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Chapter 140: Shaking Saber City

“How would he be able to make it all the way in as a Martial Grand Master? He was trapped in the seventh small formation. In the end, his father had to rescue him.”

This matter now completely caught Xiao Chen’s attention. He quickly asked, “What happened later?”

As for the events that happened after, the owner was not sure about those either. He said, “As for the rest, there are only things that I have heard from others. It seems like Leng Tianyue committed some offense, and his father wanted to put him in detention. In the end, he crippled his own cultivation and took the initiative to enter the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Saber Prison.”

Hearing this news, Xiao Chen breathed out in relief. Although he did not know why Leng Tianyue locked himself in Saber Prison; it was good enough not having to see him here.

Holding the Lunar Shader Saber, Xiao Chen headed for Saber City. Soon, he arrived at the city gates and paid the entry fee. The method of paying the entry fee surprised Xiao Chen.

The amount to be paid was determined by the weight of the saber the cultivator carried. Regardless of how many sabers you had or their rank and grade, however heavy they were, you paid that amount.

“The saber weights 85 jin and the scabbard weights 70 jin. All together, they weigh 155 jin. Little brother, you have to pay 1155 silver taels to enter the city.” The two guards at the gates retrieved Xiao Chen’s Lunar Shadow Saber from the scale and smiled at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen sweated in his heart; this was not just expensive on an ordinary level. He saw someone carrying seven large sabers who was even more depressed; he was charged ten thousand silver taels.

However, he still had to pay the money he needed to. Xiao Chen had no other ways around it. After paying up, the guard asked Xiao Chen a few questions.

After they recorded his birthplace, name, and age, they handed him a form and said, “Go to the side to make an identity token. In the future, you can use the identity token to enter Saber City. There would be no need to pay the entry fee again.”

Xiao Chen smiled lightly and said, “Good thing the fee is not charged every time. Otherwise, no matter how much I have, I would run out.

Making the identity token was simpler. After handing over the form and waiting for half an hour, he was handed a wooden token. It had Xiao Chen’s informed carved on it. On the other side, there was a mountain peak and a saber carved on it.

Tying the wooden token at his waist, Xiao Chen finally entered the famous Saber City. Cultivators carrying sabers filled the big streets.

There was an arena located every few hundred meters. Every arena was packed with people; it was very bustling. It really showed the spirit of competition to the extreme.

Aside from everyone being saber users and the arenas, Saber City was no different from the other cities.

Xiao Chen asked around for the City Lord’s residence. When he got the information, he headed there immediately.

Heavenly Saber Pavilion appointed the City Lord of Saber City. He was the person managing the entire outer sect of Heavenly Saber Pavilion. The City Lord’s position in the sect was no lower than the Peak Masters; he even had a place amongst the Elders.

When Xiao Chen reached the gates of the City Lord’s residence, he handed the recommendation letter Feng Feixue gave him to the guards. The red recommendation letter had the Feng Clan’s seal and emblem on it; Feng Feixue had even signed it personally.

The guards had really good insight; they were able to quickly recognize the authenticity of the recommendation letter. They asked Xiao Chen to wait for a moment while one went to report the matter.

No long after, that person quickly ran over. He was smiling in an apologetic manner, “Brother, the City Lord is currently meeting with an important guest. You may have to wait for a while. Please follow me to the secondary hall to take a rest.”

The City Lord Residence’s guard was amicable. Xiao Chen did not think he was someone important anyway. He smiled faintly and followed the guard into the City Lord Residence with a relaxed expression.

After they went past a few courtyards and gardens, he brought Xiao Chen to the secondary hall. The guard took his leave and left Xiao Chen alone. Xiao Chen ended up waiting for a long time.

In the Reception hall of the City Lord’s residence, the Saber City Lord Ge Yunbin was seated on a wooden chair. There was an old man separated from him by a tea table. He seemed displeased when he saw Xiao Chen’s recommendation letter.

Standing behind the two of them was a 16 or 17-year-old youth. He had a saber behind his back. He had an unsightly look on his face, and there was a glint of evil intention in his eyes.

The old man placed the recommendation letter on the table and said to Ge Yunbin in a sullen voice, “Old Ge, didn’t we settle this matter a week ago already. Why are you suddenly changing your mind?”

Ge Yunbin smiled faintly, “Old Zhang, please don’t make things difficult for me. Don’t you see who wrote the recommendation letter? Miss Feng even signed it personally. I don’t have much of a choice!”

“Heavenly Saber Pavilion has been cooperating with the Feng Clan for hundreds of years. They provided all the materials for all the Spirit Weapons and Battle Armor. The most important thing is their management of the Spirit Stones produced by Heavenly Saber Pavilion.”

“The Feng Clan has the rights to recommend someone. This was not something that was said by me; it was said by the Pavilion Master previously. Furthermore, I also happen to owe Miss Feng a favor; this is a good opportunity for me to repay her.

When Old Zhang heard this, he took out a bottle and opened its cap. A dense medicinal fragrance wafted out. It was pleasing to smell, lifting one’s spirits up.

Ge Yunbin’s complexion changed. He asked, “Old Zhang, is this the Immortal Cloud Life Extending PIll?”

Old Zhang revealed a proud expression as he said indifferently, “That’s right. The Rank 7 Immortal Cloud Life Extending Pill, after consuming it, one can extend their life by twenty years. I was originally planning to give it to you after this matter was over.”

Ge Yunbin laughed bitterly, “Old Zhang, why go to all this effort? With your grandson’s talent, as long as he stays in the outer sect for six months, he will have the opportunity to enter the inner sect. Furthermore, I will definitely take care of him. He would not lack in Spirit Stones, Medicinal Pills, or Martial Techniques.”

Old Zhang looked at the youth beside him and said, “Ye`er’s talent speaks for itself, but six months is too long. He has already been delayed 16 years. I do not wish for him to be delayed any further.”

Ge Yunbin got up and paced around the reception hall. His expressions showed a clear struggle. After a while, he finally made his decision, “I will think of a way. I will give that person a test first. He is incapable of passing it; then I will arrange for him to be placed in the outer sect first.

“The spot for Tianyue Peak will be left for your grandson. Wait here first!” After Ge Yunbin spoke, he headed to the secondary hall.

After Ge Yunbin left, Old Zhang immediately got up and went to the door. He called an old man over and told him what happened.

Finally, he instructed him, “I do not wish for there to be any accidents. Whether Zhang Ye can enter the Heavenly Saber Pavilion inner sect will affect the Zhang Clan’s standing in Yunyang City for hundreds of years.”

“When that person comes out, keep an eye on him. If he is unable to pass the test, then good. However, if he passes, you know what to do!”

This old man’s cultivation was that Medial Grade Martial Saint. After he heard this, he replied indifferently, “Clan Head, do not worry. Nothing will go wrong with such a small matter.”

In the secondary hall, just as Xiao Chen’s patience was wearing thin, there was the sound of footsteps. The door of the secondary hall opened, and a seventy-odd-year-old man came. He walked with big strides, obviously still very vigorous.

Xiao Chen checked him with his Spiritual Sense; he was unable to tell how strong he was. His Spiritual Sense felt like it sank into a vast ocean, giving him an unfathomable feeling. He could not help but feel astonished.

When Ge Yunbin saw Xiao Chen, he smiled faintly, “My apologies, I was delayed by some matters and caused this little friend to wait. Please do not take offense at that.”

While Ge Yunbin was speaking, he was also sizing up Xiao Chen. As he swept gaze across Xiao Chen; Xiao Chen felt as though he was completely seen through, and there were no secrets he could keep from him.

However, Xiao Chen did not panic. He had just met a Sub-Sage earlier. Compared to that, this was nothing.

Xiao Chen got up, cupped his hands and greeted him respectfully. “Greetings senior. As a younger generation, it is right for me to be waiting.”

Ge Yunbin nodded to himself in approval. Although he was only a Superior Grade Martial Master, he was able to keep himself composed under his aura. He was polite and understood etiquette; that was hard to come by.

Ge Yunbin gestured for Xiao Chen to take a sit. He smiled, “I am Ge Yunbin. If you don’t mind, you may call me Old Ge. I have not asked this little friend for your name yet.”

“Ye Chen, the Ye that means leaf, and the Chen from the eight characters of the horoscope.” Ye Chen was his current alias. The name Xiao Chen had been spread throughout the Xihe Province by the Yan Clan. It was not a good idea to use his real name.

[TL note: 叶 (ye) means leaf. The eight characters of the horoscope in Chinese are 生辰八字 (Sheng Chen Ba Zi), the 辰 (Chen) is the second character. Do note, the 晨 (Chen) in 萧晨 (Xiao Chen) is different; this one means morning.]

After Ge Yunbin exchanged a few more polite words, he said, “Ye Chen, I have seen Miss Feng’s recommendation letter. In her letter, she strongly recommended you. I respect Miss Feng a lot and have to take her words into account.

“However, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion inner sect is the core of Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s strength. There cannot be any weak link in it. I will still have to test your strength.”

Xiao Chen thought very quickly, then he said, “Old Ge, just tell me directly. I, Ye Chen, am not an unreasonable person.”

When Ge Yunbin heard this, he was stunned. He then smiled, “It has been a very long time since someone from the younger generation dared to speak to me like this. In that case, I will be direct. I have a task for you.

“If you can complete it, I will give you a chance to enter the inner sect directly. If not, then I will send you to the outer sect first to temper yourself. What do you think?”

Xiao Chen did not think too much about this. He had missed the inner sect examination and had been planning to enter via the outer sect first anyway. However, now that he had Feng Feixue’s letter, he had such an opportunity. Even if he failed, there was not much loss to him.

Xiao Chen did not hesitate and agreed. To Ge Yunbin’s surprise, Xiao Chen did not try to bargain on the terms.

Ge Yunbin smiled, “I admire your attitude, but I hope you will not be careless. The task I’m going to give you is the same as the end of year exam of the outer disciples. The shortcut I’m giving you is only helping you save six months.

“Kill any Rank 5 Spirit Beast in Evil Wind Valley outside the city. To prevent cheating, you have to bring the body back for me to inspect.”

After Ge Yunbin finished, he handed some information on Evil Wind Valley to Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen received it and immediately bid the City Lord goodbye without reading it.

After Xiao Chen found a desolate courtyard in Saber City, he began to carefully read the information Ge Yunbin handed him.

Evil Wind Valley was situated to the west of Saber City. There was abundant cold Qi there; many of the Spirit Beasts were of the ice attribute. It was a place where the outer disciple frequently trained.

A Rank 5 Spirit Beast was equivalent to a human Martial Saint. Its quick-wittedness and intelligence were lower than humans, but its pure strength was definitely higher.

Xiao Chen looked through it then threw it onto the table. There was very little information on it; it was almost no help at all.

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