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The old man was so excited to take Zhang Yan's Elixir Pattern in trembling. A closer look made him even more shocked. He shouted loudly, "Perfect, it's really perfect!" He handed it to Meng Yao.

Surprise sat in Meng Yao's eyes as well that the pattern was even better than hers. What did this mean? It meant that Zhang Yan possessed a higher attainment of spirit tattooing than her, which was unacceptable to her. Zhang Yan was even younger than herself and he had such a high attainment. It was incredible!

Yan Luo didn't understand, but he could be told that this spiritual magic figure of Zhang Yan must be powerful from Meng Yao's surprised expression. He was delighted that he didn't judge Song Ning wrong. He knew Zhang Yan was definitely extraordinary at his first sight.

"This is the most perfect Elixir Pattern I have ever seen. I can only reach such level as well and I must be slower than you. You are such a genius!" The old man praised in excitement.

Zhang Yan replied with a smile, "Thanks for you praise, senior. I began to know spirit tattooing skills long ago, so this is nothing."

"Don't call me senior. My name is Meng Hongwen. You can call my name. I assure that your attainment of spirit tattooing is not inferior to me, so you and I are the same generation in this art, though you are quite young."

Zhang Yan was surprised and quickly waved his hand, "Oh, no, I can't. How about I calling you Grandpa Meng, which seems to be closer. I dare not to call your name."

"Well, just as you like. You have passed the test and become a five-star apprentice now." Grandpa Meng smiled kindly. 

"Five-star? Not one-star?" Zhang Yan asked.

"Of course not, you can depict a perfect low-level Elixir Pattern and you are already a five-star apprentice. I know that your strength is definitely much higher than this, but if you want to improve the grade, you need to inscribe a more complicated one."

Zhang Yan quickly shook his head, "No, it is already enough. I just want to get a badge, because you sell the advanced material only to the spirit tattooists with a badge."

"Oh? You want to buy advanced materials?" Meng Hongwen asked, "Don't you intend to inscribe high-level spiritual patterns?"

"Not everyone can succeed in depicting high-level spiritual patterns, even my grandpa can't guarantee to be successful every time. Are you sure you want to engrave high-level spiritual patterns? Or do you think they can help you increase the success rate?" Meng Yao also wondered.

Zhang Yan answered with a smile, "To be frank, I really want to inscribe a high-level spiritual patterns, Vibration Pattern. It's like this." He handed over his stone sword.

Meng Hongwen took the stone sword, touched it and asked, "The material of your stone sword is so special that I have never seen. It must be extraordinary."

Zhang Yan responded smilingly, "I don't know its origin either. I happened to get it and considered it easy to use. I don't mean to show you're the sword, please turn it over." 

Meng Hongwen turned over the stone sword and found a spiritual pattern that he had never seen. He fixed on the sword for a while and began to touch the spiritual pattern on it.

Meng Yao asked, "You just said that you want to inscribe a high-level spiritual pattern and was the one on your sword drawn by you?"

Zhang Yan nodded, "Yes, it was."


Although Meng Yao and Meng Hongwen had already guessed that it was engraved by Zhang Yan, they still felt startled by his answer. Only spirit tattooing artists had the capability to depict spiritual patterns on weapons!

Meng Hongwen was excited in trembling again, "It looks like a Vibrating Pattern. Is it a high-level one?"

Zhang Yan nodded again, "Yes. But I used the lower materials the last time, so it had been consumed a lot. And I want to depict it with advanced materials this time." He, by the way, spoke out all the advanced materials he needed.

Meng Hongwen frowned, "We have these materials you want, but the star stone…"

"What's wrong? You have no star stones?"

Meng Hongwen pondered and said, "It is extremely precious and we only have one here. I am going to leave it to Meng Yao. I can give it to you want, but I have a condition."

Zhang Yan immediately asked, "What condition? I agree as long as I can."

"It's not a difficult thing. I just hope that you can let us watch when you inscribe. We also want to learn from you."

Meng Hongwen also knew that his requirement was improper. The spirit tattooing skills were regarded as secrets of a spirit tattooist. They won't tell others about the material types and the material ratio. After all, the less who could depict the patterns, the higher the pattern's value would be. So, many tattooists kept their high-level spiritual patterns from others, that's why the spirit tattooing skills were getting dying.

However, the high-grade Vibrating Pattern was not so precious, and Zhang Yan agreed, "As long as you can provide me with the materials I need, you can watch beside me."

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