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Chapter 141: Power of Talismans

With Xiao Chen’s cultivation as a Superior Grade Martial Master, it was not just difficult for him to kill a Rank 5 Spirit Beast; there was virtually no chance of success.

“Is the requirements of Heavenly Saber Pavilion so high?” Xiao Chen asked himself, feeling suspicious. He frowned slightly; if he really tried to complete this mission, he might not even have a ten percent chance of survival.

Xiao Chen sighed and slowly pulled out the Lunar Shadow Saber from its scabbard.

A cold gleam flashed on the black blade. The sharp blade was able to cut hair that landed on it. Xiao Chen gently caressed the blade as a pretty figure appeared in his head, thinking of everything she had done for him.

Soon, his gaze appeared resolute. He muttered to himself, “Regardless of the reason you sealed yourself, I will do my best to wake you up.

“I will never cause you to cry, even at the expense of my life. This is a promise.” From the moment he held the Lunar Shadow Saber and received the Thunder Emperor’s inheritance, this was a promise he needed to keep.

“Ka Ca!”

Xiao Chen placed the Lunar Shadow Saber back in the scabbard. He then took the Dragon Seizing Hand he obtained from Yan Qianyun out from the Universe Ring and started to read through it.

This was an Earth Ranked Martial Technique that required one to have a specific inherited Martial Spirit; it was similar to Xiao Chen’s Dragon Subduing Slash. However, Xiao Chen had the Battle Sage Origin’s Changing Character Formula. The lack of the specific Martial Spirit would not obstruct him from using it.

In the situation where one could not use a Heaven Ranked Martial Technique, an Earth Ranked Martial Technique was the strongest Martial Technique. Furthermore, the inherited Martial Techniques of an innate bloodline noble clan were much stronger.

This Dragon Seizing Hand was much stronger than the ancient Martial Techniques Xiao Chen obtained in the Ancient remnants. Xiao Chen read carefully for half the night, comprehending it.

“Pu Ci!”

Suddenly, he made a move. The Changing Character Formula and Dragon Seizing Hand both started circulating together. Xiao Chen shouted and sent a palm strike forward.

A huge black hand appeared and smashed the stone table in the courtyard into to bits. Pieces of stone became shrapnel, flying everywhere.

Xiao Chen pulled his hand back, revealing a faint smile. After obtaining the Martial Technique manual, it was much easier to use the Battle Sage Origin to use the attack.

Xiao Chen continued testing in the backyard. Aside from the Dragon Seizing Hand, he also used the Battle Sage Origin’s Changing Character Formula to replicate Ji Changkong’s Astral Swordplay, Duanmu Qing’s inherited Martial Spirit, and Hua Yunfei’s Bloody Death Below Heaven.

In the end, after trying a few times, he discovered he was able to execute them. However, the exhaustion of Essence was great; it was not easily executable.

As for the Dragon Seizing Hand, because he had the Martial Technique manual and understood the way to circulate the technique, he required less Essence to execute it. Only under such a scenario, would the Martial Technique would be worth using.

After exhausting his Essence, Xiao Chen did not enter a state of cultivation to absorb Spirit Energy. He took out an Inferior Grade Spirit Stone and absorbed it completely. His Essence immediately recovered to peak state.

After Xiao Chen complete absorbed the energy from the Spirit Stone, the pool of water in his Dantian visibly increased in size; this was a surprise for him.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “No wonder everyone likes Spirit Stones. These things are very useful for cultivation. Furthermore, there were no side effects. In the future, I should absorb one every day. I should not just leave them laying around.”

Only Xiao Chen could say words like this and not feel heartache. Even the noble clan disciples did not dare be that extravagant.

After Xiao Chen completed his recovery of Essence, he started to practice the Dragon Seizing Hand. When he exhausted his Essence, Xiao Chen would use a Spirit Stone to recover his Essence; there was no waste at all.

After a long time, Xiao Chen executed the Dragon Seizing Hand hundreds of times; he accidentally discovered some small tricks of the Martial Technique.

When the huge hand attacked the opponent, he could make it form an appropriate gesture. This way, it would be more mighty.

After discovering to the trick, Xiao Chen was extremely excited. He practiced the Dragon Seizing Hand from day to night, until he was able to feel relaxed as he proficiently made the Dragon Seizing Hand turn into a fist.

He had already reached such a level using only one day of time. Aside from having the Changing Character Formula, the main reason he was able to do so was the pile of depleted Spirit Stones on the ground.

The Spirit Stones Yan Qianyun intend to use over a period of six months were consumed by Xiao Chen within a day. What kind of expression would Yan Qianyun in the underworld make if he knew?

The morning sun rose from the east; Xiao Chen woke up from a deep sleep. After washing, Xiao Chen took out the horn of the young Golden Lion King and started carving it.

When challenging a Spirit Beast with the strength of a Martial Saint, Xiao Chen did not dare be careless. He thought about it and decided he should make a Golden Lion King sculpture.

Without Yue Ying’s Dragon Qi, a sculpture of Princess Ying Yue would not be as strong. However, as the Golden Lion King horn came from the Golden Lion King in the first place, controlling it would be easier.

This time, Xiao Chen did not carve it in a rush, carving as he was walking. He was very meticulous with the carving; every hair and every detail could be clearly seen.

After some time, he carved a realistic looking Golden Lion King sculpture. Xiao Chen smiled as he put it away into the Universe Ring.

Then, he took out an ink bottle and poured the Golden Holy Beast’s blood into it. After that, he sliced his hand and let his essence blood mix with the Golden Holy Beast’s blood.

Xiao Chen drew Talismans again. In a situation where his cultivation realm was not higher, if he wanted to raise the might of the Talismans he could only raise the quality of the materials.

The Golden Lion King had the bloodline of an ancient Golden Holy Beast. Its blood was much stronger than a regular Spirit Beast’s blood. When using it to draw Talismans, its might would be increased by at least half.

After he completely mixed the Golden Holy Beast’s blood with his essence blood, Xiao Chen took out a brush and paper. He focused and started to draw, stroke by stroke. There was a golden light on the tip of the brush.

Xiao Chen drew very slowly, but his movements were continuous. His motions seemed very natural; it seemed perfect. When he finally completed it, it was done in one breath; he successfully completed a Rank 3 lightning attribute Talisman.

Xiao Chen wiped the sweat from his forehead as he breathed. Drawing Talismans was the most tiring thing to do. He had to be completely focused and could not rush. If there were even the tiniest error, all the work would be for naught.

Furthermore, it exhausted a lot of Essence. Xiao Chen rested for a period of time before continuing to draw Talismans. He drew a total of twenty-odd Talismans. He was quite unfortunate towards the end and failed many of them; his success rate was only about 50 percent.

After Xiao Chen completely exhausted his Essence, he took out an Inferior Grade Spirit Stone and used it. After a moment, his Essence was completely refilled again. The clear pool of water in his Dantian increased in size again.

Xiao Chen already reached the peak of Superior Grade Martial Master. As long as Xiao Chen wanted to, he would be able to advance to Martial Grand Master at any time. This was the wonder of Spirit Stones.

After preparing everything, Xiao Chen quickly made his way to the outside of the city. He removed the wooden identity token and showed it to the guard, allowing him to pass unobstructed.

Evil Wind Valley was a very suitable place for outer sect disciples to train. It was near the west entrance of the city. There were many outer disciples gathered there, forming groups. There were even a few people who invited Xiao Chen to join them.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly as he rejected them; his task could only be completed alone. If there were wounds from other people on the Spirit Beast’s corpse, he would have been considered to have failed his task.

There were many people going to Evil Wind Valley. Xiao Chen casually chose a group and followed behind; he was not worried about getting lost at all. The pace of the group was very fast; they arrived at Evil Wind Valley in an hour.

Xiao Chen was surprised; the exterior of Evil Wind Valley was different from what he imagined. This exterior actually seemed like a marketplace.

There were many people selling their wares by the two sides. The ground was covered in cloths with all sorts of Herbs, Spirit Cores, or Spirit Beasts’ parts for sale.

There, people were all wearing the Heavenly Saber Pavilion outer disciple uniform. Occasionally, there would be merchants coming to bargain on the prices. It was extremely bustling and noisy.

“Selling the most complete map of Evil Wind Valley. The distributions of Spirit Beasts and Herbs are marked on it. Lowest price in the market, definitely the lowest price.”

A loud shout attracted Xiao Chen’s attention. A map of Evil Wind Valley… that was something Xiao Chen urgently needed.

Xiao Chen walked over in a casual manner; he did not reveal any anxious expressions or movements at all. This was a trick to buying things; you could not let the other party realize your true intentions.

The person running the stall was a youth; he was wearing the Heavenly Saber Pavilion outer disciple uniform. When he saw Xiao Chen walk over, he called out warmly.

Xiao Chen took a look at the map and inspected it carefully. After a while, he asked, “Why are there no Rank 5 Spirit Beasts marked on the map?”

The young man smiled, “You must be new. The Rank 5 Spirit Beasts in Evil Wind Valley do not have fixed locations. Furthermore, outer disciples would not dare to engage a Rank 5 Spirit Beast. Wouldn’t that just be seeking death?”

An outer Disciple would not engage a Rank 5 Spirit Beast? Why was this different from what Ge Yunbin said? Xiao Chen placed down the map and asked, “Isn’t the end of year exam for outer sect disciples killing a Rank 5 Spirit Beast?”

The youth revealed a shocked expression, “How is that possible? The end of year exam normally involves killing a number of Rank 4 Spirit Beasts. After a certain number is achieved, then one will pass. Because different Spirit Beasts are set every year, there are be some changes in the number needed.

However, no matter how much it changes, I have never heard of any year’s exam requiring a Rank 5 Spirit Beast. Isn’t that just seeking death? Even for an inner sect disciple, the instructors would advise them to flee as far as they could.”

Old Bastard, You actually lied to me! Xiao Chen cursed angrily in his heart. He did not expect a senior like Ge Yunbin to have such a devious plan, intending to kill him.

“Brother, I believe you must have been cheated by someone. The strength of a Rank 5 Spirit Beast is the equivalent of a Martial Saint. How can we be an opponent for it? I would advise you not to do anything silly,” that person said out of kindness.

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change, he only smiled faintly, “Just casually asking. Thank you, brother, for reminding. My name is Ye Chen; I have not asked for your name yet.”

“Liu Chen, just an inadequate disciple of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion outer sect.”

Xiao Chen looked around his surroundings; all the people running stalls were outer sect disciple as well. He asked, “Brother Liu Chen, why are there so many people opening stores outside Evil Wind Valley? Why don’t they spent their time cultivating instead of doing business?”

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