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Chapter 126: You are too Swift and Fierce

Xiao Chen turned around and saw Duanmu Qing and Ji Changkong chasing after him. A boundless flame started to burn in his right eye before finally becoming a purple light. A flaming cloud appeared with a ‘pu’ sound, burning half the sky. It blocked the two of them from proceeding.

By the time the flaming clouds scattered, Xiao Chen already disappeared from view. Ji Changkong landed on the ground with a loud boom. The footprint Xiao Chen left behind on his face had yet to disappear.

Behind him, the Ji Clan Martial Saint quickly rushed over. When they saw an extremely livid Ji Changkong and his ashen complexion, they did not dare say a word.

Ji Changkong said in an ice cold voice, “Search the entire forest! I am not going back to Nanling Province before we find Xiao Chen.”

Upon reaching the outer periphery of Savage Forest, Xiao Chen placed a Qi Returning Pill in his mouth. He continuously used the Lightning Evasion and headed to the illusion formation. After a while, he managed to get ahead of everyone else and entered the illusion formation.

Xiao Chen emerged inside the illusionary formation and saw the familiar Zhuang River, as well as the rocks that stood tall along the riverbank. Xiao Chen heaved a sigh of relief. He pushed off the ground with his feet and jumped onto the river’s surface.

He circulated the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art and sped along the river’s surface. He cut apart the gushing waterfall with a loud boom and immediately sat cross-legged on the strange rock behind the waterfall.

Qi Returning Pill and Blood Replenishing Pill… these kinds of rapid recovery pills all had a significant side effect. When taken for a long time, they could create a serious dependency.

Today, Xiao Chen had consumed more than ten Qi Returning Pill. He did not dare be careless and circulated the Essence in his body. He wanted to force out the remnant Medicinal Energy in his body.

The Purple Thunder Divine Incantation circulated in his body and the remnant Medicinal Energy left in the meridians were continuously being washed out. After his Essence circulated for a great cycle, it returned to Martial Spirit. The Azure Dragon Martial Spirit absorbed all the Essence.

The Azure Dragon slowly sank into the pool of clear water. After a while, an even purer Essence flowed from the Martial Spirit into the meridians of the body. After that, it permeated the meridians and entered Xiao Chen’s flesh and bone.

The Purple Thunder Divine Incantation circulated repeatedly like this for 81 great cycles. A black sticky substance slowly flowed out of Xiao Chen’s pores. The remnant medicinal energy left in his body for a long time was all forced out.

After the medicinal strength was forced out, Xiao Chen felt very weak. Furthermore, the black sticky substance felt very uncomfortable on his skin.

Xiao Chen quickly jumped out of the waterfall and landed in the gushing Zhuang River with a ‘putong’ sound. The sticky black substance on his body was immediately washed away by the river water.

Xiao Chen burst through the river’s surface and took a deep breath, feeling refreshed. Although he still felt very weak, his spirit was revitalized; his mind, Qi, and spirit were all at their peaks.


Xiao Chen leaped out of the water like a flood dragon. There was a large splash as he landed firmly on the riverbank.

Xiao Chen took out a set of dry clothes from the Universe Ring and changed into them. Xiao Chen did not do anything else; he went and found a comfortable place, laid down, and started to take a nap.

Early in the morning the next day, the sun rose from the east; melodious bird chirps covered the forest. These sound woke the reluctant Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen stood up slowly and stretched. He felt very comfortable; his physical and mental states recovered to their peaks.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly as he took out all the Spatial Rings of the noble clan disciples from his Universe Ring. Although he did not receive the Sage’s inheritance or the Heavenly Flame of the Tianwu Emperor, his harvest was great.

First, he poured everything from Duanmu Qing’s Spatial Ring on the ground. Immediately, a large pile of Spirit Stones, Battle Armor, and Medicinal Pills fell on the ground.

Xiao Chen carefully inspected and counted them. There were more than 100 Inferior Grade Spirit Stones, 20 Medial Grade Spirit Stones, two pieces of Earth Ranked Battle Armor, two Earth Ranked Spirit Weapons, ten-odd bottles of Medicinal Pills above rank four, and finally an ancient Martial Technique Manual.

“Looks like the family property the Martial Sages carried on them were distributed amongst them. Otherwise, it would not be possible for mere successors of noble clans to carry so much treasure,” Xiao Chen said softly.

Xiao Chen did not hesitate and emptied out the Spatial Rings of the other noble clan disciples. The ground was completely filled with Spirit Stones and Spirit Weapons.

“I could be said to be rich now. With so many Spirit Stones, Spirit Weapons, and Medicinal Pills, I have enough to cultivate all the way to Martial Saint,” Xiao Chen was wild with joy. The gains of all the noble clans in the underground palace were now his.

The value of all these things when added together was equivalent to the half the wealth of a noble clan. To anyone, it would be an immense amount of wealth.

Xiao Chen tidied them up and counted them again. In total, he gained 200 Inferior grade Spirit Stones, 80 Medial Grade Spirit Stone, five Earth Ranked Spirit Weapons, three pieces of Superior Grade Earth Ranked Battle Armor, six ancient Martial Technique manuals, and countless Medicinal Pills.

“Dong!” Xiao Chen pushed aside a pile of Spirit Stones, and a small, exquisite silver warship appeared in front of Xiao Chen.

“Damn! Someone actually managed to find an Ancient Era Secret Treasure in the underground palace!” Xiao Chen exclaimed in shock as he held the small silver warship in his hand.

Xiao Chen sent his Spiritual Sense into the silver warship. Instantly, it felt as though he walked in a huge realm. However, this realm was extremely damaged.

There were missing pieces everywhere; the formation markings in the inner part were not completed. It was very badly damaged. All these caused the silver warship to lack Spiritual Energy. If a regular person discovered this, he would not realize this was a Secret Treasure.

Xiao Chen withdrew his Spiritual Sense and looked at the silver warship in his hand. He felt it was unfortunate. After all, it had been tens of thousands of years. It was impossible to avoid the deterioration of the Secret Weapon.

Furthermore, the offensive formations in it were completely damaged. There was no possibility of repairing it. Even if it could be repaired, it could only be used as a transportation tool.

However, Xiao Chen still decided to repair it. With his current strength, it would be impossible for him to refine such a Secret Treasure. Not to even mention his cultivation realm, just seeking the materials would take countless years.

Now that there was an almost complete Secret Treasure in front of him, it would be unbecoming of him not to use it. As for the attacking formations on it, he could re-carve them as he got stronger.

The most important thing was this was a Secret Treasure refined by a Sage. The Sage had left a lasting mark on it; after tens of thousands of years, it had already been deeply rooted in the inside the warship.

“From what I can tell, the Secret Treasures refined by the ancient Sages are definitely the Magic Treasures recorded in the Compendium of Cultivation. Xiao Chen muttered to himself, Is the Compendium of Cultivation related to this world?

He shook his head and recollected his thoughts. Now was not the time to think about this problem. Xiao Chen placed the Spirit Stones and Battle Armor on the ground into the Universe Ring. He executed the Gravity Spell and soared into the sky. He headed to the mountainside the waterfall flowed down.

The wind whistled loudly on the mountainside. Xiao Chen stood on the old tree growing on the mountainside in a zigzag manner. Xiao Chen looked into the distance and saw an even higher mountain peak. There were clouds around that mountain peak; it looked hazy and mysterious.

“It is there?” Xiao Chen asked softly and continued to fly up.

A biting cold wind blew at him; Xiao Chen’s clothes and hair fluttered in the wind. The further up he went, the fiercer the wind became. It even became so strong, he could not open his eyes.

After a long time, Xiao Chen landed on the mountain peak with a ‘hu’ sound. If he stretched his hands out, he would be able to touch the white clouds. The Spiritual Energy in the surroundings was very dense, giving one a faint sense of their Spiritual Energy being saturated.

Xiao Chen found an empty spot and took out the Inferior Grade Spirit Stones from the Universe Ring one by one. He was getting ready to assemble an Inferior Grade Spirit Gathering Formation to reconverge the Spiritual nature of the silver warship.

Actually, this Spirit Gathering Formation would be more effective if Xiao Chen used Medial Grade Spirit Stones. However, Xiao Chen could not bare to use the few Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

One Medial Grade Spirit Stone was the equivalent to a hundred Inferior Grade Spirit Stone. However, there was no one silly enough to make such an exchange. This was because Medial Grade Spirit Stones were too rare in the Great Qin Nation.

After a while, an Inferior Grade Spirit Gathering Formation appeared. Xiao Chen placed the silver warship into the center of the formation and then slowly sent Essence into it. The formation markings lit up with a faint glow, slowly extending out.

The surrounding dense Spiritual Energy poured madly into it. Within the formation, the Spiritual Energy became like mist. After a while, it actually condensed into drops of liquid Spiritual Energy.

“Pu Ci!”

In the middle of the formation, a resplendent pillar of light suddenly lit up and rose into the sky. The small and exquisite silver warship flew up within the light pillar. The body of the warship flickered with two different kinds of light.

Xiao Chen extended his Spiritual Sense into it; the formation marking carved on the silver warship were circulated rapidly, absorbing the horrifying Spiritual Energy contained in the light pillar.

After half an hour, the Spirit Stones on the ground started to crack rapidly. Xiao Chen exclaimed, “Oh no! The amount of Spiritual Energy needed by the silver warship is too horrifying. The Inferior Grade Spirit Gathering Formation is not sufficient to satisfy it.”

This fellow’s appetite is too big, Xiao Chen thought bitterly in his heart. The Spiritual Energy provided by more than a hundred Spirit Stones was not even sufficient to maintain it for two hours. This was completely out of his expectation.

Xiao Chen took out the Golden Lion King Spirit Core from the Universe Ring. He looked hesitatingly at the silver warship in the sky, feeling slightly unwilling. The golden Spirit Core contained the Spiritual Energy absorbed by the Golden Lion King for hundreds of years.

It was incomparably pure; cultivators who cultivated any attributes could directly absorb it. Once it was placed in the Spirit Gathering Formation, it could instantly raise the grade of the Spirit Gathering Formation to Medial Grade.

However, Xiao Chen felt reluctant to do so. He intended to leave this for when he was breaking through to Martial King. Martial King realm was a big hurdle, and once he passed it, he would stand at the peak of everyone. If he failed to do so, then he could only fade away with time.

In the end, he put it away and took out the Medial Grade Spirit Stones. The value of the Medial Grade Spirit Stones was not inferior to the Spirit Core. Furthermore, they were very useful. They could be accepted as money in any place. As Xiao Chen placed them in the formation, his heart bled.

Xiao Chen placed 40 Medial Grade Spirit Stones before the Medial Grade Spirit Gathering Formation was completed. That was half of Xiao Chen’s gains. Xiao Chen made a hand seal, and a strong wind blew. All the Spiritual Energy within a thousand meter surged over endlessly.

“Ti Da! Ti Da!”

The droplets of Spiritual Energy fell on the mountain peak like rain. This was the Essence of Spiritual Energy. Xiao Chen did not want to waste it; he took out a Spatial Magic Treasure, the jade bottle, and placed it to the side, collecting all the droplets from the sky.

The pillar of light in the center became even more resplendent. The silver warship started to give off a boundless radiance. Xiao Chen could clearly feel the Daos of the Sage on the warship slowly recovering.

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