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Chapter 149: Cheated?

“Then what about Tianyue Peak? What is their strength like?” Xiao Chen continued asking.

Tang Dingtian did not hesitate as he answered, “Out of the seven peaks, the strongest is Tianyue Peak. Furthermore, the competition is intense.”

It is indeed like that, Xiao Chen smiled to himself, Or else, it would not be worth an Immortal Cloud Life Extending Pill. However, the Immortal Cloud Life Extending Pill is not in his hands. I wonder what kind of expression Ge Yunbin will make when he finds out.

In the backyard of the City Lord Residence, Tang Dingtian slowly stopped and took out Ge Yunbin’s identity token, and then flashed it at nothing in particular.

After a while, to Xiao Chen’s surprise, a sparkling and translucent ship appeared on the ground. There were layers of fog around it. A spiritual influence could be felt, and there was pleasant music coming from somewhere; it sounded very celestial.

This was a Secret Treasure that had its Daos completely preserved. Although it was not an offensive-type Secret Treasure, it was still very shocking.

The Ancient Era was more than twenty thousand years ago. For it to be able to be completely preserved, it could be considered a miracle. Xiao Chen thought of his own Eastern Emperor Bell and he felt depressed. Even up until now, he did not know what was wrong with it.

Tang Dingtian was very satisfied with Xiao Chen shocked appearance. He said, “Let’s go!”

The two of them boarded the ship. Tang Dingtian threw the golden identity token onto the top of the ship. Then it stopped quietly and continued spinning in the air.  A stream of golden aura was emitted by it.

The ship was not a personal item of Ge Yunbin. Thus it was not as convenient to control as compared to Xiao Chen’s silver warship.

After a while, the formation markings on the ship started moving. The ship gave off a multicolored light. The pleasing melodious sound of music instruments rang out once again. The ship soared into the sky with a ‘sou’ sound.

Tang Dingtian led Xiao Chen into the inside of the ship, the rooms inside were all made of white jade and they were fully furnished with tables and chairs. There was some food that was prepared already placed there.

Xiao Chen picked up the jade wine bottle and thought of his empty silver warship. He could not help but sigh, What a big difference.

The two of them drank wine and ate as they chatted. After they flew for a long time, it felt as though Xiao Chen had passed through a barrier of restrictions. There was a huge pressure pressing on him; he quickly circulated his Essence to resist.

When Tang Dingtian saw the situation, he quickly stopped Xiao Chen, saying, “Relax, don’t resist. This is just the first layer of restrictions. There are 19 more later, each stronger than the last. If you resist them, you will die.”

Xiao Chen was frightened until cold sweat appeared. He quickly stopped stopped circulating his energy and resisting. After a while, he felt better. After more series of other restrictions, Tang Dingtian got up and said, “Let’s go, we have arrived.”

The two of them walked out of the hold of the ship. When they stood at the helm, they saw white clouds floating around them. Xiao Chen looked down and a magnificent scene appeared before him, causing him to feel very astonished.

They were surrounded by tall and upright mountains. Occasionally, there would be birds flying past in the clouds. When Xiao Chen looked carefully, there were people riding on a lot of them. Some of them recognized Tang Dingtian and would flash him a smile when they went by.

When Xiao Chen looked around the surroundings, above the clouds there were many patches of forest filling the mountain, hiding many exquisite ancient wooden buildings. There were also many solitary peaks rising up from the ground, rising into the sky; it was unknown how tall they were but it was a magnificent sight.

Below the ship, there was a flat and smooth platform. It was actually a huge peak that was flattened by humans. On the platform, there were many tall halls. The area of land occupied was almost as big as a small city.

Tang Dingtian smiled faintly, “This is the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Heaven Viewing Platform. The Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s main hall is located here. It can be considered the core area of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. Now, we have to go and register your information.”

The ship brought the two of them down slowly as they headed to the east side of the Heaven Viewing Platform. The platform was bustling. Now that they were nearer, Xiao Chen could feel the huge size of the Heaven Viewing Platform.

The ship stopped in front of a pavilion. Xiao Chen looked in front and he saw an ancient wooden sign board; the words ‘Returning Cloud Hall’ were written on it.

The two of them jumped down from the ship. After Tang Dingtian showed Ge Yunbin’s golden identity token, they were able to move about unobstructed.

Many people here recognized Tang Dingtian. Tang Dingtian had a faint smile on his face as he greeted everyone. The inside of the pavilion was very large. There were very few people in there, making it look very cold and cheerless.

Xiao Chen followed behind Tang Dingtian as he looked curiously at the decorations of the Returning Cloud Hall. There were many Martial Scriptures carved on the wall.

Xiao Chen felt like this broadened his horizons; the wooden wall was actually full of Profound Ranked Martial Techniques—there were even a few Earth Ranked Martial Techniques.

“Brother Tang, are you here to duel with me again? After losing the last time, you still have not paid up the wine you owe me.” There was a forthright voice coming from the front as a male dressed in green walked over slowly.

Tang Dingtian smiled embarrassedly, “Brother Lu Chen’s memory is great. I am here for business this time, City Lord Ge wants to recommend someone.”

After he spoke, he handed Ge Yunbin’s golden identity token to Lu Chen. The Heavenly Saber Pavilion identity token not only indicated one’s identity, but also their position.

An ordinary person in Saber City would have a wooden token; an outer disciple would have an iron token; an inner sect disciple would have a silver token; and a core disciple would have a platinum token.

As for the golden token, that was something that only someone of the Peak Master level would have. There were many uses of the identity token. Sometimes a situation where people recognized the token rather than the person could occur.

By handing his token over to Tang Dingtian, it was equivalent to Ge Yunbin coming personally. Tang Dingtian’s words could be considered to be his words.

“Oh!” Lu Chen received the golden token and inspected it carefully. After a while, he looked at Xiao Chen, who was behind Tang Dingtian, and said, “The person he is introducing is this younger brother?”

Tang Dingtian nodded and made introductions, “This is Lu Chen, the Hall Master here. He is the youngest Returning Cloud Hall’s Hall Master in history. This is Ye Chen, the cultivator the Feng Clan introduced.”

Xiao Chen stepped forward and looked at Lu Chen. Xiao Chen was astonished; Lu Chen’s handsome face looked like he was not more than 30 years old. However, the feeling he gave Xiao Chen was very horrifying. Xiao Chen was not able to measure his strength.

“Ye Chen greets Hall Master.”

Lu Chen nodded his head while smiling. He asked, “The City Lord wants to recommend him to Tianyue Peak, right? I recall only Tianyue Peak has an empty spot. Let me record it down here.”

Tang Dingtian had a stunned expression and he then said awkwardly, “This… the City Lord recommended Qingyun Peak, not Tianyue Peak.”

Hearing this, Lu Chen also had a stunned expression. However, he quickly reacted and said, “Qingyun Peak, right? That’s not bad too. Senior Sister Ruyue came back and asked for people a couple of days ago.”

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change as he followed behind the two of them, before arriving at a room. This room was filled with rows of books. Each book case was higher than a regular bookcase; they were more than four meters high.

There were all sorts of serial numbers carved on the bookshelf. Lu Chen walked in and spread his palm open, and a black book slowly floated down.

Tang Dingtian handed over Xiao Chen’s information. Lu Chen took a look and smiled, “Reaching Inferior Grade Martial Grand Master at the age of 16… His talent is not bad. I think Elder Sister Yue Ru will be satisfied this time.”

After the registration was complete, Lu Chen led the two of them to the top of the Returning Cloud Hall. He said to Xiao Chen, “The making of the identity token will require two days. I will send someone to bring it to Qingyun Peak.”

On the top floor, Lu Chen released a messenger pigeon. Tang Dingtian stood at the side and explained to Xiao Chen, “This is for informing the Peak Master of Qingyun Peak to send someone over to pick you up.”

The three of them were all very patient. They stood there quietly waiting. After a while, a green bird flew over from the sky; there was a good looking woman riding on it.

Xiao Chen could only see a blurry figure while he stood below. However, he could feel this woman was very outstanding. Lu Chen looked at the sky and smiled faintly, “They are arriving.”

There was a melodious cry as the green bird slowly landed on the roof. A woman wearing tight-fitting long green robes nimbly jumped off the green bird.

The tight-fitting long robe made the woman’s hot and exquisite figure very obvious. Her long face covered her shoulders. Her warm face gave off the feel of a mature women; there was none of a young girl's naivety.

As Xiao Chen watched the woman arrive leisurely, Xiao Chen praised her in his heart. Just based on her figure and pretty face, she would be the idol of guys in his previous life.

[TL notes: The ‘guys’ referred to here are the otakus. I just felt that this, being a japanese word, felt out of place in a Chinese novel.]

Xiao Chen was astonished that the identity token at her waist was actually an eye-catching gold. However, she was definitely not any older than twenty. Although her strength was at Medial Grade Martial Saint, she was definitely far from the usual standard of a Peak Master.

However, there would be no one who would dare to simply carry around someone else's identity token. Could it be that this woman was really the Peak Master of Qingyun Peak?

Just as Xiao Chen was feeling suspicious, the woman walked over quickly. After she took a look at Xiao Chen, she went over to Lu Chen’s side and started reading through Xiao Chen’s information.

“Ye Chen, 16 years old, Inferior Grade martial Grand Master.” The woman read out in a melodious voice. Then she said to Lu Chen in a sullen voice, “Junior Brother Lu Chen, are you trying to mislead me? Every time I come to you for people, you mess around.”

Lu Chen smiled, “Nope. Senior Sister Ruyue, I assure you I am not this time. This is the person the Feng Clan recommended. City Lord arranged for him to be in Qingyun Peak.”

“Feng Feixue recommended him?” Liu Yuyue said in a soft voice. A flash of light appeared in her clear eyes before she carefully sized Xiao Chen up.

Just at this moment, Xiao Chen sensed a sharp killing intent extending towards him. This killing intent rushed at him in a straightforward manner.


The saber flashed. Under Xiao Chen’s astonished gaze, Liu Ruyue’s two finger wide and one meter long saber was suddenly pulled out of her scabbard. The saber carried a cold light as it slashed over quickly.

Liu Ruyue’s speed was very fast; Xiao Chen only saw a flash of cold light and the blade had already arrived before him. There was no time to think; Xiao Chen bent over backwards, bending both his knees and throwing his body backwards.

The saber sliced past in front of Xiao Chen’s face. A few strands of hair instantly fell slowly toward the ground.

Xiao Chen pushed off the ground and executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art. He flew backwards and took the opportunity of this chance to draw the Lunar Shadow Saber from its scabbard.

Liu Ruyue saw Xiao Chen’s speedy reaction and her pupils constricted. There was a flash of shock in her eyes. She shouted lightly and the saber in her hands buzzed. The sound was extremely pleasing, reverberating in the air.

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