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Chapter 106: A Truly Fake Map

Those involved did not know the results of that battle; they only knew that after the battle, Ji Changkong immediately left the imperial capital. Even since then, he became much more low-key. After half a year, he managed to improve his cultivation to the peak of Martial Grand Master.

He was just a little short of becoming a Martial Saint, potentially becoming the youngest Martial Saint in the past thousand years. Ji Changkong walked to the front of Jiang Mingxun and bowed before respectfully saying, “Uncle, this nephew has arrived late and caused you to be startled.”

When the crowd heard Ji Changkong’s words, they were startled; they never expected that Jiang Mingxun was actually Ji Changkong’s uncle. According to rumors, Ji Changkong’s mother was a concubine and came from a local clan.

Because of his mother, Ji Changkong was often treated coldly. That was why he spent all his efforts cultivating, struggling very hard. No one expected that his mother was Jiang Mingxun’s younger sister.

Jiang Mingxun smiled faintly, “Changkong, there is no need to be so courteous. It is good that you arrived; your uncle no longer has to be pointed at and lectured.”

The people from three great powers of Dongming Province finally understood why Jiang Mingxun dared to delay them, seemingly exuding a feeling that he was confident in his backing. So, he actually had such deep ties with the Ji Clan.

Huan Yunfei was disheartened, but he did not show it. Earlier, when he attacked, he had suffered a small disadvantage from Ji Changkong. It was evident that he held some fear of Ji Changkong.

He exchanged looks with Duanmu Qing and Chu Chaoyun before saying, “Ji Changkong, I don’t feel that there is anything wrong with what I said. The matters of Dongming Province are not for the people of Nanling Province to deal with; don’t you feel that you are overstepping your bounds?”

Ji Changkong smiled indifferently, “Such a large Dongming Province, since when have you, Hua Yunfei, become its representative? Have you even asked Brother Chu and Miss Duanmu? Furthermore, I, Ji Changkong, do not represent the Nanling Province. Please do not randomly assign such roles to me; I am just here to visit my relatives.”

The two of them argued with each other; no one was willing to take a step back. The people on both sides brought all released their auras. In a short period of time, the atmosphere became very tense, as though a huge battle was about to break out.

“Si… Si…”

Just at this moment, the sound of a stringed instrument came from the distant skies. It was skillful and moving; it was very pure like an ethereal celestial music. Everyone quickly raised their head to take a look.

They only saw a huge, completely golden battleship flying slowly over in the sky. A flag, with a large ‘Gui’ character, was raised high on the bow of the ship. Below the flag, there was a group of people dressed in purple robes, standing proudly.

“That is the Guiyi Marquis’s Secret Treasure, the Golden Battleship. The people from the royal courts have arrived,” the people below said in shock as they saw the words on the flag clearly.

Jiang Mingxun looked at the Golden Battleship above his head and he felt his back go cold with sweat. He did not expect the royal court to send someone over. This was the first time he felt things were out of his control.

The waning moon hung high in the sky; there were no stars shining in the backdrop of night. This night seemed darker than usual but the streets of White Water City were packed with people.

The huge Golden Battleship flew slowly in the sky, giving off a brilliant luster. Even though it hung high in the sky, the people on the ground could still feel a boundless might coming from it.

“The Guiyi Marquis, Ying Xiao, actually came. The mighty ancient remnant is truly attractive. How unfortunate; it is impossible for us low ranked cultivators to check out the excitement.

“Why not? Wasn’t there someone selling the Jiang Clan’s leaked map on the streets recently? I bought a copy and have yet to check it out carefully. After I checked it out, I will definitely go take a look.”

“Stupid cunt, that map is fake. Check it out carefully and you will realize it. If I find who did it, I will pound him to death.

Someone beside smiled coldly, “Save your money, the Jiang Clan Head had bought ten of those maps, spending 10,000 gold taels in the process. He is the true ‘Stupid Cunt’. We were just duped of a thousand silver taels; that is considered nothing.”

“Is that true, this person actually dares to dupe the Jiang Clan. Why did I not think of doing that?! Ten thousand gold taels… That is ten years of my income.”

“With your guts? If this person did not have great backing behind him, he would definitely not dare to fool the Jiang Clan. For us, after being fooled, all we can do is endure it. If we really went to look for something to settle accounts with, who knows who would end up being beaten up.”

The crowd chatted for awhile more before turning the topic back to the Guiyi Marquis’s Golden Battleship. When facing the powerful and mighty battleship, everyone was shocked.

Amidst the crowd, Xiao Chen raised his head to look at the Golden Battleship in the sky. He pondered pensively, This Golden Battleship must be a high-grade Secret Treasure; it must have come from the ancient era.

Most of the Secret Treasures in this world were passed down from the ancient era. After the end of the ancient era, the Secret Treasure Craftsmen declined. After the destruction of the Tianwu dynasty, the inheritance of Secret Treasure Craftsmen completely disappeared.

Now, in the Tianwu Continent, there was no one who could make Secret Treasures. In order the obtain Secret Treasures, one could only obtain them from an ancient remnant, or perhaps from the remnants of the Tianwu Dynasty. Thus, the value and rarity of Secret Treasures could be seen.

However, Xiao Chen felt the legendary Secret Treasure was very similar to the Magic Treasures recorded in the Compendium of Cultivation. In the past, there were people who mistook his Life Bestowal Spell as a Secret Weapon.

Unfortunately, he had not obtained a true Secret Treasure yet. Thus, he was not able to confirm his guess. Recollecting his thoughts, Xiao Chen headed towards Liushang Pavilion. Along the way, he asked around for news on it and he discovered that it had not changed its location.

Xiao Chen directly headed to the second floor and discovered business was as booming as ever. Even though it was night already, there were still no empty tables. Furthermore, there were many people in the queue.

On the second floor, all the cultivators were discussing the ancient remnants and the Golden Battleship in the sky, as well as the recent extremely popular news of the ‘Stupid Cunt’ map.

“The Guiyi Marquis’s Golden Battleship is here; I wonder if the Ji Clan’s Black Royal Warship or the Duanmu Clan’s Profound Ice Palace will come as well.”

“If they came, it would be very lively; they are all Royal Grade Secret Treasures. If they ended up fighting, even Martial Saints would not be able to withstand the shockwaves.”

Xiao Chen went directly pass the second floor and headed for the third floor. The third floor required one to have a Liushang Pavilion Vip Card before one could enter. There were still many empty tables on the third floor.

When Xiao Chen made the transaction with the fatty the last time, Jin Dabao handed a VIP Card to him. After showing his Vip Card, he was able to enter without any obstructions.

The people who sat on the third floor had a minimum cultivation realm of Superior Grade Martial Master; most of them were Martial Grand Masters. It was obvious that the statuses of the cultivators on the third floor were higher, and some of them were leaders of cultivator organizations.

The topic of discussion on the third floor was completely different from the second floor. Most of them were engaged in trades of Spirit Cores or herbs. Occasionally, there were people who would go to the counter to have some goods appraised.

Xiao Chen understood why the business of Liushang Pavilion was so good. Aside from dining and gossip, they also provided a perfect location for conducting transactions.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Not long after Xiao Chen sat down, the unique sound of Fatty Jin’s footsteps came stomping heavily over. His face will filled with a smile as he sank his plump butt into the chair across Xiao Chen.

“It’s been half a month since we last met. Brother Xiao, you have become a celebrity! Almost everyone in White Water City knows of your name; how unexpected!” Fatty Jin took a seat and sighed immediately.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly but did not say anything. He took the Spirit Cores and herbs obtained from those who attempted to kill him out from the Universe Ring; piling them up in layers.

At first, Fatty Jin did not pay it any mind, but when the herbs and Spirit Cores filled the table, his face had a shocked expression, “What the hell! Did you empty out the entire Savage Forest? There are so many Spirit Cores and herbs.”

“I just killed a few hundred people,” Xiao Chen said indifferently. A terrifying killing intent spread throughout his surroundings.

He said these words for the benefit of the people around. After the pile of Spirit Cores and herbs appeared on the table, Xiao Chen immediately felt countless gazes staring at him. There were traces of greed and undisguised killing intents in these gazes.

In the instant Xiao Chen’s killing intent spread out, everyone in the floor felt a faint pressure. This was a pure killing intent; it was only obtainable by killing countless people.

“How many people has this brat killed in order to obtain such a terrifying killing intent?” the crowd muttered to themselves as they withdrew their gazes.

Fatty Jin laughed loudly, “You want to sell all these to this Fat Lord? No problem! This Fat Lord accepts them. You, you, and you! Come and inspect the goods.”

At the fatty’s summons, two people came over from the counter and bowed to him. They then counted the things on the table and gave Xiao Chen a receipt before bringing the goods back.

Fatty Jin smiled, “They should be able to finish appraising it within half an hour. There is no need to worry about being cheated. When this Fat Lord does business, I seek a win-win situation; I will cheat neither the old nor young.”

Xiao Chen took a sip of tea and enquired, “Do you have a quieter place here? I have something important to talk to you about.”

Fatty Jin’s eyes opened wide; he guessed what was the business Xiao Chen wanted to talk about. He said, “Come with me!”

The two of them entered a quiet booth and, after Fatty Jin sat down, he said, “Any matters that are discussed here will be kept secret; a third person will not be able to listen in.

Xiao Chen scanned the place with his Spiritual Sense and as he expected, there were indeed no other people around. He took out the ancient remnant map from the Universe Ring and said, “I want you to help me find the location of the Ancient Remnant depicted on this map within three days.”

Fatty Jin looked at the map and laughed loudly, “Brother Xiao, I shall not hide the truth from you, I have a map as well. I wonder if it is real, why don’t you take a look.”

Xiao Chen only took a glance and figured out the trick in it. He could not help but smile, “I knew it; this was done by you. I really don’t understand why would people buy this even though it has the words ‘Stupid Cunt’ on it.”

Fatty Jin chuckled and said gloatingly, “Who knows? Let’s not speak about this. I wish to buy your map; give me a price?”

Xiao Chen was a little shocked as he said, “Why do you want to buy this? Do you want to go to the Ancient Remnant as well?”

“Since I want to buy it, I definitely can sell it too. Are you selling it?” Fatty Jin put on a very learned appearance as he spoke.

Xiao Chen thought for awhile; he was able to guess what the fatty wanted to do with it. He said, “Sure, but you have to help me find the location on the map first.”

Fatty jin patted his chest and said, “Just a small matter. Leave it to me.”

“Knock! Knock!”

There was knocking coming from outside the door, and after that, an old man came walking in, holding a stack of banknotes, “Young Master Xiao, your goods have been appraised already; they are worth a total of 5,000 gold taels.”

Fatty Jin received the banknotes and casually handed them to Xiao Chen, and then he passed the map to that person, “Find the location on the map by tomorrow morning.”

That old man took the map and left without saying anything. The fatty saw that Xiao Chen did not feel assured and he explained, “Don’t worry, believe in me. I will definitely have the results by tomorrow morning.”

“Come, let me bring you to meet someone. This person is very interested in you.”

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