I could raise my strength here. So I stayed.”

A mischievous smile appeared on Mu Xinya’s face. “Let me guess… your friend must be a girl.”

“It can be considered to be so!” Xiao Chen smiled and changed the topic. “What about you? Why did you enter the Heavenly Saber Pavilion?”

Mu Xinya changed her position on the bed and leaned against the wall. “My parents told me to enter. I have been here for a month. Actually, I did not want to enter.”

Xiao Chen felt it was strange. Before she had entered, she was already a peak Martial Grand Master. It seems like Mu Xinya’s clan was not simple.

After she answered the question, Mu Xinya’s mood seemed to turn heavy. She was not as spirited as she was earlier. After they chatted for a while more, she went to sleep.

Xiao Chen could not sleep, so he continued to read the Clear Wind Chop manual. The Essence in his body slowly circulated in the manner described by the manual. He immediately felt a strong energy circulating.

Unfortunately, there was no suitable place for him to practice. Xiao Chen tested it for a bit but soon gave up. After it got late into the night, his eyelids started to droop and he fell asleep after going into a daze.

The next morning, Xiao Chen woke up on time. The sound of him getting up startled Mu Xinya awake. After the two of them washed up and had some food, they started to do their patrols in accordance with the path Ye Wen showed them.

Not long after they left, Xiao Chen saw the group of miners who found the Medial Grade Spirit Stone raw ore yesterday. When Supervisor Li, who led the miners, saw the two of them, he quickly put down what he was doing.

He came over and greeted them. “Greetings, Sir and Madam. Do you have any instructions for us?”

Xiao Chen sized this person up carefully. He was about two meters in height. Xiao Chen looked favorably at him. The thing that Xiao Chen noticed was his eyes. The other miners had dull looks in their eyes, like they given up hope.

However, his eyes were filled with light and there were no signs of him being dispirited. If it were not for his clothes being dirty, one would not think of him as a miner.

“Nothing much, we are just on our patrol. If there are any problem, immediately send a signal out.” Xiao Chen nodded and left with Mu Xinya.

Patrolling was a very boring job, especially thousands of meters underground. Xiao Chen finally understood why there were so little people signing up for this job.

No one would choose to come back to this hellish environment a second time unless they were urgently in need of contribution points.

The Spirit Mine was not as peaceful as it seemed to be. After yesterday’s experience, Xiao Chen did not dare to be careless. He cautiously followed the map as he walked around the mines.

“Hu Chi!”

Suddenly, there was a sharp call from a bugle horn that rang piercingly in the tunnels. Xiao Chen and Mu Xinya exchanged a look; there was a situation. They quickly rushed in the direction of the sound’s origin.

The two of them were very fast. Soon, they arrived at the location where the sound originated from. They discovered a corpse slowly climbing out from the ground. The miners were running in every direction.

Xiao Chen said to Mu Xinya, “Gather these people up. Don’t run around. It is only an ordinary corpse, I will deal with it.”

Mu Xinya asked worriedly, “Are you able to?”

“Even if I can’t, I have too!” After Xiao Chen spoke, he immediately rushed forward and knocked over the corpse that had just climbed out.

This was the first time Xiao Chen had faced this disgusting creature. As such, he did not dare to be careless; he carefully blocked the attacks of the corpse. Slowly, he started to sense that the attacking methods of the corpse were limited. It relied on its speed and sharp claws to attack.

This should be the lowest grade of corpses. Soon, Xiao Chen completely grasped its attack patterns.

Xiao Chen did not wish to drag out the fight so he used the Three Flowing Cloud Images. His figure immediately turned blurry. He moved in a circle around the corpse like a small river and sent out three saber strikes at it.

“Shua! Shua! Shua!”

The corpse’s two arms and head were instantly separated from its body and it spurted out lots of black fluids. Xiao Chen knew about the terror of this fluid so he sent out a saber light to block them from coming into contact with his body.

The corpse which lost its arms and head did not die yet. It did what it could to rush wildly at Xiao Chen but it was no longer a threat.

Xiao Chen executed Drawing the Saber and split it into half. It should now be dead as a doorknob.

Xiao Chen placed his saber back in the scabbard and spoke to the group of miners that Mu Xinya had rounded up. “Who is the supervisor?”

A miner walked out while bowing. He said, “In reply to Sir, I am the supervisor here.”

This person’s face was completely black; his eyes had lost its light, like he had lost all hope. Xiao Chen sighed. “Go deal with the body, according to the rules, you may rest for two hours. I will not make things difficult.”

This was the instruction given by Ye Wen. If a corpse appeared, the group of miners may rest for two hours, then they should return to work. There was no need to bother about them.

The two of them hung around for a while longer. When they saw that nothing else happened, they left the place and continued their patrol.

Soon, they reached a place where the path divided into three. However, two of the paths did not have any lamps installed; it was pitch dark. According to the rules, this was a dead path, there was no need to patrol there.

As they were preparing to leave, Xiao Chen suddenly noticed a pair of green eyes in one of the tunnels. However, when he tried to look carefully again, he did not discover anything.

He extended out his Spiritual Sense. However, after searching for a long time, he did not discover anything.

“Senior Brother Ye, what’s wrong?” Mu Xinya asked, her voice filled with doubts.

Xiao Chen felt that something was wrong. “Don’t move, I’m going in to take a look. There seems to be something in there.”

Mu Xinya looked in the direction of Xiao Chen’s gaze. “Isn’t that a dead path? I’ll come with you.”

“There is no need, I could have been seeing things.” After Xiao Chen spoke, he directly entered in a flash. There was a faint purple light coming from his eyes in the darkness; he was able to see about ten meters around him within the pitch dark tunnel.

Xiao Chen walked in for about two hundred meters but he did not discover anything. As he was prepared to leave, he heard the sound of footsteps coming from behind him. However, it was only Mu Xinya following him.

“Let’s go, there is no need to follow me. I saw wrongly,” Xiao Chen said to Mu Xinya who was behind him.

However, the instant he turned around, he saw an unsightly expression on Mu Xinya’s face. She quickly drew her yuanyang sabers and a cold light flashed in the tunnel.

The yuanyang saber in her left hand buzzed with a melodious sound as it flew through the air, flying toward Xiao Chen’s head at lightning speed.

Yuanyang sabers were frequently used by women as it was slightly shorter. Most men would not use it as it did not seem tyrannical. However, just based on appearance, it was pretty suitable for the graceful characteristics of a woman.

However, in truth, the yuanyang saber’s might and power were not inferior. Xiao Chen followed the buzzing saber with his eyes and watched as the darkness swallowed up the yuanyang saber gleaming with a cold light.

His thoughts stopped for a short moment but he moved after that. He trusted Mu Xinya and did not make a move to attack her.

Xiao Chen executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art and his body moved as fast as a flood dragon and he arrived behind Mu Xinya in an instant.

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