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Chapter 159: Biting Cold Killing Intent


When Song Qianhe and the others appeared in Xiao Chen’s vision, Xiao Chen did not hesitate to release the arrow. The Essence Light Arrow turned into a beam of light and flew rapidly to the front, carrying a boundless killing intent.

This arrow was not fired at Song Qianhe. This battle was too dangerous, so Xiao Chen did not dare to expect too much, finishing this off in one shot. This arrow was aimed at the weakest person in the group — Zhang Jin.

As the steeds galloped and dusk rose into the air, Song Qianhe, who was riding on a horse, suddenly felt a killing intent incoming. He saw a beam of cold light and quickly dismounted and shouted, “Enemy attack! Dismount, quickly!”

Xiao Chen was astonished. It was fortunate he did not aim the Essence Light Arrow at this person. Given his reaction time, it was likely that he would have gained no returns for his efforts.

While Zhang Jin was in the middle of dismounting, the Essence Light Arrow arrived with a ‘sou’ sound and struck his neck. The huge force behind the arrow instantly knocked him off the horse.

Zhang Jin was knocked flying backwards and crashed into another cultivator. The Flame Cloud Colt was startled and began prancing around wildly, turning the whole place chaotic.

Amidst the chaos, another Essence Light Arrow flashed by and struck the neck of another Biyun Peak disciple, pinning him on the ground dead.

In the blink of an eye, two Martial Grand Masters were killed. Panic broke out in the group; all of them hid themselves behind the tall Flame Cloud Colts.

Xiao Chen saw that there were no other opportunities and put away the Soul Slayer Bow. He took out his Lunar Shadow Saber and said, “Let’s make our move, the two of you need to help me delay Song Qianhe.”

Seeing Xiao Chen decisively make plans to attack and kill two Biyun Peak disciples in an instant, Liu Suifeng and Chu Yunxin were in a state of disbelief. After all, they were fellow disciples of Heavenly Saber Pavilion, so they still had some reservations in their heart.

Liu Suifeng only reacted after Xiao Chen spoke; he quickly leaped down from the tree. Chu Xinyun hesitated for a while before following.

A bolt of lightning streaked by in the sky as Xiao Chen descended down and landed beside Song Qianhe.

Standing behind the Flame Cloud Colt, Song Qianhe could see Xiao Chen’s appearance clearly. He said in astonishment, “It’s you, Liu Ruyue’s disciple. You dare kill my Biyun Peak’s people? You are truly seeking death.”

The instant he spoke, the remaining eight cultivators all stuck their heads out and saw only Xiao Chen. Their initial fear immediately vanished as they used their auras to surround Xiao Chen in pressure.

“You delivered yourself to me, so don’t blame me for taking harsh measures. Kill him!” Song Qianhe’s expression turned cold as he spoke.

“Huang Dang Dang!”

Sabers were drawn from their scabbards as saber lights lit the area up. There were flashes of cold light and howling of wind as eight figures rushed at Xiao Chen, accompanied by a boundless killing intent that zeroed in on Xiao Chen.

Song Qianhe did not make a move personally. In his eyes, Xiao Chen was already a dead man; there was no need for him to make a move.

He looked into the distance and saw figures rushing over quickly. The corner of his mouth curled up in a cold smile, “Liu Suifeng and Chu Xinyun… this is fine too, it’s a good excuse for me to make a move on you.”

“Flight On Wings, Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years!”

Xiao Chen calmly executed the Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years. A strong air current surrounded him. He was already in the sky, continuously changing his stances.

Saber light flew everywhere chaotically, and there were plenty of metallic clangs. Xiao Chen left behind a series of after images, instantly sending out countless strikes. Despite attacking later, his attacks struck the eight people attacking him first.

There were plenty of after images, and they were not able to differentiate the real from the fakes. The Biyun Peak disciples looked at the images in the sky, not even able to tell where Xiao Chen was. They had to stick to passively defending with their sabers every time a saber light came flying at them.

These eight people were countered by Xiao Chen in an instant. Furthermore, he did not seemed to be at a disadvantage at all, in fact holding the upper hand. The boundless saber lights seemed never-ending, combining with the countless afterimages in the sky, which dazed them.

When the Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years was completely executed, Xiao Chen’s body paused in midair and the Azure Dragon leaped out of the river in his body. His actions made it seem as though he had leaped in midair and retreated backward quickly..

When he landed, the eight cultivators were all injured to a certain degree, with at least multiple wounds incurred. Yan Tianzheng, who was amongst the crowd, suddenly shouted angrily, “I’ll smash you to death!”

“Dragon Seizing Hand!”

A huge black hand appeared above Xiao Chen’s head, blocking out the sun and covering the sky as it smashed violently toward Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen’s expression changed slightly; he did not expect this Yan Tianzheng to be a disciple of the Yan Clan with a inherited Martial Spirit. He pushed his feet off the ground and quickly dodged.

The remaining seven people moved continuously and quickly rushed at Xiao Chen. Saber lights flew chaotically from everywhere in his direction, as the seven people used their Martial Techniques to attack Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen did not panic in the face of danger and completely unleashed everything he had comprehended in the past few days. He only used the Basic Saber Techniques to break these Martial Techniques one by one.

The eight moves of the saber: sweep, hack, push, pare, skim, swing, chop, and pierce. Whenever there was an opening, he would attack, making practical use of everything he had learned while fighting with seven people at the same time.

Occasionally, he would dodge the huge black hand above him. The Heaven Ranked Movement Technique, Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, allowed Xiao Chen to be as agile as a flood dragon. Although the situation was dangerous, he was not injured at all.

These seven people were all Biyun Peak disciples. They frequently practiced together and were able to cooperate with each other perfectly. Xiao Chen was not able to find a weak point and could only fight them to a standstill.

On the other side, Liu Suifeng knew that their identities were already uncovered, so he did not hesitate to draw his saber and engage Song Qianhe. The both of them had grasped the various techniques of Qingyun Peak and Buyun Peak, which made their fight very intense.

However, Song Qianhe’s cultivation was slightly higher than Liu Suifeng. He had held the advantage since the very start. If it was not for Chu Xinyun helping Liu Suifeng at the side, a dangerous situation might have occurred.

“Chu Xinyun, have you forgotten the rules of Heavenly Saber Pavilion?! They have already committed a grave felony by attacking their fellow sect mates. If you help them, you will be committing the same error.” Seeing the fight drag on, Song Qianhe made use of psychological tactics on Chu Xinyun.

These words were precisely what struck Chu Xinyun’s nerves. Her hands could not help but pause for a moment.

Song Qianhe smiled coldly and took advantage of this opportunity to send out three after images. His body was like flowing water and his speed suddenly doubled.

This was the Three Flowing Cloud Images of Biyun peak. Liu Suifeng, who had been working with Chu Xinyun, was caught off guard and got struck by the three sabers. Three bloody wounds appeared on his chest, and blood flowed out immediately.

Seeing Liu Suifeng get injured, Chu Xinyun suddenly came to her senses. She quickly moved to block Song Qianhe’s killing blow. The two of them worked together once again to defend against Song Qianhe’s attacks. However, it was clear they were at a disadvantage.

Xiao Chen handled his saber skillfully and dealt with the saber lights of the seven people. He saw the earlier scene clearly and could not help but sigh. At such a crucial point, Chu Xinyun was actually still in a daze. This lady is not reliable.


Noticing Xiao Chen being distracted, one of the seven cultivators took advantage of the opportunity to increase his speed and used his saber to rend a small cut on Xiao Chen’s arm.

The group began rejoicing. After exchanging blows for so long, they had finally managed to injured Xiao Chen. Their morale was immediately boosted, and the cold gleam on their blades turned even sharper.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly to himself. He glanced at the descending black hand and pretended to trip before being smashed away by it. He staggered over and fell before climbing back up in a miserable manner.

The group behind him immediately took advantage of the gap created and used several saber lights to hack at him.

By the time Xiao Chen turned around, his body was covered in wounds. He had a painful expression on his face, making him look very miserable.

“There is no need to waste anymore time, put in more effort and finish him off quickly!” Yan Tianzheng said excitedly as he sent out another huge black hand.

The seven Biyun Peak disciples also became excited. Whoever landed the killing blow would be the one with the biggest contribution. By then, Song Qianhe would reward them greatly.

Their stores of Essence were rapidly exhausted as they used all sorts of killing moves. Their initially perfect coordination started to turn chaotic, as they were only think of killing Xiao Chen as soon as they could.

However, these people did not notice that, although Xiao Chen had a lot of wounds, his wounds were not all fatal. Furthermore, the wounds were not even skin-deep, only scratching his skin.

He looked as though he was badly mangled, but they were actually just superficial injuries. He had continuously tempered his body in the past two months. It was now very difficult for a normal attack to leave a fatal wound on his body.

Xiao Chen had an extremely unsightly expression on his face as he quickly retreated. His footsteps seemed obviously disarrayed, as one would when being beaten around by a violent storm. He narrowly missed trees and stumbled left and right, surrounded by perils.

It seemed as though all it took was one last attack and Xiao Chen would die a miserable death. Just at this moment, because the chase was too intense, one of the Biyun Peak disciple broke way ahead of the group.

Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up. He stopped moving and a limitless boundless flame starting surging continuously in his right eye.

When that disciple saw Xiao Chen stop moving, he was very happy. He leaped into the air and used his saber to hack at Xiao Chen’s head. When the blade was just an inch away from Xiao Chen’s forehead, a dense flame the size of a finger suddenly fired out from Xiao Chen’s right eye. Its speed was extremely fast, piercing right through this disciple’s chest.

A hole appeared in the chest of this person. Abject terror took hold of him as he incredulously watched the hole in his chest grow larger.

He appeared to be trying to grab onto something, but he had no way of stopping the flames from spreading. In an instant, he turned into a pile of ashes that scattered out on the ground.

“Xiao Jiu!” The situation that occurred suddenly caught the Biyun Peak disciples off-guard.

[TL note: Note that this Xiao is different from the one Xiao Chen has. This one means little and is often used together with a part of the person’s name to form a nickname of endearment. So in this case, it's like Little Jiu.]

Three Biyun Peak cultivators who were close with Xiao Jiu lost their reason and shouted lividly. They leaped into the air and hacked at Xiao Chen with 6.6 meter long saber lights.

Xiao Chen revealed a disdainful smile. This attack from the three irrational cultivator seemed very fierce, but they were full of weak points. With some skill, it could be easily dealt with.

Xiao Chen took a step back and tilted himself forward slightly as he executed the push technique from the Basic Saber Techniques. There was a ‘huang dang’ sound as the Lunar Shadow Saber blocked the three saber strikes.

The huge black hand in the sky formed once again. Yan Tianzheng wanted to make use of this opportunity to destroy Xiao Chen thoroughly.

“Are you done yet?!”

Xiao Chen snorted coldly and pointed toward the sky with his left hand. His finger resembled a sword as a similar huge black hand materialized.

The huge black hand projected Xiao Chen’s gesture, using its finger as a sword. It instantly broke through Yan Tianzheng’s Dragon Seizing Hand.

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