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Chapter 123: The Valiant Fatty

Seeing the glaring light rush into the sky, Chu Chaoyun stopped in his tracks. He paused for a moment before smiling gently, “What a powerful Martial Technique. Unfortunately, it will be useless after it rises.”

Beside the inky river, Xiao Chen slowly woke up. He opened his eyes and saw a worried Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Dabao. He felt a warmth in his heart and smiled faintly, “Thank you!”

Su Xiaoxiao said, “Are you fine? You fell earlier. You scared us.”

Jin Dabao’s eyes were filled with light as he ran over. He smiled, “Brother Xiao, I saw you carving the Golden Lion King’s horn earlier. Are you able to mass produce this Secret Treasure?”

This fatty truly only had money in his eyes. Xiao Chen got up and ignored him. He inspected his body and did not find any major injuries; he only over-drafted his Essence. He asked, “How long was I unconscious? Did that group of people chase us?”

Su Xiaoxiao replied, “Almost two hours. None of the noble clan’s people chased after us. Dabao saw them heading downstream; we were debating earlier whether to follow them.”

Xiao Chen stretched his body and felt his body was completely fine. He said indifferently, “We follow. The golden coffin of the Sage has not yet been found. If we don’t go, this trip will have been in vain.”

The fatty laughed loudly, “I knew Brother Xiao would want to follow them. I have already scouted ahead. They followed this river downstream before ascending a thousand meter tall stone platform.”

“I even saw that fellow, Chu Chaoyun, sneaking around alone. He was not with them.”

A thousand meter tall stone platform… Xiao Chen frowned, as he thought, If the fatty did not see wrong, that must be a small realm created by the Sages. Otherwise, such a situation would not occur.

Furthermore, since the appearance of Chu Chaoyun, his strength was a mystery. The others came with a large entourage, but he came alone.

Xiao Chen shook his head and recollected his thoughts, “Let’s go, if we don’t go now, it really will be too late.”

The three of them quickly headed over; very soon, they arrived at the place where the noble clans killed the bat type Demonic Beasts. They saw the Demonic Beasts’ corpses, and Xiao Chen stopped in his tracks.

Xiao Chen used his Lunar Shadow Saber to cut up one of the Demonic Beasts’ corpses. He then thought for a while, and he walked over to the riverside. He saw the black gas covering the river’s surface. He was startled; a dense Demonic Qi actually covered the water.

The Sage’s Remnant… Why is there so much Demonic Qi gathered here? Is this the Sage’s Remnant or the Devil’s Remnant? Xiao Chen thought doubtfully to himself. He kept feeling something was off with this Ancient Remnant’s appearance.

“Young Master Xiao, what are you thinking?” Su Xiaoxiao asked curiously when she saw Xiao Chen looking at the river in silence.

Xiao Chen awoke from his thoughts and smiled faintly, “Nothing. Let’s go!”

The three of them continued on their journey, using their respective Movement Techniques. Xiao Chen was astonished at the fact that the fatty was not any slower than Xiao Chen despite his rotund body. He wondered what Movement Technique he was using.

Seeing Xiao Chen look at him in astonishment, the fatty opened up his fan and laughed smugly. Xiao Chen could not bear to see the fatty behave in a cocky manner, and quickly looked away.

“We have arrived; the stone platform is across the river. Once we cross the river, we will be there.” After they reached the mountain side, the fatty stopped and pointed to the stone platform across the river. He said, “They should be up there.”

Xiao Chen looked at the Demonic Qi filling the river’s surface and said, “We can’t cross it directly. This black gas is Demonic Qi. Just touching a little of it could cause us to demonize.”

After he spoke, he took out a jade bottle from the Universe Ring. This jade bottle was a low-grade Spatial Treasure like the Universe Ring. The space it contained was huge, but it could only contain liquids and gases. It was something Xiao Chen made out of boredom in White Water City.

He pointed the jade bottle at the river and, to Jin Dabao and Su Xiaoxiao’s astonishment, the black river water started to churn; it absorbed the Demonic Qi from the surface of the water.

After a long time, the black river’s surface became one that did not have any Demonic Qi on it. Xiao Chen put away the jade bottle and said hurriedly, “Let’s cross!”

Xiao Chen had the Gravity Spell and could fly across. The fatty and Su Xiaoxiao leaped across on the water surface before reaching the opposite shore. After they arrived, the fatty immediately moved closer to Xiao Chen. He smiled, “Brother Xiao, what was that earlier? Will you let this fat brother take a look?”

Xiao Chen did not reject him. This jade bottle was not some valuable treasure. Furthermore, its function was limited. It was just something he made out of boredom; the workmanship was very coarse. There was no problem with letting the fatty take a look.

The fatty held it in his hand and fondled it admiringly. After a long time, he returned the bottle. He asked, “Why do I feel you made this bottle? Furthermore, it was coarsely done.”

Xiao Chen was very astonished, this fatty’s eyes are very sharp. He did not reply his question and looked directly at the stone platform. He could already feel the righteous Qi it was giving off.

Just as they approached the stone platform, the fatty suddenly said, “There seem to be some people seated cross-legged.”

Xiao Chen felt something was wrong. The people seated cross-legged did not appear to be angry. The sound of their movements was very loud, but this group did not react at all.

“Something is wrong, this these people seem to be dead,” Xiao Chen immediately walked over after he spoke.

There were many white skeletons lying on the ground. As for the people seated cross-legged, their eyes were shut, as though they were asleep. The fatty pushed one lightly with his hand, and he immediately fell over.

Jin Dabao’s expression suddenly turned grave. He looked at the piles of white bones and looked at the noble clan cultivators seated cross-legged. He frowned, “These cultivators just died. Furthermore, the manner they died in is very strange.”

Aside from the corpses of the noble clan’s people, the Guiyi Marquis subordinates, the Golden Guards, were all dead for an unknown reason too. They fell to the ground with a light push.

The fatty suddenly laughed loudly. Before Xiao Chen could react, he saw the fatty moving like a hurricane and stripping the Guiyi Marquis’s Golden Guards, removing their Earth Ranked Battle Armor.

Very soon, the fatty extracted more than a hundred sets of Battle Armor. The fatty took a careful look, and his expression changed. He asked, “Why have all these sets of armor lost all their spirituality? What happened?”

After he spoke, he casually took out a knife and stabbed the Battle Armor. A small crack immediately appeared on the golden armor before it crumbled apart.

Su Xiaoxiao revealed an amazed expression. She picked up a set of golden Battle Armor and carefully inspected it. After a long time, she said, “The Moonstone alloyed into the Battle Armor seems to have been completely absorbed by something.”

When Xiao Chen and Jin Dabao heard this, they were amazed in their hearts. They had never heard of such a thing happening before. The Moonstone is a miraculous stone of heaven and earth; it contains the Daos of nature. How did it get absorbed away?

Xiao Chen cast his gaze on the stone platform. He did his best to extend his Spiritual Sense out, but he was not able to. In this small realm, it was difficult for his Spiritual Sense even to leave his body.

The fatty muttered, “Never mind, let’s go up. If we don’t, we will never know the cause.

Although Xiao Chen felt something was wrong, he could not extend his Spiritual Sense out to check. He could only agree with the fatty’s opinion. The three of them stepped onto the stone platform.


The instant the three of them climbed on the stone platform, the Azure Dragon in Xiao Chen’s body, the golden folding fan in the fatty’s hands, and Su Xiaoxiao’s zither all suddenly gave off an aura. These three auras merged and formed a small barrier surrounding the three of them.

Su Xiaoxiao commented in astonishment, “This is the Holy Weapon’s self-protection. There must be something horrifying beneath this stone platform. Otherwise, the Holy Weapon would not activate its self-protection.”

Xiao Chen looked at the seemingly endless steps. He suddenly felt a strange chill. The three of them continued forward in silence. They reached a point of no return.

After a hundred steps, densely packed skeletons started to appear on the stone steps. The group stepped on the bones, causing crushing sounds. That caused one’s scalp to go numb.


The Lunar Shadow Saber leaped around repeatedly in the Universe Ring. Xiao Chen was startled. He stopped in his tracks and looked around at his surroundings. A broken sword covered in rust appeared before him.

What’s this? Another Sub-Divine Weapon containing the Battle Sage Origins? Xiao Chen wondered to himself after he picked up the broken sword. He could not make out anything strange about the sword.

The Lunar Shadow Saber leaped around even more in the Universe Ring, as though it wanted to come out of the ring. Xiao Chen had never encountered such a situation before.

Although he did not understand what was happening, Xiao Chen placed the broken sword in the Universe Ring and continued. It was clear that this broken sword had some relation with the Thunder Wood Sword.

After they trod on countless white bones, the three of them arrived at Hua Tianyu’s headless body. The fatty found the words written on the ground. Then he searched the body.

“Damn it; there is nothing here at all. This Martial Sage was actually so poor,” the fatty cursed out in a low voice.

Su Xiaoxiao saw a mark on his right forefinger, obviously left by a ring. She said indifferently, “There should have been a Spatial Ring there. It must have been removed by someone recently.”

Xiao Chen ignored the fatty’s words and carefully inspected the wound on Hua Tianyu’s neck. This was a sword wound. Hua Tianyu’s head was chopped off. How did a Martial Sage get killed by someone?

Who exactly is this powerful? To be able to kill Martial Sages like killing dogs. Is it the Thunder Emperor? Xiao Chen thought curiously. Suddenly, he thought of a problem, “Fatty, look around and see if his head is here.”

Jin Dabao recovered his wits and looked at the headless corpse. He felt it was strange as well. He searched together with Xiao Chen, but after a long time, they were still unable to find a solitary head.

“That’s strange; where did the head go?” Jin Dabao asked, filled with doubts.

Further above the stone platform, Ji Changkong and the rest distributed the treasures from another Martial Sage. Afterward, they sat down cross-legged and held an Inferior Grade Spirit Stone in their hands, rapidly recovering the Essence in their body.

Along the way, not only did they find the corpses of many noble clan’s ancestors, they even saw the Emperor Ying Zhi’s corpse. They were all Martial Sages from a thousand years ago, people of the same generation.

Ji Changkong was the first to complete his recovery. He tossed aside the dull Spirit Stone. He saw they were getting closer to the stone platform’s peak, but he was not excited about it. Instead, there was an indescribable shadow shrouding his thoughts.

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