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Chapter 177: Chaotic Flowing Sabers

Furthermore, Xiao Chen discovered that this Martial Technique was very special. The more short sabers he wielded, the faster the speed of the sabers. When he only had two sabers, its speed was slower by at least half its current speed.

“This is Wanren Peak’s Secret Technique—Chaotic Flowing Sabers. It is said that when practiced to its peak, it can control eighteen short sabers. Being able to easily control four short sabers, he truly deserves his status as Wanren Peak’s core disciple.”

“Given his cultivation as a peak Martial Grand Master, in addition with the might of his Secret Technique, Yang Qi should be able to put up a fight against Inferior Grade Martial Saints. There should be no problems dealing with an Inferior Grade Martial Grand Master.”

“The most important factor was that he had allowed Yang Qi to gain the advantage. Given the situation, he no longer had any chances to flip things around. After the Chaotic Flowing Sabers was executed, its speed would only become faster and faster. Even if he had a Martial Technique that could allow him to make a comeback, he would not even have the opportunity to execute it.”

“This fellow is too daring. Despite being alone, he dared to injure so many Wanren Peak disciples in the Hall of Contribution. Yang Qi is not the only core disciple of Wanren Peak. Furthermore, there is still a true inheritor disciple behind them that hasn’t appeared yet. He is truly reckless.”

The fight got more and more intense and Xiao Chen’s situation was worrying. The people around all commented that Xiao Chen was, after all, just an Inferior Grade Martial Grand Master. When he went against the stronger Yang Qi, he would not have any chances.

Xiao Chen remained quiet. The Lunar Shadow Saber in his right hand was moving like water, blocking the short sabers in Yang Qi’s hand. His left hand that held the scabbard moved around. He blocked the short sabers that spun in the air one by one.

“Hu Chi!”

Yang Qi took out another two short sabers that hung from his waist. In an instant, the number of short sabers that he controlled became six. Its speed became even faster and the saber lights twirled around like flowing shadows.

Metallic clangs resounded as the weapons met non-stop. Xiao Chen’s arms gained a few more fresh saber wounds

Although Xiao Chen was at a disadvantage, his heart was as calm as still water, he did not panic at all. A fierce fire slowly started to burn in his right eye and it stored up power while preparing to be unleashed.

It is not time yet, this is not his limit, Xiao Chen thought to himself. The most unique characteristic of the Chaotic Flowing Sabers was its continuity. The more short sabers the user controlled, the stronger the continuity required.

Thus, its increase in speed with the number of sabers was something that it forced was to do. If it slowed down and the number of sabers had increased, the continuity would be broken off.

If was like the timing belt in a car. If it slowed down, the speed of the car could immediately slow down, or even stop working. If this belt broke, what would happen to the car? If the car was moving at a high speed then the belt broke suddenly, the car would be as good as trashed.

Xiao Chen was waiting for such a chance. When Yang Qi’s speed had reached his limits, his move would be thoroughly broken, leaving him to be easily defeated in one hit. As long as he did not sustain any major damage before this, Xiao Chen would be able to endure the rest.

“Pu Ci!” Another wound appeared on Xiao Chen’s right arm, spurting out blood. Xiao Chen bit his lips and maintained a resolute look; he did not reveal the slightest bit of pain on his face.

Yang Qi’s sweat dripped continuously from his forehead and fell on the ground with a ‘ti da ti da’ sound. He was feeling very anxious because this Chaotic Flowing Sabers exhausted Essence very rapidly.

He had already reached the point of controlling six sabers but he was not able to defeat Xiao Chen. If this carried on, before Xiao Chen got struck down, Yang Qi would be defeated as a result of exhausting his Essence. If that happened, he would have failed as a result of a lack of final effort.


Yang Qi’s expression turned cold and he clenched his teeth. Two short sabers suddenly appeared from his sleeves. The sabers spun around continuously, creating an air current as it flew towards Xiao Chen’s chest.

Xiao Chen was already prepared for this and he immediately flung his upper body backwards. The two sabers flew over, right above his face. He then kicked out with one foot, intending to force Yang Qi to retreat.

Xiao Chen’s other foot pushed off the ground and executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art; he immediately soared into the air.

After Xiao Chen landed, he pushed off the ground again and appeared behind Yang Qi. Using the explosive movement speed of the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, he managed to escape from Yang Qi’s unceasing attacks.

Yang Qi was not slow either and reacted very quickly. Before Xiao Chen landed, he somersaulted to the side and Xiao Chen was once again in front of him.

At first glance, the eight spinning short sabers looked like countless sabers slicing through the air. It generated a strong air current, forming a small cyclone.

Now! This should be your limit!

Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up as he flipped the scabbard in his left hand around. A short saber flying at him slid directly into the scabbard with a ‘shua’ sound.

He revealed a faint smile as he leaned to the side to avoid getting injured at any critical points, allowing a saber to stab into his left shoulder. Blood immediately flowed out and an expression of pain flashed on Xiao Chen’s face for an instant.

However, Xiao Chen’s hands did not stop moving. He tossed away the scabbard in his hand with lightning speed and he caught another flying short saber with his hand directly, resulting in a bleeding wound on his palm.

Yang Qi’s continuous Chaotic Flowing Sabers were instantly disrupted. There were only three sabers left flying in the sky. Xiao Chen shouted, “Arclight Chop!”

A purple arc light with electricity dancing on it was fired out. The electric light exploded, causing a huge shockwave in the air. The three short sabers were immediately knocked away.

“The Chaotic Flowing Sabers were actually broken like that!” There was an astonished cry from the crowd. Xiao Chen was actually able to use such a self-harming method to break Yang Qi’s Chaotic Flowing Sabers, which had reached its peak.

The instant the Chaotic Flowing Sabers was broken, The Essence that was flowing smoothly in Yang Qi’s body immediately turned chaotic. His aura became very unstable as he quickly retreated backwards.

You want to run but can you? Xiao Chen smiled coldly and shouted, “Purple Thunder True Fire! Shoot!”

The intense flame burning in Xiao Chen’s right eye immediately gathered into a purple pillar of light before firing out. This was what Xiao Chen had comprehended from the ice thread of the Ice Ape he fought before.

Since cold Qi could gather and form a thread, then with the same logic, fire could do so as well.

The Purple Thunder True Fire, which Xiao Chen had spent a long time storing up power for, instantly pierced through Yang Qi’s chest. A finger-sized wound appeared; blood flowed out continuously.

Yang Qi tripped over and fell to the ground. He held his hand to his chest, trying to stop the bleeding. However, it was in vain, it did not help at all.

Xiao Chen ignored him and tossed aside the short saber in his hand. He then pulled the short saber out of his left shoulder and picked up his scabbard.

After that, he slowly made his way to the exit of the Hall of Contributions. The crowd automatically made a path for him. Xiao Chen walked to the exit step by step in this manner.

“Hold on!”

Finally, the other core disciples of Wanren Peak could not resist calling out Xiao Chen any longer. Three Wanren Peak core disciple walked over to Xiao Chen.

Because they had to take Yang Qi’s pride into consideration, they did not come up to surround Xiao Chen in the previous fight. However, he had defeated a lot of Wanren Peak’s inner disciple earlier. Now, he even defeated the core disciple Yang Qi. If they simply allowed him to walk out of the Hall of Contributions in such a grandiose manner, Wanren Peak would lose all respect.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “Do the few of you have any advice for me?”

“You injured many of our Wanren Peak disciples and you want to swagger out like that?”

Xiao Chen found it funny and he smiled faintly, “If they did not make the first move to attack me and then verbally provoked me first, would I have injured many Wanren Peak disciples?”

“In that case, Senior brother Yang Qi was only asking you a question, why did you make the first move to injure him?”

Xiao Chen’s expression turned frosty as he replied in a cold voice, “This is never-ending. Your skills are inferior to others and yet you have such a vile attitude. If you want to get in my way then state clearly, one-on-one or all together? Whichever you want.”

The three of them all had the same thought, If I went one-on-one, I’m not confident of handling him alone. However, if the three of us attacked together in front of everyone here, we would lose all our face. This is an impossible situation, what should we do?

“I’m on a tight schedule. If you are not willing to fight now, you can look for me at other times. I’ll be willing to accompany you!” Xiao Chen could make out the thoughts of the three with one glance. He could not be bothered with them; after he spoke, he immediately walked out.

Xiao Chen was indeed on a tight schedule, he did not have the time to dawdle here. The mission to guard the Spirit Vein was going to start tomorrow; he only had one night to prepare himself.

The mission to guard the Spirit Vein might sound simple but for it to become a high leveled sect mission with such a high reward, there must be some danger involved. After all, the person managing the sect missions was no fool; they would not give out contribution points so easily.

Xiao Chen decided to go to the market in the Heaven Viewing Platform. He originally had slightly more than a thousand Spirit Stones. Adding in the ones he obtained from Shen Manjun, he almost had 2000 Inferior Grade Spirit Stones.

With so many Spirit Stones, he had a sufficient amount for his cultivation. If he hanged onto them and did not spend them, it would be quite wasteful.

Xiao Chen swallowed a Blood Replenishing Pill and dealt with the injuries on his body. After Xiao Chen asked around for the location of the market, he slowly fumbled his way over.

Aside from the slightly deeper wound on his shoulder, the other injuries were all superficial. When the Medicinal Energy of the Blood Replenishing Pill spread out and he rested for a night, there should not be much of a problem.

After searching for a long time, Xiao Chen finally found the entrance of the Heaven Viewing Platform’s market. Before entering, one actually needed to pay an entrance fee of a Spirit Stone. One could not help but feel that it was shady.

The remunerations of an ordinary inner disciple were only fifteen Spirit Stones per month. If they did not have any other sources of income, they would feel a heartache after using this Spirit Stone.

The market was very bustling. In this place, the Heaven Saber Pavilion could sell or trade their goods here. There were also official shops; they sold all sorts of goods, like Martial Techniques, Spirit Weapons, Battle Armors, Cultivation Techniques… everything that was needed could be found.

However, in this place, all the goods were traded for using Spirit Stones. The money of the mortal world did not have much use here. However, there was a place where mortal money could be exchanged for Spirit Stone.

Back when Xiao Chen looted all of the Jiang Clan’s hundreds of years of savings, he had obtained a total of 30,000,000 gold taels. He spent 20,000,000 gold taels at the Flying Snow Manor, which left 10,000,000 gold taels of banknotes in his Universe Ring.

After thinking for a moment, Xiao Chen decided to change them all into Spirit Stones. In the past, Fatty Jin had unintentionally revealed that the top auctions of the Tianwu Continent all used Spirit Stones to trade.

Gold taels were completely useless there. Rather than leaving it to rot in his Universe Ring, he might as well make use of this opportunity to exchange them all.

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