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The crowd saw Ye Futian agree and was perplexed. They could not understand what the appearance of this group of people was for.

Could it be that they wanted to use Longyuan City as a springboard to show off their ability and attract the attention of others to find support to enter the Divine Path?

The Young City Lord of the White Sovereign City, Li Xun had a reputation for being admirable, so it was no surprise to everyone that he would recruit Ye Futian. It was as though it was natural for him to do so. Among the Five Major Cities, the White Sovereign City could be ranked in the top three, even going as far as one of the strongest two cities. It would be extremely beneficial for Ye Futian to enter the White Sovereign City's faction.

Once he entered the White Sovereign City, he would have the chance to enter the Holy Road with the people from Mount Jiuxian. This time, the White Sovereign City would definitely be selected by Mount Jiuxian. If that was the case, Ye Futian's group would not have to worry about struggling in the Holy Road due to their low cultivation level.

Otherwise, no matter how strong they were, with only their Upper Arcana Plane cultivation level, they would be unable to hold their ground. In a place like the Holy Road where geniuses from the entire Barren State gathered, even the Noble Plane prodigies from Mount Jiuxian would appear ordinary.

"Qi Yuan, Ye Mo's group has already joined my White Sovereign City's faction. If you want to continue the challenge, the White Sovereign City will naturally send out Noble Plane cultivators into battle," Li Xun said, looking towards Qi Yuan. Beside him, a girl clad in body-hugging green clothes stepped forward. She was stunningly beautiful, yet gave off a resolute aura, she was Li Xun's younger sister Li Qingyi, who had just stepped into the Noble Plane as a grade nine noble. Her battle ability was also quite strong.

Qi Yuan frowned and his gaze swept cruelly across Ye Futian's group and ordered, "Step down."

The crowd broke into mumbles. As expected, the Longyuan City did not want to clash with the White Sovereign City that early.

Ye Futian saw the Noble Plane cultivator retreating and they started to walk towards the White Sovereign City's faction. Li Xun saw Ye Futian's group coming towards him, smiled and said, "With your inclusion, our White Sovereign City's faction will be undefeated in the Arcana Plane."

The people surrounding him who heard his words looked towards the White Sovereign City's faction, and their gazes landed on a few other teens.

Zhuo Jun, the strongest Arcana Plane cultivator in the White Sovereign City's City Lord Office, an individual that was heavily groomed by the White Sovereign City. He would be Li Xun's strongest supporter in the future, and another burly teen clad in heavy armor stood beside him. The teen's name was Zhan Long and he was always with Zhuo Jun. Similarly, he also had remarkable battle ability.

Apart from those two, there was also one other person dressed in plain clothes, giving people a simple and clear-cut feeling. That person was Lin Feibai, the person with a reputation in the White Sovereign City as the strongest person under the Noble Plane. The City Lord's Office had been trying to recruit him under their charge, but he had only just joined because of the Holy Road. Many people wanted to know who was stronger between Zhuo Jun and Lin Feibai.

With the three of them, and now the inclusion of Ye Futian's group, the White Sovereign City's Arcana Plane force would be like a fish in water. It would be extremely difficult to deal with them, but the focus this time was still on the Noble Plane cultivators.

"My name is Li Qingyi," Li Qingyi introduced herself to them.

"Ye Mo, Yu Sheng, Ye Wuchen and Loulan Xue," Ye Futian replied.

Li Qingyi introduced the rest of them to Ye Futian. Zhuo Jun had his arms crossed and nodded lightly at Ye Futian while Lin Feibai was emotionless. Ye Futian did not care and just smiled.

"Miss Qingyi, are the people today all here for the Holy Road?" Ye Futian asked.

"Mount Jiuxian is taking in disciples. Even if it wasn't for the Holy Road, it would still be a spectacular event. Moreover, there are rumors that the daughter of the Wind Sage, Qin Yin, will be picking her husband. What do you think?" Li Qingyi replied to Ye Futian. Qin Yin was reputed to be a spectacular beauty and the beloved daughter of the Wind Sage. The Five Major Cities had sent out their most talented offspring to try and win her hand in marriage.

Ye Futian raised his head and looked at the top of the mountain. Among the crowd, there was indeed a girl with exceptional looks and a graceful aura, that must be the Qin Yin that she was mentioning.

"Of course, if we are able to join forces with Mount Jiuxian and enter the Holy Road, that is also a great option," Li Qingyi continued and Ye Futian nodded. From Li Qingyi's words, he had a general understanding of what was happening today.

When he left the Starry School, Chief Chen had reminded him that the Holy Road was opening up and countless talents would all head towards the Barren State's nine Holy Roads to attempt to clear it. Chief Chen had also asked him to consider it.

Now that he had coincidentally arrived at Mount Jiuxian, he could feel that the entire Barren State was probably making preparations to enter the Holy Road. Currently, in the space at the foot of Mount Jiuxian, there were battles erupting in all directions, the Spiritual Qi in the air rampaging and Life Spirit Dharmas exuding their brilliance. It seemed like everyone wanted to display their strength to the Mount Jiuxian experts.

There was only a minority of people who did not start battling. Of course, there were a few factions that were extremely salient. They were the Five Major Cities' factions, each taking up a different direction and watching each other.

The Five Major Cities, apart from Longyuan City and the White Sovereign City, also included Xuanyuan City, the Heavenly City, and the Frost City. Among the five cities, the White Sovereign City, Xuanyuan City, and the Heavenly City were the strongest three cities. That was why the Xuanyuan City and Heavenly City's factions were treated as the strongest opponents by the White Sovereign City this time.

At that moment, Qi Yuan stepped forward, his gaze on the White Sovereign City's Li Xun. The crowd was startled, was Qi Yuan going to challenge Li Xun?

His gaze sweeping across Li Xun, Qi Yuan's body flew into the air. Li Xun understood his intention and stepped into the air. Immediately, there was a Noble Will spreading from above the crowd.

Seeing the scene, three figures stepped out from the Xuanyuan City's faction. They were in the Arcana Plane and not Noble Plane cultivators.

"Xuanyuan Pojun." Li Qingyi's expression changed. Xuanyuan Pojun was the son of the Xuanyuan City Lord and had phenomenal strength. He held golden axes in both hands, a stinging aura exuding from the axes.

Zhuo Jun and Zhan Long both stepped forward. Li Qingyi looked towards Ye Futian's group and said, "Can you send out one person to join Zhuo Jun in battle? Zhuo Jun will deal with Xuanyuan Pojun."

"Yu Sheng, you go then," Ye Futian looked towards Yu Sheng and said. Yu Sheng nodded and stepped out.

At the same time, from another faction, three Arcana Plane experts stepped out. They were from the Heavenly City. Presently, the White Sovereign City's Arcana Plane force was the strongest. If that was so, they would team up to crush the White Sovereign City's Arcana Plane cultivators. The three Heavenly City experts all wielded swords. Their Sword Qi roared and transformed into a horrifying current, flowing in the air.

Lin Feibai stepped forward; he was also a swordsman in training.

"Ye Mo, can you send two people to support Lin Feibai?" Li Qingyi asked. Ye Futian nodded and looked at Ye Wuchen. The two of them stepped forward together, standing behind Lin Feibai.

The two battles erupted at the same time. Xuanyuan Pojun's strength was indeed domineering, his twin axes slicing down from the air, the golden glow severing everything. Adding on his extraordinary strength, he had the aura of total annihilation. The two people behind him were sorcerers who specialized in crowd control abilities, supporting him during the fight.

At Ye Futian's side of the battlefield, the three swordsmen in training from the Heavenly City struck out with their swords at the same time, the attacks seemingly merging into one, the Sword Qi lingering in the air. An imposing sword veil appeared in the air, forming lethal sword auroras with the three experts' movements.

The sword in Lin Feibai's hand started to wave, and in an instant, his body was covered in a sword veil, rendering him immune to the other party's Sword Qi. Ye Wuchen's lone arm wielded his sword, similarly forming a protective sword veil. Starlight started to gather around Ye Futian's body, flowing around him like meteorites, keeping the Sword Qi out.

The three experts' bodies flew around, their actions perfectly synchronized. The three swords danced in unison and became one, sweeping forward. Even the air appeared to be cut in half, and the sword veil was split open. Lin Feibai retreated and said in a hushed voice, "Go forward and create an opening for me."

Ye Futian stepped forward and Ye Wuchen, understanding his intentions from his actions, stepped forward together with him.

The meteorites started to revolve in the air, transforming into a horrifying gravity, crushing down on the other party. Ye Futian gripped his palm and numerous meteorites slammed towards the three experts. At the same time, Ye Wuchen's fingers pointed into the air and tens of thousands of sword wills flew towards the three experts.

The three of them retaliated by waving their swords, forming a brilliant protective sword veil. The falling meteorites shattered unceasingly, yet it managed to cause a crack to appear in the sword veil. At the same time, Ye Wuchen's Sword Qi slashed through and created an opening.

At that moment, Lin Feibai appeared to transform into a sword, reaching incredible speeds. The crowd could only see a flash of a sword and the Sword Veil disappeared. Lin Feibai's body suddenly appeared behind the three of them.

The three swordsmen in training from the Heavenly City all had blood spurting from their throats and fell to the ground.

What a fast blade. The crowd was astounded. It was as expected of the title of the strongest person under the Noble Plane in the White Sovereign City.

The sword will on his body vanished and he turned around, walking back. When he passed by Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen, he said in a soft voice, "The two of you are quite strong."

Ye Futian smiled and replied, "Your sword is very quick."

Indeed, Lin Feibai's sword was fast. Although he and Ye Wuchen had restricted the opponent's movements, Lin Feibai's sword was like lightning and took the opponents' lives in an instant. He could be considered a prodigy in the Arcana Plane.

"Thank you for your hard work." Lin Qingyi smiled, nodding towards Lin Feibai. Ye Futian and Ye Wuchen walked back and Lin Qingyi nodded towards them as well. At that moment, the other battle had also concluded with a victory. Zhuo Jun claimed the most credit, it was him who had given Xuanyuan Pojun the lethal strike and injured him while Yu Sheng was attacking.

Lin Qingyi looked at them. With Zhuo Jun and Lin Feibai, now that Ye Futian's group had joined them, they were invincible in the Arcana Plane.

Just then, Li Xun had also returned from defeating Qi Yuan. The two of them landed back in their own factions, Qi Yuan's expression especially distressed. However, to the White Sovereign City, it was a complete victory.

Ye Futian's gaze looked towards the surroundings. From now on, there would probably not be much for them to do. They did not stand in the limelight, and he even transmitted a message to Yu Sheng to not be too outstanding. Otherwise, Yu Sheng would have used his true strength and crushed everyone else. Who knows if he would have been scouted by a Sage Plane expert from Mount Jiuxian then? If the Sage Plane expert wanted to take him as a disciple, would he agree or not? If that happened, they would become extremely passive. That was why he intentionally supported Zhuo Jun and Lin Feibai and let them deal the critical strike.

"Qin Yin, what do you think?" at that moment, an elderly person on Mount Jiuxian asked her.

"Zhuo Jun is from the City Lord's Office, but Lin Feibai has yet to enter. If there is the opportunity, we should recruit him. Also, we can consider letting that group become disciples of Mount Jiuxian. If they continue their exceptional performance in the future, we can further consider if we want to take them in as personal disciples," Qin Yin replied.

"You mean that we will recruit the people from the White Sovereign City this time?" The elderly person tried to confirm her intentions.

"Yes." Qin Yin nodded.

"What about Li Xun?" the elderly person asked, smiling.

"I'm not in a hurry." Qin Yin naturally understood that he was asking about her choice of husband.

"Alright. There is no shortage of outstanding people this time around, take your time to decide," the elder smiled and said.

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