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Chapter 113: The Fat Lord Going Against Ji Changkong

“I’m rich! I have picked up a piece of beast king bone,” that cultivator exclaimed out in joy. The surrounding people immediately rushed to take a look.

After the people beside him took a look, he said, “It is genuine, it is the beast bone of a beast king that is at least Rank 8. What a terrifying spiritual pressure! I could feel it even quite a few meters away. Furthermore, it is just a fragment.

“Pu Ci!”

Before the smile could fade from the cultivator who obtained the beast bone, he was hacked into two halves. The person who attacked took the beast bone and ran off frantically.

How could the people who saw the situation let it go? They all chased after the person in succession. It instantly became a bitter battle.

Finally, an independent Martial Saint who was passing by snatched the beast bone and killed ten odd people. After that, no one dared to continue to vie for it.

The fatty shook his head and sighed, “How dumb does a person have to be to shout it out so loudly to everyone? The treasure is on me! Come snatch it from me!”

Xiao Chen felt regret before he even found the entrance to the remnant, the killing in the valley was already so horrifying. Once they entered the remnant, how much worse would it be?

Before the three of them walked much further, they saw the Ji Clan. They were dismantling the beast king they had just killed.

The fatty said in astonishment, “They actually killed a beast king that was still alive. The Ji Clan struck it rich this time. Just the blood alone can be sold for millions. The value of the Spirit Core is even higher.

Xiao Chen was not overly surprised; before he entered the valley, he has locked his Spiritual Sense on the Ji Clan. He had seen for himself how they killed the beast king.

Of which, Ji Changkong’s final resplendent sword which tore through the sky left a very deep impression on Xiao Chen. That Martial Technique should have already reached the level of Earth Ranked.

“Let’s change our direction; the Jiang Clan is in front. It is not convenient for me to get near,” Xiao Chen told the fatty when he saw Jiang Muheng in the crowd in front.

The fatty felt it was unfortunate, “I wonder if it is possible to go and exchange some things with them… Never mind, let’s go.”

The three of them changed their direction and continued heading further in. Suddenly a spot of brilliant light exploded in the sky; an incredibly resplendent meteor descended. It landed with a loud boom in front of the three of them.

Countless dust particles were kicked up. After the dust cloud faded, Ji Changkong appeared in front of the three of them. His long black hair fluttered in the wind, and an abstruse starry sky seemed to be reflected in his eyes. He used his strong aura to pressure the three of them as he slowly walked to their front.

The group of three all felt a pressure and could not help but take a step back. They looked cautiously and saw Ji Changkong suddenly appear.

Ji Changkong’s face was as smooth as jade; he looked extremely handsome. He stretched out his finger and pointed at Xiao Chen, saying indifferently, “You, stay. The both of you may leave.”

His voice was not loud and he spoke at a moderate speed. There was no trace of killing intent. However, there was a quality in his tone that would cause one to obey, one that would not allow orders to be questioned.

“Pu! Pu! Pu!”

Behind, Jiang Muheng led a group of Jiang Clan Martial Grand Masters over. He stood beside Ji Changkong and said, “Cousin, hold the damn fatty back as well.”


Jin Dabao laughed coldly. The crowd only heard the sound of wind. Suddenly, the fatty was holding Jiang Muheng in his hands. All this happened in an instant. The crowd even thought that Jiang Muheng had run over himself.


Jin Dabao held on to Jiang Muheng’s collar with his left hand and raised him up. Then he used his right hand to slap him on the face with his golden folding fan.

“Although this Lord is Fat, that is not something anyone can say, especially people like you.”

“Pa! Pa!”

After the fatty said that, he slapped Jiang Muheng ruthlessly another two times. Jiang Muheng’s right cheek immediately swelled up, blood leaked out the corner of his mouth.

“Damn fatty! Let me go quickly, or I will make you live a life worse than death. I will… Ah…”

Before Jiang Muheng could finish speaking, the fatty flung him onto the ground violently. A fat and thick leg stomped on his face ruthlessly a few times.

Seeing Ji Changkong had stopped a few people, the cultivators from the side came rushing over. When they saw the fatty flipping out, they all felt shocked in their heart.

“The fatty is flipping out, how tyrannical. He does not even care about Ji Changkong and trampled his cousin underneath his feet.”

“Haha, who is Jiang Muheng? Even Xihe Province’s Yan Qianyun’s hair was completely plucked out by him. There is nothing he would not do.”

“Looks like the rumors are true. I wonder if Jiang Muheng will have his hair plucked out as well. If that happens, it would be very funny.”

The words of the crowd reached the fatty’s ears. The fatty felt very depressed; he could not even muster up the mood to commit suicide for having such a bad reputation. He really wanted to dispel this rumor. However, it was obvious now was not the time to do so.

“Did you see the fatty’s expression. Seems like he admitted to it. Damn! How cruel.”

“You still dare to call him fatty. Did you not hear him? He will pluck all the hair off anyone who dares to call him a fatty. You are done for, he must have heard you since you said it is such a loud voice. You better think of a solution to save yourself quickly.”

“Damn it, I shall speak of it no longer. If I keep talking, I will really be done for.”

When Xiao Chen and Su Xiaoxiao heard the fatty, they both unconsciously took three steps back, putting a certain distance between them and the fatty. Jin Dabao had a wronged expression on him; he no longer had the tyrannical air he had earlier. He said bitterly, “Can’t you guys show some loyalty?”

“Jin Dabao, let my son go quickly. There are no grudges between you and I. I will not ask for that street on the east side of the city back, and I will not make things difficult for you either,” The Jiang Clan Head quickly rushed over and said in a loud voice when he saw Jin Dabao trampling on Jiang Muheng.

When Jiang Muheng heard Jiang Mingxun’s voice, he was extremely agitated. He struggled while his head was being stomped on by the fatty before finally managing open his mouth and take a deep breath. He shouted out, “Father, save me! This fatty is a pervert. Yan Qianyun was…”

The fatty felt extremely infuriated when he heard Jiang Muheng’s words. He kicked him into the air and used his palm as a knife, striking him unconscious.

Jiang Mingxun felt very anxious and rushed forward. The fatty grabbed Jiang Muheng’s neck and glared at Jiang Mingxun ruthlessly. Jiang Mingxun felt a killing intent in his gaze and hurriedly stopped.


Ji Changkong, who had been silent all while, suddenly made his move. A black human figure suddenly appeared in front of the fatty. That figure used his fingers as a sword and stabbed it towards Jin Dabao’s eyes.


Jin Dabao opened up the golden folding fan in his hand and a golden figure appeared behind him. That figure was dressed like a scholar and was holding a golden folding fan in his hand as well.

The instant the scholar appeared, the might of an ancient sage spread throughout the area. All the surrounding cultivators felt a righteous aura.


The scholar waved his hand gently and the folding fan opened up. It gave off an energy wave and the black figure in front of the fatty immediately flew backward and exploded, becoming a blood shadow.

“That’s the weapon of an ancient sage. To think that a shadow of the ancient sage remained in it. How terrifying.”

“Ji Changfeng’s Astral Incarnation was actually blown apart by a gentle wave of the folding fan!”

Ji Changkong’s expression did not change, he just felt some shock in his heart. He did not expect this tackily dressed vulgar fatty to be covered in strange treasures. From the looks of his attire, it was very possible the gorgeous ornaments on him could be strange treasures as well.

The fatty heaved Jiang Muheng onto his body and said to Ji Changkong, “I don’t care about your grudge with Xiao Chen. After we leave Beast King Valley, I don’t care what you do. However, in Beast King Valley, he is my companion.”

“I will hang on to Jiang Muheng for a period of time, first. After we leave Beast King Valley, I will return him to you.” After Jin Dabao spoke, he led Xiao Chen and Su Xiaoxiao off in another direction.

When Jiang Mingxun and the others saw Xiao Chen leaving, they felt very angry. However, there was nothing they could do. If they wanted to forcibly attack him, Jiang Muheng would be immediately killed.

“This fatty is really tyrannical, he is not even afraid of Ji Changkong.”

“It is unfortunate for the Jiang Clan. Their only child is going to suffer at the hands of this fatty. Of all the people they chose to antagonize, they chose this fatty.”

“Be quiet! That fatty is still nearby; lower your voice.”

When they arrived at a desolate area of Beast King Valley, Jin Dabao threw Jiang Muheng onto the ground and started to pat him all over the body. Xiao Chen and Su Xiaoxiao remembered the rumor they heard and quietly stepped away to a side.

After a long time, the fatty cursed, “Poor bastard, he has nothing at all.”

Seeing Xiao Chen and Su Xiaoxiao move to the side, the fatty quickly picked up Jiang Muheng and chased after them. He explained, “Can you guys not give me that look? That is just a rumor.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, “I know; it is just the difference in intelligence. They are just not able to understand you.”

“That’s the spirit!” the fatty said joyfully, but after a while, he felt something was not right, “Why do I feel that you are actually mocking me?”

Xiao Chen cupped his ears and listened for awhile before saying, “Stop messing around, I hear the sound of fighting. It must be one of the noble clans killing a beast king. Let’s see if we can take advantage of the situation.”

The fatty looked in the direction Xiao Chen pointed and listened as well, “Why do I not hear it? Never mind, I believe you. However, how are we going to deal with this person I’m carrying?”

Xiao Chen thought for awhile before placing the Universe Ring on Jiang Muheng’s body. With a thorough from Xiao Chen, Jiang Muheng was stored in the Universe Ring.

Jin Dabao and Su Xiaoxiao were astonished to see that happen. The fatty asked in surprised, “What kind of Spatial Ring is this? How come it can even store a live human?”

Xiao Chen did not explain and just said, “Just treat it as a Secret Treasure.”

Xiao Chen led the way forward; there were many battles going on along the way. As long as a fragment of beast king bone was found, there would be a great fight over it.

The fatty said in a depressed manner, “How come everyone is picking up beast king bones but I am not able to obtain any?”

Xiao Chen smiled but did not say anything. He had extended out his Spiritual Sense all the while and noticed that the fatty had stepped on at least three pieces already but did not notice.

“Bang! Bang!”

The three of them finally saw the origins of the battling sounds. The Guiyi Marquis, Ying Xiao, was leading his 200 Golden Guards and fighting against a Golden Lion King about the size of a small mountain.

Xiao Chen remembered the young of the Golden Lion he met in the outer periphery of Savage Forest. Just the Spirit Core of its young already contained enough Spiritual Energy for Xiao Chen to raise his cultivation by one grade.

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