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Chapter 160: Gap

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change as he opened his fingers. The huge, black fist imitated the actions and turned into a palm with outstretched fingers.

“How can this be? Without the inherited Martial Spirit of the Yan Clan, it would be impossible to execute the Dragon Seizing Hand. How could he have learned it?”

Under Yan Tianzheng’s disbelieving gaze, the huge hand smashed down on him, crushing him violently to the ground. He vomited a mouthful of blood.

Xiao Chen looked back, and the Azure Dragon in his body roared angrily. A boundless Essence flowed into his right hand, and he struck out with the Lunar Shadow Saber. There was a strong wind as he flung the three people in the air away.

A bolt of lightning descended from the sky; the Lunar Shadow Saber lit up with a resplendent light. Xiao Chen quickly executed Drawing the Saber. This was the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique that was almost at the Great Perfection.

This strike was as fast as lightning. It carried a chilled wind as it chopped the person preparing to sneak attack from behind him in half.

When the three Biyun Peak disciples saw their companion being chopped in half at the waist by Xiao Chen, they felt a chill in their hearts at the shocking scene.

They were stunned for a moment before they grasped their sabers tightly once again and rushed over. Xiao Chen smiled faintly and took a step forward. Another bolt of lightning flashed in the sky as Xiao Chen’s momentum slowly built up.

Facing the three Biyun Peak disciples rushing forward, Xiao Chen grasped his saber handle tightly. He casually swung it, and a resplendent arclight appeared; it was flickering with electricity.

“Bang!” Xiao Chen shouted, and the arclight vibrated violently.

It gave off a loud sound and generated an intense shock wave as it exploded. The three cultivators were immediately blasted back.

There were footsteps coming from behind them; the remaining three cultivators were coming at him from behind. Xiao Chen ignored them, and he soared into the air, accompanied by a crackle of thunder.

Xiao Chen had already perfected this Rushing Heaven Chop. His body seemed to tear through space, creating a rainbow-colored light.

The rainbow-colored light disappeared in an instant. After a long silence, there was a loud boom. It pierced through a cultivator and blasted him to smithereens.

Xiao Chen paused strangely in midair, standing on nothing. Crackles of thunder kept blooming behind him. The sound waves reverberated within the surroundings, causing the leaves of the trees in the dense forest to fall.

Because he did not want to be distracted, Song Qianhe had not been paying attention to the fight on the other side. Now that Xiao Chen created such a commotion, he could not help but take a look even if he did not want to.

In the end, after he took a look, Song Qianhe turned pale. He originally thought he could deal with Xiao Chen easily. However, Xiao Chen had already killed three Biyun Disciples and even had the upper hand.

Liu Suifeng and Chu Xinyun were also astonished at Xiao Chen’s strength. They quickly obstructed Song Qianhe, preventing him from going over to help. The fight between the three of them became even more intense.

Song Qianhe became even more anxious; his blows became heavier, causing the two of them to retreat. However, after the Chu Xinyun revealed her true strength, there was no problem in dealing with Song Qianhe’s attacks.

“Rushing Thunder Chop!”

Xiao Chen shouted faintly, and the saber exploded in light. He was like a bolt of lightning, descending from the sky and landing on a Biyun Peak disciple’s head. The Lunar Shadow Saber chopped down, creating a ‘ka ca’ sound.

The Spirit Weapon that cultivator used to block with immediately broke into two pieces. The Lunar Shadow Saber did not stop after that, splitting this cultivator into two halves, vertically down the middle.  

Seeing the two people beside, Xiao Chen did not stop to rest. Connecting his moves smoothly like flowing water, he executed the Rushing Thunder Second Chain Chop.

Xiao Chen’s momentum now raised to its peak. The feeling he gave off was like that of a thunder god.

With the momentum carried forward from the previous four moves, the saber now carried an extremely huge force behind it. It was also extremely fast; it was unblockable.

“Shua!” The two cultivators to the side were cleanly chopped into halves. The resplendent energy electrocuted them until they were charred black.

“Three more to go,” Xiao Chen withdrew his saber and stood upright, the momentum he accumulated slowly disappeared.

The remaining three cultivators were now completely terrified; they wanted to run but were unable to do so. They were afraid Song Qianhe would cause trouble for them if they did. If that happened, they would be in for a terrible time in Biyun Peak.

“His Essence should be almost exhausted; there is no need to be afraid!”

The three of them consoled each other as they rushed at Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen smiled faintly as he suddenly became a blur. The Lunar Shadow Saber turned into three, and his speed immediately doubled.

“This is the Three Flowing Cloud Images; how did he learn it?!”

This was a Secret Technique only the true inheritor of Biyun Peak could learn. After it reached the Great Perfection, it would be equivalent to an Earth Ranked Martial Technique. The three of them could not understand how Xiao Chen executed it.

The three of them were caught off guard as Xiao Chen moved past them smoothly, leaving behind horrifying wounds on them; blood gushed incessantly.

“Interesting,” Xiao Chen murmured to himself. He did not expect the Three Flowing Cloud Images to be so mighty the first time he executed it using the Battle Sage Origin’s Changing Character Formula.

It was as gentle and quiet as flowing water, yet it had the might of a surging river; gushing incessantly but moving as it was willed, resulting one to be unable to follow it with their eyes; this was the Essence of Three Flowing Cloud Images.

After he executed the Three Flowing Cloud Images, Xiao Chen experienced a sudden comprehension. This was a miraculous state; it was something that could be found but not sought.

Xiao Chen completely forgot about the surrounding situation; he was immersed in this miraculous state.

The Battle Sage Origin’s Changing Character Formula continuously replicated the Three Flowing Cloud Images. Xiao Chen’s entire body was like a tiny stream, flowing continuously.

The stream slowly surged up violently and became a gushing river. It surged and torrented, creating lots of splashes.

No, that’s not right; this is not the feel of the Three Flowing Cloud Images, Xiao Chen thought to himself as his movement patterns of his feet changed.

The gushing river slowly calmed and turned into a peaceful sea.

There were no waves on the sea; its surface was like a mirror. The floating clouds swam by rapidly on the surface, as though it were another sky.

The water flowed slowly under the surface; under the quiet and relentless assault over a long time by the water, a stone, the size of a mountain, transformed into a depression in the ground.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen woke up. He could not help but be startled when he looked around his surroundings; he had unknowingly walked a distance of a hundred meters.

The three Biyun Peak disciples were also dragged over by him; their bodies were completely covered in wounds, each one of them incredibly deep. They were as dead as they could be.

The places Xiao Chen walked past had a one-meter-deep fissure; it was like water had flowed through it; it was extremely smooth without any bumps.

Song Qianhe looked on in astonishment; his eyes were filled with disbelief. He muttered to himself, “This is the state of Perfection like Water. Even my father has not achieved this.”

Taking advantage of Song Qianhe’s distraction, Liu Suifeng shouted, and a saber light suddenly appeared on his saber. As the saber light pressed forward, Song Qianhe felt a dangerous aura. He quickly turned his attention back and blocked this attack.

As Xiao Chen walked over; he stared at Song Qianhe, who was fighting. Yan Tianzheng, who was to the side, slowly recovered, struggling to stand up.

“Dragon Seizing Hand!” Xiao Chen did not even bother to spare him a glance, the huge black hand appeared from nowhere and formed a huge fist. The earth shook; Yan Tianzheng was pounded into meat paste.

Xiao Chen was wearing a faint smile as he walked slowly over to Song Qianhe. He manifested his Spiritual Sense into a deity in the air.

The deity opened its eyes. Its gaze was like a bright torch; the light pierced through the air, firing at Song Qianhe. This was the deity the ancient Sages imitated. Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense was naturally not as strong as the ancient Sages, but it was sufficient to deal with Song Qianhe.

Song Qianhe, who was fighting Liu Suifeng and Chu Xinyun, felt a formless pressure. It was like a pair of eyes piercing through time and space, staring into his mind.

The closer Xiao Chen got, the heavier the pressure became. He felt as though his heartbeat was synchronized with Xiao Chen’s footsteps.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

His heartbeat became stronger and stronger, as though it was able to leap out of his chest. Song Qianhe thought, What’s going on? This person is only an Inferior Grade Martial Grand Master. There is no need to panic. I must stay calm.

Although Song Qianhe was doing his best to stay calm, his hands and feet seemed like they were tied up. He immediately revealed plenty of weak points; Liu Suifeng took advantage of this opportunity and caused numerous wounds to appear on his body.

Xiao Chen did not make any moves; he simply stood there quietly, focusing his Spiritual Sense continuously on the deity. A golden light appeared behind this invisible deity; this golden light was very resplendent, very dazzling.

Suddenly a golden light fired from the eyes of the deity. The golden light penetrated Song Qianhe’s soul. Song Qianhe trembled as his eyes widened; his body was temporarily shackled by an invisible force.

After the deity fired the golden light, it immediately broke apart. Xiao Chen took advantage of this opportunity and executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art. He seemed to have transformed into a flood dragon and soared into the air.

A cloud of dust was kicked up as Xiao Chen went past Liu Suifeng and Chu Xinyun. He arrived before Song Qianhe in an instant and used his saber to hack at his chest.


There was a loud metallic sound. This fellow was actually wearing a Superior Grade Earth Ranked Battle Armor. Xiao Chen’s attack did not manage to kill him in one blow.

However, the huge force gathered on the saber knocked him flying backward. Blood trickled out of the corner of his mouth; it was obvious he suffered a significant injury.

Song Qianhe woke up to reality; he saw that he had lost the advantage, and he turned around to leave quickly.

“Thinking of running? Leave behind the Ice Crystal Flower!” Liu Suifeng shouted furiously. He leaped off the ground, and he started spinning on his palm.

Liu Suifeng quickly threw the rapidly spinning saber, causing an intense hurricane. The hurricane instantly wrapped around Song Qianhe and rose into the air; there were miserable cries coming from within.

When it finally stopped, Song Qianhe was covered in wounds and fell heavily from the sky. Xiao Chen walked forward and removed his Spatial Ring.

Pouring everything out, plenty of Inferior Grade Spirit Stones fell to the ground, along with plenty of good quality Medicinal Pills and banknotes.

Xiao Chen fished out the Ice Crystal Flower from the pile of items and handed it to Liu Suifeng. A smile appeared on Liu Suifeng’s face as he received it joyfully.

Seeing that there were at least a hundred Inferior Grade Spirit Stones, Liu Suifeng grin became bigger. He asked Xiao Chen, “What are we going to do with the Spirit Stones?”

His meaning was very clear, Are they going to split the loot? However, with Chu Xinyun around, Liu Suifeng could not reveal such a thought; he wanted Xiao Chen to be the one to breach the topic.

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