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"Stop!" Ji Qi shouted anxiously. At the moment he saw a sky filled with only halberd radiance descending upon him, the halberd radiance was the only thing in his mind and even Ji Qi's faith was destroyed.

If Ji Qi was fighting for his life against Mo Wuji using all his sacred arts, Mo Wuji wouldn't be able to kill him this easily. However, after his dressing table was destroyed by Mo Wuji's Winding River, his guts shrinked and subconsciously, he kept thinking that Mo Wuji was many times stronger than himself. Moreover, because of the fact that he couldn't fly and escape here, he had lost all fighting spirit.

Mo Wuji would naturally not stop as the halberd radiance destroyed Ji Qi's domain and Ji Qi was the next one to be torn into pieces by the halberd.

Lou Si watched on shockingly at Mo Wuji crushing Ji Qi into fragments and was in a complete daze for a long period of time.

Ji Qi was afterall a reputable demon race's bisexual Immortal Reverent and an intermediate one too. Even if he wasn't that strong, he couldn't possibly be so weak that he was killed so simply by Mo Wuji?

She suddenly thought of the genius immortal Lei Hongji and how he managed to kill an elementary Immortal Reverent while being at the intermediate Immortal King Stage. Due to this incident, he was already famous throughout the entire Cosmos because the number of cultivators like Lei Hongji could be counted with the fingers in one hand. If Lei Hongji was a peak grade genius, what would Mo Wuji be?

"Did you think it was very easy for me to kill this bisexual man?" Mo Wuji asked as he walked over.

Lou Si nodded subtly because she was really convinced that Mo Wuji killed Ji Qi easily as she didn't witness any scenes of deadlock between the two of them throughout the fight.

Mo Wuji smiled faintly, "In a battle between cultivators, the simplicity and flexible use of the immortal energy would be the most important. However, after advancing past the Immortal King Stage, immortal energy would only be secondary."

"What is the most important then?" Lou Si casually asked.

"More importantly, it is how strong your spiritual will is and how great your sea of consciousness is. Even so, I don't believe that these are the main factors to determine the winner. If the difference in grade between the two cultivators is not too huge, the main factor to determine the winner would be the dao," Mo Wuji explained calmly.

"Dao?" Lou Si seemed to be at loss because in her eyes, the stronger the immortal energy, the stronger you would be and the stronger you are, the stronger your spiritual will and eventually your sacred art. Dao is the enlightenment of every cultivator towards the Laws of Heaven and Earth and every cultivator has a dao belonging to themselves. Such things should not affect a battle and to Lou Si, it would be the factor which have the least effect on the battle. Dao is the embodiment of one's cultivation and the cognition in which one pursues.

"Once you've reached a certain level of cultivation, fighting depends on the law of dao. That bisexual man relied on the cultivation resource of the Heaven's Beyond Corridor to force himself into the Immortal Reverent Stage so his dao foundation is still unstable. In actual fact, I know of a few Immortal Kings who are much stronger than him too," Mo Wuji said this with the intention to offer some guidance to Lou Si.

In a place like the Heaven's Beyond Corridor, one would indeed be able to increase one's cultivation level rapidly but there were many obvious cases of malpractices too. He managed to sense a little bit of this malpractice from Ji Qi's body which was why he realised that even though his dao was self created, he shouldn't coop himself in a place like this just to cultivate.

"Many thanks Big Brother Mo for your guidance," Lou Si seemed to understand how Mo Wuji was using his own experience to give her pointers.

Mo Wuji nodded, "Guard for me as I prepare to undergo my tribulation."

The truth was that a majority of people were well aware of the argument which Mo Wuji just put across. However, in the face of that many resources, immortals who could control their thirst to become stronger faster were only a minute few.

Before Lou Si's arrival, Mo Wuji would have finished this bisexual off and then advance into the Immortal Reverent Stage before going back into seclusion. Other than refining the six pages of the Book of Luo, he would want to continue cultivating and reach the advanced Immortal Reverent Stage before coming out of seclusion.

However, Mo Wuji had changed his own intention as he decided that after he reached the Immortal Reverent Stage, he would focus on stabilizing his dao foundation as well as solidifying his own Grand Dao instead of cultivating wildly. This was also because one shouldn't be too weak in a place like the Heaven's Beyond Corridor. Otherwise, Mo Wuji would not even advance into the Immortal Reverent Stage here.

Piles of green crystals, immortal crystals, spiritual veins and even immortal essence crystals were brought out by Mo Wuji before he started setting up his energy gathering array.

Lou Si watched upon Mo Wuji's actions in shock because she was well aware of how long Mo Wuji had been in the Heaven's Beyond Corridor. Mo Wuji had only been here for a short period of time but he was taking out tens of thousands green crystals at one go. Even though there were a lot of cultivation resources in the Heaven's Beyond Corridor, it wasn't to the extent where there was green crystals everywhere. She was also an Immortal King and she came to the Heaven's Beyond Corridor much earlier than Mo Wuji but in her case, she had to fight hard for every single green crystal which she obtained. And even after she obtained the green crystal, she would still need to fight against countless of opponents just to survive.

Presently, Mo Wuji had already started charging towards the barrier of the Immortal Reverent Stage. The green crystal would not only allow one to cultivate at an insane speed, it would also allow one to touch the barrier of the next realm very quickly. If one possessed all sorts of peak grade pills required, it would indeed be very easy for one to advance into the next realm here in a place like the Heaven's Beyond Corridor.

The only thing Lou Si didn't understand was why Mo Wuji would still take out items like immortal veins and immortal crystals. She knew about the green crystal and how the cultivation effectiveness of the green crystal was much greater than all types of immortal crystals.

As she saw that Mo Wuji had started charging towards the Immortal Reverent Stage, Lou Si was completely dumbfounded again. She had never seen a person absorb the energy of the green crystal as immensely as Mo Wuji. The elemental energy extracted from the green crystal were forming a massive whirlpool above Mo Wuji's head.

Wrong, upon closer look, Lou Si noticed that it wasn't a massive whirlpool but hundreds of small whirlpools merging together to look like one massive whirlpool being absorbed by Mo Wuji.

Lou Si took in a breath of cold air as she finally understood why Mo Wuji would draw out the immortal veins as well as the immortal crystals. With such an intense rate of absorbing immortal energy, no amount of green crystals would be enough for him to use.

Endless Grand Dao energy of the Heaven and Earth started circulating around Mo Wuji's body as the aura forming around Mo Wuji started growing exponentially. Lou Si was certain that as long as Mo Wuji had the Extreme Reverent Pill, advancing to the Immortal Reverent Stage wouldn't be difficult at all.

"Boom boom boom!" Explosive thunders could be heard as endless amount of thick lightning bolts started descending.

Lou Si was so terrified at the sight of this she hurried to take a few steps back. The truth was that she had seen Immortal Reverent tribulations more than once before but none of them was even close to the state of Mo Wuji's tribulation. She was certain that even Immortal Emperor's tribulation would not be as terrifying and chaotic as Mo Wuji's one.

For the normal Immortal Reverent tribulation, every wave of lightning bolts would not exceed 18 but this single wave of Mo Wuji's tribulation already had hundreds of lightning bolts. Besides, every single lightning bolt that descended were far too petrifying…

For such a lightning tribulation, even Immortal Emperor would find it hard to go through it, let alone an Immortal King.

Just as Lou Si was still in awe at the frightening lightning bolts, endless amount of lightning bolts had already landed on Mo Wuji's body. Lou Si was so scared that she couldn't even open her eyes to witness this scene. She was also disappointed with herself because she was supposed to guard and protect Mo Wuji but she had no way to rescue Mo Wuji under such circumstances.

Mo Wuji was also shocked because even though he knew how extraordinarily scary his lightning tribulations were before, he certainly didn't expect it to be to this extent.

For every other tribulation that he had been through, he was different from others because neither did he used any defensive treasures nor armours to fend against the lightnings. This time round, Mo Wuji actually felt vulnerable.

Split second later, lightning bolts landed on his body and not only did he circulate his immortal mortal technique to the maximum rate, even his physique tempering technique was executed fully.

"Pff!" Despite the insane extent at which Mo Wuji was absorbing and defending against the lightning bolts, blood started splashing out of his fleshly body and his bones started cracking when the boundless lightning bolts condensed to strike his body.

Just as Lou Si opened her eyes and saw the devastating state of Mo Wuji, she shut her eyes again as she started praying in her heart. All she could do now would be to wait for Mo Wuji to fall and then bring his corpse out of this place.

At the instance the lightning bolt descended on his own body, Mo Wuji could feel his immortal energy rising tremendously and the purple lake within his sea of consciousness started expanding at an extensive manner. Even his fleshly body which had plateaued at the same stage for a long time started tempering again…

Initially, Mo Wuji was tempted to take out his magic treasure but he stopped himself forcefully as he swallowed multiple healing pills instead. Concurrently, he continued to circulate his physique tempering technique as he charged towards the Immortal Reverent Realm. This was not only his opportunity to charge into the Immortal Reverent Realm but also his opportunity to charge towards the advanced God Physique Stage. Why would Mo Wuji let such an opportunity slip by?

"Boom boom boom boom!" Just as Mo Wuji's bones were started to heal, more thick and condensed lightning bolts fell.

Lou Si opened her eyes and logically speaking, if Mo Wuji died under the first wave of lightning bolts, the second wave shouldn't have descended right? Could it be that Mo Wuji had yet to die?

"Kaka, Boom!"

It was almost at the same time the lightning bolt landed on Mo Wuji's body when he broke through the barrier of the Immortal Reverent as well as the God Physique Level 7.

An extremely mighty Immortal Reverent energy started surging around Mo Wuji's body and the bones broken by the second wave of lightning bolts were healing rapidly. Even before Mo Wuji could stabilise his cultivation, the third wave of lightning bolts started exploding downwards.

Not only was the third wave of lightning bolts much more mightier than the first and second wave, it brought along a frightening energy with a trace of death. The dusky space appeared like it was split apart and receptacles of lightning bolts seemed to break apart as all the lightning source turned into descending lightning bolts.

The defending Mo Wuji suddenly stood up straight and charged towards the foremost wave of lightning bolts as he threw out a punch.

At this moment, his heart had this unassailable thirst to charge towards the source of the lightning bolts just to punch through it.

"Kacha!" Lightning bolts exploded and despite the fact that it looked mightier than the first two waves of lightnings, Mo Wuji appeared to be unharm. This was not only due to Mo Wuji advancing into the Immortal Reverent Stage but also because of his God Physique Level 7.

"Bang!" Mo Wuji landed with both feet on the ground as it created a deep pit.

The desert wasteland had returned to its original appearance as it turned dusky again. Mo Wuji looked unpleasantly at the dusky space in front of him because he wanted more waves of lightning bolts for hm to stabilise his strength.

He had just stepped into the Immortal Reverent Realm and God Physique Level 7 yet there were no more lightning bolts to authenticate it. It seemed like he would be the only Immortal Reverent who only had three waves of lightning tribulations.

Lou Si was still in a daze as she stared blankly at the ragged Mo Wuji looking towards the sky above the desert wasteland. She simply couldn't believe her eyes.

This was the first time she witnessed an Immortal Reverent tribulation being more frightening that the Immortal Emperor tribulation and also her first time witnessing an Immortal Reverent tribulation with only three waves of lightning. Naturally, this was also her first time seeing someone complete such a heaven defying tribulation and still wanted more of it?

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