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Chapter 120: I’ll Kill You Three Years Later

“He actually blocked Hua Yunfei’s Bloody Death Below Heaven, Duanmu Qing’s Ice Phoenix Spreading Wings, and Ji Changkong’s Eternal Light; it's unconceivable!”

“What’s going on? I clearly saw them killing the Golden Lion King. How did it come back to life? Furthermore, its strength recovered back to its peak state.”

“No wonder he dares to challenge the people of the four clans. A Golden Holy Beast at its peak is equivalent to a Martial King. If the four clans sent their Martial Kings here, this situation would not occur.”

“Don’t you know what a Martial King is? If the ten Martial Monarchs don’t show themselves, a Martial King is the strongest existence. He would not casually show himself. Furthermore, when Martial Kings fight, the shockwaves caused by the battle would cover a large area. Even Martial Saints could not withstand them.”

Such a world-shaking fight created an unceasing flow of choking sounds. It attracted all the cultivators in the underground palace over. However, they did not expect to see such a scene.

Xiao Chen commanded the Golden Lion King to rush to Jin Dabao and Su Xiaoxiao. He shouted loudly, “Get on!”

The fatty and Su Xiaoxiao quickly leaped on. Xiao Chen ingested another Qi Returning Pill; this was already his third Qi Returning Pill, but his Essence still drained very quickly, as though it was a gushing river.

Controlling the Golden Lion King exhausted a large amount of Xiao Chen’s Essence, much more than he had expected. If he did not have a pill for Essence recovery, like the Qi Returning Pill, he would have been unable to control the Golden Lion King for so long.

Su Xiaoxiao saw that Xiao Chen’s face was slightly pale. She asked out of worry, “Young Master Xiao, are you alright?”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “I’m fine, I can still hold on. Stand firm; I am going to rush out.”

Xiao Chen blew a long whistle, and the Golden Lion King started a mad dash. Its body (which was the size of a small mountain) charged forward, smashing everything in its path away.

“Pu Ci!”

The Guiyi Marquis jumped out of the deep pit; his gaze was as sharp as a spear. A golden dragon rose up from behind him and roared out. A vast and mighty dragon might infused into the long spear as he thrust it at Xiao Chen, roaring angrily as it attacked.

The Azure Dragon Martial Spirit roared out in Xiao Chen’s Dantian area. The might of the ancient Holy beast burst out. Xiao Chen used this momentum to draw his saber, intercepting the Guiyi Marquis’ spear with a loud clang.

Hua Yunfei glared at the distant Xiao Chen and shouted loudly, “Xiao Chen, you can run today but you can’t run forever. The Hua Clan will issue a kill on sight order throughout the Dongming Province. There will be no place for you in the Dongming Province.”

Ji Changkong said coldly, “From today forth, there will be no place for you in the Nanling Province.”

The Guiyi Marquis shouted, “With my authority as someone from the Imperial Clan, I issue a death sentence. From this day forth, there will be no place in this world for you.”

Everyone was shocked; the three noble clans all ordered the death of the same person. Something like this had never before happened in the history of the Great Qing Nation.

Xiao Chen was the first in the past thousand years, however, this first was not a good thing. To be targeted by three noble clans made his odds of living very bad.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly to himself. He pulled out Jiang Muheng from his Universe Ring and threw him into the air. Then, he fired out a stream of purple fire and burned him to ashes in an instant.

“Muheng!” Jiang Mingxun shourted out with a pained expression when he saw Jiang Muheng turned to ashes.

Ji Changkong turned pale when he saw his cousin suddenly die. He said in a cold voice, “If I, Ji Changkong, cannot kill you personally, I am not human!”

“There is no need for you to kill me. If the heavens did not let me condense my Martial Spirit until I was 15, I would not be retreating in such a miserable fashion today.”

“Three years, all I need is three years, and I will personally kill my way through your clans. Duanmu Qing, Hua Yunfei, Ji Changkong, and Guiyi Marquis wash your necks in preparation. I will come for your heads in three years.

Xiao Chen’s voice came from afar, reaching the ears of the crowd. It reverberated around, echoing non-stop, “Three years from now, I will kill you personally.”

“This person is truly insolent. He actually dares to challenge the noble clans alone. Those are clans that have survived for thousands of years.”

“Three years is too long. It is not even certain that he can live that long. If he is able to, with his talent, it will surprise everyone.”

“Come to think of it, our Dongming Province has not been so lively in such a long time. Such a courageous person… Even the Xihe Province’s Mu Chengxue is cannot compare to him.

The crowd discussed this amongst themselves, feeling that it was inconceivable. Some felt pity for Xiao Chen; some mocked Xiao Chen for overestimating himself; all sorts of things were being said about him.

Chu Chaoyun stood on top of a stone pillar in the distance. His hair fluttered around him, and he seemed to be in a good mood. He was hidden in the shadows as he looked in the direction that Xiao Chen left, revealing a faint smile as he did so.

The Holy Weapon behind him was trembling, as though it was trying to escape its sheath and cut through the boundless darkness. “The Azure Dragon… It has been a thousands years. I wonder if you will be able to surprise me.”

Xiao Chen rode on the Golden Lion King, smashing through multiple stone walls and countless stone pillars. There was no one that could obstruct him. When he finally arrived at an area downstream, he stopped.


Just as Xiao Chen ran out of Essence, the Golden Lion King turned back into a golden sculpture. Three people suddenly fell out of the air. Su Xiaoxiao and Jin Dabao were mildly startled but were able to recover their calm, and landed firmly.

However, Xiao Chen was like a kite with a broken string. He fell shakily, and he was not able to maintain his balance. When Su Xiaoxiao saw the situation, she quickly got up and caught Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen was very pale, he thanked her and then struggled to get up. Then he caught the falling sculpture. The sculpture was already covered in cracks, and if it fell to the ground, it would break into a few pieces.

Xiao Chen saw the cracks spreading further on the sculpture. He used his saber to slit his right hand and dripped his blood onto the sculpture, to the amazement of the two of them.

The golden sculpture seemed to unceasingly, and magically, absorb Xiao Chen’s blood. The cracks on it slowly began to mend themselves. Xiao Chen only relaxed after it was completely repaired. He gave a faint smile, and fainted.

In the underground palace, the noble clans were in no rush to leave. There were too many injured, and they were all being treated, as well as recovering their Essence.

“Everyone, I have a proposition. We already have so many injured, even before finding the golden body of the Sages. Why don’t we join hands and search together?” Ji Changkong, who was seated on the ground, suggested. His mysterious phenomenon had just broken earlier, and he had just swallowed a medicinal pill, which he was refining.

The noble clans had many casualties from the earlier battle. One third of the Guiyi Marquis’ Golden Guards had died, and there were less than a hundred left who were still in peak fighting condition.

The six Hua Clan Martial Saints had their Holy river flow in reverse, washing over them until even their clothes disappeared. They all covered their nether regions with their hands. Hua Yunfei borrowed clothes with a sullen expression.

The six Duanmu Clan Martial Saints were significantly injured, as well. They were meditating to recover their strength. The ones who did not suffer from too many losses were the Ji Clan and Jiang Clan. Thus, it was appropriate that Ji Changkong made such an offer.

When Hua Yunfei heard this, his face turned cold; he had a disagreement with Ji Changkong from before. Now, he was able to understand what he meant by his words... It was clear that he wanted to lead everyone here.

He immediately laughed coldly, “Ji Changkong, with your abilities you expect to be able to lead everyone here? You are not even able to defeat a Superior Grade Martial Master; are you not ashamed?”

Ji Changkong got up. The medicinal strength in his body had all been absorbed, and his complexion looked considerably better. When he saw Hua Yunfei, he immediately grabbed him by his shirt and mocked him, “It is at least better than someone’s clan who enjoys being in the nude. I think you seem to be short on clothes; do you need me to lend some to you?”

When many cultivators heard this, they glanced at the Hua Clan Martial Saints where they were hiding themselves and could not resist laughing.

Hua Yunfei was so angry, he turned red. He snorted coldly and left. Duanmu Qing saw that she still had six injured Martial Saints and said indifferently, “The Duanmu Clan agrees to Ji Changkong’s suggestion.”

The Guiyi Marquis recollected the Battle Armor of the dead Golden Guards before burying them. He strolled over and answered with a simple word, “Agreed!”

Hua Yunfei led six Martial Saints, who were now dressed, over. Although he did not have a friendly expression on his face, he still said, “Agreed. However, if there are any treasures, we divide them by clans, rather than by people. Furthermore, the Jiang Clan and Ji Clan should be considered as one.”

Jiang Mingxun said angrily, “Hua Yunfei! What do you mean by this? Are you seeking a fight to see who is stronger or weaker?”

Just after Jiang Mingxun spoke, the six Martial Saints and twenty odd Martial Grand Masters took up a fighting stance. With Hua Yunfei’s current strength, he was at a disadvantage.

Ji Changkong smiled faintly and pulled Jiang Mingxun aside. He said, “The Jiang Clan is indeed inferior to the other clans in terms of status. However, their strength is not weaker by much. How about we consider them a half share?”

Although Ji Changkong intended to include the Jiang Clan in the profits, the other clans agreed with what Hua Yunfei said. They would not allow Ji Changkong to gain such an advantage.

Everyone took a step back; no one else had a problem with such an arrangement. Before starting on their journey, they rested for awhile. When the idle cultivators saw the situation, they all sighed. If the great powers all joined hands, they pretty much did not stand a chance.

After the group walked a bit, they found another black coffin. They started to discuss whether they should open it or not. Finally, the Guiyi Marquis said, “I have already opened many of such coffins. They are all coffins of Martial Monarchs. Although their value is high, it is not worth it, considering the risks. We are better off finding the coffin of the Sages!”

When the crowd heard this, they all felt that it made sense. The other noble clans had opened such coffins before, as well. They knew that they only contained the ancient Martial Monarchs. Now that every clan was injured, there was no need to waste their energy on these small details.

Along the way, they found many black coffins. Everyone immediately abandoned them all. After walking for two hours, they found a river that gave off a black, gaseous substance.

The sound of the gushing river sounded continuously. The black gas above the river looked incredibly strange. Ji Changkong stretched out his hand and pulled some of the black gas onto his palm. He observed it carefully.

The black gas kept moving around, attempting to enter into his skin. It seemed like it was alive. Ji Changkong appeared to have an invisible barrier blocking it, so no matter how much it tried, it was not able to enter.

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