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Book 3: Nirvana Rebirth
Chapter 13: A Stubborn Siege

Translated by: Princeknife
Edited by: Megumin_Explosion

As Su Lian Xian finished speaking, everyone was stumped.

Within the tent was a complete silence, each and everyone of them was pondering over this inconceivable moment.

If all of these were the doings of Zhong Shan, then that Zhong Shan was indeed too scary, with such little time given, he was able to turn the situation around, it was simply too magical.

With a blink of an eye, the situation has been reversed, the ones who have been cut of off any supplies and trapped changed into the eighty thousand troops, with nowhere to go, do they just sit still and wait for death? The morale of the army has collapsed, will riots began to raise?

Even the Su Family's Old Ancestor was stumped as he felt the shock of the two reports. All these years he spent cultivating within the sect has seemingly cause him to forget how cruel was the battle campaign of the mortal world.

Giving Zhong Shan a little time, and he actually could reverse the situation!

This was what Su Lian Xian had warned about, everyone turned to looked at Su Lian Xian with their eyes full of regret, if only they had listened to what Su Lian Xian had advised them about.

“Father“ Su Zheng De looked shamefully at Su Lian Xian, it was due to his decision that led to the deaths of cousins, the crown prince, the Royal Family and the end of his bloodline, there was nowhere to retreat and now they were stuck in an impasse.

Taking a deep breath, the Old Ancestor looked at Su Lian Xian and said, “Lian Xian, now you will be the one leading the troops.”

Su Lian Xian was a little unwilling, but this was not the time to be petty, first they had to overcome the crisis before them.

“En, first we have to seal off these two news, preventing them from disrupting the army's morale.” Su Lian Xian said.

“Be at ease, Father!” Su Zheng De replied.

“Secondly, quickly recall five thousand troops back from the other three gates, and bring all the Eight Ox Crossbow here, then let all the soldiers eat their fill, after that, we will attack from the south gate and attempt to capture the city, regardless of the price we have to pay.” Su Lian Xian said.

“Bringing the Eight Ox Crossbow over?” Su Zheng De asked curiously.

“Yes, there is a moat around Xuan City, when we are sieging the city, there will be a large amount of archers on the walls,and the common people will also be throwing rocks over, making it not easy to siege. However, we cannot delay any longer, looking from outside the gate, I could see the modifications that Zhong Shan has designed and added onto the walls, making it possible to pour hot oil down the walls, rendering our siege tools useless, therefore we have to make use of the Eight Ox Crossbow. If one large arrow cannot pierce through its wall, then we have to use tens, hundreds, with a large amount of huge arrows released at them, we will surely be able to capture the city swiftly.” Su Lian Xian said.

“Ok, I'll arranged it immediately.” Su Zheng De said solemnly.

“Then arranged it as quickly as possible, the earlier we attack the city, the better it is for us.” Su Lian Xian said.

“En” Su Zheng De replied to the command.

After three hours, the barracks south of Xuan City, twenty thousand soldiers became thirty five thousand soldiers in a short moment. Before the battle began, the morale of the army was soaring as they ate and drank to their fullest, then the whole army began to move, all the generals were on their horses, with their mounts neighing continuously as they waited for the one leading the army to arrive.

Inside a secret tent within the army camp, there were two people in it.

The previous Emperor Su Lian Xian and the current Emperor Su Zheng De.

“Father, the whole army is about to move out, what did come to find me about?” Su Zheng De asked curiously.

Looking at the one who he himself chose to succeed the position of Emperor, Su Lian Xian said with a grave expression, “You still cannot understand why I came to look for you?”

Su Zheng De remained in silence.

“Previously, you did not heed my advice, causing the outcome today, soon, we will be able leading the army to attack the city, you have to remain behind to lead the rest of the army.” Su Lian Xian said seriously.

"Father, if we work together, taking down Xuan City is not an impossible task, as long as we take down Xuan City, all our problems will be easily solved, unless, unless father have some bad premonitions?" Su Zheng De cried out alarmingly.

“Correct, I know Zhong Shan too well, he is my true rival, all these years, I have tried to see through that person, but to no avail, Zhong Shan must have some hidden cards left to play, we definitely cannot afford to lose, especially you, maybe after his, my Su Family will only be left with you as the sole child.” Su Lian Xian said as he reached out and straighten Su Zheng De's clothes.

“Father, how is that possible?” Su Zheng De was puzzled.

“Zhong Shan ended the bloodline of my Su Family, now we are all that is left, I can perish, the Old Ancestor can also perish, but not you, because not only can you ensure our family bloodline to continue on, moreover, you are a symbol that as long as you live on, the news of Zhong Shan's seizing the throne will not be justified, and his words will not be obeyed, no matter how high his prestige reached, Great Kun will always belong to my Su Family, and you are still the Emperor.

As long as you are alive, then there will always be another day for you to make a comeback, and I do not care about dying, as for the Old Ancestor, he is already one hundred and sixty years old, the odds of him breaking through to Gold Core is highly unlikely, thus for the Su Family, he is willing to make a sacrifice.” Su Lian Xian said as he stared with his eyes wide open.

As he listened to Su Lian Xian's words, Su Zheng De's heart tighten up, so it turns out that father was still keeping the Old Ancestor in the dark.

“As long as the Old Ancestor and I step onto the battlefield, the rest of the Xiantian experts will have no excuse not to do so, also presenting you the excuse to stay behind, at the same time, we can also request Eunuch Wei to remain back with you, he has stayed in the palace for a few decade, and watched you grow up, he should be able to assist you, remember, you have to live on, and protect our Su Family's last bloodline." Su Lian Xian said.

“Yes Father.” Su Zheng De's eyes were turning red as he replied.
“Alright, I'm just preparing for the worst-case scenario, maybe this time we can achieve a great victory, and completely kill Zhong Shan.” Su Lian Xian laughed.

"Yes, father, ever since your child became the Emperor, I have become arrogant and did many things that have disappointed you, your child is not filial. " Su Zheng De answered with some trace of sadness in his voice.

Patting Su Zheng De's shoulders lightly, Su Lian Xian smiled slightly as he walked out of the tent. With Su Zheng De's words, Su Lian Xian felt everything was ready.

Outside the tent, Eunuch Wei Tai Zhong was keeping watch.

“Tai Zhong, that year when I had not step down from my position, you were already supervising the inner affairs of the palace,thus I trust you greatly, you have watched over Zheng De as he grow up, if anything unexpected happen today, I'll have to rely on you to take care of him in the future.” Su Lian Xian said.

Looking at Su Lian Xian, Wei Tai Zhong nodded, “Yes”

Obtaining Eunuch Wei's promise, Su Lian Xian then walked towards where the army has gathered. As that instance where Su Lian Xian was leaving, the old Eunuch Wei Tai Zhong let out a cold smile.

At the front of the army, the Su Family's Old Ancestor was leading the two Xian Tian experts from each of the four great Family on their mounts, as they waited the arrival for Su Lian Xian.

Su Lian Xian then rode his mount over slowly.

The Su Family's Old Ancestor frowned and asked, “Lian Xian, where is Eunuch Wei?”

“Reporting to Old Ancestor, for this battle, I will be personally leading the charge, and this battle must be won, thus I've let Zheng De to lead ten thousand troops to be stationed here to prevent the enemy from surrounding us, and other reason is to oversee the whole situation, if there is anything unexpected, he will be required to stabilize the morale of our troops, since he is the Emperor of Great Kun.”

Su Lian Xian's explaination was somewhat flawed, but the Su Family's Old Ancestor did not seem to mind it and nodded his head, not looking too deeply into it.

“Let's go” Su Lian Xian ordered.


Twenty five thousand troops roared in unison, various kind of siege weapons then made their way towards Xuan City, among them were ten Xian Tian experts, today, they must take down Xuan City.

While the army was marching towards the south gate of Xuan City, at this moment, Su Zheng De walked out of the large tent, making his way onto the commander stage and personally stuck the war drums, sending off the army.

Below the stage, Eunuch Wei looked on coldly, as he stood silently at one corner.

Within Xuan City, Zhong Shan's hands rested on the railings on the tower of the wall, with a confident look on his face as he watched more and more troops gathering at the south gate.

Within the city, preparations were ready, Zhong Shan was confident in their victory, even though he only had eight thousand troops and three thousand able-bodied man, it was more than sufficient to Zhong Shan, because the whole city was already modified ten years ago, making it unlike from any city.

More and more troops was gathering outside the moat.

Ten Xiantian experts riding on their horses, stopped within their army, and looked at the forty meters long moat. The shore across was fifty meters away from the city walls, and the fifty meters was perfectly in the range of the archers, as long as they crossed the river, they will be confronted with countless arrows shot by the archers on the wall, it was also difficult for them to transport the siege weapon over. Even if they brought it over, and was about to start attacking the city, more than half of them would have already died.

In addition, outside the city gate facing the outside, there used to be a bridge, but it was taken down by Zhong Shan, how were they going to attack the city?
The Eight Ox Crossbow could only be effective if it managed to reach over to the other shore and was assembled there.

All the Xiantian experts looked at the situation filled with frustration, with the defense of Xuan City being so tight, how were they going to break it's defense.

“Su Lian Xian, you finally decided to attack the city?” Zhong Shan's emotionless voice travelled from the city tower above.

The Xiantian experts looked at Su Lian Xian, as they have previously agreed that Su Lian Xian would be the overall commander, when Su Lian Xian himself was the Emperor, he frequently led his army on war expeditions, and was proficient in battles.

Su Lian Xian ignored Zhong Shan, as he kept his focus on the large city gate.


Su Lian Xian pointed at the large moat in front as he roared, at this moment, he was willingly to pay any price.

It was too late to build a makeshift bridge to cross the river, but Su Lian Xian had his methods.


The army cried out, the first batch of soldiers carried long wooden rafts as they ran forward and swiftly throw the wooden raft onto the moat, then a second batch of soldiers came out with another wooden raft, the soldiers were trying to make a large passage with the wooden raft to cross the moat as they continue to bind the wooden rafts together, enabling them to attack the city.

“Brother Lian Xian is indeed capable, I was curious to why they had brought along those wooden rafts, unsure of its purpose and now I finally understand.” A Xiantian experts cried out excitedly.

Thinking about the large number of wooden rafts, everyone was excited as the moat was becoming a mere decor soon.

“For this day, I have prepared the strategy of using these wooden rafts for twenty years.” Su Lian Xian said. His tone was not complacent at all, but instead it was extremely serious.

Twenty years, he was already prepared to attack Xuan City twenty years ago? In addition, he planned various measure to attack the city?

As the Xiantian experts were complacent with the situation, in the distance, Zhong Shan was standing on the city tower, the corner of his mouth let out a concealed smirk as he had already anticipated for this to happen.

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