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Chapter 152: Exceptional Saber Technique

Xiao Chen had become an Inferior Grade Martial Grand Master not too long ago; he had to stabilize his cultivation realm. He circulated the gushing Spiritual Energy in his body for one great cycle before finally sending it to the Dantian.

The gushing river immediately rose drastically. The tiny Azure Dragon swam around the river happily, occasionally causing splashes of water.

These splashes of water were the purest Essence. With just a thought, the river rose higher and the raging waves swelled up. A huge amount of Essence flowed out of the Dantian and flowed through the various meridians of the body.

The Essence permeated the meridians and entered the skin, flesh, and bones, continuously nourishing Xiao Chen’s powerful body. When the Essence was exhausted, the Spiritual Energy absorbed from the surroundings flowed into the Dantian again. This never-ending cycle continued on, cycle after cycle.

Time flew by very fast while cultivating. When Xiao Chen opened his eyes, the sky was starting to become bright. He felt very refreshed as he stretched himself; he felt like he was filled with limitless energy.

“Kou! Kou! Kou!”

There was a knocking sound and Liu Ruyue’s melodious voice could be heard through the door, “My little disciple, stop sleeping in, it is time to wake up.”

Just as Liu Ruyue was about to continue knocking, Xiao Chen’s door suddenly opened. When she saw Xiao Chen’s refreshed look, she said, “Good spirits. Remember, in the future, you have to go to the dueling grounds at this time everyday. If you don’t go, you will be punished. Let’s go.”

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “I have not eaten breakfast yet.”

“Best to not eat, or else you might get a stomach ache,” Liu Ruyue said casually with a smile on her face.

That serious?! Xiao Chen had a bad feeling. He followed Liu Ruyue and eventually they arrived at a wide dueling ground.

This dueling ground was very large, and it was made completely of Heavenly Mountain Stones. The domed roof was a hundred meters tall. When standing in there, one would feel very small. In the middle of the dueling ground, there were all sorts of equipment displayed very prominently.

However, in the large dueling ground, there was only Liu Suifeng practicing his Saber alone. It was extremely spacious but empty. When Liu Suifeng saw Xiao Chen, he smiled faintly as a way of greeting him.

“Elder Sister Ruyue, are there any exceptional Saber Techniques to pass on to me?” Xiao Chen said with a smile. When they arrived at the dueling ground, Xiao Chen felt a lot more relaxed.

Liu Ruyue scoffed and said, “With your foundation, you want to learn an exceptional Saber Techniques, not to mention a Heaven Ranked Saber Technique. You would not even understand the essence of an Earth Ranked Saber Technique.”

This was not the first time that Liu Ruyue had said that Xiao Chen’s foundation was bad. Xiao Chen felt slightly unconvinced even though he had switched to a saber without much training initially.

However, I am considered to be quite diligent in practicing and have not been lazy at all. Why does she say that my foundations are bad?

When Liu Ruyue saw Xiao Chen’s slightly unconvinced look, she smiled, “If you are not convinced then execute your strongest Saber Technique against me. I guarantee I will not use a strength exceeding that of a Martial Grand Master.”

Xiao Chen was also thinking of testing Liu Ruyue’s strength. Back in Returning Cloud Hall, because Liu Ruyue had attacked him suddenly, he had been feeling unconvinced. Now was the opportunity he had been waiting for.

Xiao Chen held the Lunar Shadow Saber horizontally in front of him and smiled, “Then take a good look at the world’s fastest Saber Technique. I will only execute it once, it will definitely make you admit defeat willingly.”

“Ka Ca!”

There was a flash of cold light, a ‘huang dang’ sound and the Lunar Shadow Saber was suddenly pulled out of the scabbard. The instant it was pulled out of the scabbard, thunder crackled behind him. The Lunar Shadow Saber was now flickering with electricity.

“Drawing the Saber!”

Xiao Chen’s momentum slowly increased, and soon, the saber light reached its peak speed and chopped at Liu Ruyue. At such a close distance and him making the first move, Xiao Chen was absolutely confident of making Liu Ruyue retreat.

Once Liu Ruyue retreated, the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique’s never-ending chain of attacks would instantly be initiated. Each saber strike would be stronger than the last. His momentum would be slowly raised to an extreme. Even if he was not able to defeat her, it would get her to take him seriously.


A melodious metallic clang rang out. Xiao Chen was not able to see how she drew her small saber from the scabbard. He discovered that Liu Ruyue’s saber was even faster than his. Even though it was initiated later than his move, it struck the Lunar Shadow Saber violently.

A huge force traveled through the blade of the saber. Xiao Chen’s right hand, which was holding the saber, felt numb. There was even an impulse to cast aside the Lunar Shadow Saber.

When the huge force was sent into Xiao Chen’s body, he stumbled backward by two steps before managing to slowly steady himself. Liu Ruyue’s fast saber strike filled his mind.

It was just an ordinary saber strike, not a Martial Technique like Drawing the Saber. However, its speed was inconceivably fast.

However, Xiao Chen was still unconvinced as he had not yet managed to execute the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique. If given the opportunity, Liu Ruyue would look at him in a different light.

Xiao Chen stomped forward and shouted. Thunder crackled again. The surging splashes from the gushing river in his Dantian turned into a large amount of Essence and flowed into the blade of his saber.

The saber lit up again and Xiao Chen executed Drawing the Saber again. However, there was no change in the result. Liu Ruyue did not move from her original spot. Despite moving later on, the small saber in her hand broke the saber technique immediately.

Seeing Xiao Chen staggering backward, Liu Ruyue’s curled her lips and smiled, “This is the world’s fastest Saber Technique? It is merely so-so.”

After being mocked by a woman who was only slightly older than him, Xiao Chen became anxious. He continuously used Drawing the Saber but the result stayed the same.

Xiao Chen staggered backward again. He waved his hands and said, “We can’t do it this way, you can’t block this move of mine. Otherwise, I will not be able to execute the more powerful moves that come after this.”

Liu Ruyue burst out in laughter, a rare charming expression appeared on her face. She said, “As you wish. Let me take a look at the world’s fastest Saber Technique!”

Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up. Right after Liu Ruyue spoke, he immediately executed Drawing the Saber. Liu Ruyue retreated backward and Xiao Chen immediately executed the Arclight Chop.


Xiao Chen maintained the posture for the Arclight Chop but there was a flash of cold light that struck the handle of the Lunar Shadow Saber. This saber strike was fast and precise; it struck precisely at the space between the saber handle and Xiao Chen’s fingers without hurting his fingers at all.

Liu Ruyue sheathed her saber back in the scabbard. There was a stern look on her face as she gave off a murderous intent, “I shall also release the world’s fastest Saber Technique. I shall show you the true Drawing the Saber.”

Right after Liu Ruyue spoke, she immediately drew her saber. The instant the saber left the scabbard, a rush of wind appeared out of nowhere. The saber glowed with a piercing light which caused Xiao Chen’s eyes to hurt. As a natural reflex, Xiao Chen closed his eyes.

When he reopened his eyes, the howling wind had already stopped. Liu Ruyue withdrew her saber and stood upright, as though she had not done anything; as though everything that happened earlier was an illusion.

However, Xiao Chen felt a slight chill on his neck. He stretched out his hand to touch it and he felt a mild pain. It was unknown when, but a small wound had appeared on his neck.

He could not help but feel fear. If this wound had been slightly deeper, he would have lost his life.

However, he had been unable to react at all. When the resplendent light lit up, in the instant he blinked, he had already been struck. Furthermore, in the instant she had made her move, Liu Ruyue had absolute control over her strength.

Moving around freely, killing without batting an eyelid; this was the realm Liu Ruyue was in. Xiao Chen could not help but feel that it was funny. In the past, he thought he was already very fast. Now, he was thoroughly convinced.

Liu Ruyue smiled faintly, “Little Ye Chen, do you still have doubts about master’s strength?”

Xiao Chen smiled embarrassedly, “I don’t dare to anymore. I will always heed Elder Sister Ruyue’s words in the future. Can you start teaching me now?”

A pretty smile appeared on Liu Ruyue’s face. However, when Xiao Chen saw it, he could not help but shudder. “There are some weights over there for training the body. Put on a hundred kilograms of them then run twenty laps around the dueling grounds.”

“You are not allowed to use Essence. If I discover any usage of Essence, I will seal your acupoints and double your punishment.”

Xiao Chen looked at the huge dueling ground, one round would be at least one kilometer. He felt a headache coming on, “Elder Sister Ruyue, isn’t this a little exaggerated.”

Liu Ruyue smiled faintly and said, “First you mock your master, then you speak back. Run another ten more laps!”

Damn! Xiao Chen cursed in his heart. This Liu Ruyue looked like a gentle elder sister. Who knew that she would be so merciless when she became fierce.

When under someone else’s roof, one has no choice but to lower their head. Xiao Chen walked over helplessly and slowly tied the weights to himself before starting to run. It was a good thing that his body was strong; he did not feel that it was too difficult.

Liu Suifeng had a big smile on his face as he watched Xiao Chen running slowly. He walked over to Liu Ruyue and said, “Sis, Xiao Chen was able to execute the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique with a crackle of thunder in every move; it was full of vigor. It could be said to be pretty good already. Why are you still giving him such a hard time?”

Liu Ruyue’s pretty face revealed a faint smile, “This fellow is too proud, he is likely to already have significant fighting experience. If I don’t do this, he will not listen. Furthermore, his foundations are indeed too weak and he should improve them further. There is still more to the potential of the Rushing Thunder Saber Technique.”

Liu Suifeng thought of something and he said, “That’s right, sis, what do you think of the matter I mentioned yesterday?”

“Listening To the Sword and Communicating With It?” Liu Ruyue appeared to be deep in thought. “Since Ye Chen was recommended by Feng Feixue and he previously saved Shao Yang and Xiao Meng, there should be no problem with his character.

“If he wishes to learn, there is no problem in teaching him. However, this Listening To the Sword and Communicating With It is too ethereal. Let’s not deal with this for now.”

Liu Suifeng looked at Xiao Chen’s figure and said, “I feel that Qingyun Peak has a decent chance in the end of year competition.”

When Liu Ruyue heard this, there was a look of melancholy in her eyes. She said indifferently, “All these years, I have been trying to prove myself. However, there has never been any suitable successor in Qingyun Peak. I hope I won’t be disappointed this time.”

Xiao Chen spent a total of four hours running thirty laps. Initially, he felt as if it was nothing. After all, with the strength of his physical body, there was not much fatigue even if he did not use Essence.

However, toward the end, Xiao Chen felt that something was wrong. There was definitely some special material under the surface of the dueling ground. He felt his strength being exhausted very fast.

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