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Chapter 181: Corpse-filled War

They sought their fortune amidst the danger. If they were able to survive after five years, the rewards they could obtain would be sufficient for him to live in riches.

However, would they still have their lives at the end of it?

“Hu Chi!”

Just as the crowd was about the leave, a resplendent spiritual light suddenly erupted from within the Spirit Mine. The Spiritual Energy turned even more abundant inside the Spirit Mine in an instant.

“This is the Medial Grade Spirit Stone raw ore! Run!” Although they had uncovered the Medial Grade Spirit Stone, the expressions of the miners were filled with horror. They dropped whatever they had in their hands and rushed over in the direction of Xiao Chen and the others.

“Ga Ga!”

A miner was slightly slow and he was grabbed by a withered hand. With a casual pull, he was wrenched into two halves. The withered hand had gorged out the miner’s bleeding heart.

When the crowd dispersed, Xiao Chen finally saw the owner of this strange hand. It was a rotten corpse that emitted a black Qi from its entire body. It placed the heart into its mouth and it chewed continuously, giving off ‘zizi’ sounds.

The group of miners were hiding behind Xiao Chen and his group. Although there was panic on their faces, they were already used to this. They did not seem too uncomfortable when they saw this rotten corpse.

Ye Wen revealed an extremely grave expression. He stared at the raw ore that gave off a spiritual light behind the corpse. “The two of you stay back. In the future, if the two of you encounter a monster of this grade, you just have to disperse the crowd.”

“Hu Hu!” Ye Wen drew the small saber out of his scabbard and spun it in his hand continuously. It created an intense air current within the mines.

The corpse felt a dangerous aura and roared in a strange manner. It turned into a black phantom and launched itself at Ye Wen. Its sharp nails had a cold glint as it tried to claw Ye Wen’s face.

“Scram!” Ye Wen shouted loudly. The saber that spun in his right hand struck the corpse continuously. The intense air current pushed the corpse far away. A black fluid that stank of rotting flesh dripped out from its body as it flew back in the air.

The body had already been dead for an unknown amount of time; it was not able to feel pain or anything else. After it was knocked back, it roared out. A disgusting fluid flowed out from the corner of its mouth and it launched itself at Ye Wen again.

As Ye Wen fought the corpse, they slowly drifted to the left, this caused the fight to change locations. After a while, they had distanced themselves from the crowd.

At this moment, Ye Wen’s aura exploded out intensely without holding anything back. Streams of resplendent saber Qi struck the corpse.

Black fluid spurted out of its body. Just as the black fluid was about to land on Ye Wen’s body, an Essence shield immediately appeared to block the black fluid.

“Zi La! Zi La!” The black fluid actually continuously corroded the Essence. Ye Wen shouted and the Essence shield trembled. The black fluid was immediately knocked flying.

“Dang Dang!”

One man and one corpse, their battle became faster and faster. The ordinary people could no longer see their figures; they could only hear metallic clangs resonate in the air.

A light flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he did his best to see the situation. The claws of the corpse were actually as hard as Profound Iron; it was able to resist Ye Wen’s saber lights.

“Hu!” There was a cold breeze and the small saber in Ye Wen’s hands vanished. Xiao Chen was astonished, this was one of Qingyun Peak’s Secret Techniques—Clear Wind Chop!

“Shua!” When the small saber reappeared, one of the corpse’s arms was chopped off. After it lost an arm, its combat prowess decreased significantly.

Just when Xiao Chen thought there was nothing left to fear, the corpse suddenly spat out a black pearl. Ye Wen’s complexion changed, “It actually managed to cultivate an inner core, good thing I discovered it early. Otherwise, if it had developed spiritual intelligence, it would be problematic.

The small saber was pulled backward and eighteen copies appeared in the air. Ye Wen’s figure was everywhere within an instant. When the eighteen images merged back together, the bright lights of the saber became reserved.

It carried a huge force as it chopped that black pearl into half with a ‘shua’ sound. Ye Wen’s hands moved continuously, the small saber started to spin intensely and created a powerful cyclone.


The small saber left his hand and the cyclone instantly enveloped the corpse as it moved forward. The saber moved very fast within the cyclone as streams of black fluid spurted out but were dispersed by the cyclone.

Under Ye Wen’s control, the cyclone moved forward very slowly. After a while, it stopped and a small saber embedded itself into the ground with a ‘huang dang’ sound.

The corpse landed heavily on the ground with a loud bang before it bounced a few times. Its skin was no longer completely intact; it was pretty much left with only its skeleton.

“Hu!” Just as everyone thought the situation was resolved and let out a breath of relief, the corpse leaped back up onto its feet. It moved as fast as lightning as it rushed at Mu Xinya who was beside Xiao Chen.

As the situation had occurred suddenly, Mu Xinya was caught off guard and could not react in time. Her complexion changed greatly.

“Drawing the Saber!”

In the time it took for a spark to fly, the Lunar Shadow Saber was drawn with a ‘huang dang’ sound. It created a blade of wind and its speed was almost at its peak. It chopped the corpse flying at them into two halves.

Ye Wen quickly rushed over and fired out two streams of red flames to burn the corpse up. Afterwards, he turned around to pick up the Medial Grade Spirit Stone raw ore, revealing a faint smile as he did so.

It was rare to come by a Medial Grade Spirit Stone raw ore. Normally, they would only run into one every few months. Ye Wen felt it was worthwhile to be able to obtain the ore at the cost of the life of only one person.

Ye Wen waved his hands and smiled, “Supervisor Li, you gained a big merit. Let me introduce you. These two are the newly arrived guardians. If there are any problems, you may look for them.

A tall and stout man walked over. This person was the supervisor of this group of miners. Ye Wen introduced Xiao Chen and Mu Xinya then he casually passed the Medial Grade Spirit Stone raw ore to Supervisor Li. After that, he led Xiao Chen and Mu Xinya to continue walking.

Along the way he introduced, “When running into the corpses at the Medial Grade Spirit Stone raw ores, do not recklessly make a move. The two of you are not a match for them.”

Xiao Chen could not resist asking, “Where did this corpse come from? Why is it so horrifying?”

Ye Wen said indifferently, “It crawled over. Your current location is thousands of meters beneath the surface. This Spirit Mine has existed for several ten thousands of years.

“The corpses that were buried underground would slowly crawl over under the attraction of the Spiritual Energy. After several months, it would turn into that thing. There is usually such creatures around every piece of Medial Grade Spirit Stone raw ore.”

The three of them spoke as they walked. They ran into several groups of miners digging but they did not run into another Medial Grade Spirit Stone raw ore being dug up again.

Occasionally, they would run into some other corpses but they did not have much combat prowess. They were chopped into half with a single strike from Ye Wen. Aside from the corpses, the three of them also ran into a creature that was even stranger; it was a Spirit Swallowing Worm that treated Spirit Stone raw ores as food.

Ye Wen chopped off the head of a Spirit Swallowing Worm and said, “The corpses are nothing, they are not really much of a problem. The biggest enemy in the Spirit Mine is the Spirit Swallowing Worm. If you discover one, you need to destroy it as quickly as you can.

“If it manages to dig into the ground, it would be problematic. Every Spirit Swallowing Worm you kill will earn you another five contribution points.”

Xiao Chen grasped his Lunar Shadow Saber and used it to push the body of the Spirit Swallowing Worm over to inspect it carefully. This worm was half a meter long and was about as thick as a adults arm; it could spit out a green toxic fluid to attack its enemies.

It had very fast reactions. If Ye Wen’s earlier attacks were not fast enough, the worm would have escaped into the ground. If that happened, the result would be that Ye Wen would not be able to do anything against it.

As the three of them spoke, they reached a place where the tunnel split into three different paths. Ye Wen pointed to a path and showed them the map, “Within the mines, the tunnels without any lamps would be indicated as black on the map. This tunnel is already all mined out. There is no need to go in.”

The two of them nodded. Ye Wen led the two of them to continue walking forwards. After they completed a round in the tunnels, he finally brought them to the headquarters of this layer.

Even though it was the headquarters, it was very simple as it was thousands of meters underground. It was a large stone room that had many Spirit Stone raw ores arranged by their grades.

There were at least ten Superior Grand Martial Saints that guarded this place. When these people saw Ye Wen come over, he quickly greeted him respectfully, “Elder Ye, everything is normal, there has been no problems.”

Ye Wen nodded and pointed to Xiao Chen and Mu Xinya, “These are the new guards sent down from above. Check them for any Spatial Rings.”

There was a reason why a super large sect like them could be passed down for ten thousand years. It was because they controlled a Spirit Mine. Any news about the Spirit Mine was considered as the most important secrets of the sect.

Even after such a long time, Xiao Chen did not even know the location of the Spirit Mine. What made him even more speechless was they did not even know where the exit of this Spirit Mine was.

If anything happened, it might be possible for the two of them to be stuck here and die. Xiao Chen did not expect them to be careful to the point of checking if they had any Spatial Rings.

Immediately, one man and one woman walked over and started to check their bodies. Xiao Chen felt a little bit of panic, there were many valuable things in his Universe Ring, there were even things that could not be seen by others.

There were Spirit Weapons, Medicinal Pills, and herbs from the Jiang Clan that he had not managed yet. If he were to hand the ring over, he would be worried.

“Junior Brother, please remove the ring on your hand. Let me take a look.” The person that searched Xiao Chen did not find anything in other places so he could only feel suspicious about the ring on his hand.

Xiao Chen smiled embarrassedly. At this point of time, if he reacted to that, it would cause him to look even more suspicious. He took the initiative to remove the ring on his own accord and handed it to him.

The Spatial Rings of this world were made of a material called Receiving Stone. It was made by forging this material and was completely different from the materials that Xiao Chen’s Universe Ring was crafted from.

That person looked at it for a long time but was unable to make out anything wrong with it. He could only return the ring to Xiao Chen.

“Wait for a bit, let me take a look at this ring first.”

Just as Xiao Chen was about to feel relieved, Ye Wen’s gaze drifted over and he quickly said.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for others of open the Universe Ring. However, there were no absolutes in this world. Xiao Chen felt uncertain in his heart. He said, “Martial Uncle Ye, is there something wrong with this ring?”

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