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Jiang Zizai didn't expect that he would come so quickly.

Of course he knew that he couldn't afford to die. At most he would go from bearing with it to risking his life to cause both sides to suffer heavy losses.

The key was that with Nangong Que, one day he would kill him, much less take all these punishment.

More and more people crowded around. There were many Great Jiang City civilians. Jiang Zizai actually didn't take it standing down, shouting out loud, "I did break out, but what I want to ask is that Jiang Junxie and Nangong Fengchen have no evidence at all so on what grounds was I to be locked up! Before Huangtian Pass I didn't even have a Life Totem. So as the nephew and disciple and Yanlong Emperor envoy one can abuse their power?"

At the start of Ruohua didn't follow orders and was locked up. Nangong Que had the rights to do that.

However Jiang Zizai's treatment was totally inappropriate. That was because he had no way of being connected to that matter.

Everyone was clear about that.

Naturally everyone was in hot discussion about it.

Although there was clear proof of the sins of the Purple Qilin King, but some people familiar with him didn't believe it.

Now that they saw his son being suppressed they naturally felt empathy. The public sentiment also changed slightly.

"Why do I feel that the Emperor Race Envoy isn't here to investigate but to find trouble with Purple Qilin Manor."

"Don't sprout nonsense, be careful you might lose your life. The ears of them Totem Martial Masters are really sharp!"

The people were all terrified and fearful.

One had to say that Nangong Que was totally speechless hearing what Jiang Zizai had to say.

This matter was blown up. If they wanted to kill him now it would look really deliberate.

That was because this wasn't the best time.

One had to proper when working for the emperor. If one made a slight mistake others would be able to see it.

Breaking out of jail was a death sin but the key was that he shouldn't be in the jail in the first place.

The discussions spread relatively quickly, in a few days the entire emperor dynasty would pay attention to it.

Moreover there was Queen Ruohua.

Of course they wouldn't take this laying down.

Nangong Que scoffed coldly, "Don't try to argue. Since you did a suspicious thing, entering the Xiongsha Jail is to cooperate with the investigation. Now you made a huge mistake. I will give you a chance because of the Purple Qilin King Race's honor and merits and let you live, however you still made a mistake. Men, lock him in Xiongsha Prison Woe Cell, not to come out in three years. He is not to have any visitors too!"

Thee years later everything would end.

Woe Cell was the heaviest punishment of Xiongsha Jail. Not to mention three years, he would collapse in half.

Nangong Que's punishment was already relatively harsh.

Everyone was in an uproar but they could only look towards Jiang Zizai in pity.

After all his family was in trouble.

He would definitely be bullied.

However he didn't fear even if he was facing the Golden Roc Army filled with Xuan Meridian Realm experts.

At this moment he had a feeling like how one man can defend the pass against ten thousand enemies.

However at this moment he was clear that the current him wasn't able to change the situation brought about by Huangtian Pass.

That was a battle of the older generation!

"If Father was here…"

They would have to kneel.

"As a brother he has committed a great sin. I have the responsibility to teach him. Teacher I will capture him." Jiang Junxie bowed respectfully.

"Go!" Nangong Que waved his wine flash, he seemed really relaxed.

"Yes!" Jiang Junxie jumped off the horseback and stepped heavily onto the ground. A cold smile appeared on his lips as he walked over towards Jiang Zizai.

He was really gleeful.

Xuan Meridian Realm!

The difference was too much!

However even if he were to face him Jiang Zizai was prepared. In front of everyone he was prepared to fight.

If he wanted to make noise then he would go all out! Today the only thing he could rely on is the sentiment and the mouth of the people.

Maybe he must end up even worst so that people will pay attention so they won't mess around.

"You want to fight me?" Jiang Junxie broke into a laugh. He sped up and was instantly in front of Jiang Zizai.


That fist smacked onto his chest and couldn't be blocked at all.

Jiang Zizai flew thirty feet backwards, blood seeping at the corner of his mouth.

The fist was so ferocious. That kind of suppressive feeling was something he would never forget.

He used his tongue to lick the blood at his lips.

"Come on!"

To Jiang Zizai he was an expert, after all he cultivated for seven years.

However in terms of talent Jiang Zizai looked down on him.

"Come? Haha." Jiang Junxie laughed coldly.

"Xuan Meridian Realm. How can a beginner like you know how high that is?" Jiang Junxie walked over step by step.

Looking at this obvious battle, everyone could tell that Jiang Junxie was bullying the weak. Jiang Zizai that Little Prince had just cultivated for only a few months and was really pitiful.

"Cultivating for a few months and having the courage to fight a Xuan Meridian Realm! Who knew that Little Prince had such a heart of a hero!"

"He is like prince a few years ago. But prince rose up since he was young. Little Prince is a late bloomer."

"It is just too late. If he awakened his totem at nine years old he would probably crush him with one finger."

"Actually his whole family is quite good. I don't get the Huangtian Pass matter…"

"That's through. For example Princess Yunning helped so many people…"

More and more people crowded around to watch.

They looked on at Jiang Zizai being smacked down several times but still standing up. Although he was covered in blood but he was still filled with fighting spirit like he wasn't at a disadvantage at all. On the other hand Jiang Junxie was a little impulsive and furious.

"You really are asking to die?"

Where was there such a person who couldn't be killed!

He didn't recall that this person was so tough!

It wasn't toughness in terms of cultivation but spirit and will. How did he dare to face off against someone like Nangong Que!    

"Tie him up, stop playing!" Nangong Que saw it. If this continued the discussion will become worse for them. Jiang Zizai was really intelligent.

The more this went on the worse it was for him to do his work in the future.

"Okay!" Jiang Junxie took out a rope, behind which there were several Golden Roc Army troops who followed, to work together to capture Jiang Zizai.

"So many people bullying Little Prince, really…" More and more people couldn't take it anymore but there was nothing they could do.

Suddenly the crowd split up. Jiang Zizai heard the awe of many people.

"So beautiful…"

It seemed like someone came.

He used his blood stained fingers to rub his eyes.

He suddenly saw a white dressed woman enter his field of sight.

Although his eyes were a little blurry but he instantly felt shocked and stunned.

"How is there such a beautiful person in this world?"

He was moved.

This feeling was totally different from looking at Jiang Yunning.

Jiang Yunning was after all his elder sister so no matter how beautiful she was he would only feel that respect and familyhood.

However this woman wasn't his love one so in that instance the blow from her looks still tugged at his heart and soul even at such a moment.

Now only her face, even her voice was so nice to listen.

It was one which was soft, alluring, light moaning, like one was speaking right into your year and made the goosebumps of your body rise.

She said, "Who is bullying my God Worshipping Hall member?"   

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