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"Dao Lord Mo, congratulations on advancing once again. The Cosmos Edge's defensive array had been broken for a few months now, should we reinstall a new one soon?" The instance Mo Wuji came out of seclusion, the few Dao Emperors landed in front of him together.

The truth was that they had been waiting for Mo Wuji to come out of seclusion for the brand new division of benefits in the Cosmos Edge as well as the need for a new defensive array to be installed. Their array dao might not be comparable to Mo Wuji's but it would be impossible for Mo Wuji to think that he could control the entire defensive array of the Cosmos Edge.

"Naturally," Mo Wuji smiled faintly before saying to the incoming Feng Huang, "Dao Lord Feng…"

Feng Huang hurried to say, "Dao Lord Mo, in order to avoid any confusion or clash between us, I am now that castellan of the Cosmos Edge."

Mo Wuji didn't mind as he said, "Castellan Feng, the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos is about to draw up a standardise rule so help me inform every existing power, race… to gather for a conference at the Heaven's Beyond Dao Lord Residence two hours later."

"Yes," Feng Huang hurried to respond before adding another sentence, "Dao Lord Mo, what should we do to those who are unwilling to attend the conference?"

Mo Wuji chuckled, "Then it would be up to them and we shall not force it upon them."

Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Feng Huang wasn't the only shocked one as even the few Dao Emperors felt slightly suspicious. According to their understanding of Mo Wuji, he wasn't a Dao Lord that was easy to speak or negotiate with. Nothing might happen to you if you didn't offend Mo Wuji but once you offend this Dao Lord Mo, the Gods Race would be a good example of what would come your way.

Now that Mo Wuji had organised a conference as the new Dao Lord of the Heaven's Beyond, not attending this conference would mean not respecting Mo Wuji as the new Dao Lord.

Heaven's Beyond Dao Lord Residence was a place Feng Huang rebuilt back up in the Cosmos Edge.

One could say that in the entire Cosmos Edge, there wasn't any architecture more magnificently grand than this Dao Lord Residence. However, the Dao Lord of the Heaven's Beyond was the number one existence of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos so it was only natural for his Dao Lord Residence to be the grandest and magnificent.

Two hours later, about a thousand of people gathered within the splendid and spacious Dao Lord Residence's hall.

Almost 100% of the sect heads of the remaining powers who chose to remain in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos were all here in the hall. Besides the few races and forces who casually sent a few random personnel here, most of the people here were power holders for each of their races and forces.

After all, attending this conference wouldn't take up much time so nobody would be willing to offend the number one Dao Lord of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos for a small matter like this. Despite the fact that this was only a titular address, this person had just brought people to exterminate the entire presence of the Gods Race in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos.

"Dao Lord Mo, every race and force are all here," Even Feng Huang didn't expect that there would be such attendance.

Mo Wuji nodded and in fact, this was within his expectations. A meeting like this involved the future direction in which the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos would head towards as well as the new plan to divide the benefits within the Cosmos Edge. As long as they weren't foolish, they would be here. Initially, Mo Wuji was intending to come up with a foreign race regulation to deal with races which chose not to attend this conference. However, since everyone was present today, it seemed like there was no need for him to add in this rule.

Once everyone had settled down and received the immortal tea which Feng Huang prepared, Mo Wuji clasped his fists before saying, "Indebted to the high regard held by many Dao Friends here in the Heaven's Beyond, I shall be the first Dao Lord of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. Since I am the Dao Lord of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, I would naturally have to make a contribution to the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. Now, I would like to appoint the personnel to form up the Heaven's Beyond Dao Lord Constitution."

Everyone in the hall fell silent because Mo Wuji only became the Dao Lord of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos because his strength was number one in the entire Heaven's Beyond. Didn't everyone witness how a mighty race like the Gods Race got exterminated just because they offended Dao Lord Mo?

In the Dao Lord Constitution, Mo Wuji alone would never be enough. Now that Dao Lord Mo was about to nominate the Dao Lord Constitution, it would mean that whoever was chosen would be standing on a much higher status than everyone else in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos.

Mo Wuji knew what everyone was thinking about. Even though he was supposed to nominate the members, decisions had already been made for some of the more important positions.

Mo Wuji scan across the hall using his eyes before saying, "Other than myself, the Dao Lord, the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos Dao Lord Constitution would have five designated cosmos defenders. They would be Demon Race's Ce Hong, Blood Race's Ni Kai, Sea Race's Jiao Luan, Sky's Race Yuan Peiluo and Devil Race's Fang Hushen respectively.

The hall was still silent and evidently, nobody was too surprised at Mo Wuji's arrangement. The five cosmos defenders were basically all Dao Emperors and were all present today too.

Once Mo Wuji's voice was heard, the five nominated defenders stood up and clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji before sitting back down. The following names would the eight law enforcers of the Dao Lord Constitution. They are Spiritual Race's Hai Yidou, Human Race's Jie Ying…"

In a place like this, Mo Wuji would not be too particular about the races that were being chosen. If the Human Race was really going to establish a powerful foothold in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, they would first need a foothold within the Dao Lord's Constitution. During the nomination this time around, three of the Human Race Immortal Emperors were appointed. Even Ape Mo was appointed as an honorary elder.

Once he finished appointing the more important positions, Mo Wuji continued, "Since we have an integrated administration in the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos, I would wish to draw up a series of regulations. The Dao Discussion Stage could still be established again but no one else should intervene during a dao discussion on the stage. Anyone who intervened shall be killed without mercy. Concurrently, the dao discussion shall end the moment someone admits defeat on stage and similarly, anyone who violates this rule shall also be killed immediately…

The Heaven's Beyond Corridor shall stop having that war among armies and once the Cosmos Wall is open, anyone would be qualified to enter to fight for the treasures and would also be qualified to return with their treasures to the Cosmos Edge or Heaven's Beyond Corridor…"

If there were still some opinions regarding Mo Wuji's first rule, there were simply too many objections to the second rule. The very existence of the Heaven's Beyond Corridor was to fish for a large number of cultivation resources. A place like the Heaven's Beyond Corridor was simply not suitable for cultivation and 90% of the cultivators there was existence like cannon fodders. Mo Wuji's suggestion would basically put those cultivators at the Heaven's Beyond Corridor on the same equal footing as the other cultivators.

"Dao Lord Mo, wouldn't this cause a greater mess?" Sky Race's Dao Emperor Yuan Peiluo stood up to ask.

Mo Wuji replied faintly, "If even this could cause a mess, there would no longer be a point in the existence of our Dao Lord Constitution as well as the defenders."

Yuan Peiluo heard Mo Wuji's words and was instantly shocked, he hurried to clasp his fist before sitting back down. The truth was that even though his Sky Race did send some cultivators to partake in the move to exterminate the Gods Race, he didn't involve himself. The only reason Mo Wuji would choose him to be a defender was because he was a Dao Emperor. If he dared to continue speaking without thinking, he might be the first defender to rip off his title so quickly.

"The Cosmos Edge shall become a fair trading place and would not allow for force buying or selling as well as bullying or humiliating of others. The moment such cases appeared, kill without pardon. The various big city square, exchange market, associations… shall go according to the scale of the transaction to collect the fees. Concurrently, the Cosmos Edge shall establish transfer arrays for all races so that anyone would be able to travel from the Cosmos Edge to the immortal cities of each race or the Heaven's Beyond Corridor easily. The precondition would be that every transfer would require the payment of a standard fee. All the fees collected would be used to pay for the expenses of the Dao Lord Constitution…"

Mo Wuji listed down regulations after regulations and nobody dared to object. The list that Mo Wuji came up with had basically surpassed the framework of regulations and could even be considered as laws.

However, Mo Wuji was now the number one expert of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos and the Dao Lord coupled with the fact that the regulations he implemented didn't harm any race specifically. Every race would have to pay the equal amount of fees so nobody would actually stand out to object.

Once he went through the framework of regulations which he came up with, Mo Wuji continued, "These regulations shall be addressed as the laws of the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos in the future. For now, let's discuss the installation of the Cosmos Edge's defensive array."

Hearing that Mo Wuji was going to talk about the defensive array, the power holders of each race or force suddenly had their spirits lifted up.

The defensive array of the Cosmos Edge was the point which most of them were concerned about because the Cosmos Edge was the main gathering of resources in the entire Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. This was also the place where they would visit the most frequently in the future which was why this defensive array must not be controlled by Mo Wuji alone.

Mo Wuji said calmly, " I am the Dao Lord so I shall be the one taking charge of the installation of the defensive array of the Cosmos Edge."

"Dao Lord Mo, I feel that the defensive array should be installed by a Grade 9 immortal array master and we can lend our support from the side," Hearing Mo Wuji's words, a Grand Emperor, who didn't know Mo Wuji personally, stood up.

"Yes, the defensive array would naturally need a Grade 9 immortal array master to install. I believe that Master Song Chengwang can lead the way while we help out together…" Yuan Peiluo was the second to step out as Song Chengwang was the array master of his Sky Race.

Mo Wuji questioned with a calm tone, "Song Chengwang was the one who installed the previous defensive array of the Cosmos Edge?"

"Yes indeed, the previous defensive array of the Cosmos Edge was indeed installed by Senior Song Chengwang," The Grand Emperor, who spoke first, added in.

Mo Wuji's tone turned cold as he slammed the table and shouted, "Which race are you from? Why do you want to harm the people of my Heaven's Beyond Cosmos?"

This Grand Emperor was stunned by Mo Wuji's abrupt rage as he hurried to clasp his fists and said, "Dao Lord Mo, I am from the Barbarian Race and I have never thought of harming the Heaven's Beyond Cosmos. I am sincere in wanting to establish a more stable defensive array of the Cosmos Edge."

Without waiting for Mo Wuji to speak, Dao Emperor Ni Kai of the Blood Race sneered, "Did you know that the defensive array installed by Song Chengwang was torn apart by a single finger of Dao Lord Mo during his secluded cultivation? Dao Lord Mo's reprimand was actually not accusing you. If we were to let Song Chengwang install the same type of defensive array again, wouldn't we be vulnerable to the other people's future invasion of the Cosmos Edge?"

"Ah…" This Barbarian Race Grand Emperor was shocked because even though he knew that the defensive array of the Cosmos Edge was torn apart, he certainly didn't know that it was done by a finger of Mo Wuji. A defensive array which could be torn apart by a single finger must be really trashy which explained the Dao Lord's fury.

Mo Wuji said faintly, "Dao Friend Ni Kai is right because the original defensive array of the Cosmos Edge was simply too trashy to be destroyed accidentally during my secluded cultivation. Naturally, this was also a good thing because otherwise, we would still be living under a trashy defensive array. Dao Friend Yuan Peiluo's words are also logical because to install the defensive array of this place, a Grade 9 immortal array master would naturally be needed. And I, Mo Wuji, am coincidentally a Grade 9 immortal array master."

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