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Chapter 112: The Strong Gathers

“Flying Rank 5 Spirit Beast Spirit Beast — Three-headed Bird, it is going to be problematic; are we able to avoid them?” Chu Chaoyun asked indifferently as he took a clear look.

The fatty’s expression turned grave. After a long time, he said, “Let’s descend; there are too many. I did not expect us to meet this kind of pack mentality Spirit Beast while we were still quite a few kilometers away from our destination.”

Chu Chaoyun frowned slightly, “It’s too late.”

Just as he spoke, four Three-headed Birds headed over to them rapidly. When the three huge birds flew next to each other, they were like a dark cloud, covering the sky.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Fire, ice, and poison rained down on the boat. A faint jade-green halo appeared around the boat, deflecting all these attacks.

The fat on Fatty Jin’s face wobbled as he cursed, “I’m going to suffer a loss this time, spending so many Spirit Stones before I have even arrived at Beast King Valley.”

Xiao Chen thought for awhile before saying, “Dabao, it is best we part from each other. I will help you lure one away.” Xiao Chen kept feeling some pressure when he was with Chu Chaoyun. Now that he had the opportunity to leave, he did not hesitate.

Executing the Gravity Spell, Xiao Chen soared up and left the ground. He went past the jade-green halo and flew directly out. Immediately, the Three-headed Birds focused their attacks on him, flames, ice, and poison.

Xiao Chen executed the Heavenly Lightning Shield and blocked all these attacked. He flew rapidly forward and all four Three-headed Birds chased after him.

“Damn, I only wanted to lure one away, not all of them,” Xiao Chen said, depressed.

The attacks of the four Three-headed Birds struck the Heavenly Lightning Shield unceasingly. Soon, countless cracks extended throughout the Heavenly Lightning Shield. Xiao Chen’s body swayed in midair, like a leaf being blown around in a violent storm.

The fatty stood on the bow and saw Xiao Chen had lured away the four Three-headed Birds. His expression finally became happy and he shouted loudly, “Brother Xiao Chen, you are too kind!”


An indistinct zither sound came from the hold. Three sound waves, which could be seen with the naked eye, flew into the sky towards the Three-headed Birds like sharp swords.

“Pu Ci!”

Three of the Three-headed Birds cried out miserably. A severe injury appeared on each of their bodies. Blood sprayed and fell from the sky.

When the fatty saw the Three-headed Birds turn around and return, the smile on his face froze. A strange look flashed in Chu Chaoyun’s eyes as he looked at the hold in shock, “I did not expect Miss Xiaoxiao to be here as well.”

After three of the Three-headed Birds left, the pressure on Xiao Chen was significantly reduced. He executed the Lightning Evasion and completely evaded the attacks of the final Three-headed Bird.

After checking the direction, Xiao Chen continued to fly towards Beast King Valley. He took a quick glance at the distant Golden Battleship and saw a sight which would cause one the shudder.

There was a person in gold armor. A blinding resplendent golden light radiated from his body; he held a three-meter long gold long spear in his right hand and a one meter long red short spear in his left.

He was leaping from one Three-headed Bird to another. When he made a sweep with his long spear, it was like a god of war doing so. Fighting everything nearby, blood sprayed everywhere. One by one, he took down the Three-headed Birds.

“Is this the Guiyi Marquis, Ying Xiao? The number one youth after Ying Yue?” Xiao Chen pondered as he watched with a gaze filled with shock.

The strength of a Three-headed Bird was equivalent to that of a peak Martial Grand Master. However, they were slaughtered by Ying Xiao without a chance to resist. It could be seen how terrifying his strength was.

The Guiyi Marquis seemed to have sense Xiao Chen’s gaze. He turned his head and settled a lightning-like gaze on Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen did not want to get involved in any trouble so he quickly flew off. After half an hour of flying, Xiao Chen could already see the silhouette of Beast King Valley from the sky. As he did not wish to attract too much attention, he slowly descended.

He saw the Duanmu Clan’s Profound Ice Palace, the Ji Clan’s Black Royal Warship, and the Hua Clan’s Battleship all stopped in the sky. They were being held up by some flying Spirit Beasts.

After Xiao Chen landed, he immediately heard a miserable cry from his surrounding. He turned his head around and saw a cultivator being torn apart by a Spirit Beast and swallowed into its stomach.

The further he walked in, the more terrifying the Spirit Beasts of the inner reaches of Savage Forest were. Xiao Chen carefully leaped up onto a big tree. He completely hid his aura and waited for that Spirit Beast to past before jumping down slowly.

Now that he was here, every step he took was dangerous. If he was not attentive, he would be killed by Spirit Beasts. Xiao Chen did not dare be careless. He released his Spiritual Sense as he slowly headed to Beast King Valley.

Because the Beast King Valley was the final resting place for beast kings, there would not be any Spirit Beasts going near the entrance to Beast King Valley. Xiao Chen saw a large group of cultivators gathering at the valley entrance; they were not anxious to enter.

“I finally arrived. This trip was very disastrous. I’ve seen many Martial Saints die miserably. How terrifying.”

“Indeed, the Zhang He that led us earlier was actually swallowed by an ancient Savage Beast.”

“Why are the people of the noble clans not coming down yet? The people who went in earlier discovered a few beast kings that had not died yet. Before they could flee, they were destroyed.

“Fortunately, I was quick witted. I only took a look from a distance or I would not have been able to escape as well. There was a Golden Lion King that was as big as a small hill. When swords or sabers struck it, its skin did not even break.”

Xiao Chen blended into the crowd; he finally understood why this group of cultivators was stuck at the valley entrance. So it was because there were beast kings that were not dead yet in the Beast King Valley. Furthermore, there was more than one.


The Guiyi Marquis’s Golden Battleship was the first to arrive. A group of warriors wearing gold armor jumped off the battleship and landed on the ground. The Guiyi Marquis rode a Dragon-scaled Horse and leaped off the battleship, leading his warriors into the valley.

“The Guiyi Marquis is here, and those following behind him are the Golden Guards. Each of one of them is a peak Martial Grand Master. Furthermore, they all have experience on the battlefield. There is no need to fear this time.”

Xiao Chen extended his Spiritual Sense to check out this group of people. He could see a black aura lingering above their heads. This was the baleful aura that formed when a person has killed too much.


The Ji Clan’s Black Royal Warship finally arrived. Ji Changkong led a group of Ji Clan cultivators and leaped off the bow of the warship. After a while, the Martial Saints of the Jiang Clan also jumped down.

“The Ji Clan’s people have arrived, too. Damn, that is a lot of Martial Saints. Even the six martial Saints of the Jiang Clan all came, too. They could possibly be the strongest power amongst the noble clans.

“Bang! Bang!”

The Hua Clan and Duanmu Clan had also finally dealt with the Spirit beasts holding them up. All of them led their men over and entered. Now, all the people of the noble clans had arrived.

The cultivators at the entrance could no longer wait and they followed them in, hoping to be able to pick up some scraps. Xiao Chen had noticed there were strong cultivators hiding, not rushing to enter.

Xiao Chen was not in a rush either and did not follow them in. He locked his Spiritual Sense on the Ji Clan’s people. He had actually seen Jiang Muheng amongst them and could not help but pay special attention to him.

After four hours, almost all the cultivators had gone in. Xiao Chen no longer wished to wait anymore. He sensed the Ji Clan killing off a beast king past its prime via his Spiritual Sense.

“Brother Xiao Chen, wait for me. Let’s gather together,” suddenly, the fatty’s voice came from behind him.

Xiao Chen turned around to take a look and saw Jin Dabao beaming as he shouted out. Su Xiaoxiao was carrying her zither beside him. Her pure face also revealed a faint smile.

When Xiao Chen saw Su Xiaoxiao, he was mildly surprised. He thought back to earlier when he was being attacked by four Three-headed Bird; he seemed to have heard the sound of a zither. Seems like Su Xiaoxiao had taken action.

“Many thanks to Miss Xiaoxiao for assisting earlier,” Xiao Chen thanked Su Xiaoxiao when they walked over.

Su Xiaoxiao smiled tactfully, a mischievous expression appeared on her pretty face, “Isn’t Young Master Xiao afraid of my low intelligence?”

Xiao Chen felt ashamed in his heart, This girl indeed holds a grudge. I had already forgotten what I said back then. Thinking about it carefully, Su Xiaoxiao actually was thinking of him.

Yan Qianyun was not weak; it was just that he had suffered from a huge disadvantage from the start because of his carelessness and was attacked continuously by Xiao Chen. The most important thing was Su Xiaoxiao did not expect Xiao Chen to attack him in front of her.

Fatty Jin held a golden folding fan and smiled, “Let’s go in quickly. This Fat Lord has to recoup all of his loses.”

Xiao Chen did not see Chu Chaoyun and felt that it was strange. Feeling curious, he asked, “Where is Chu Chaoyun?”

The fatty replied, “Let’s go quickly, don't mention that fellow anymore. He left the moment we arrived.”

The three of them entered the valley entrance and after walking for a short distance, the huge Beast King Valley appeared before their eyes. Though Beast King Valley was a valley, it was the size of a small city. Even if Xiao Chen extended his Spiritual Sense to its maximum, he would not reach the end of it.

The group headed further in. There were many huge bones to the side. When the fatty saw these, his eyes lit up. These were the bones of the high ranked beast kings.

After thousands of years, there was no sign of damage to them. Unfortunately, these skeletons were complete. They were not able to break them with swords or sabers. They were not able to move the entire thing either. Despite seeing these treasures, they were not able to obtain them.

A faint pressure from the towering skeletons was felt from a distant. Even though a thousand years passed, these were once beast kings. The aura they had left still existed.

The fatty beat his chest in sorrow and said, “What a pity. There are so many skeletons here. If I could just move one of them back, even if I do not obtain any thing from the remnants, this trip would be worth it.”

Xiao Chen did not understand and asked, “Are these bones very valuable? Why do I not feel so? Even if these bones are very hard and can be used as weapons, there are no tools which can shape them.”

The fatty glanced at Su Xiaoxiao and smiled faintly, “Do not look down on the Heavenly Craft Manor’s methods. Out of the ten great Spirit Weapons they made, three of them were made using thousand years old beast king bones.

“Furthermore, weapons made from pure bones are extremely helpful to people who practice certain Martial Techniques. Aside from forging weapons, they are very useful for refining pills. If I find a smaller skeleton, this Fat Lord will move it back personally.”

Spirit Weapons made from bones, this was completely out of Xiao Chen’s expectations. The three of them walked walk forward and saw a cultivator groping around a skeleton.

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