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Eating is important.

That was how Remu and I made a duo party in solo rank.

The game has begun we stepped into the summoner’s battlefield.

-First Blood!

It was not my kill.

Remu easily got his first kill at the start of the game.

I guessed he was going 

Remu, who was playing with me in platinum 4 belongs to diamond 3.

Since he was playing with players of lower standard, it wasn’t surprising that he found it easy.

Of course, I couldn’t be losing to him.

I was on mid lane, and Remu was on the top.

After a while, my chance came to get my first solo kill.

AP battle Mage’s  alpha slash that I’ve been counting on finally hit through the opponent.

At the same time, I made further moves smoothly.



The enemy mid Laner Ruplang was finished with no mistake.

It was the perfect calculation of my damage inflicted on him.

Obviously Remu was not the guy who would ignore this.

He was tempted, and started typing.

-A booster’s first solo kill?

-LOL you jealous?

There was nothing to suspect anymore.

I was certain that Remu saw every moment of that kill.

Since I proved it to him, there was no way he can say anything about my skills anymore.

-Jeez, the kill just now was just luck wasn’t it?

-It’s your choice to trust my skills or not.

He still suspected me after all the things I showed him.

And it’s not like I’m perfectly innocent for this since I’m playing with skills of 6 years later.

But it’s my skills anyway!

There can’t be anything else to penalize me.

-Aren’t you just chatting?

He insisted  that it wasn’t me playing.

I kind of got lazy explaining anymore.

As I started ignoring him, he changed the topic.

-Are you the one in that video by any chance?

I guessed the video here is referring to the famous video of furious uncle BJ Pangwu!

I was sure that Remu watched it too.

-Stop suspecting. I’m so done now.

I was already sick of explaining.

But I did understand.

In the perspective of Remu, my skills just improved suddenly.

It’s rather logical to suspect such things.

-Why did you suddenly start playing AP battle Mage?

-I got interested after watching Ruygod’s vid. Ok?

The fact that Ruygod plays AP battle Mage is well known.

For that, I didn’t have to find another excuse for this.

-Ah, forget it. It’s not like you sucked that much either.

I didn’t even sucked at this game at the first place!

He no longer found it suspicious since most of the things were explained.

Remu and I continued playing in duo.

The result was remarkable.

It would have been happy if could say this way, but actually, it wasn’t.

There was a problem in the middle.

-Why did you initiate at that point? Everyone was dead.

-Cuz that dude was staring at me.

Remu gave an excuse that did not make any sense for initiating wrongly and losing the game.

He was always this way.

That’s probably the reason why he always get into fights.

He is the kind of guy who walks his way and does not care anything about the rest.

But for that, it entertains me sometimes, and gives me energy.

I didn’t get sick of playing rank games after playing in duo.

I’m a matured adult unlike the past where I would throw my keyboard if things doesn’t go in the way I wanted.

And for me, it has been a long time since I last met Remu, so I was glad to see him as well.

I would forgive him if he made minor mistakes.

-You really shouldn’t have went in there!


He went overboard again and lost another match.

I usually get extremely competitive, but I could still forgive him for losing one or two matches.

It was funny to see myself getting apologies from a diamond player as I was in silver tier during season 2.

I ate, and played.

And scolded Remu.

After 4 days, I finally reached the diamond tier from platinum 4.

It was the first step towards the top tier.

I finally opened the gate to play with players of high standards who play the game properly.

Would I have reached here faster if I played alone?

I was slightly regretful, but it was fine as long as I enjoyed the process.

-I guess you didn’t get boosted.

-Didn’t. I. Tell. You. That. I. Wasn’t. All. Along?

Remu ‘s doubt was cleared, and now is the time to go up further.

Till we reach the upper tier, the master.

However, my body got exhausted after playing all day for 4 days.

Sometimes, it is good to have breaks.

I wanted to get my hands off the keyboard just for this day.

I wondered if there are other things to do.

‘Exercise.. Is important actually.”

Although it was a promise that I procrastinated to keep, but it was one of the important promise that I made with myself.

But it’s not like I can register for a fitness club.

I changed my clothes that I can run around, and stepped out of my house.

I decided to buy groceries on the way back since it was running out.

The jogging course that I chose was Tancheon Road.

Beside Tancheon, there was a road that was suitable for jogging.

Tancheon in the past gave an impression of dirty and smelly water, but it wasn’t these days. 

People even call it a beautiful natural scenery.

The neighborhood that I’m living wasn’t really well managed, but it wasn’t that bad.

“One two, one two.”

I did some simple stretching after arriving at Tancheon.

The morning exercise in secondary and high schools were something that I could never forget.

While I was stretching, I felt a sign of human near me.

There was An Officetel of 500 sq ft that was situated near Miguem station in Bundang.

It was a place where it is perfect for 2 people to live together, and small for more than people to live together.

If residing is the only objective, then size wasn’t the big problem.

A person was living in such large house alone.

Considering the fact that is was near the city and was built recently, it should have cost a tremendous sum of money.

However, it wasn’t a big deal for his parents.

This was the house that I got after I rejected a personal mansion.


People would consider him as a gold spoon (A way of calling people born in well fed family) born with everything he needed.

And still, he sighed.

Physically, he lacks nothing but in terms of human relationships, he was just as poor as a beggar.

In reality, even virtually, he had never made any friends.

However, there was one person that he kept in touch with.

And that person has changed recently.

“Strange, I was sure that he was boosted.”

After mid year exam, I talked to him just like the old days.

It was a kind of guy that I can spend my time together with him whenever I am bored.

And that guys skill got so good suddenly.

He initially thought that he got boosted as I always soused to laugh at him.

And that was the reason why he suspected from the beginning.

his relationship with this guy was a type of relationship that didn’t have to be polite to each other.

I thought he would tell me the truth if he insisted suspecting but things have gone way different from what he expected.

He could list all the doubts tat he had towards it.

So he asked many times and even played together with him but the answer was no.

There was no evidence that he was boosted.

How can he have improved this far in such short period of time?

It made no sense but I had no choice but to believe it.

He thought his skill belong to the gold tier no matter how well he did and this guy was now at diamond.

He had never thought that he would be jealous.

Despite it not being a bad news, he still sighed unconsciously.

“Why am I wondering over such an useless thing…”

He had never made any relationship with people other than his family in life.

he want interested , and did not want to leave connections with others.

And still, he couldn’t stop bothering.

he didn’t had a good impressions ion of this guy initially.

Strangely, he got interested the more he met.

He thought that he would get sick of talking after a few days.

And that led to a few years that he was in touch with this guy.

It may not be a big business since its just a game friend.

However, for someone that is not interested to make friends like him, it was something very strange.

He felt happy unknowingly whenever he talked to this guy.

He could feel his stress relieved a well.

And that could be the reason why he was more harsh when interacting.


Something that was moving other than himself.

The round shaped vacuum robot looked exceptionally cute today.

He could trust it that it will always move around as and when he wanted him to.


The vacuum robot went back to his place to charge itself.

There were new functions after the advancement of technology.

He wished there would be someone always moving for him whenever he liked.

It feels as if a dog that one has been taking care of finally becoming independent.

“Yes, he’s just a dog.”

It’s weird to treat him specially.

It was just someone too talk to for a few hours.

Even if he succeed, he is still below me and soon he will come to me for help.

No matter how he tried to clear his anxiety, he couldn’t stop being anxious.

he felt as if something was choking him hard.

He wanted to step out of his house to stare at the open skies.

In the house 500sq ft big, there was air refresher, and also fitness equipments.

All the things were carefully placed as he did not enjoy going out.

However, that day was special.

There was someone sitting on a bench not far from the house.

the woman that was sitting on the bench was peeping at me while staring at her phone.

I felt that she was looking at me when she turned her head away.

I trudged.

She was still staring at her phone although I was heading towards her.

Her phone was bigger than Galaxy S.

It was the innovation in the smart phone business at that time, the Galaxy note 1.

It was definitely a new world for people who were using small phones.

However, the price of it was more than a thousand dollars.

Unless she went overboard to buy it, he guessed that she was under a rich family.

I decided to start a conversation like an adorable oppa.

Perhaps she looked at me because she was interested?

Sometimes, the misunderstandings we thought may not be the actual misunderstanding.

“Hello. The weather is good isn’t it?”

I realized that she had high expectation after talking to her.

I initially thought that she was just a cute student.

It’s not like I never dated anyone in life, but it was a long time ago.

The huddle of starting a conversation to a girl that I never met was higher than I expected.

However, one thing relieving was that she made the eye contact first.

And I thought that she was just an innocent girl since she was still a student.

Although the age difference wouldn’t have been big even if she was a student.

“Get lost.”


I heard a sentence that my ears could never process.

I never expect such harsh treatment form a pretty girl.

Maybe, I thought I heard it wrongly.

“Get lost, you ugly shit,”

Sadly, I did hear her correctly.

I did not dress myself well, but I couldn’t be ugly looking.

I believed that I was above average no matter how the personal preference of appearance can vary.

“I was just saying hi, why are you so harsh..?”

“It’s your fault for talking to me then.”

Did I make any mistakes to make her upset?

All I did was exercising in the public space.

Then why?

If she took it seriously, that I could still understand a little, but I was still angry.

“Although she was rude, she’s still pretty. I can understand if she is this pretty.”

As she was on the phone, I was not able to look at the girl properly.

As I got closer, I could see her clearly.

She was too beautiful to fit in a casual clothing.

Smooth porcelain like white skin, and silky hair that falls under her shoulder.

Small face, and perfect body ratio, a height just above average.

The more one looks at her, the more exclamation she would give.

I guessed that she was younger than me.

My age then was 20.

The girl was around high school age, and she looked 20 the most.

“So how long are you going to breath the same air with me? Just go your own way.”

She spoke just like Remu with a beautiful voice.

Maybe Remu was too much for her.

To correct it, I wasn’t going to change what I was going to do.

Hiding the anger in my heart, I made a fake laugh as I walked away.

“If only I was a little younger, I would have slapped her real hard.”

Sadly, it was the age to be scared of law.

If I do something wrong, I may be jumped back to 5 years in the future.

This is nothing compared to what I have gone through in Matbam.

“Strangely, it’s not so bad after all.”

Now that I recall it, it wasn’t really a big business.

I was just scratched by a stray cat that had bad temper.

Maybe she did that cuz she is scared of people.

Thinking this way, I could even smile.

I’ll greet her again if I ever meet her again.

If she was just soft spoken, then maybe she would be different the closer I get.

Not to compare, but Remu was also that kind of guy.

Not that I’m expecting anything, but just in way of being friends with a stray cat.

I finally had an objective of jogging in this time.

The impression of her soft voice remained vividly in my mind although she wasn’t really nice.

Maybe I should find something that would interest the young people.

Having many thoughts in mind, there was less fatigue on my body.

Maybe I could exercise more although I did not want to exercise too much on the first day.

I went for grocery shopping after jogging.

I thought I had to eat something meaty today.

A sale signs of imported pork caught my eyesight.

Pork belly from Spain 1 kg.

I actually wanted to buy lesser.

But imported parks come frozen by a kilogram.

I couldn’t ask to cut them out as well.

But it was cheap in pricing.

For a strange reason many foreign countries do not enjoy pork belly.

Half to stir fry, and the half to season it.

With pork belly of 200g, onion, lettuce, garlic and etc, we can eat a stir fried pork of exceptional quality.

I didn’t even had dream nor hope.

I was almost getting used to living a useless life.

I will definitely succeed in my second life.

It will be great if I can ever date a girl prettier than the girl I met while jogging.

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