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Chapter 114: Golden Holy Beast

The Spiritual Energy contained in the mountain-sized Golden Lion King would be at a very horrifying level.

The fatty’s eyes lit up as he said excitedly, “It's a Golden Holy Beast! It’s really a Golden Holy Beast!”

Su Xiaoxiao interrupted, “Stop dreaming so much; the 200 Golden Guards of the Guiyi Marquis are all Martial Grand Masters. Furthermore, they are all baptized in the blood of the battlefield.”

“The most important thing is their equipment; they all have Earth Ranked Battle Armor and Superior Grade Profound Ranked Spirit Weapons forged in Heavenly Craft Manor. Even though they did not bring any Martial Saints, it could be said that they are likely to be the strongest force here.

Xiao Chen was incredibly astonished, There are 200 people using elite Battle Armors and Spirit Weapons; that is a terrifying number. The Battle Armor Yan Qianyun was wearing was only an Earth ranked Battle Armor. Furthermore, the only reason why he possessed one was because he was the successor of a noble clan.

To think that these 200 Golden Guards are actually all equipped with Earth Ranked Battle Armor. The thought of this would cause one to shiver even though it was not cold. Could it be that the Guiyi Marquis is unrivaled in Beast King Valley with just these 200 Golden Guards?


Just as the three of them were speaking, the Guiyi Marquis, Ying Xiao, suddenly shouted out. He rode on his Dragon-scaled Horse and rushed towards the Golden Lion King. Dust was kicked up from the ground, and he moved with the horse as one, moving as fast as lightning as he arrived at his destination in an instant.

In the next moment, he arrived before the Golden Lion King. The three meter long golden long spear carried a huge force behind it as he struck the chest of the Golden Lion King violently.


The three of them got to see an extremely magnificent scene. The Guiyi Marquis was only about slightly more than two meters tall when he rode on the Dragon-scaled Horse. In front of the mountain-sized Golden Lion King, he looked pathetically tiny.

However, he was able to knock the Golden Lion King flying back. The force behind the spear was very terrifying… How great the force must have been in order to knock a mountain-sized Golden Lion King backward.


The Golden Lion King landed heavily on the ground, resulting in a loud crash; the ground trembled. Before it stood up, the 200 Golden Guards immediately surrounded it.

Xiao Chen felt that it was unfortunate. He knew that in front of such absolute power, there would be no opportunities for him. He quickly led the group away and continued to head further in. Before he left, he felt the lightning-like gaze of the Guiyi Marquis on him once again.

After they walked for a long time, the fatty complained, “This Beast King Valley is too big. If we keep going like this, how many months would it take us to find the Ancient Remnant entrance?”


Just as the fatty said that a continuous rumbling sound came from the side of a mountain in the distance. Suddenly, a cold wind swept through the valley, causing everyone to feel a chill in their hearts.

“It must be the Ancient Remnant opening. It's the Duanmu Clan. I saw them heading in that direction.” Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and looked towards that mountain side in the distance.

“Ta! Ta! Ta!”

The Guiyi Marquis, riding on his Dragon-scaled Horse, led his 200 Golden Guards and dashed by the group of three. They actually gave up on the Golden Lion King they almost subdued and made a beeline for the mountain side.

Everyone’s expression seemed to have become excited as they all made a mad dash for the mountain side. They were all afraid that if they were one step too late, all the treasures of the Ancient Remnant would be taken away by others.

Xiao Chen thought for a bit before turning back, “Let’s go check out the Golden Lion King; there is no need to rush for the Ancient Remnant.”

The fatty chuckled, “Exactly what I was thinking.”

The three of them returned to the place where the Golden Lion King was. They saw tens of cultivators who had the same thought as them. They were currently surrounding the soon to die Golden Lion King.

Many cultivators struck their weapons on the Golden Lion King’s body; metallic clangs kept ringing out. The skin of the Golden Lion King was like metal, not a single mark was even left.

“Hu Chi!”

A stream of golden flame suddenly descended from the sky. The cultivators on the ground were all roasted into piles of ash. They did not even have the ability to resist. When the remaining cultivators saw this, they all gave up and left.

Xiao Chen now sort of understood why the Guiyi Marquis gave up. Although this Golden Lion King was about to die and its movements were sluggish, its skin was like metal. Ordinary weapons had no way of causing damage to it.

When Jin Dabao saw the situation, he frowned, “Why is this fellow’s skin so thick; how is one going to make a move?”

Xiao Chen analyzed the situation carefully, This Golden Lion King is about 50 meters tall. Looking at where the Guiyi Marquis pierced it with his spear, there is a shallow wound there. A small trickle of golden blood is slowly flowing out.

Su Xiaoxiao, who had been silent all the while, suddenly said something, “There is still a chance. Its life force is rapidly diminishing. Furthermore, it is severely injured. Although the Guiyi Marquis’s group did not manage to pierce its skin, the force behind their Spirit Weapons had infiltrated its body.”

Xiao Chen took out the Soul Slayer Bow from the Universe Ring and nocked an Essence Light Arrow on it. He then drew the bow till it resembled a full moon. The arrow was aimed at the tiny wound on the chest of the Golden Lion King.

The arrow gave off a faint radiance; Xiao Chen could feel the horrifying force contained within it. Before, an Essence Light Arrow had caused damage to his Superior Grade Profound Ranked Battle Armor. It should not disappoint him today.


The Essence Light Arrow buzzed in the air as it was fired. After an instant, it pierced through the Golden Lion King’s body, causing golden blood to spurt out.

“Ding! Ding! Ding!” — Song of Nine Deaths in Yellow Springs

Su Xiaoxiao stroked her zither lightly, playing a melody depicting a very powerful and majestic army. The trees and grass in the valley trembled; the sound of wind roared loudly, as though a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses were marching in the valley.

Countless spirits of ancient heroes actually appeared behind Su Xiaoxiao. As she played her zither, an army of ancient heroes riding on magnificent horses marched out from the underworld, rushing towards the Golden Lion King.

Xiao Chen executed the Lightning Evasion. He disappeared and reappeared in the sky, catching the Essence Light Arrow he fired in his hand. The Lunar Shadow Saber suddenly appeared in his hand; countless electrical arcs was dancing upon it.

“Pu Ci!”

Xiao Chen ruthlessly stabbed the Lunar Shadow Saber into the wound the Essence Light Arrow pierced through. A stream of golden blood immediately spurted out and landed on Xiao Chen’s face. The electricity in the Lunar Shadow Saber immediately rushed into the Golden Lion King’s body.

The Golden Lion King cried out painfully as its whole body trembled. A huge force came from its back and Xiao Chen was immediately thrown off.


It spat a huge ball of golden flame at Su Xiaoxiao before making a mad dash. It was like it was a final burst of life, the final radiance of the setting sun; its speed was incredibly fast.

The fatty suddenly opened the golden folding fan and the golden figure appeared once again. He waved the fan vigorously and blew the flames away.

The huge army composed of the spirits of ancient heroes brandished their weapon and pierced the body of the Golden Lion King. Everything from the ancient hero spirits went through it; the Golden Lion King was slowed down by a little, as though it lost some of its lifeforce.

After all the ancient heroes pierced through the Golden Lion King’s body, it stopped completely about two meters away from Su Xiaoxiao.

Su Xiaoxiao suddenly stopped playing her zither. The faint music echoing in the valley suddenly turn quiet; even the wind seemed to stop blowing.


A high pitched musical note suddenly resounded and there was a huge gust of wind. Su Xiaoxiao’s clothes and fine black hair fluttered in the wind. A formless force knocked the Golden Lion King flying back.

“Descending Divine Dragon Chop!”

Xiao Chen had the image of a dragon behind him as he fell from the sky, breaking through the air like a meteor. He struck the back of the Golden Lion King. There was a loud sound and the Golden Lion King’s mountain-sized body crumbled.

It cried out painfully. The three of them could feel its lifeforce rapidly depleting. This Golden Lion King that had reached the end of its lifespan was finally going to die.

Just as the three of them was about to relax, a figure came flying in from the distance as though he was a sword. The image of a sword pierced through the sky as it pierced into the body of the Golden Lion King where the Essence Light Arrow pierced it earlier with a loud explosive sound.


There was another explosive sound as he pierced out of the other side of the Golden Lion King’s body. He held a golden Spirit Core the size of a basketball in his hand.

The Golden Lion King was now dead as a doorknob. Golden blood spurted out from the huge wound like a fountain. It gave off a ‘pitter patter’ sound as it fell on the ground of the valley.

“Chu Chaoyun!” Xiao Chen exclaimed in shock when he saw who it was.

Chu Chaoyun smiled faintly. The golden Spiritual Energy that leaked from the golden Spirit Core in his hand poured out, forming a golden ribbon. When the countless Spirit Beasts saw the Spiritual Energy, they rushed over frantically.

Chu Chaoyun smiled in satisfaction as he put the golden Spirit Core away, into his Spatial Ring. He looked at Xiao Chen and said, “I’ll borrow this first and return it another day.”

A sword of light appeared below his feet and he flew off into the distant. Xiao Chen was very pissed in his heart, This Chu Chaoyun is too despicable. After we labored for a long time, he took the most valuable part of the Golden Lion King.

After saying he is borrowing it, he just ran away. Xiao Chen did not feel satisfied in his heart. He was very clear on the amount of Spiritual Energy contained in this Spirit Core, more so than anyone else. He executed the Gravity Spell to chased after him.

“Brother Xiao, don't chase after him!” Fatty Jin shouted out from the ground. “Damn it! Xiao Chen is not Chu Chaoyun’s match; chasing after him is not beneficial.”

Su Xiaoxiao was slightly pale at the moment. She had exhausted a large amount of Essence and vitality by using the Song of Nine Deaths in Yellow Springs. She looked in the direction Xiao Chen left and said, “You can stop shouting. Chu Chaoyun will never harm him.”

The fatty said hatefully, “That bastard! This is not the first time he has done this. One day… when he falls into my hands…”

Chu Chaoyun suddenly stopped when he arrived at a plain in the valley. He slowly landed on the ground and looked at Xiao Chen, who chased after him, “Brother Xiao, it is wrong of me to take your Spirit Core. I will pay this favor back in future.”

After Xiao Chen landed, he said indifferently, “Doing as you pleased… have you even asked me for permission first?”

Xiao Chen brandished the Lunar Shadow Saber as he stared at Chu Chaoyun. He gave Xiao Chen a dangerous feeling. If Xiao Chen was not feeling extremely angry, he would not have gone against Chu Chaoyun.

Chu Chaoyun smiled lightly, “In this world, the weak are eaten by the strong. The strong will emerge victorious. Xiao Chen, since I have already ‘borrowed’ it, I don’t really need your permission.”

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