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Chapter 158: Entering Evil Wind Valley Again

After they registered and picked their horses, they prepared to start their journey. Suddenly, there was a hostile voice coming from behind, “Brother Liu, please wait.”

Xiao Chen turned his head around and saw Song Qianhe, riding a three-meter tall Flame Cloud Colt, heading over to them. Following behind him were several Biyun Peak disciples riding on Flame Cloud Colts as well.

This Flame Cloud Colt was a horse-type Rank 3 Spirit Beast. Its fur was like a red cloud of fire, making it looked especially pretty. Furthermore, it was able to run extremely fast, as though it were a surging fire cloud.

Liu Suifeng saw Song Qianhe, and the smile on his face disappeared. After that, he immediately turned around and said, “Just ignore him; let’s go!”

After he spoke, he immediately got on the horse. Xiao Chen and Chu Xinyun followed suit as well and disappeared from Song Qianhe’s vision very quickly.

Song Qianhe smiled coldly and patted his steed. He said, “Wait till I conquer your sister. Let’s see how fiery your temper will be then.”

Suddenly, Zhang Jin, who was behind, said, “Senior Brother Song, that brat rarely leaves Qingyun Peak. This is a rare opportunity. We should be able to catch up to them quickly.”

Song Qianhe smiled, “I will make the decisions here. Today is the day the Ice Crystal Flower blossoms. That sickly peasant on Qingyun Peak needs the Ice Crystal Flower to keep him alive.”

It seems like there was a grudge between Biyun Peak and Qingyun Peak. Otherwise, Liu Ruyue and Liu Suifeng would not have reacted the way they did the moment they saw Song Qinghe.

Although Xiao Chen was curious, it was clear Liu Suifeng did not want to speak of it. Thus, Xiao Chen did not ask him about it.

The three of them traveled very fast on the horses, kicking up a cloud of dust everywhere they traveled. Although they were not fine horses like the Flame Cloud Colts, they were still much faster than ordinary horses.

After they traveled for four hours, the three of them finally reached Evil Wind Valley. Like the previous time, the outskirts were bustling. It was possible this was the first time Chu Xinyun came to this kind of place; she was very curious and looked around everywhere.

However, when such a pretty girl like her did not maintain a low-profile, she would attract a lot of attention. Very soon, she attracted the gaze of every cultivator in Evil Wind Valley.

Xiao Chen even heard the drool dripping out of their mouths non-stop; they were as vulgar as they could possibly be. He could not help but think, I hope there would not be any trouble.

It was a good thing the three of them had silver identity tokens; it made their statuses very clear. These outer disciples could not watch and not take any actions against them.

Even the most ordinary disciple in the inner sect would be able to easily kill three outer disciples in an instant. This was the result of the strict and intense competition.

Liu Suifeng finally recovered his complexion and found a place to keep the horses; it was clear he was familiar with the place. After that, the three of them quickly entered Evil Wind Valley.

“Yunxin, I’m afraid something might go wrong. Can we go pick the Ice Crystal Flower first?” Liu Suifeng asked Chu Xinyun.

Chu Xinyun smiled, “I don’t have a problem with that. After all, I don’t need the herbs urgently. I’ll just treat it like seeing the sights.”

Liu Suifeng smiled when he heard this. They quickly made their way to the place where the Ice Crystal Flower would be. There was a senior in Qingyun Peak that required the Ice Crystal Flower to help him stay alive.

Thus, Liu Suifeng would regularly come to pick the Ice Crystal Flowers. The good thing was that senior had almost recovered. After this round, he should be able to completely recover, and they would not need to go to all this trouble anymore.

Liu Suifeng led the way; this was not his first time coming here, and he was a lot more familiar with the place than Xiao Chen. Along their way, they passed by rivers and forests, but they manage to arrive at that cliffside without meeting any Spirit Beasts.

“Something is not right; there must be a problem.”

The three of them just exited the forest, and they smelled an extremely bloody stench blown over by the wind. Liu Suifeng’s complexion turned pale as they quickly rushed forward.

Below the towering cliffside, there were two dead young Ice Apes lying there. Their chests were cut open, and the valuable parts and Spirit Cores had been taken away.

When they looked up the cliffside, the spot where the Ice Crystal Flower had originally been was now empty. Even its roots and leaves had been pulled out by someone.

This was a herb they needed to save someone, and yet, it had been taken away by someone. Liu Suifeng had a vacant look as he muttered, “How did it turn out like this? Who is so malicious to even pull out the roots?”

Xiao Chen checked out the bodies of the young Ice Apes and found their blood was not dry yet. Based on the state of the wounds, it was clear the person had left recently.

Xiao Chen extended out his Spiritual Sense, and instantly, everything within two thousand odd meters appeared in his mind. Xiao Chen eliminated every cultivator one by one.

Finally, Xiao noticed two Martial Grand Masters; they were hiding their silver identity tokens from view.

Xiao Chen retracted his Spiritual Sense and turned it into a thread. He scanned the body of the two of them and found one of them was carrying a parcel containing an Ice Crystal Flower in his embrace.

After they walked for a long time, they stopped in the middle of the forest. A group of cultivators riding Flame Cloud Colts had been waiting there for a long time.

The one leading them was none other than Song Qianhe. He received the Ice Crystal Flow and revealed a sinister smile. He said, “Liu Ruyue, let’s see how you reject me this time. When I thoroughly conquer you, Qingyun Peak will be naturally annexed by my Biyun Peak.”

Xiao Chen’s expression turned cold and rage built in his heart. He was emitting a heavy killing intent; his expression was especially fierce.

Beside this group of people, there was an outer disciple dressed in flowery robes. It was the person who mocked the scarred man previously, Yan Tianzheng.

Yan Tianzheng smiled faintly, “Big Brother Song, I did pretty well completing this errand, right? Amongst the outer sect, I’m the one with the most spies. If you want me to keep an eye on a person, I would definitely be able to uncover all his secrets thoroughly.”

This Yan Tianzheng was the Xihe Province’s Yan Clan’s Second Young Master. With his huge background, Song Qianhe did not dare slight him. He said slowly as he smiled, “Brother Yan, stop joking with me. How can this be you running an errand for me? I, Song Qianhe, owe you a favor. There will definitely a spot for you in Biyun Peak.”

Yan Tianzheng smiled in satisfaction. He worked so hard for Song Qianhe so he could achieve such a result. If he were able to enter Biyun Peak, his position in the clan would immediately soar.

Xiao Chen could no longer be bothered to keep listening. He left a Spiritual Mark on Song Qianhe before quickly retracting his Spiritual Sense.

Liu Suifeng still had a black look on his face. Chu Yunxin, who was beside him, did not know how to console him. Xiao Chen thought for a while before saying, “This Ice Crystal Flower was taken away by Song Qianhe!”

“Song Qianhe?” Liu Suifeng was stunned when he heard that. “Ye Chen, how do you know this?”

Of course, Xiao Chen could not tell him his secret and had no better option than lying, “I have a Secret Treasure that has extremely strong perception. I saw two inner disciples handing the Ice Crystal Flower to Song Qianhe!”

“Despicable!” Liu Suifeng said lividly. He balled his right hand into a fist and punched the cliffside violently. Cracks appeared on the cliffside, and rocks tumbled down.

“This Song Qianhe must be intending to use the Ice Crystal Flower to threaten my sis. Previously, his father tried to arrange a marriage between them as an excuse to annex Qingyun Peak. After they were rejected by my sis, they were not resigned. Now, they are using such despicable means.”

Chu Xinyun was calmer and though about the details. She asked Xiao Chen, “Ye Chen, how many people did Song Qianhe bring? What are their levels of cultivation?”

Xiao Chen replied, “Including him, there is a total of ten inner disciples. The strongest is Song Qianhe, who is a peak Martial Grand Master. Aside from them, there is also an outer disciple called Yan Tianzheng.

“He is an Inferior Grade Martial Grand Master. He was the one who followed Liu Suifeng and reported his whereabouts to Song Qianhe.”

When Chu Xinyun heard this, rage appeared on her pretty face. The weakest inner disciple would be, at least, a Medial Grade Martial Grand Master. Adding Yan Tianzheng, there was a total of eleven Martial Grand Masters.

On their side, there were only three of them. The difference in strength was too big. A cold light flashed in Liu Suifeng’s eyes; he said in a cold voice, “Ignore everything else; we have to get the Ice Crystal Flower. Otherwise, that bastard might be able to have his way with my sis.”

“Ye Chen, lead the way. We have to intercept them before leaving the valley.”

Xiao Chen nodded and felt for the Spiritual Mark he left behind. He executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art and headed rapidly to that group of people, moving as fast as lightning.

He was continually thinking of the situation along the way. The inner disciples of Heavenly Saber Pavilion were elites. Amongst the same cultivation realm and grade, the ordinary cultivators would not be a match for them. Xiao Chen did not dare be careless.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen stopped. He said, “The distance is too huge. Furthermore, they are riding Flame Cloud Colts. We will never be able to catch up.”

After he spoke, a silver warship appeared out of his eye. He ignored their shock and promptly said, “Quickly, get on.”

The situation was urgent. Although Chu Yunxin and Liu Suifeng were astonished, they did not have an opportunity to ask any questions. They directly jumped on without a further word.

After the two of them boarded, Xiao Chen operated the formations on the silver warship with all his might. They transformed into a silver flash as they flew swiftly forward.

It only took a while for Xiao Chen to rush ahead of Song Qianhe’s group. Xiao Chen immediately descended and leaped onto a big tree. “They should be going past here. Do not show any mercy; kill them all.”

There were no emotions in Xiao Chen’s words; he was incredibly cold. Chu Xinyun and Liu Suifeng even trembled slightly in fear.

Chu Xinyun said, “Ye Chen, killing fellow sect members is a serious felony in Heavenly Saber Pavilion. If we were caught, we would be executed. We should talk it over with Song Qianhe.”

How naive! Xiao Chen smiled coldly and said, “Do you think everyone is as pure as you are? If you are afraid, you don’t have to participate. Soft-heartedness will only ruin things. This matter has nothing to do with you in the first place, anyway.”

Chu Xinyun was stunned when she heard this. She frowned slightly; she was so angered by Xiao Chen, she choked. She did not expect Xiao Chen to be so direct. There were no men in Heavenly Saber Pavilion who dared speak to her like that.

Liu Suifeng also advised, “This might really be a fight to the death. Xinyun, it would be best if you hide first!”

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

The galloping of horses could be heard from ahead; the ground was trembling slightly. Xiao Chen could feel the slight tremors of the tree while he was hidden in it.

He took out the Soul Slayer Bow and Essence Light Arrows and focused, drawing the bow. There was nothing else in his vision, only his target.

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