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Chapter 10

Lysithea witnessed Liam confronting the Sword Saint .

(How can he face the Sword Saint unperturbed?)

In front of the Sword Saint who wielded his sword, even a trained individual like her could not help but feel intimidated .

Sword Saints were beyond first class; they lived for the sake of arriving at the pinnacle of swordsmanship .

To her, it seemed like Liam was at ease against an existence who had set one foot outside the boundaries of humanity .

Liam swirled his katana around before grinning at the Sword Saint .

“Iyaa~~, I had been anticipating our meeting ever since my subordinates mentioned you . Although it’s unbecoming for my age, I’m really excited to fight you, Sword Saint . ”

Was he unaware of the huge difference in their powers?

Such were Lysithea’s honest thoughts, but the Sword Saint’s reaction was unlike before .

The smile on the Sword Saint’s face was more ferocious than Liam’s, and he held the handle of his sword so tightly that Lysithea heard his grip from a distance .

He had completely lost interest in Tia .

“You’re Liam?”

The Sword Saint approached Liam .

When they came near each other, it became apparent that their heights were like that of an adult’s to a child’s .

“Add honorifics at the end . I am an upcoming Duke . ”

Liam stared at the Sword Saint and addressed him as if he was talking to a subordinate .

His attitude was so bold and brazen that he had to be one of either an ignorant child who lacked awareness of how wide the world was or a truly important person .

(No matter how strong he is, he won’t be the Sword Saint’s opponent . Sword Saints are known to be capable of overwhelming a group of Swordmasters . Against someone like that, Count Banfield stands no chance . )

It was uncertain how effective the rumored One-Flash would be against a Sword Saint .

However, even the talented Tia had lost .

How long would Liam last while facing an opponent of such high level?

Lysithea couldn’t help but grow concerned .

The Sword Saint held his sword in front of Liam .

“Little boy, you’re from the school of the One-Flash, correct? Who is your master?”

Liam didn’t bother changing his stance in front of the Sword Saint who had a serious expression on his face .

“My master is Yasushi, the strongest man in the world . ”

The Sword Saint squinted his eyes .

“Yasushi? Never heard of him . ”

Liam’s expression finally underwent a change when he heard that .

“There is no need for you to remember the name of a person you would never meet . After all, you will be departing from this world today . ”

A big spark flew between them .

Their movements were so fast that only their afterimage was visible .

Every time their swords collided, a spark bigger than the ones from Tia’s duel was generated .

The aftermath of their swords being swung around at a close distance caused breezes in the room .

Lysithea watched in disbelief as Liam battle the Sword Saint without losing his grounds .

(Unbelievable . His enemy is a Sword Saint who was recognized by the Empire . How is he still standing!?)

Cleo called out to Lysithea who wasn’t in her right mind .

“Elder sister, go treat Tia’s injuries!”

“O-okay . ”

After being told so by her younger brother, Lysithea started to approach Tia who was buried in the walls .

She peeled Tia off from the walls, only to notice that the latter was staring intently at Liam without minding her wounded body .

(What is this girl thinking? Does she not understand our current predicament?)

She had thought that Tia was a serious female knight, but she was disillusioned by how engrossed Tia was in Liam’s appearance in spite of this state of emergency .

Even so, Tia pulled out a vial from her equipment pouch and drank a little from it before spraying the rest on her injuries .

She then opened her mouth to speak .

“Lysithedono, do you see Lord Liam’s dignified appearance?”

“W-what are you even spouting in this situation? Unless we do something soon, we’ll all be killed!”

It was no wonder that Lysithea was angry .

Knights with great abilities had entered the facility after defeating the guards that were stationed there .

Moreover, they brought along a Sword Saint with them .

The chance of their survival was slim .

It was also strange how no help was arriving despite the ruckus .

(It’s not only Elder Brother Linus . It should be safe to assume that someone higher up is also involved in this . To think they want Cleo dead so much!)

She didn’t think Linus alone was enough to convince a Sword Saint into action .

There was a possibility that someone above Linus — perhaps Calvin or even a figure above Calvin — had a hand in this .

Would they make it out of this place alive?

Lysithea had already half given up .

However, Tia, who had healed from her injuries, picked up her weapon and said,

“There’s no need for us to panic . Please continue to watch their fight . I know not of anyone who is more powerful than Lord Liam . ”

There’s one thing I’ve learned from clashing head-to-head with the Sword Saint .

“You proclaim yourself a Sword Saint with just this? In that case, I shall henceforth be known as a Sword Saint!”

Hearing my mockery, the huge man in front of me clenches his teeth .

Although it may appear that we are exchanging swords equally, there are scratches appearing on the Sword Saint’s arms and legs .

Of course, I’m totally uninjured .

“You’re just a brat who hasn’t lived a hundred years yet!”

“And you’ll be defeated by such a brat! You’re only worth that much! Have you realized the power of the One-Flash? Be glad that you can die having witnessed the strongest swordsmanship!”


One-Flash is a wonderful sword technique .

It’s probably the best in the world .

It’s the world’s misfortune that a fine technique like One-Flash has been bestowed to me, a villain .

Even so, how long has it been since I last fought with a sword?

Was it when I played around with Kurt during our training?

It was really difficult to hold back that time .

If One-Flash has a weakness to speak of, it is that the technique does not allow its user to hold back at all .

Drawing the sword is equivalent to killing the opponent .

It would have been problematic if I had accidentally cut off my opponents’ limbs during matches .

Those amateurs wouldn’t have known how to deal with the invisible slashes .

Now, as for why I bothered pulling out my katana at all, it was simply to go easy on him .

If I hadn’t, victory and defeat would have been decided the moment my katana was pulled out of its sheath .

That is how One-Flash works .

I’m going along with the Sword Saint to test his abilities out .

Aside from that, I’m also checking how strong I’ve become .

Suddenly, the Sword Saint jumps back to widen our distance .

The thin-eyed man expresses astonishment at the Sword Saint’s behavior .

“Sword Saint, stop playing around!”

Unexpectedly, the Sword Saint screams back at the thin-eyed man .

“Shut the hell up! — Some blood has rushed to my head, but I never thought there would be someone who could match me to this extent . It has been a while since I had this feeling . This is the best . You are the best!”

This man is the type of person who enjoys fighting .

There are times when knights like these appear .

How strong can I become?

I want to have more thrilling battles .

Are there stronger opponents?

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They are pitiful beings that are controlled by these kinds of desires .

Personally, I don’t understand them at all .

Anyway, the Sword Saint takes on the hassō stance, and for a moment, my intuition warns me of its danger .

“I didn’t think there would be another person that would make me unleash this technique . Please don’t die on me straight away!”

The Sword Saint unleashes a slash, but it is awfully crude .

He unleashes a flurry of slashes in an instant, overlapping them and forming a net .

It’s probably an attack that is meant to directly suppress its enemies from the front .

“What a terrible thing . ”

The Sword Saint roars in laughter .

“A slash that carries victory! Nobody can escape from this!”

He shoots several more of such slashes .

—It’s terrible in the truest sense .

I must be an idiot . To think I was wary of this kind of attack .

As a license holder of the One-Flash technique, I’m too ashamed to meet my teacher .

I blow his slashes away, stopping the Sword Saint in his track .

“You sliced this down as well?”

“What a letdown . Are you actually considered strong?”

I’m growing suspicious .

In the first place, would a Sword Saint do this kind of dirty job?

Is he a fake?

I’m beginning to doubt him .

Such a disappointment .

The Sword Saint changes his stance again .

He holds his sword with one hand and stands naturally before proceeding to exhale for a long period of time .

The muscles on the Sword Saint’s body swells up for a moment before shrinking back down .

I thought he’d swell up, but he shrinks until he’s thinner than he originally was .

His clothes do not fit him anymore, so the Sword Saint cuts them into a pan-ichi style .

Although his looks are ridiculous, there is steam coming out of his body like some characters in animes and mangas .

—Is releasing steam necessary? Couldn’t you have done the same thing with magic?

“Your appearance changed . ”

The Sword Saint is laughing, but he looks to be in pain .

He must be burdening his body right now .

“This is the extremes of my swordsmanship . This is where my pursuit of absolute power brought me! A forbidden art which provides me with explosive physical abilities in exchange for my life-force!”

The Sword Saint takes a step forward .

The very next instant, his sword crashes down on where I was a moment ago .

The ground where the Sword Saint is standing has sunken down, and the part of the floor which his sword has struck explodes out in a burst .

Having avoided the attack, I open my eyes wide .

He has just swung his sword downwards, but it’s already approaching me from the sides and is targeting my torso .

I dodge this as well, yet another slash comes my way from another direction .

“How’s this, brat! You still think I’m weak? As I am now, I can bisect a mobile knight! This is strength that surpasses humans!”

When I receive one of his blows with my katana, my feet sink into the ground .

It’s very heavy .

Nevertheless, my heart remains calm and tranquil .

“Extremes, huh… Maybe you were aiming for the wrong thing . ”


My katana becomes tattered after parrying the flurry of blows from the Sword Saint .

If I knew this would happen, I would have brought my prized katana and finished him off with a single blow .

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“You can’t even retaliate, much less seize victory! If you’re waiting for me to tire out, I have unfortunate news for you! Even in this state, I can last a whole day!”

Every time the Sword Saint swings his sword, a portion of his skin gets peeled off and a little bit of blood flows out .

He can persist for a day? I gotta say that I’m impressed, but—

“A pity . I thought it could serve as reference, but your swordsmanship is too crude . ”

All of his movements rely on brute force .

There’s no beauty in them .

I was testing the water to check if there’s anything worth noting, but there’s absolutely nothing .

— It’s not worth referencing .

“Brat, you dare scorn my swordsmanship!?”

I lower my sword and cease all resistance .

The Sword Saint’s sword swings down — but fails to hit me .

The sword of the Sword Saint, whose eyes are threatening to pop out from the shock, has been snapped from its ricasso .

The broken blade spins in the air and imbeds itself on the ground as it lands .

The blade is slightly red, suggesting that it has been exposed to a moderate amount of heat .

I pull my legs out of the ground, return my katana back to its sheath, and stretch .

“Thanks for your hard work . From today onward, I’ll be calling myself a Sword Saint in your stead . ”

The Sword Saint is glaring at me .

“Not yet . It’s not — over —yet . ”

His head is decapitated, prompting his huge body to collapse while spewing out blood .

The large amount blood that is spurted out lands squarely on the thin-eyed man .

He’s observing me with murderous eyes .

“What? You aren’t going to beg for your life?”

The thin-eyed man tries to go for his sword as I draw near him, so I slice off both his arms .

The thin-eyed man chuckles .

“When I first heard about the One-Flash technique, I laughed because it sounded like some trick from a street performance — Now that I’m experiencing it for myself, I can’t help but laugh again . ”

Invisible slashes .

The essence of One-Flash lies in the fact that the enemies cannot even tell when it was that they were attacked .

The thin-eyed man stops resisting .

Without turning to look at me, he initiates a conversation .

“Do you want to know who the mastermind is?”

I doubt this man will tell us the truth .

It’ll just be a waste of time .

“Unnecessary . ”

“Even if your enemy is the entire empire?”

The thin-eyed man raises his face and smiles as if nothing has happened to him .

His face right now makes him look like the good guy .

I chop off his head .

“That’s precisely what I want . ”

The empire itself is my enemy? So what?

This world is my playground .

I’ll crush anyone that stands in my way .

Sensing that the battle is over, Lysithea rushes over to me .

“Hey! Why did you kill him? We might have obtained some information if we conducted an interrogation!”

You’re right, but it’s my principle not to do anything meaningless .

“How will knowing our enemies’ identities help? Don’t forget that we’re still surrounded by enemies . ”

“Y-you’re right . ”

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“In the first place, do you really think this guy would have told us the truth? He would’ve just spouted lies to throw us into confusion . This kind of person is not easy to handle . ”

The guards never arrived despite Cleo being ambushed .

For many reasons, it’s hard to believe that only His Highness Linus is behind this .

In fact, I doubt he has the authority to mobilize a Sword Saint .

That means that my true enemy is either Calvin or the Emperor — to be honest, I’m relieved that they’re being openly hostile .

Lysithea quiets down .

Next, Tia comes near me and kneels .

“Lord Liam, I’ve shown you something unsightly . ”

Well, she has done her part by dragging things out against the Sword Saint .

With this, I can claim to be a Sword Saint .

Sword Saint — yes, it has a nice ring to it .

“Considering that it’s you we’re talking about, you’ve done your best . I shall praise you . Besides, I feel good today, so I’ll forgive you . After all, I was able to become a Sword Saint . ”

“Oh, Lord Liam! What a benevolent lord you are!”

You’re right .

The fact that I’m hiring you is enough proof of my benevolence .

Tia is looking at me with joint hands and shiny eyes .

It truly feels nice .

High Highness Cleo who was listening to what we were saying shakes his head .

“Sword Saint? Count, are you not aware of it?”


Cleo gazes at the fallen Sword Saint .

“Within the empire, only His Majesty the Emperor can appoint Sword Saints . Of course, we can nominate candidates who’ll undergo His Majesty’s examination, but it’s not a title which can be earned by defeating a Sword Saint . ”

When I hear that, I despair over the lack of benefit that comes with killing a Sword Saint .

A match with nothing to be earned…

“—You’re kidding, right?”

Watching me wallow in disappointment, Tia’s cheeks turn rosy .

“Lord Liam who has missed his mark is also . so . cool . ”

Somehow I don’t feel motivated anymore .

Guess I’ll head back home for today .

“Whatever . We’re leaving . ”

Lysithea stops me from returning back home .

“Are you going to do nothing about the situation!? We must secure Cleo’s safety first!”

You don’t get it, do you?

Why do you think I was horsing around until now?

It’s obviously because everything’s already over .

“The enemies outside have been annihilated, and my men are standing guard . I’ve also reported to the higher-ups . Everything’s already over . ”

At times like these, it’s convenient to have connections with the higher-ups .

I’ve contacted the Prime Minister and asked him to take action .

“I-it’s over?”

Before going easy on your enemies, you must make sure that all the hassles have been taken care of .

It only makes sense to go easy when you’re certain of victory .

Going easy before victory or defeat has been decided is equivalent to being careless .

You shouldn’t go easy when you have work left to do .

In my case, all that was left was to fight against the Sword Saint .

That’s why I went through the trouble of going easy on him .

Go easy on your opponents only when your victory is guaranteed! – It sounds like a wise saying .

Let’s have it as my maxim .

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