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Ape Mo didn't ask any further. Instead, he threw a storage ring towards Mo Wuji and said, "Brother Mo, these are some immortal herbs that I found. I will give some to you to compensate for that fruit you gave me. If you have leftover pills, you can give me one or two vases."

Ape Mo was straightforward, but he was not a fool. In fact, he was very experienced. During this period of interaction with Mo Wuji, he knew that Mo Wuji didn't have the same character as Fox Chunchun. When dealing with a person like Mo Wuji, one cannot play mind games. Instead, one must reciprocate sincerity with sincerity. Mo Wuji had given him a Transformation Dao Fruit. If he acted ignorantly and didn't reciprocate, he was sure that he would be the next Beaver Chu.

If he displayed his sincerity in front of a person like Mo Wuji, he was sure that Mo Wuji wouldn't disadvantage him.

Among the three partners, Mo Wuji appreciated Ape Mo the most. He wasn't scheming like Fox Chunchun, nor overly wary like the Golden Iron Crane. Not only that, Ape Mo knew how to act according to the circumstances.

As expected, he didn't even mention the matter of the Transformation Dao Fruit, but Ape Mo had taken the initiative to give him a storage ring.

Mo Wuji's spiritual will penetrated into Ape Mo's storage ring and he was greeted by large amounts of high-grade immortal herbs, enough to form a mountain. Moreover, the lowest ones were already at Tier 8. Previously, he framed Bao Bu for stealing five Emperor Dao Fruits from Beaver Chu. Now, he actually found Emperor Dao Fruits within Ape Mo's ring, albeit only two of them.

One must know that a single Emperor Dao Fruit was enough to cause huge waves within the Immortal World. But now, Ape Mo had given him two of them at one go. Even other rare herbs like the Undying Holy Bamboo and the True Emperor Seeking Heart Flower could be found within Ape Mo's ring.

To the Demon Race, the Transformation Dao Fruit was a peerless treasure. However, to Mo Wuji, it really wasn't worth much. Even though Mo Wuji had already given the Transformation Dao Fruit to Ape Mo, Ape Mo still reciprocated with so much good stuff. [1] Clearly, Ape Mo truly wanted to befriend him. It also shows that Ape Mo wasn't a person of a black heart, but a person worth befriending.

Mo Wuji kept the storage ring, clasped his fists and said, "Brother Ape, a friend like you is worth befriending. When I'm done concocting pills, I will definitely invite Brother Ape over to receive some pills."

His Undying World had not been perfected, and that water pool of Beaver Chu could not be moved. Since he had befriended Ape Mo, he could also invite Ape Mo over to his territory and help Ape Mo temper his physique.

"Many thanks, Brother Mo. It's my, Ape Mo's, honour to be able to obtain Brother Mo's invitation." When he heard Mo Wuji's words, Ape Mo was filled with elation.

He didn't think that Mo Wuji was feigning courtesy. He hadn't actually gone to that water pool of Beaver Chu's before.

Fox Chunchun and Golden Iron Crane noticed that Mo Wuji and Ape Mo seemed to have undergone a trade. However, this matter wasn't related to them; it was enough if everyone would work together to open the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor's ruins when the time comes.

As the group continued on their journey, Mo Wuji could not help but sigh at the vastness of the Oblique Space Sea. They had already been travelling for more than ten days, and according to Ape Mo, they were still far from the borders of the Oblique Space Sea.

Another five days passed before Fox Chunchun stopped. She turned towards the rest and said, "We are here. Everyone, keep your flying treasures, then follow me down."

Mo Wuji looked at Fox Chunchun in doubt. He really didn't know how Fox Chunchun was able to find this location. This was just an ordinary spot in the Oblique Sea; there was no sort of irregularities whatsoever.

Fox Chunchun's next action quickly resolved Mo Wuji's doubts: she took out a jade compass.

Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed on this jade compass and he saw that it was indeed pointing towards this spot.

Hu Chunchun didn't waste any words as she directly activated the jade compass. The rims of the jade compass began to emit nirvanic light. The seawater around them began to disperse as an array gate appeared in front of them.

Fox Chunchun didn't hesitate as she stepped into the array gate. Mo Wuji and co. didn't fall behind and they followed right behind her.

As Mo Wuji entered the array gate, he felt emptiness below him. But before he could examine his surroundings, his two feet landed on hard ground.

The array gate behind him had changed into rows of screens. These screens seemed to be made entirely out of water. In front of them was a path paved from golden bricks. This path was 3 meters wide and it extended into the distance. Mo Wuji sighed in emotion; there was no need to talk about anything else, just the sheer amount of golden bricks required was already astounding.

Fox Chunchun pointed towards the water screens behind them and said, "This is the way out. If you step through these screens, you will arrive back at the surface of the Oblique Sea. No one can enter this place without my jade compass. Of course, I'm not trying to show off my accomplishments. Since I, Fox Chunchun, invited you three bigger brothers, then we would all contribute equally. It's just that before we begin, I feel that there's something that we need to clarify."

"Junior Sister Chunchun, please speak." Golden Iron Crane was the first to clasp his fist and reply. His tone was slightly emotional. It was probably due to the thought that this was the ruins of the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor. Perhaps because of this fortune, he might become an existence no weaker than the Eight Great Grand Emperors.

"This is indeed the ruins of the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor. However, even I don't know what the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor had left behind within these ruins. Thus, before we begin exploring the ruins, we need to discuss how we are going to split the treasures that we find," Fox Chunchun continued.

Ape Mo nodded his head, "Junior Sister Chunchun is right. Such matters need to be discussed beforehand. That way, we can prevent any hurt and animosity."

Fox Chunchun turned to Mo Wuji, "Big Brother Mo, what do you think?"

Mo Wuji smiled and said, "I also agree that we should discuss this. How about this, after we open the ruins, anything that can be shared will be split equally. Anything else would depend on our individual fates. Of course, Junior Sister Chunchun was the one who led the way; so she could have a slightly higher share when we split."

"I agree with Brother Mo's words." Ape Mo was the first one to respond.

"I also agree," Golden Iron Crane hurriedly said.

Fox Chunchun bowed towards the three of them, "Then I will have to thank the three big brothers. Now, let's follow along with this golden path to its end."

In reality, Fox Chunchun knew that if she didn't bring Mo Wuji and co. here, she would never be able to open the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor's ruins. This wasn't the first time that she came here.

The golden path was thousands of meters long. Mo Wuji led the way, with his spiritual will cautiously scanning the surroundings. He soon discovered that the entire path was surrounded by various kinds of killing arrays. However, the energy source of these arrays should have been removed or depleted, causing the arrays to be in a state of paralysis. If not for that, things wouldn't have been so easy for them.

The group didn't walk especially fast, but they only needed half an incense's time to reach the end. When they saw what was in front of them, they finally realised why Fox Chunchun required help.

This was a Four Element One Door Array. The Four Element One Door Array was an activation method. It was a commonly seen activation method; so even novices of the Array Dao knew about it. This activation method required four people to simultaneously inject elemental energy of different elements to the four array bases. Only by doing this, would a door appear.

Even if Fox Chunchun came a hundred times, she would never be able to open this door by herself.

Mo Wuji's standards of the Array Dao was infinitesimally close to Grade 9. The moment he scanned the area with his spiritual will, he knew that this entire area was a killing array. This Four Element One Door Array was the array heart of this killing array. The moment this array heart was ignited by four people, the killing array would be activated.

As for the reason why there was a killing array, Mo Wuji wasn't too sure. However, he knew two points: 1. The Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor wasn't a kind man; 2. After igniting the array heart, the door would definitely open.

However, all these observations about the killing array weren't important. This was because the immortal vein powering the array was severely depleted. If the four of them stimulated the Four Element One Door Array, they would only activate the door, and not the killing array.

"I'm sure everyone knows that this array is; it's the Four Element One Door. Now, the four of us will each go to an array base and simultaneously ignite this array heart." After saying this, Fox Chunchun was the first to walk towards an array base by the side.

Mo Wuji and the rest also didn't waste any time as they reached walked to an array base.

The four of them simultaneously released injected their immortal elemental energy. A faint golden light shone from the array heart. This golden light soon transformed into a solid key. After this key formed fully, a faint door appeared in front of the four of them.

The huge door soon became tangible. With a "Jiya" sound, the door started to open slowly.

"We've succeeded. Everyone, let's go in." Fox Chunchun was the first to charge into the door.

Mo Wuji's Wind Escape Technique was faster. While Fox Chunchun was the first to enter, he easily overtook her. Immediately, he grabbed an inconspicuous grey stone.

At the same time, Mo Wuji saw Hu Chunchun pick up a lotus flower. Mo Wuji suspected that this was one the three treasures of the Three Treasures Buddhist Emperor - the One Buddha Lotus Seat.

Golden Iron Crane kept a golden coloured wooden fish, while Ape Mo grabbed a Buddhist staff.

Besides these items, there was also a stack of extreme grade immortal veins. There were at least 50 to 60 of them.

None of the four touched these extreme-grade immortal veins. This was because everyone had discussed it before; those that can be split will be split. There was no use to snatching for them.

Hu Chunchun coughed and said, "It seems like everyone's fortunes are far from ordinary. Now, how will we split these immortal veins?"

"Junior Sister Chunchun, you should have obtained the One Buddha Lotus Seat, right? Even though I also obtained a wooden fish, it is only a simple magic treasure. Compared to Junior Sister Chunchun, mine is far too inferior," Golden Iron Crane said intentionally.

Hu Chunchun chuckled, "How can there be the One Buddha Lotus Seat here? If it was here, Brother Mo would have definitely picked it since he was the first to arrive."

Mo Wuji understood what Golden Iron Crane was saying. That was when they were splitting the immortal veins, it would be done equally; they should not allow Fox Chunchun to continue to take advantage of them.

Mo Wuji took the initiative to say, "There are 61 immortal veins here. We will each take 15. Since Chunchun led the way, she will take 16."

"I agree." Ape Mo was the first to speak.

"I agree as well." Fox Chunchun hurriedly said. Even though she didn't understand why Mo Wuji didn't want the lotus flower, she knew that the item that Mo Wuji took was not simple. Unfortunately, she didn't notice it.

Even so, she believed that the lotus flower that she obtained was the best treasure here.

Golden Iron Crane naturally couldn't disagree. The 61 extreme grade immortal veins disappeared in an instant. This was when the four noticed that there was a 30 centimetre long golden brick behind the immortal veins. In the centre of this golden brick, there was a finger-thick hole.

[1] Sometimes, the selfish acts that the author feels a person would do stumps me. I have to think about it many times to understand the logic. Here, I guess that the logic is that since the item was already in Ape Mo's hands, there was no need for Ape Mo to do anything, or at the very least, there was no need for him to give Mo Wuji so much stuff. Moreover, this was under the circumstances that Mo Wuji didn't mention anything.

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