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Chapter 179: Divine Wood

This branch should be broken off from an inferior breed of the Fusang Tree. Even so, it has a high value. This was because this type of trees had a Spiritual Intelligence; they understood rudimentary cultivation.

If it was an older Spirit Tree, it might even be stronger than regular cultivators. According to legends, the Fusang Tree had the strength of a Martial Emperor.

This is such a good thing, why is no one buying it? Xiao Chen thought as he was filled with doubts. Was the price too high?

“This is broken off from a thousand-year-old Wutong Tree. I need a Red Nascent Fruit. I will only make a trade and will not sell it. If there are no offers, I will use it myself.”

Wutong Tree, its bark was as green as jade, its leaves were like flowers; it was beautiful, elegant, magnificent, and pure; its Spiritual Energy was like it was made by the heavens. According to legends, when its leaves fell, they turn into shimmering gold leaves. It was said that the Divine Phoenix of the Ancient Era would not perch on a tree unless it was a Wutong Tree.

Although it was not comparable to the Fusang Tree, it was still a famous Spirit Tree. If it really had existed for a thousand years, its value would be considerable as well.

Not only could it be used to refine Medicinal Pills, if one absorbed the Spiritual Energy in it, it could raise their cultivation realm. If it was made into an ornament and worn, it would be soothing for the nerves. It would keep one calm, leading to them achieving more with less effort when cultivating.

When Xiao Chen heard that this person wanted to exchange it for a Red Nascent Fruit, a thought popped up in his head. His expression did not change as he searched through his Universe Ring. After a while, he found what he was looking for in a corner.

Xiao Chen felt joy in his heart. Since he found this on the outskirts of Seven Horn Mountain, he had never used it. He had almost forgotten about it. He had not expected that it would be useful here.

“I can offer you 80 Spirit Stones. Will that do for purchasing this item?” a person came forward and asked eagerly.

80 Spirit Stones to purchase a damaged Wutong Spiritual Wood was a very high price already.

However, that Beichen Peak disciple shook his head and said, “No way, I urgently need the Red Nascent Fruit for my practice. The Red Nascent Fruit on Jade Maiden Peak is not mature yet. So I can only try my luck here. If there are none, then I will be using this Wutong Spiritual Wood for myself.”

Thinking about it, he was a Beichen Peak core disciple, he should not be lacking in Spirit Stones. The remunerations of a core disciple were much higher than a regular inner disciple. Adding in the missions they completed, they should have enough Spirit Stones.

That person felt unresigned but he simply shook his head and left. The surrounding people all slowly dispersed as well. Although a Spirit Herb like the Red Nascent Fruit was not a rare item, it took decades to mature. One had to depend on luck in order to obtain one of them.

Seeing the crowd to slowly disperse, the Beichen Peak core disciple who had set up the stall revealed a look of disappointment. He got up and prepared to pack up the stall and leave.

Xiao Chen hurriedly went over and said, “Hang on, I have a Red Nascent Fruit. I wonder if we can make the trade?”

When the Beichen Peak disciple heard this, he was happy. He said, “If it is a mature Red Nascent Fruit, I am willing to add some Spirit Stones to the deal. If it is not matured, you have to add in some Spirit Stones.”

When Xiao Chen heard this, he smiled. He took out the Red Nascent Fruit from the Universe Ring and handed it over. The red fruit had a strong fragrance, a dense Spiritual Energy that assaulted the nose; its glass-like surface seemed to have a fiery light underneath it.

“A matured Red Nascent Fruit! It’s really a matured Red Nascent Fruit!” that person had an extremely excited expression, “I am Fang Ning. Thank you for for the Red Nascent Fruit. I will give you another ten Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.”

Fang Ning was incredibly joyful. He had been stuck at peak Martial Grand Master for a long time already. This was because he was unable to make a breakthrough in his fire attribute Cultivation Technique. Now that he obtained the Red Nascent Fruit, he had hopes of advancing to Martial Saint.

Xiao Chen had not expected to be able to obtain ten Inferior Grade Spirit Stones. Xiao Chen properly put away the Spirit Stones and the Wutong Spiritual Wood that Fang Ning gave him. He also revealed a joyful expression on his face.

Xiao Chen had been looking for this type of Spiritual Wood. However, he would always end up with nothing definite. This simply proved that Spiritual Wood was the most effective for Life Bestowal Spells; not even the Spiritual Energy filled beast horns could compare to them.

After obtaining the Red Nascent Fruit, Fang Ning immediately packed up the stall and left. He was in a rush to leave the market.

Xiao Chen stopped him and said, “Brother Fang, can you tell me where you found this Wutong Tree?”

Fang Ning stopped and shook his head. He said sincerely, “Brother, it is best you do not know. That place is filled with danger. I went there with my master and the tree already became a spirit. It is very hard to deal with.”

After Fang Ning finished, he left without looking back. Regardless of how Xiao Chen called out to him, he did not stop.

Xiao Chen felt slightly disappointed. He took a look at the sky, it was now a blazing red in the west. The sunset glow dyed the entire sky red; it was already dusk.

It was still early so Xiao Chen decided to continue checking out the shops set up by the Heavenly Saber Pavilion; to see if there were anything good.

About 200 meters behind Xiao Chen, there was a figure looking at him with a sinister gaze. This person was the one who had wanted the Silver-Horned Tiger’s horn earlier.

“Causing me to not be able to complete master’s mission… I am curious to see what kind of background you have. How dare you snatch away the thing I want.”

Xiao Chen felt the gaze so he extended out his Spiritual Sense. When he saw the appearance of the person following him, he smiled and continued walking forward, ignoring him.  

There were very few people in the official shops. It was a far cry was compared to the bustling free market. Xiao Chen took a quick look but he was not very interested.

The things sold here were all very expensive. They stocked things like herbs, Medicinal Pills, Martial Techniques, or Cultivation Techniques. Others might be interested in them but they held no attraction for Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen had the Battle Sage Origin; he could imitate any Martial Technique under the sun. If it was not some rare Martial Technique, he would not be interested. As far as Medicinal Pills and herbs go, he would only need them when he underwent secluded cultivation but now was not a time.

He only purchased a few good quality Detoxification Pills in case he needed it. Aside from that, he did not buy anything else. He left disappointedly.

It was going to be daylight soon. Xiao Chen intended to find a desolate place to stay the night. It was only for one night, he did not mind it too much.

When he was about to leave the market, a figure rushed at him quickly, intending to stop him before he left the market.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and locked onto the figure with his Spiritual Sense. A huge black hand appeared from nowhere and it clenched into a fist, catching that person firmly.

Xiao Chen waved his hands casually and that person was tossed up in the air. He flew up in a large arc and landed on the ground with a bang. The huge black hand descended from the sky and clenched itself into a fist. It attacked him continuously, causing that person to vomit blood and faint before it stopped.

From the start to the end, Xiao Chen had not turned around. He withdrew his hand and quickly left. Just a wretched tramp, yet he dares to hold him up. How reckless!

In the Heaven Viewing Platform, under a tall tree that seemed to be holding the sky up, Xiao Chen looked up at the luxuriant leaves. He revealed a satisfied expression, he would be spending the night here.

He pushed his feet off the ground and leaped onto a branch. He maneuvered his body into a comfortable position and laid down. Xiao Chen took out a carving knife and a beast horn from a saber-toothed tiger, and then he prepared to start carving.

Xiao Chen had no idea what a Saber-Toothed Tiger looked like as he had never seen one before. So he could not carve that for the Life Bestowal Spell. If he used it to carve the Golden Lion King, the material was not right.

Furthermore, the size of the Golden Lion King was too large. If he forcibly used the tooth for carving the Golden Lion King, it could only make a flawed Golden Lion King; it would not be worth it.

Thinking about it, Xiao Chen measured the size of the beast horn. Finally, he decided to carve five Rank 5 Ice Apes. Although the rank of the Ice Ape was not high, it was easier to control and the amount of Essence exhausted was less too.

The Ice Ape only had the strength of a Martial Saint. However, when they came in large numbers, their combat prowess was significant. After he made up his mind, he no longer hesitated. He leaned on the tree trunk and started carving.

“Shua! Shua!”

Xiao Chen infused Essence into the carving knife. Shavings continuously fell off the white beast horn. He recalled the appearance of the Ice Ape as his hand moved all over the beast horn smoothly.

Xiao Chen’s carving skilled had already reached near-perfection. After a while, a small, exquisite, and realistic Ice Ape sculpture appeared in his hands.

There was a gentle smile on his face as he placed the sculpture into his Universe Ring. After that, he continued carving. By the time he completed carving the five sculptures, it was already night; darkness had already completely covered the sky.

Xiao Chen took out the Wutong Spiritual Wood and inspected it carefully before he gingerly put it away. This was something that could be only found but not sought. Xiao Chen did not want to waste it, it might be useful in future.

Xiao Chen sat cross-legged and entered into a state of cultivation. The Purple Thunder Divine Incantation circulated slowly in his body. The surrounding dense Spiritual Energy poured inside him.

The density of the Spiritual Energy in Lingyun Mountain Range was really alluring, Xiao Chen sighed to himself. No wonder one could not bear to leave; cultivating here was equivalent to cultivating below the mountain for three years.

The Spiritual Energy circulated a great cycle in his body. Finally, they poured into an area in his Dantian where his Martial Spirit lay. Within that strange space, it fell like rain into the gushing river.

When he was a Martial Disciple, the origin of his Essence was a few white clouds. When he became a Martial Master, it became a clear pool of water. Now that he was a Martial Grand Master, it had turned into a gushing river.

Every time he advanced by a cultivation realm, the dense Spiritual Energy would increase by several folds; it was extremely horrifying. Xiao Chen felt astonishment and joy every time.

Within the Martial Grand Master realm, there was no one who could compete with him in regard to the amount of Essence. Furthermore, the purity of his Essence was much higher than regular cultivators; it was much stronger.

Such a good thing was definitely a thing to rejoice about. However, even if Xiao Chen were to try to get to the bottom of it, he still would not know what was the cause of this.

The only thing he could be sure of was that it was not a result of cultivating the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation; that was only a Cultivation Technique. According to the Compendium of Cultivation, such a phenomena would not occur.

If one really had to seek the reason, they would have to start their search from the Azure Dragon swimming in the river. However, the inheritance of the Xiao Clan had been broken off a long time ago. There was no way to obtain any information from that end.

Maybe Feng Feixue, who was in the Imperial Capital, would understand why. However, Xiao Chen did not intend to go there for now. Since he could not figure it out, he could not be bothered to keep thinking about it. Xiao Chen reorganized his thoughts and entered into a state of cultivation once again.

When the first rays of the morning sun peered through the leaves and struck Xiao Chen’s face, he immediately opened his eyes. He took in a long deep breath; cultivating for the whole night had raised his mental state back to its peak.

The medicinal energies of the Blood Replenishing Pill had completely permeated through his body. The injuries he had sustained the previous day had healed completely. His physical body had returned to its peak state as well.

“Hu Chi!”

Suddenly, the wooden token at Xiao Chen’s waist started to vibrate non-stop. It directly flew out with a ‘weng’ sound. Xiao Chen understood what it meant. The Hall of Contributions’ people were giving him a prompt; it was time to go.


Just as Xiao Chen was about to land, a petite figure jumped down from the top of the big tree. That person stretched and looked back at Xiao Chen, giving him a smile. After that, that person left very quickly.

Xiao Chen had not expected that there would be someone cheap like him that would spend the night on the same tree. He scolded himself for being too careless. If that person had bad intentions, he could have been in danger last night.

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