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Chapter 170: Name Resounding Everywhere Under the Heavens

When the woman heard this, she was stunned initially, then she giggled. She was like a true fairy; it caused one to become infatuated and head over heels in love with her, making one feel incessantly shocked.

“Remember to come, I’ll take my leave first!” After the woman spoke, she floated away and returned to the jade ship. The celestial music rang out once again. The fairy rode on the jade ship surrounded by mist and disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Seeing everyone’s expression, Xiao Chen felt like he had said something wrong. However, he could not figure out what he said wrong. He could not help but look at Liu Suifeng.

Liu Suifeng moved to his ear and said in a low voice as he smiled, “That was our Ancestral Martial Aunt. She is more than 200 years old already. She is one of the deity-like beings within Heavenly Saber Pavilion.”

Even if Xiao Chen’s skin was thicker than the city wall, he blushed at such a situation. A 200-year-old Ancestral Martial Aunt, and yet he addressed her as Elder Sister. What a huge joke.

Liu Suifeng continued to say, “The Ancestral Martial Aunt actually handed the Medicinal Pill personally to me. She thinks highly of me! When I chase after Miss Xinyun in the future, things will be easier.”

However, when he saw Xiao Chen casually put aside the name card, that little bit of pride he had instantly vanished. He could only sigh to himself and think, Constantly comparing oneself to others will only make one angry.

When the surrounding disciples saw that was nothing interesting to see, they all left. After this fight, the name ‘Ye Chen’ would definitely spread throughout the entire Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

Not only had he fought off the Martial King of Biyun Peak in front of everyone, he received a personal invitation from Jade Maiden Peak’s Ancestral Martial Aunt. In the past few hundred years, there had never been anyone within Heavenly Saber Pavilion who was as impressive as Xiao Chen.

After everyone left, Xiao Chen and Liu Suifeng stayed behind and looked after Liu Ruyue who was regulating her energies.

The sun descended below the horizon, and night finally fell. Liu Ruyue’s injuries were clearly very serious. Aside from her internal injuries, there were the even more terrifying external injuries. She was completely covered in saber wounds of varying degrees of severity; they looked very terrifying.

It was likely that she would not completely recover within half a month. Furthermore, after she recovered, she would have many scars. This would be hard for a girl to accept.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen remembered that there was a Beauty Nourishing Pill for women to use. It was recorded in the chapter on Medicinal Pills in the Compendium of Cultivation. After consuming it, it would get rid of all the scars; it only had an esthetic effect.

The most important thing was that it would allow a woman’s skin to seem like water; it would be very smooth and white. Furthermore, its effects could last for forty years.

However, it would require too many herbs. It would be very problematic to search for those herbs. Xiao Chen remembered that Liu Suifeng had mentioned that there was a large dispensary in Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

Thus, he asked, “Suifeng, previously, where did you say the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s dispensary was?

Liu Suifeng replied, “It is on Jade Maiden Peak. There is a huge herb field there. There is literally every herb under the sun there. Why are you asking?”

When Xiao Chen heard this, he hurriedly asked, “How do I purchase them? Can I use Spirit Stones?”

“You can’t use Spirit Stones. You can only use contribution points. The herbs are a major contributor to Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s income. The portion for sale has been handed to the merchants cooperating with Heavenly Saber Pavilion.”

Liu Suifeng replied quickly. This was some of the basic information on Heavenly Saber Pavilion. After Xiao Chen stayed for a little longer, he would know about them.

“Sect contribution points?” Xiao Chen said with doubt in his heart, “What is that? I have been here for quite a while already, how am I not aware of it?”

Liu Suifeng smiled faintly, “You have been training on the dueling ground all the while. How could you have known if you never went out? There is a hall on the Heaven Viewing Platform that specializes in giving out missions. After the inner disciples complete the missions there, they obtain contribution points.”

“You can exchange the contribution points for Spirit Stones, Medicinal Pills, Herbs of varying ages, Battle Armor, Spirit Weapons, Movement Techniques, or Martial Techniques. You can exchange it for anything related to cultivation.

“If you can gather enough contribution points, you can directly go to Jade Maiden Peak to exchange them for the herbs you need. However, the Ancestral Martial Aunt seems to value you. Who knows, maybe you can get her to do you a favor.”

After the two of them stopped speaking, Xiao Chen was deep in thought. Seems like Heavenly Saber Pavilion is far from being as simple as I thought it was. There is already a completely functional system in place.

However, this was not strange. This was a sect that had been inherited by different generations for ten thousand years. If they did not have a complete system like that, then it would be strange.

It was late in the night, and Liu Suifeng was so tired that he could no longer stay up. Xiao Chen saw that the foot of the mountain was not very dangerous. Thus, Xiao Chen let him go up the mountain to sleep; leaving Xiao Chen to stand guard alone.

A cold wind blew gently. Having nothing to do, Xiao Chen stood by Liu Ruyue and looked up at the starry sky. Then, using the weak light from the stars, he took out the Flowing Cloud Scripture Lu Chen gave him and started to flip through it slowly.

The weak starlight did not hinder Xiao Chen’s reading. After he advanced to Martial Grand Master, he discovered his senses to be much stronger than before.

Although they were not to the point that night was the same as day, it was still quite easy for him to clearly read the words in the book.

The Flowing Cloud Scripture was derived from the ancient Martial Scriptures. There was a big difference between the so-called Martial Scripture, the Martial Techniques, and Cultivation Techniques—it could not be used in fights.

It was not like a Martial Technique which manifested a cultivator’s cultivation as a fighting move. It was also not like a Cultivation Technique which could assist a cultivator in absorbing Spiritual Energy and improve their cultivation.

The Martial Scripture was like the nourishment scriptures of his previous life. Its main purpose was to regulate the Essence in a cultivator’s body. To be more direct, it was to prevent a cultivator’s Essence from becoming chaotic after a cultivator advanced in his cultivation, and entered a state of Berserking Qi Deviation.

[TL note: The nourishment scriptures mentioned above refers to a series of books that talks about lifestyle. It gives one a comprehensive idea of what to do in order to better supplement one’s body. It involves diet, herb supplements, mental states, etc…]

The Martial Scripture was usually useless to cultivators in the Martial King realm. This was because the Essence in their body would not go into the state of Berserking Qi Deviation.

However, to Xiao Chen, it was very beneficial. He utilized the Battle Sage Origin’s Changing Character Formula and imitated more and more Martial Techniques. Their influence on him was quite significant.

If a long time had passed, and he was not able to regulate all the Martial Techniques he had learned, it would be very problematic. If he dealt with the problem beforehand, there would be no need to worry about such a problem.


After an unknown period of time, just as Xiao Chen was starting to feel tired, Liu Ruyue suddenly opened her eyes and stood up. Xiao Chen instantly reacted and said joyfully, “Elder Sister Ruyue, your internal injuries are better now right?”

Liu Ruyue smiled faintly, “Come with me.”

Xiao Chen nodded gently and followed behind Liu Ruyue. Liu Ruyue led Xiao Chen to the top of the peak. There were a lot of winding paths; they traveled via secret passages he did not know about. Finally, they stopped at the entrance of a cave.

Then he followed Liu Ruyue into the cave. After they walked for a short while, they heard the sound of bubbling water. There was warm, humid air coming toward them.

This is most likely a hot spring, Xiao Chen thought in his heart. However, what is Liu Ruyue doing by bringing me here? Liu Ruyue’s actions baffled Xiao Chen.

Indeed, after a while, a steaming hot spring appeared before the two of them. The steam spread all over the surface of the water; occasionally, there were bubbles surfacing from the water.

“Turn around!” Liu Ruyue said softly. Xiao Chen blushed, as though he had guessed something.

Liu Ruyue removed her clothes piece by piece, then there was a ‘pu tong’ sound as she caused a big splash, landing in the steamy hot spring.

Liu Ruyue found a comfortable place and lay there. Then, she said to Xiao Chen, “You can turn around now.”

Xiao Chen did not know what Liu Ruyue was thinking; he could not understand. After he hesitated for a while, he still slowly turned around. Soon, he saw a scene that would cause him to have a nosebleed. He felt his entire body become hot and his blood surged.

Within the slow-moving steam, the blood washed off Liu Ruyue, revealing her hot body in the water. It was extremely enticing and gave one the impulse to rush over and commit a certain crime.

“Come in and accompany me.” Liu Ruyue’s voice sounded very lonely; it made one feel mournful when they heard it.

This immediately extinguished the flames which were burning non-stop in his heart. Xiao Chen jumped into the water with a ‘pu tong’ sound, creating a huge splash. Then he slowly sat down across from Liu Ruyue.

When Liu Ruyue saw the situation, she giggled, “Do you not remove your clothes when you soak in the hot springs?”

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly to himself, I do want to remove them but how could I dare to do so in front of you? He could only say something that he did not truly feel, “It’s fine, I’m used to soaking in the hot spring like this. If I remove them, I will feel uncomfortable.”

After her mood improved, Liu Ruyue seemed to feel better. She explained, “This hot spring is no ordinary hot spring. It originates from a medicinal spring in Jade Maiden Peak. Soaking in it will help to quickly treat the wounds on the body.

“I loved to soak in hot springs when I was young. At that time, there was not a lot of water in the hot spring. I rarely came, but I was very happy every time I did.”

Liu Ruyue revealed an extremely warm smile, as though she was remembering happy events from the past. However, after a while, she returned to looking lonely.

“After Qingyun Peak fell, I’ve been coming more frequently. At that time, I practically got into fights every day. When Suifeng, Shao Yang, and the rest were young, they were frequently bullied by others.

“Every time it happened, I would rush over immediately. Regardless of whoever bullied them, I would return it tenfold or even a hundredfold. No matter how injured I got, I would make sure they paid for it.

“Since I was young, these people have never given up on their thoughts of swallowing up Qingyun Peak. They made threats and promises, and used all sorts of other despicable means. I have been holding it up until today. There were fights every now and then, so I forced myself to continuously grow stronger, walking step by step until I reached where I am today.”

It was like Liu Ruyue opened up and became a chatterbox; she spoke a lot within a short period of time. Aside from the grievances she suffered when she was young, she also spoke of Qingyun Peak’s past glory.

When she was young, Qingyun Peak was the top peak of Heavenly Saber Pavilion. Every day, the dueling ground was always crowded. The foot of the peak was a place with many visitors; it was bustling with people coming and going non-stop.

Then she personally witnessed the changes of Qingyun Peak. The people who once fawned over them, all turned on them and ruthlessly trampled on them. Such huge changes caused severe emotional trauma to her young heart.

Xiao Chen felt sorrowful in his heart as he felt that he could empathize with her. When he was young, he had also fallen from the top to the bottom; getting cold looks and being humiliated by others.

However, the Xiao Chen of that time chose to sink into depravity. From then on, his setback led to a total collapse. If it were not for the arrival of this Xiao Chen, he would be mediocre forever.

However, Liu Ruyue chose to be alone, holding everything up by herself, becoming a rose covered in thorns. Her personality became one that was as sharp as a saber blade; vicious toward enemies but even more vicious toward herself.

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