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Published at 6th of September 2020 07:04:23 AM
Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Outside of my capture area


The thief was walking further and further away from my capture area .


For now, it seems like my life is not in danger so I should be fine but my skills seem to have to disabled .


The thief keeps swiftly running through the human village, passing the beautiful rock path at an admirable speed . It could be said that she was fast for a human . Perhaps it is because she is a thief?


The only skill that I was still usable was my map skill, therefore I have been constantly using it to check our location . The thief headed north then took the side road after walking past a hill .


At that location, there was a small brick house . The thief proceeded to walk on to the small stair steps and stand in front of the door .


So this is her house . . .


As soon as we walked into the house, a somewhat nostalgic sound flowed into my mind .

TLN: Nostalgic is a bad way of explaining the sound she is hearing but she basically heard a sound that was similar to something from her memory or some shit like that .


-------swish swish

TLN: Again, not the best translation here, it's a sound similar to the sound of waves/vines if I were to describe it .


"Are we sleeping out here today?"


"That's right, you can rest inside the carriage, make sure to take care of your belongings . "




I replied with a small human body . It seems like we are on some kind of camping trip on some rocky shore . surrounding us was a bunch of plains .


besides us, several other carriages and people along with tents were visible .


Now that I think about it, back when I was a human, I was a peddler's daughter when I was young .


"Aw, I wish I was able to get a little bit closer with the others to trade with them . "


"I agree . You will be able to profit from them and gain some money but it will only be a waste of time . "


There is a man and a woman . Somehow, they seem oddly nostalgic . . . Perhaps these two are . . .


-----------Swish Swish


The noise played through my head again, and the scene changed again .


I am in a place that I know very well . . . It's a place that I must never forget . . .


The Diva Empire and I'm standing near the King's throne . . .


"Why is Prince Layer . . . "


I am currently standing at the scene where the first prince Layer Kimbal has been stabbed . . . Bleeding while holding a sword, he was just lying there . . . then the king's head went flying .


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I couldn't bear to watch the scene .


"Kill those 2 as well!"


A man shouted .


""Yes Sir!""


The castle guards start to approach the man and women .






both the man and women were sliced by the guards as they raised their voice, falling to the ground . behind them were the camp from the previous memory and the two who just got sliced were no doubt, my parents .


"Hehe, I just thought of a good idea! Hey you! Become the witch! That's right! you're the witch! HAHAHA!"


The short golden-haired boy said to me as he grabbed my neck with a fearless grin .


That's right . . . this man is the one I should have a grudge on . . . the second prince Cain Kimbal!




The noise has stopped . . . Am I perhaps going to see another piece of my memory? This house seems to have caused my memories to show up, perhaps my parents have some kind of connection to this house?

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I was a peddler's daughter . . . with horrible memories of being tied up by ropes and being brung to the throne .


Kain even killed my parents whom I was supposed to eat . . . just the thought of this memory added fuel to the flames of my memory!


Still just why did I appear as a human during the duration of the memory? and just what are these fragment like memory's meaning? . . . are they just random forgotten memory's or do they perhaps have a different meaning?


The thief opened the door of the house .


""Welcome home sister!""


A boy and a girl welcome the thief home . Are they perhaps siblings?


"Rick go grab a flower pot for me, Aya please wipe the table"




Seems like the children are well disciplined, and on top of that, they look very delicious . Unfortunately I am unable to eat them in this form . How frustrating . . .


Rick brings a flower pot . Kate puts soil into the flower and proceeds to plant me into the flower pot . Its pretty good for a human .


Afterwards the planted me was moved towards the window for sunlight .


"All right then Rick, water the plant a little while I go out to buy some sake and snacks . "

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"Have a nice trip!"


Kate leaves the house .


"phew . . she finally left . . I wonder if something good happened to Kate *neechan?"

Used when addressing an older sister . Almost always used in a familial context but can be used without in some cases


"if you don't give the plant water like you were told to, you'll get scolded again"


"Its such a hassle~ and besides the flower looks creepy . "


I take back my statement about them . Garbage will forever be garbage .


"Alright! lets try making it eat this!"


Rick brought out something black .


"Rick that's a [Goki] you know? also you need to properly wash your hands"


That black thing . . . was a bug . . .


Once again I realized that humans truly are worse than trash . I'm glad that I was turned into a plant but for know, I regret the fact that my appearance looks like a carnivorous plant . . .


Oh god . . . please make me a insect free world . . . .

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