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Chapter 144: Vicious Spirit

Xiao Chen took out the small, exquisite copper bell and looked at the damaged carvings on it. He smiled faintly and said, “With this, it should be able to recover. As for the chaotic formation markings, I can sort them out slowly in future.”

He placed the copper bell on his palm and wrapped his Spiritual Sense around the Astral Iron. The Astral Iron slowly floated up, and the boundless purple flame in his right eye started to rotate rapidly.


The purple flame leaped out from his right eye and started burning the Astral Iron. The Astral Iron was very resistant to heat; an ordinary flame would not be able to melt it.

At the moment, Xiao Chen formed the Purple Thunder True Fire Origin. He needed to raise the temperature to the extreme before he could even barely melt it.

Time slowly went by; four hours passed without Xiao Chen realizing it. The Astral Iron within the purple flame showed no signs of change.

Sweat filled Xiao Chen’s forehead; it dripped down his face unceasingly. The horrifying flame was giving his face a red glow.


Xiao Chen threw away another Spirit Stone that lost its glow. This was already the third Spirit Stone he threw away.

By using the Purple Thunder True Fire for so long, he exhausted an extreme amount of Essence. Actually, with Xiao Chen’s current Cultivation realm, he was too hasty in trying to melt the Astral Iron.

Even the ancient cultivators on earth were only able to melt the Astral Iron after they cultivated to the Yuanying Stage. It was, after all, an extraterrestrial object, not a regular natural treasure; it was not so easy to melt.

Xiao Chen gently wiped the sweat from his forehead. However, he was not too worried. He looked resolutely at the Astral Iron being heated unceasingly by the purple flames.


After Xiao Chen tossed away his tenth Spirit Stone, there were finally some changes to the Astral Iron. A scarlet liquid slowly dripped down and fell into the jade bottle Xiao Chen had prepared earlier.

Just at this moment, something strange happened. A faintly discernable Vicious Spirit rushed out of the Astral Iron at Xiao Chen and gave off a horrifyingly anguished wail.

This was the mysterious Vicious Spirit of the universe. Almost every piece of Astral Iron would have one. The Vicious Spirit did not have a physical form; it was only a spirit that ate humans souls. Martial Techniques did not affect it.

No one knew how a Vicious Spirit was formed. Just like the strange effects of the Astral Iron, it was impossible to use common logic to understand it.

Xiao Chen was startled but did not panic. He expected the appearance of the Vicious Spirit.

As the Vicious Spirit opened its jaws and headed for Xiao Chen’s head, two beams of purple light suddenly shot out of Xiao Chen’s eyes. The purple light pierced through the Vicious Spirit. The instant it pierced through, it emitted a black smoke. The Vicious Spirit screamed incessantly before finally fading to nothing.

This was the purple beam Xiao Chen would fire every time he advanced in cultivation realm. Xiao Chen never knew what uses it had.

However, Xiao Chen’s intuition told him it would be able to destroy the soul sucking-spirit. It seemed as though he had seen something similar happen before.

While he was planning to melt the Astral Iron, Xiao Chen made up his mind to take advantage of this change to make a breakthrough and step into the Martial Grand Master realm while relying on the purple light to kill the Vicious Spirit.

Although now was not the best time to advance in cultivation realm, for the sake of vanquishing the extraterrestrial Vicious Spirit, he did not have much choice.

The instant the Vicious Spirit was vanquished, the Astral Iron also completely melted. Xiao Chen got up and stretched himself; he was not in a rush to check his cultivation after advancing in realm.

He immediately picked up the bottle and took a look. The Astral Iron which was able to enlarge to the size of a small mountain was actually only left with ten-odd drops of scarlet liquid after it had been melted.


Xiao Chen slowly poured the liquid onto the copper bell. The instant the red liquid dripped on the copper bell, it permeated it; it seemed very strange.

After all the scarlet liquid was infused, the ancient copper bell gave off a scarlet glow. With a ‘shua’ sound, it immediately flew into the air.

Markings appeared on the surface of the copper bell, as though an invisible hand was carving on it. The holes and broken bits of the copper bell slowly repaired themselves.

The copper bell emitted a faint righteous Qi. When standing beside it, one would feel a sense of peace. Xiao Chen revealed an expression of joy. As he stared at the copper bell in the air, he said, “It is indeed a Secret Treasure used by the ancient Sages. It was worth me wasting ten Spirit Stones for this.”


When the final formation marking on the copper bell was finished, a complete ancient bell appeared in front of Xiao Chen’s eye. With a ‘shua’ sound, the bell enlarged to the size of human and a drawn-out ringing rang out.

This sound was very peaceful. Xiao Chen stood directly below the bell. He felt his newly obtained cultivation as an Inferior Grade Martial Grand Master stabilized significantly as a result of the melodious ringing.

Xiao Chen raised his head and took a look; the inside of the copper bell was pitch black. It was boundlessly deep. He could not help but think, It seems like there is a small realm in there.

“A Secret Treasure which could create a small realm… could it be a damaged King Grade Secret Treasure?” Xiao Chen frowned slightly. He looked at the deep space and doubt filled his head.

A black banner flew out of Xiao Chen’s eye. The banner carried Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense and entered into the black space.


The world Xiao Chen saw suddenly changed. An empty space appeared in from of his eyes. The black flag under his feet headed downwards continuously.

“Bang!” After descending for an unknown period, the black banner was stuck down on a patch of ground, which appeared in the empty space. A small realm started to expand outwards, starting from where the banner was.

The wind blew strongly, and dust filled the air. There were thunderous roars. The scene created by the small realm was one of an ancient battlefield.

Above the empty space, countless humanoid creatures stood still in a packed manner. These creatures had three heads and six arms; they held all sorts of weapons in their arms, and black Qi covered their bodies.

There were some who had bird-like wings. They were floating in the sky, continuously making hand seals. Streams of apocalyptic energy descended from the sky.

In an even more distant place, there were seven figures more than 300 meters tall. It seemed that their heads reached the top of the sky. Boundless black clouds gathered around their heads, spanning tens of thousands of kilometers. The space reached as far as the eye could see; there were layers upon layers, looking vast and mighty.

Amongst all these, a human laughed loudly. His laughter contained a heroic spirit; it caused one’s blood to boil.

A huge copper bell floated above his head. The sound of the bell sounded divine, spreading out everything. Visible ripples appeared in the air, clearing out a patch of sky.

It was like breaking dead branches off a tree. The countless humanoids in the sky instantly turned to ash. He pushed off the ground with his feet, and the ground trembled, and the skies shook; mountains broke, and rivers surged.

He stretched out his hand to make a grab; his fingers became immensely huge. He easily crushed all the humanoids to death like ants.

Xiao Chen stood there without moving. He was thinking very hard as he said in shock, “This is the Dragon Seizing Hand. Is this person an ancestor of the Yan Clan? What a terrifying strength. He managed to break apart the laws of this space with just a palm.

Xiao Chen was like a spectator standing in the midst of this battlefield. When the demonic army surrounded in black Qi walked past, it seemed like they noticed Xiao Chen. They simply headed directly for the Yan Clan Ancestor.

However, the Yan Clan ancestor was an unrivaled existence. The copper bell above his head fired a stream of dark yellow Qi and blocked all the incoming attacked. No one could get near.

Finally, far in the distance, a cold voice came from amongst the seven huge figures, “The human race’s strongest defensive Secret Treasure, Eastern Emperor Bell?”

As the voice rang out, the seven huge figures rushed out. They took great strides and arrived at the Yan Clan ancestor in no time. The surrounding people immediately backed off.

There was a loud sound, and a huge hole appeared in the space. The Eastern Emperor Bell was ringing non-stop. The Yan Clan Ancestor was fighting one against seven, but he was not disadvantaged at all.

However, as the fight went on, cracks started to appear on the Eastern Emperor Bell. At the final moment, it could no longer hold on, and its formation markings all broke completely.

With a loud boom, it turned into a small, exquisite bell and fell to the ground, landing by Xiao Chen’s feet. The Yan Clan Ancestor vomited blood as he laughed loudly and his body suddenly exploded; he had detonated himself.

In the instant of his explosion, the ancient battlefield vanished without a trace. The boundless land was only left with the small, exquisite copper bell, proving everything that happened was real.

Xiao Chen picked up the copper bell and wiped the dust off it. He sent a strand of Spiritual Sense into it and discovered there was no trace of a mark left by the Yan Clan Ancestor.

This was much easier to deal with. Xiao Chen left his Spiritual Sense in it, turning it into a mark as it slowly merged with the Eastern Emperor Bell. Then, he controlled the black banner to break the space apart and left.

When the black banner entered Xiao Chen’s eyes, Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense returned to his body. When he looked at the Eastern Emperor Bell in the sky again, Xiao Chen had a mysterious connection with it.

Waving his hands, the huge copper bell shrunk to the size of a finger and landed on Xiao Chen’s palm. He muttered, “Eastern Emperor Bell… the human race’s strongest defensive Secret Weapon. I wonder what percent of its might would be wieldable now?”

Xiao Chen put the copper bell away into the Universe Ring and left the illusion formation. If there were someone around, they would discover, to their surprise, Xiao Chen’s body appearing from thin air.


There was an indistinct sigh that reached Xiao Chen’s ears. Xiao Chen’s expression turned grave, and he extended his Spiritual Sense. Since he left the City Lord Residence, he felt as if there was someone following him.

However, it was just a very vague feeling. Now that he was a Martial Grand Master, his perception had been significantly improved. This feeling was now further intensified.

He carefully scanned the area with his Spiritual Sense a few times, but he was not able to discover anyone. Xiao Chen said in doubt, “Could I be over reacting? If there were really someone, he would have been discovered by my Spiritual Sense long ago.”

Shaking his head, Xiao Chen stopped thinking about it. He simply kept an eye out and continued heading forward.

Just at this moment, Xiao Bai ran over from a distant place. There were several stalks of herbs in its mouth. It leaped in front of Xiao Chen, showing off the treasures it found.

Xiao Chen received them and took a look. He could not help but smile; they were Rank 5 Luminous Grass. Xiao Chen initially did not have any intention of picking them. Who knew Xiao Bai would actually go and obtain them for him?

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