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"Kacha!" The Sage Dao Talisman in Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness released a crisp sound. It felt as though a flood dam had burst as the various kinds of talisman runes surged into Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness.

An empty silver-grey space appeared within Mo Wuji's mind. MonWuji knew that he had refined the first layer of seals of the Sage Dao Talisman. With a flash, Mo Wuji appeared within this space.

Mo Wuji had entered the Sage Dao Talisman before; this was his second visit. When he first came, this space was filled with boundless spatial distortions; Mo Wuji knew that those spatial distortions were due to that Fu Jiujiang. Standing at the Sage Dao Talisman's first layer, he didn't feel any sort of spatial distortion. At the same time, he didn't see any talismans floating around, not even the lowest grade one.

Mo Wuji sent his spiritual will out once more, he soon made contact with the second layer of the Sage Dao Talisman. The talisman runes within the seal were even more profound and complex, he felt like he was facing a sea of smoke. Mo Wuji sighed; he didn't try refining the second layer.

Refining the first layer already took him half a year, but for this second layer, he might not necessarily be able to successfully refine it even if he used a decade. Moreover, there were clearly a third and a fourth layer beyond this second layer. When would he be finally able to completely refine this Sage Dao Talisman?

Mo Wuji was clear that if he wanted to obtain the peak grade talismans within this Sage Dao Talisman or to learn some of the Laws of Talisman, he would have to refine the Sage Dao Talisman to Fu Jiujiang's degree at the very least.

But very clearly, he didn't have that much time now. Tens of years might not mean much to him, but for Mo Qingche, this time is vital.

Now that he had refined the first layer of seals for the Sage Dao Talisman, he didn't continue having it within his sea of consciousness. Instead, he moved to Sage Dao Talisman to his Undying World.

There were still many layers of seals that he was unaware of; he didn't even know if there were any other people like Fu Jiujiang within the talisman. The Sage Dao Talisman was indeed the number one sage talisman but before he fully refined it, he wasn't going to have this dangerous object within his sea of consciousness.

"My Lord, you're out." Seeing Mo Wuji emerge, Shuai Guo eagerly greeted him.

"Grandpa, Da Huang and Shuai Guo are truly interesting." After several months of interaction, Mo Qingche had long regarded Da Huang and Shuai Guo as her good friends.

"Qingche, even though the Laws are not complete, you need to start cultivating. I still don't know how long more we would have to stay in the void." Mo Wuji was worried that they would spend too much time in the void. Mo Qingche's longevity was reaching its; it was critical for her to start cultivating.

But now, he didn't have the World Rending Talisman so he didn't know how long he would take to return to the Immortal World.

"That's good." Mo Qingche had wanted to cultivate for a long time. Now that she heard Mo Wuji's words, she was especially delighted.

During the whole journey, she had been very envious of Shuai Guo's magic. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to perform them. Moreover, the taste of fasting pills really wasn't anything good. She heard from Shuai Guo and Da Huang that once her cultivation reaches a certain level, she wouldn't need fasting pills to fast anymore.

What drew her further in was the vast and majestic void; the beautiful scenery had enticed her deeply. Mo Qingche knew that if not for the protection of the flying car, she wouldn't even last a minute in the void. That's why she urgently wanted to cultivate; that way, she could tour around in this endless and beautiful void.

Mo Wuji said solemnly, "Qingche, you have spiritual roots and your spiritual roots are not bad. Moreover, I used the Billion Year Immortal Wood Marrow to help you cleanse your marrow. On the other hand, I don't have spiritual roots. This is a secret so you cannot reveal it to anyone. The reason why I'm telling you this is because you can choose to cultivate the same technique that I'm using, or you can choose to cultivate a technique that regular spiritual roots holders cultivate…"

"Grandpa, I will cultivate the same technique as you," Mo Qingche didn't hesitate to say. To her, her Grandpa was an existence which seemed capable of splitting the skies and shattering the earth. Naturally, she wanted to cultivate the same technique as Mo Wuji.

"Alright, then today, I will impart to you my cultivation technique. My cultivation technique is the Immortal Mortal Technique. This technique existed even before me but after my modifications, this technique is not quite the same as before. However, I must tell you, my cultivation technique is no worse than any other cultivation technique. It's just that at the start, you would need to suffer a little…" Mo Wuji explained.

"I'm not afraid of suffering." Mo Qingche anxiously wanted to start cultivating; why would she care about suffering?

Mo Wuji's flying car was forged by himself; it was spacious and it was even a Grade 9 immortal equipment. Moreover, there were plenty of magic arrays within it.

After imparting the Immortal Mortal Technique and some cultivation knowledge to Mo Qingche, Mo Wuji directly installed a lightning array in the inner compartment to help Mo Qingche open her meridians.

At this instant, Mo Wuji's arrays wouldn't be as life-threatening as when he first opened his meridians. The strength of his lightning array was specific to the level of meridians opened. Not only that, the quality of Mo Wuji's current meridian opening solution was much better than the one he used those years ago.

As Mo Wuji was teaching Mo Qingche about the process of cultivation, both Da Huang and Shuai Guo didn't dare to interrupt. This was especially so for Da Huang since he also cultivated the Immortal Mortal Technique. When he heard that Mo Qingche had to reopen her meridians, he knew that his body, which had been sculpted from Phecda Clay, was extremely impressive; he could skip many difficult matters.

Seeing Mo Qingche enter seclusion, Da Huang also requested to enter seclusion. Compared to Shuai Guo, Da Huang was more assiduous in his cultivation.

After Da Huang and Mo Qingche finally entered their secluded cultivation, Shuai Guo finally dared to speak, "My Lord, we aren't even going in any specific direction. Where are we?"

"This should still be the lower plane. We should go to a higher plane." With that, Mo Wuji directly tore open the space in front of him.

Under the protection of Mo Wuji's domain, the flying car travelled into a higher plane. Indeed, after reaching this plane, Mo Wuji was no longer able to form tears in space.

Mo Wuji had previously expected this; with his ability at the Immortal Emperor Stage, he could only tear through the space of a mortal world. Even though he could tear through the space of the cultivation world as well, it would only lead him to another part of the cultivation world. With his current power, he was completely unable to tear through the space of the cultivation world to get to the Immortal World.

"There's spiritual energy here." Shuai Guo could also feel the spiritual energy within the void.

Mo Wuji really wanted to try using Kun Wu to see whether he could directly form a tear from the cultivation world to the Immortal World. However, after some contemplation, he decided against it. Even if he could form a tear, the spatial distortions within the tear would be extremely terrifying. If his flying car ever gets damaged by the spatial distortions, then Mo Qingche would undoubtedly die.

"Shuai Guo, do you want to cultivate like Da Huang, or do you want to help control the car?" Mo Wuji really wanted to find out exactly where they were.

Shuai Guo didn't even consider, "My Lord, I will naturally help to control the car."

Shuai Guo liked lively places filled with people. If there weren't any people around, it would rather control the flying car than cultivate.

"Alright, you can control the car, but don't disturb me. Also, you need to pay attention to my array flag. Whatever direction my array flag points to, you would move in that direction." After Mo Wuji handed the helm over to Shuai Guo, he sat at the extreme front and sent his spiritual will outwards.

Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness was even stronger than a Dao Emperor. In the void of a cultivation world like this, his spiritual will was able to extend for thousands upon thousands of miles.

Within this void, there was no reference point nor anyone he could ask. Mo Wuji could only move in the direction of higher spiritual energy. Fortunately, this wasn't his first time doing this. Back when he was a Xuan Immortal, he was already able to get to the Immortal World from the cultivation world. Now that he was already an intermediate stage Immortal Emperor, he believed that he didn't need long to find the right path.

Multiple months passed. Mo Wuji could sense that Mo Qingche had already reached Channel Opening Level 2. However, he still didn't manage to find any inhabited planets.

Mo Wuji decided to search for one more month. If he still didn't find anything, he would take the risk to use Kun Wu to tear through worlds; he would forcefully try to get to a higher plane.

Just as Mo Wuji made this decision, a familiar aura appeared within his spiritual will.

A familiar person? Mo Wuji immediately got Shuai Guo to move away; he personally controlled the flying car to fly forward at its fastest speed.

If he could find a familiar person within this part of the world, it would mean that there was a planet nearby.

Mo Wuji's flying car was a Grade 9 immortal equipment, and it was even controlled by himself. In this sort of cultivation world, he only needed breaths to reach his destination.

The person in front of Mo Wuji was actually a barefooted youth in violet robes. He was entirely bloodied and he had an expression of fear on his face. When he saw Mo Wuji in front of him, he cried out in anxiety, "This big brother, hurry and move out of the way. That b*stard is coming. He wants to cook me and eat me…"

However, he suddenly stopped speaking. Instantly, a look of pleasant surprise emerged. He recognised Mo Wuji.

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