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The culture festival safely ended half a month later. The selection for the student council members, that was just for appearance, was performed, with Asahi-san being magnificently elected as president. This place was full of people that weren't interested in the student council; so, if you nominate yourself, you'll usually be elected.

The new student council members would start with one month of training; however, everyone in the student council was busy with exams; so presently, the new members were being tasked with small tasks for learning.

Even if I say this, since we don't have any particular event, we were not that busy.

Even though we weren't busy for some reason, we gathered in the club room every day, for reasons I fail to understand.


“Kaguragi, have you finished with that?”

“Yes, I have.”

“Asahi-san, about this point……”

“Let me see…...aah, that. That is……”


We advanced our tasks dispassionately. While the senpai from 2nd year did their work completely in silence.

It's stiff, really stiff. I don't hate this type of atmosphere but my shoulders will freeze if it's like this every day.

Of course, not on the level of being noisy but, I thought we would do our tasks while harmoniously chatting with each other. Looks like I had the wrong impression.

“Well then, I'll leave first.”

“Ah, good job.”

“T-thanks for the hard work-”


When the senpai finished doing their task they immediately headed home. Because we'll be working together for 1 year, I want to get along with them.

However, the senpais would return home without fail.

Of course, if I ask them something I don't know, he'll courteously teach me but, I can feel a wall. What should I do, I wonder?


“Ah, crap. It's already this late…...I have things to do now, so I'll go. What about you guys?”

“I'll finish in a bit, so I'll remain.”

“Me too.”

“ too.”

“I see. Don't  stay here too late, okay? I'll leave the key to you. Then, I'm off.”

“Understood. Thanks for the hard work.”

“Thanks for the hard work.”

“Scram alre…..thanks for the hard work.”

“Rinka, I can hear you, you know.”


Asahi-san hurriedly left while glaring at me.

Heavy silence descended upon us again.

Only the sound of pens resounded in the room.

Finishing my task, I put down my pen. When I'm tired I want to eat sweet things.


“That's it!!!”


I suddenly shouted, Hasumi looked strangely at me and Asuka looked surprised.


“......what's up so suddenly?”

“You surprised me… abruptly raised your voice.”

“Sorry…….it was unintentional.”


Mentally, I stuck out my tongue and did a ‘tehepero☆,’ but actually didn't do it. Because I am an ojou-sama


“So, what was that?”

“I thought out a secret plan to get along with the senpais.”

“A secret plan… get along?”

“Yes. Come on, don't you feel like…..there is something like a wall between us and the senpais?”

“Really? I don't mind it though.”

“Isn't that just because Hasumi-sama is insensitive?”

“Hmm…….? Seems like you've got things to say, mh?”


Hasumi looked at me with a cold smile.

Hiii. I'm sorry, I got ahead of myself!

Looking at our exchange, Asuka wryly smiled.


“It may make no difference to you guys, even if you sensed the senpais man's wall.”

“Make no difference… us?”

“Why would the senpai make difference to us?”

“ guys, don't know?”

“About what?”

“I did hear this previously but…….it seems like you went horse riding in the middle of patrolling?”


Surprised by that, I glared at Hasumi without thinking.

Haven't I said it? That's why, think more about the meaning of my protest.

Hasumi took in my look and then looked at Asuka with a nonchalant face.


“Is there a problem with that?”


No, isn't that a big problem! Because there were fellows that were playing in the middle of work!

So I retorted in my mind, but, my mouth didn't. Because my heart has a chicken shape.


“I'm not really finding fault with you. Well, I'd like it if you didn't do it next year though. There's no meaning in talking about something that already passed.”


Asuka said with the same wry smile. Asuka's sense of justice is really strong. That's why I thought that he'd get angry. He is unexpectedly flexible.

And that seemed to be the same for Hasumi, though his expression in itself didn't change, his eyes shook with perplexity.

Somehow, I felt like my skill in reading Hasumi's facial expressions raised recently. Even though I don't want such a skill.


"ーーanyway, it seems like you two rode a horse together・・・・・・・・・・and so, a rumour began to spread. About Hasumi and Kaguragi going out.”

“……………excuse me?”



I completely froze at Asuka's words.

My head went blank and I couldn't think anything.

Hasumi too widened his eyes, looking surprised.

Well, that's right. It's a bother to Hasumi, right. Since Miku-sama would misunderstand, right.

Moreover, Hasumi likes Miku-sama. That's why it's impossible for me to be dating Hasumi.

And yet, they are misunderstanding.

I felt the blood rushing all to my head at once.

*bump*, I stood up with force, and struck the desk in front of me with force too. It really hurts.


“We are not! Even if the sky and earth overturned, it would be impossible for Hasumi and I to be dating!”

“Is that so?”


Asuka answered, taken aback by my might.

When I looked at Hasumi and said: “It's impossible, right!?” Hasumi who was perhaps taken aback by my force too, answered “Y-yeah……” with a dumbfounded look.

However, Asuka still didn't look convinced, as he crossed his arms and wrinkled his brows.


“But, when I see you two doing club activities for the student council, you two look to have a good relationship……”

“It's just your imagination. Our relationship is of knowing each other face and being less than friends.”

“......I really don't see it this way though.”

“Then, we are just friends.”

“Okay, I'll try to accept it like so.”



Hasumi hung his head, while holding it with his hand.

Oh my. Is being friends no good? Does he hate it that much?


“.......can't you not accept it at your own discretion…….or rather, I was even less than a friend…….”


What Hasumi was grumbling, went unheard by our ears.

Don't worry, Hasumi. I shall dispel your misgivings!

So until then let's make it like we are friends okay?





Tn: Naoriel

Ed: Aeternatrix 




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