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Chapter 161: Leaving The Roots When Weeding

How could Xiao Chen not understand what he was thinking about. Xiao Chen cursed in his heart and smiled faintly, “What else can we do? Split it evenly amongst the three of us.”

When Song Qianhe, who was severely injured by the Qingyun Peak’s Secret Technique, saw Xiao Chen intending to distribute his Spirit Stones, he shouted lividly, “You paupers! Trash! Don’t touch my Spirit Stones, otherwise, I…”

Xiao Chen could not be bothered with him, so he simply stomped on his face and interrupted him. Then he continued to stomp a few more times.

Pulling his foot back, Xiao Chen slowly moved the Lunar Shadow Saber to Song Qianhe’s neck. Under the threat of death, Song Qianhe was so frightened that he turned pale. “Don’t kill me; my father is the Peak Master of Biyun Peak. He is a peak Martial King. If you kill me, you will never be able to escape!”

Chu Xinyun advised, “Young Master Ye, we cannot kill Song Qianhe. Killing him would equate to entering a dead end.”

Xiao Chen found it funny in his heart. At such a moment, she was actually still talking about not killing him and releasing him. Should we just do so and wait for him to recover from his injuries and come to cause trouble for us again?

Just as Xiao Chen was deep in thought, a dagger, glimmering with a cold light, appeared from Song Qianhe’s sleeves and dropped into his hand.

He got up and pierced towards Xiao Chen ferociously. This was a move Song Qianhe had been preparing for a long time; its speed was incredibly fast.

Although Xiao Chen was deep in thought, he had always kept his guard up. As the dagger almost reached him, he quickly dodged to the side, avoiding the killing move Song Qianhe had been preparing.

“Pu Ci!”

Seeing Xiao Chen dodge, Song Qianhe instantly switched target. He switched the dagger to his other hand, handling it with equal skill as the other, and stabbed Chu Xinyun, who was at the side.

Her pure white dress was dyed red. Song Qianhe did not stop after that, he pushed away Chu Xinyun and let go of the dagger.

Song Qianhe made a mad dash forward, the Flame Cloud Colts in front was his opportunity to escape.

Xiao Chen’s expression turned cold. Just as Song Qianhe was mounting a Flame Cloud Colt, a huge black hand appeared and grabbed onto him.

Xiao Chen made a pulling motion with his right hand and Song Qianhe was pulled back. He shouted out when he landed heavily on the ground. Xiao Chen immediately went up and stomped on his face again, stomp after stomp, without stopping.

After a while, Song Qianhe’s handsome face was stomped until it was badly mangled. He moaned painfully, “Don’t kill me…”

Xiao Chen ignored him and there was a flash of cold light. The Lunar Shadow Saber was chopping towards Song Qianhe’s neck. When Chu Xinyun, who was in Liu Suifeng’s embrace, saw the situation, she said meekly, “Ye Chen, you can’t kill him. You can’t…”

Are all women this stupid? She nearly died and yet she said not to kill him, Xiao Chen smiled to himself coldly, and he paused for a while before continuing to chop downwards.

“On every true inheritor, there is a Qi Mark placed on them by the Main Hall. If you kill him, they would be able to find out your identity immediately. The Divine Saber Camp will chase you to the ends of the world,” Chu Xinyun said anxiously.

There is such a thing?

Xiao Chen knew a little about the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Divine Saber Camp. They were the elite force of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. Everyone in there were experts and furthermore, they all had plenty of battle experience.

Xiao Chen felt very depressed. He turned his saber and struck Song Qianhe’s neck with the back of his saber, causing him to faint.

When Chu Xinyun saw that, there was a look of relief on her pale face. She took out a porcelain bottle and handed it to Xiao Chen, “There is a medicinal pill in there. Make him eat it later, it will cause him to forget all his memories of today."

Xiao Chen was slightly stunned. He received the Medicinal Pill and forced open Song Qianhe’s mouth before shoving the pill down his throat forcefully.

Liu Suifeng looked at the wound on Chu Xinyun’s chest; he did not know what to do. He said anxiously, “Ye Chen, what should be done? The dagger is still stuck in Xinyun, should we pull it out?”

Xiao Chen frowned slightly and bent over to inspect it carefully. Song Qianhe’s move was very vicious. He had used a lot of strength and had pushed the entire dagger blade in. Fortunately, because of the urgency of the situation, he did not cause too much damage to her.

The dagger was stabbed below the ribs near her left shoulder. Liu Suifeng had already pressed on a few of her acupoints, temporarily stopping the blood.

“Take this Medicinal Pill first. I will give it a try, and see if we are able to remove the dagger now.” Xiao Chen took out a Blood Replenishing Pill from the Universe Ring and handed it to Chu Xinyun.

Chu Xinyun received the Blood Replenishing Pill, and her eyes lit up with a strange light. She was not anxious to swallow as she asked, “Ye Chen, did you refine this yourself?”

Xiao Chen was currently thinking about how to pull out the dagger stuck in the left side of her chest. Thus, he did not think about her question carefully and muddle headedly nodded.

He turned his Spiritual Sense into a fine thread and sent it into her wound. Xiao Chen was now able to see that the dagger had countless tiny reverse hooks on the front and back of the blade. They were gripping in Chu Xinyun’s flesh tightly.

Xiao Chen took in a breath of cold air, his impression of Chu Xinyun improved slightly. The reverse hooks clinging tightly in her flesh must be causing her a lot of pain.

Chu Xinyun was enduring such a pain and still maintained her calm, that was not a simple thing to do. Liu Suifeng stood at the side and asked, “Ye Chen, are you confident? We have to pull this dagger out as soon as possible. The longer we delay the more severe it will be.”

Xiao Chen’s expression turned grave; naturally, he understood this principle. However, he was not a professional in such a field. Although he had some ideas, he was not fully confident it would work.

“This dagger has many reverse hooks on it; they have already latched into the flesh. Furthermore, the wound is very deep. I am not very confident!” Xiao Chen spoke the truth after hesitating for a moment.

Chu Xinyun placed a Jade Cloud Pill into her mouth. The pill turned into a refreshing medicinal energy and gathered around the wound, flowing around slowly. Chu Xinyun revealed a warm smile when she felt the pain subside significantly, “I believe in you, just do it!”

Liu Suifeng stood at the side and said, “Ye Chen, do it! Be more decisive, don’t delay anymore!”

This Liu Suifeng is too simple. This concerns a person’s life, how can I not be cautious? Xiao Chen thought to himself. He took out a piece of wood from the Universe Ring and handed it to Chu Xinyun, “Here, bite onto it.”

“What is this for?” Chu Xinyun asked out of confusion when she received the piece of wood.

Xiao Chen was a little speechless. How could she not understand such a simple logic?

Xiao Chen explained, “I know you have a very high tolerance to pain, but the instant the dagger is pulled out, it will be extremely painfully. I am afraid you would not be able to withstand it and bite your tongue.”

When Chu Xinyun described it in such a horrifying manner, she felt a little afraid. She slowly moved the piece of wood to her mouth and bit on it.

When Xiao Chen saw the situation, he smiled and said, “May I ask Miss Xinyun some questions? You just have to nod or shake your head to answer me.”

Chu Xinyun nodded. Xiao Chen then asked, “Was Miss Xinyun born with double eyelids? If it is so nod once, if not shake your head.”

What a strange question, Chu Xinyun was filled with doubts, but she still nodded. Xiao Chen smiled faintly and continued to ask, “Then Xinyun is a natural born beauty. There should be many men in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion chasing after you, right?”

[TL note: Chinese people think that double eyelids are pretty. There are even many people who undergo cosmetic surgery just to have them.]

A bit of redness appeared on Chu Xinyun’s pale face; it was like a pure little red flower deep in the mountains, it made her look very pure. Although she was embarrassed, Chu Xinyun still nodded.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly again as he continued to ask, “With so many pursuers, has Miss Xinyun ever liked any of them? Have you ever been embroiled in a passionate romance?”

Xiao Chen’s questions were getting more embarrassing. Chu Xinyun’s neck was now completely red. This was the first time someone of the opposite sex asked her this question so directly.

Chu Xinyun shook her head to indicate no. Xiao Chen continued to ask questions of similar nature, causing Chu Xinyun to be distracted. Without her realizing it, Xiao Chen was already grasping on the dagger handle.

Xiao Chen was extremely focused; he focused all his Spiritual Sense on the wound inflicted by the dagger. He carefully observed the flesh that was latched onto by the reverse hooks.

It is time—time for the most difficult part, Xiao Chen thought to himself. Xiao Chen revealed a smile and commented in an extremely honestly manner, “In that case, Miss Xinyun has not had any sexual experiences with a man yet.”

What is he saying! Liu Suifeng’s mouth was open in shock; he had not expected Xiao Chen to say such despicable things.

Chu Xinyun’s mind also went blank; there was anger in her eyes as she glared at Xiao Chen. It was as though she wanted to slice him into a thousand pieces.

However, Xiao Chen ignored all this. The instant he stated that, he completely focused on the wound, not daring to be distracted.

His Spiritual Sense felt that when Chu Xinyun’s emotions were getting worked up, the flesh that was latched onto by the reverse hooks on the dagger contracted rapidly.


Xiao Chen accurately took advantage of the window of opportunity where the reverse hooks of the dagger were all squeezed out and decisively pulled out the dagger.

Blood spurted out and splashed on Xiao Chen’s face. Xiao Chen quickly pressed on some of the acupoints, stopping the blood from spurting out. He inspected the dagger and saw that aside from the blood, there was no flesh that was ripped out together with it. Xiao Chen smiled in a satisfied manner.

Chu Xinyun had not recovered her wits yet. Earlier, when she was distracted, she had almost forgotten about the dagger in her wound.

Suddenly, there was a huge bout of pain, causing her to frown deeply. Her face scrunched up as she bit down hard on the piece of wood.

After a long time, she recovered and let go of the piece of wood in her mouth. When she thought of Xiao Chen’s earlier statement, she disregarded her weak state and slapped Xiao Chen violently. She scolded him, “You degenerate!”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and gently grabbed her wrist. He struck her neck with his palm heavily, causing her to faint.

Liu Suifeng asked nervously, “Ye Chen, what are you doing!?”

Xiao Chen explained, “She is currently very weak. If she gets agitated now and moves around, it would not be good for her body. It is best for her to rest.”

Actually, Xiao Chen was feeling guilty as well; he was afraid Chu Xinyun might make a big issue out of this, hounding him endlessly.

“Oh!” Liu Suifeng nodded in understanding. Suddenly, he remembered what happened earlier. He asked hesitantly, “Brother Ye Chen, why did you say that earlier?”

Xiao Chen really had to explain this to Liu Suifeng, before he got misunderstood. Xiao Chen said, “The design of this dagger is very insidious. It is covered in reverse hooks. They had pierced into and latched onto Chu Xinyun’s flesh deeply earlier.

“Although she did not cry out, her body was extremely tense, her muscles very tight. If I did not distract her, when I pulled the dagger out, she would have lost as least twice as much blood as she did.”

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