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Chapter 169: Forced Kiss?

Aware of Song Que’s bad temper, she quickly rushed over to stop Song Que from making things difficult for Qingyun Peak. However, she did not expect to see that the situation was completely different from what she imagined.

Ao Jiao raised her head and gave that person a glance without giving her a second glance. She knew that she no longer had the opportunity to kill Song Que. She turned around and headed for the collapsed Liu Ruyue.

Despite Liu Ruyue being severely injured, she burned through her life essence by using Listening To the Sword and Communicating With It. She was currently extremely weak. If she did not receive any proper treatment, her cultivation would be damaged.

Ao Jiao controlled Xiao Chen’s body to take great strides to Liu Ruyue. Amidst Liu Suifeng’s strange gaze, he carried Liu Ruyue in his arms.

Currently, Liu Ruyue was extremely weak and could not break free from Ao Jiao even if she wanted to. Her eyes looked at Xiao Chen, filled with doubt.

“Ye Chen, what are you doing!” Liu Suifeng asked, filled with doubt. He could sense that something was wrong with Xiao Chen.

At the same time, Xiao Chen had a bad feeling in his heart. He asked immediately, “Ao Jiao, what are you doing!”


Ao Jiao ignored the two of them. She leaned forward toward Liu Ruyue’s lips. Ao Jiao released a golden light from Xiao Chen’s lips. It slowly flowed into Liu Ruyue’s mouth.

This was the purest vitality essence of heaven and earth. It carried a boundless life force and had many other benefits.

“Damn! Ao Jiao! Are you trying to kill me?!”

“I’m not, I’m saving her. To think you even said that!”

“Then why are you sticking out the tongue?! Wretch!”

“This… I have never kissed before and could not resist trying. Shut up! You are already gaining an advantage. Just sit still and be quiet!”

Liu Ruyue looked at Xiao Chen with wide eyes; her eyes were full of shock. As Xiao Chen looked into her eyes, he could see her expression very clearly but he was unable to move his body; he was not able to feel anything.


Ao Jiao controlled Xiao Chen’s body and left Liu Ruyue’s lips with a ‘bo’ sound. The sound was not loud but in the quiet mountain, it was like a loud explosion.

The hearts of the surrounding Heavenly Saber Pavilion inner disciples violently exploded. This ‘bo’ sound had caused all their hearts to shatter.

Everyone knew of the three goddesses of Heaven Saber Pavilion: The Young Pavilion Master — Leng Liusu, Jade Maiden Peak’s Chu Xinyun, and Qingyun Peak’s Liu Ruyue. Although Liu Ruyue did not have as many pursuers as the previous two, it was likely because of her fiery temper.

However, no one could deny Liu Ruyue’s beauty. She was filled with a mature charm. That kind of charm was not something Leng Liusu and Chu Xinyun could compare to.

In the heart of every man, there is a love fantasy of an older sister. Perhaps this was Liu Ruyue’s first kiss. After their initial shock, everyone looked at Xiao Chen with extreme jealousy and hate. Their hearts had been shattered with the sudden shock.

Ao Jiao revealed a look of enjoyment on Xiao Chen’s face. This scene was reflected in the eyes of the crowd. It was extremely vulgar.

“It’s all over. In future, our Heaven Saber Pavilion will only have two goddesses.”

“Indeed! This brat is too shameless. It’s fine if you just kissed her. Yet, you revealed such a vulgar look. How hateful!”

“If only it were me… This is Senior Sister Liu Ruyue’s first kiss!”

After the crowd fell silent, they were all completely enraged. The looks they gave Xiao Chen turned from envy, jealousy, and hate into one filled with murderous intent.

However, the crowd did not know that Xiao Chen had troubles he could not speak of. He had already started cursing. If he had felt something, it would have been fine. However, he could not feel anything at all. His first kiss was gone, just like that. He placed all the blame on Ao Jiao.

“Trashy Master, remember to comprehend Listening To the Sword and Communicating With It as soon as you can. That way, I can come out and have fun occasionally. Oh, and there is that broken sword in the Universe Ring. Remember to refine it when you can.”

Ao Jiao’s joyful voice felt somewhat tired. After she spoke, Xiao Chen felt a little dizzy. Control of his body returned to him.

After he recovered his wits, he quickly released Liu Ruyue from his embrace. As he looked at her pretty blood covered face, he said nervously, “Elder Sister Ruyue… I…”

Liu Ruyue smiled faintly, her pretty face was like a flower. Even though her face was covered in blood, it did not mask her charm, “Don’t be silly, I know it was not you.”

After Liu Ruyue said that, she closed her eyes and sat cross-legged; she started to slowly absorb the vitality essence of heaven and earth into her body. The vitality essence of heaven and earth that Ao Jiao gave her this time was more than what she gave Xiao Bai. She had to spend at least half a month to completely absorb this vitality essence of heaven and earth.

It could be said that Liu Ruyue gained fortune through disaster. Not only would her cultivation not decrease, she would even improve after half a month.

Xiao Chen heaved a sigh of relief. His gaze fell on Liu Ruyue’s long eyelashes. However, Xiao Chen discovered that despite her tightly shut eyes, her eyelashes could not help but tremble.

Seems like Elder Sister Ruyue is not as calm as she claimed, Xiao Chen sighed to himself. He did not know whether was this a blessing or a disaster, nor how to deal with this.

“Pu Ci!”

Not far away, Song Que managed to obtain a Medicinal Pill from the mysterious woman. His pained expression finally soothed.

Suddenly, Song Que’s acute senses sensed that the aura of that terrifying person in Xiao Chen had completely disappeared. It was obvious that he was no longer in the state he was in previously.

Thinking of the humiliation he suffered today, Song Que felt incomparably sullen. Seeing that Xiao Chen was not paying attention to them, killing intent spilled out of his eyes.

His body leaped up into the air with a ‘sou’ sound. He picked up his thick saber and appeared before Xiao Chen with a white flash. His hand rose and the saber descended, he simply chopped viciously at Xiao Chen’s back.

When the surrounding people saw this scene, they were all startled. This Song Que was too shameless. He actually used a sneak attack against a junior.

Xiao Chen’s chest tightened, my life is coming to an end!

From the instant Song Que grasped the saber, Xiao Chen felt that biting cold killing intent. However, without Ao Jiao possessing him, even if he felt the killing intent, he would not be able to react to the speed of a peak Martial King.

Most importantly, he was being attacked from behind. Even if he wanted to counterattack, he did not even have the opportunity to turn around.


Just at that moment, there was a soft shout that was coming suddenly from the top of Qingyun Peak. It was just a word that sounded like ‘scram’ (滚), but it seemed like it traveled through time and space. It pierced through the void carrying a boundless force, and smashed violently into Song Que’s body.

The crowd seemed to have clearly seen ‘scram’ (滚) being imprinted on Song Que’s body. A small realm seemed to have manifested, and Song Que’s body suddenly curled up and rolled back rapidly like a rubber ball.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” He had rolled an unknown distance in an instant. Song Que completely disappeared from the foot of Qingyun Peak.

He had just touched the gates of hell, Xiao Chen felt a chill down his spine, cold sweat dripped continuously down his back.

[TL Note: Touched the gates of hell: This means a near brush with death.]

“Who is Ye Chen!”

Suddenly, four Martial Kings dressed in the Law Enforcement Hall’s uniform descended from the sky. After they landed, they immediately asked. It seemed that earlier when Song Qianhe saw his father in danger, he sent someone to inform the Law Enforcement Hall.

Seeing the Law Enforcement Hall arrive, Song Qianhe who was wrapped up like a dumpling, quickly leaped out. He pointed at Xiao Chen and shouted, “That is him. He shows blatant disrespect for his elders. First, he humiliated my father, then he used a Secret Treasure and attempted to kill the Peak Master of Biyun Peak. He is guilty of terrible crimes. I request the Law Enforcement Hall elders to kill this fellow on the spot.”

“The Law Enforcement Hall knows what they are doing. It is not your place to tell us what to do,” said one of the group as he glanced at Song Qianhe with disgust.

Another of them took a step forward and said to Xiao Chen, “Come with us first. You can leave after we investigate everything properly.”

When Liu Ruyue, who was seated cross-legged and regulating her energies, heard the voice of the person from the Law Enforcement Hall, she quickly stopped regulating her energies and stood up. She said, “Hang on. I will personally go the Law Enforcement Hall in three days. Would all of you withdraw temporarily for now?”

Liu Ruyue was very familiar with what kind of place the Law Enforcement Hall was. Normally, most regular issues would be handled justly. However, if it involved the highest levels of authority of Heaven Saber Pavilion, after Xiao Chen went in, there would definitely be no chance of him coming out.

“Who knows how the situation will escalate in three days. If you wish to explain then come with us now,” the person said in an unyielding manner; he did not accept Liu Ruyue’s suggestion.

Liu Ruyue was currently injured and naturally could not go with them. Xiao Chen rushed to answer, “Please do not make things difficult for my master. I will come with you.”


Just at that moment, a rectangular wooden box suddenly landed in front of the four Law Enforcement Hall Martial Kings. The front of the wooden box was facing the four people from the Law Enforcement Hall.

The wooden box was incredibly ordinary; there was nothing that made it stand out. However, there were four huge domineering bold words written on the front of it — Like the Emperor Arriving Personally (如帝亲临).

When the four people saw the words on the front of the wooden box, their expression changed greatly. They raised their head toward the top of Qingyun Peak and bowed respectfully. Then they left the place as though they were fleeing.

A formless hand seemed to have descended from the sky and grabbed the wooden box. With a ‘shua’ sound, it returned; as though nothing had happened.

The wooden box looked very familiar but Xiao Chen could not be bothered to think about it at the moment. He turned around and pushed down on the risen Liu Ruyue. He said, “You should continue to regulate your energies. Everything you did earlier was wasted by you standing.”

Liu Ruyue nodded gently and looked at the towering top of Qingyun Peak with a complicated expression. Then she sighed gently and sat down cross-legged once again.

The mysterious fairy-like woman had a smile on her face as she slowly walked over to Xiao Chen. She said, “A hero emerges from the youths. Seems like I have come over for nothing. Little Brother Ye, if you have time in the future, do come and visit the Jade Maiden Peak.”

After she spoke, the woman took out a bottle of pills and handed it to Liu Suifeng, telling him to hand it over to Liu Ruyue.

Seeing the woman hand the bottle to him, Liu Suifeng’s pig-like face revealed an extremely excited expression. All the small excitements in his heart, that were caused by the things that had happened earlier, instantly vanished.

That woman handed a name card to Xiao Chen and said, “If you have time, you must definitely make a trip to Jade Maiden Peak.”

The eyes of everyone in the surrounding Heavenly Saber Pavilion were filled with envy. Xiao Chen accepted the name card. This woman had an extraordinary temperament. One glance at her seemed to have caused one to sink into a deep abyss and be unable to climb out.

He could not help but feel strange. How could there be such a beautiful woman in Jade Maiden Peak? She was even more outstanding than Chu Xinyun. He cupped his hand and said, “Many thanks for Elder Sister’s invitation. I will definitely make a trip to Jade Maiden Peak some other time.”

Right after Xiao Chen spoke, the surrounding people all revealed an extremely strange expression. They all could not help but say in their heart, This brat is too shameless! He is even more shameless than that old man, Song Que.

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