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Before Ye Mo could speak, a terrifying roar sounded. A figure that was one kilometer tall rose out from the huge waves. Before people could see what it was, a huge claw easily grabbed a disaster transformation state cultivator and crushed him into mince.
Only then did Ye Mo see clearly what this thing was. It was a very strange looking fish. This fish had two wings and four huge claws. It had golden scales on its body but the two scales on its back was very faint colored.
"Magical Beast Kun…"
Ye Mo just thought of what this beast was and someone else called it out. Looking at its power, not even multiple truth realisation state peak stage were a match for it.
Before Ye Mo could react, the Kun stopped. It didn't attack the other beast cultivator and instead looked at Blue Moon. Moments later, it made a more terrifying howl. It charged at Blue Moon.
Ye Mo instantly realized what was going on, this Kun was the one that was hunted before. the two scales on its back weren't fully grown and had a faint color. Now, it must sense that Blue Moon has its scale so it was furious.
Realizing this, Ye Mo released Zi Xu without hesitation and hacked with Illusion Cloud Hua Mountain strike with all his cultivation essence.
He can't let Kun grab Blue Moon, if it does, then everyone on it would be dead.
After that, Ye Mo yelled "JIngwen, quickly tell Ji qian bei to control Blue Moon and leave. Get back to Mo Yue City as quickly as possible. You know I can protect myself, the seaquake is spreading, Blue Moon needs to get out quickly…"
Ye Mo couldn't speak anymore, he even felt breathing was hard.
Ji Ling already started controlling Blue Moon to dash out at full speed. He knew Ye Mo was right, they wouldn't be able to help even if they were here. Plus, JI Ling knows Ye Mo has a small world. there was nothing else they could do.
Blue Moon go out wobbly. It was very fast but in this seaquake space, it couldn't go the fastest.
Zi Xu's purple beam clashed with the huge claw of Kun creating a shocking screeching sound. The rattling space became more violent and some space fissures started to show in this clash but they quickly healed.
Ye Mo spat a mouthful of blood immediately and flew out. He stopped himself after 30 meters.
Illusion Cloud Hua Mountain strike, if he can't spill the blood of the enemy he would spill blood himself. This was the first time Illusion Cloud Hua Mountain came back without spilling blood. His strike only left a white mark on the Kun claw.
"argh…" the other truth realisation state level seven beast cultivator was unlucky and was swept away by space fissure. But Ye Mo didn't have the time to care about them, he didn't even have time to recover as he released Zi Xu again swiping at Kun.
He wasn't going to let Kun leave him to attack Blue Moon.
The Kun ignored Ye Mo, after knocking him away, it immediately began to chase Ye Mo. But Ye Mo's second strike came, it was Illusion Cloud Hua Mountain strike again.

Rumble. Ye Mo was knocked flying again but after spitting blood in air, Ye Mo charged back relentlessly.
The truth realisation state level nine saw that Ye Mo dared to fight a Magical Beast Kun that was beyond level 10 with his life, he sweated cold. His Shallow Sea Palace dared to attack someone like this, they must be mad. This was asking for trouble.
Another huge wave charged up from the sea swooping at him. He coudlnt' watch the battle anymore and quickly retreated but only after ten meters, a huge space fissure appeared out of nowhere and devoured him.
Ye Mo's third strike struck the claw of Kun.
Splurge, blood shot out and Ye Mo took it into a jade bottle without hesitation.
Kun was finally enragaed by Ye Mo now. Ye Mo hacked him in the same spot three times and the third strike made a deep gash in his claw. This wasn't it, this insect cultivator dared to take his blood. He turned around and clawed down at Ye Mo.
Ye Mo didn't dare to fight head on with Kun, he immediately wanted to retreat but he felt movement was difficult. Even breathing was difficult.
Ye Mo realized that this was KUn's domain. It was natural and much more powerful than the domain cultivators use.
He knew that he can't be bound, if he does get bound, he would be over. He would turn into mince under Kun's claw.
Ye Mo also expanded out his domain. He released octagonal cauldron again. That instant, he broke free from Kun's domain and used his domain to form a stand off with Kun's domain.
Thud thud thud.
Kun claw Ye Mo's octagonal cauldron. Octagonal cauldron was sent flying by the claw and Ye Mo spat mouthfuls of blood again. Ye Mo's face went pale but when he found there was a huge space fissure waiting for him, he forcefully changed direction mid air, barely avoiding it.
Crack, Ye Mo knew that his forced change crack two of his bones.
Ye Mo ate a few pills and Kun chased over again.
Seeing this, Ye Mo didn't move aside. Instead, he clutched Zi Xu tightly waiting to give Kun a heavy blow when it came.
Seeing that Ye Mo dared to wait for him, Kun was furious. His speed increased and in less than a second, Ye Mo was under its claw. It snarled furiously.
He was certain this insect was dead now because Ye Mo had nowhere to run.
But when Kun got closer, it dazed. The insect human cultivator was gone. It subconsciously looked back, he clearly saw that the human cultivator didn't fall into the space fissure, why was it gone?
Before Kun could react, Ye Mo came out of the golden page world and hacked Zi Xu with full power while using countless lightning sword attacks.
Ye Mo was determined to send this disaster into space fissure.
Kun dared to fight Ye Mo and Blue Moon here because he was very sensitive to space fissure and disposition.
Before he could react, the human cultivator suddenly attack again. This attacked was aimed at his eye and there were this many terrifying lightning swords.
His eyes were his weakest spot, how could he let the insect cultivator hit it.
That instant, Kun retreated without hesitation. But when he retreated into the space fissure he realized he was tricked.
It roared furiously and sprayed out a blue mist. The blue mist enveloped Ye Mo and brought him into the fissure.
Seeing this Ye Mo was shook but before he could react he was brought in. the terrifying bone scraping space wind shocked him. He wanted to dash out immediately but the next moment, he saw that the fissure was gone.
Ye Mo reacted quickly, the fissure was gone, this meant he was inside a void space. With his power, this was suicide. Ye Mo didn't dare to watch the Kun at all and went into the golden page world immediately.
Even if he was to come out it would be after he figured out what this dimension was.
Luckily, Kun came in here too and that means it can't go hunt Blue Moon.
After settling in the golden page world, Ye Mo threw out a surveillance formation.

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