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The scrimmage continued.

Forest City's teleportation circle was shining with a milky white radiance all the time. In a short two hours, perhaps there were more than 1,000 players that had died on the guild base.

Due to the dominating position of Castle Wood dungeon, that made almost half of the players in the entire game to raise their level within the dungeon. The experience points lost during wipe-outs of the team was insignificant.

Only after everyone returned to battling outside, they realized that their levels were dropping too fast!

The levels raised with a week's hard work was actually dropped in just a few seconds. If one's luck was a bit worse, they would even drop a piece of equipment or two.

Some even killed until they became red-eyed and could not stop killing people, bloodthirsty for more. They were killed and resurrected, the cycle was repeated until they could not be resurrected in the end—their levels were lower than level 1, and thus they returned to the novice village obediently.

In the scrimmage, several people were particularly conspicuous.

The first person was Demon Robe. As a Combat Bandit, he had the most powerful endurance power in all occupations. Combat Bandits only had a few skills that needed to spend mana, and the rest used the energy bar unique to the Bandits. This allowed him to almost not need to consider the problem of mana quantity. When facing jobs with low defense, he took almost only three attacks to take one down, cutting down other players until they cried bitterly without ceasing.

The other person was Lin Jie. Although he could not unleash 100% of his strength with the Lone Wolf Helmet, not daring to display his Blade Aura skills even more, but it did not hinder him to make the last hit.

The last hit was a must-have skill for expert players. The setting that the person who dealt the last blow could get 50% experience caused the players to grasp very high last hitting skills!

What was unusual was that this fellow's target of last-hitting was human.



Lin Jie stared at the number in the mission list, he stabbed his Fire Longsword to the front and conveniently saved a Brotherhood player too. The two nodded and quickly separated.

The chaos of the battlefield had exceeded everyone's imagination! The chaotic battle made it impossible to distinguish whether the person in front of them was friend or foe. The swearing, scolding and sinister waves of laughter came and go.

"The Enhanced Elite is dead!"

Someone shouted, and as was expected, the Werewolf Potioneer finally exhausted its last strength in the crazy siege of many players. As it closed its eyes and fell to the ground, a bronze card mixed together with a quaint book was dropped.

Character Card! Potioneer's personal letter!

The players that surrounded the Werewolf Potioneer hurriedly reached out their hands, but before they even touched the loots, they were stabbed dead by the players behind them!

"Burn them!"

"AOE magic spells, fire!"

That was a wake-up call, and many Mages channeled spells. Flame, frost, arcane, earth element magics all flew towards the Werewolf Potioneer's corpse in succession. Anyone that got close would be instantly killed.

The hot-headed players then slowly stopped and surrounded it, forming a circle.

"Brothers present!" A big red robe covered the pot-bellied body. A face full of laziness and wealthy-looking appeared in front of everyone. He pressed his hands down in the air and shouted, "Listen to me!"

"Listen, listen to my arse."


The masses despised him one after another.

The man took out a few gold coins and held them in his hands. "If you are quiet, you can come to me and get two silver coins!"

Swoosh! The crowd quietened down in an instant.

To normal players, two silver coins was not a small amount as it was enough for one day's worth of potions. However, it was a bit shameful to get the money in front of everyone, so people just looked at him.

"Who is this person?" Dumb Fox poked the person beside him. This guy wore dusky armor all over his body, it was the team leader of the Shadow Devil Workshop, Dustless.

Dustless flicked Dumb Fox's hands away. "Big client."

"Client?" Dumb Fox opened his eyes wide.

Lin Jie retreated to the corner and poured a few bottles of recovery potions into his mouth, and his Health Points rose slowly.

The few members of Brotherhood consciously gathered together and smiled as they looked at each other. Their skills were quite good, and they had not died once even until now. They had a tacit understanding that each of them had certainly reaped a lot of benefits.

That fatso who spoke was known as the richest local tyrant of The New Era. He wore a ten-dollar hat on a five-cent head—Dominance! In the forum of Lin Jie's past life, there had been nosy people who had opened a post, "Top Ten Unsolved Mystery of The New Era," and one of them was—how much money does Dominance have?

The financial power of Dominance was evident!

"Hehe, since everyone gave me face, then I will continue talking." Dominance revealed the guild logo on top of his head. "I created a guild called Money Gang. Don't laugh at me being tacky, well as humans, be more honest! I am now recruiting a wide range of people, a person $500! If your level reaches level 8, you will be rewarded $1,000. If you are on the level leaderboard, an extra reward of $10,000 will be given!"

"Those that contribute greatly to the guild will all get rewards. Also, my guild points can be exchanged for cash, instant account money transfer, definitely no arrears dear~."

A plump fat-ass using a sharp tone to say this word "dear," really made everyone disgusted. However, this did not affect the masses' feelings of love and admiration towards money. As long as they joined, they would get money. When their levels were high, they would also have money!

"I'll join!" A Druid stepped to the front, and in the blink of an eye, there was a logo on his head. The next second, he said in surprise, "Money was really transferred to my account!"

"OMG, I'll join too!"

"Me too!"

Many people were ready to join, but many others were impatient too.

"I say, you let us keep quiet, just to recruit people?" Cigarette Butt frowned as he asked coldly. Impatience was written all over his face, and his dual swords were jumping on his fingertips.

Dominance laughed. "How could it be? I'm here this time to buy this base."

He stretched out one finger. "All the bosses present, each person $1,000,000, could everyone do me a favor?"

Everyone was shocked.

What was called being generous? That was called being generous!

A total of $1,000,000, no one could resist such temptation. Despite Dominance's body that was full of fat, his brain was in tip-top condition.

How many guilds could really join the battle for the base?

Everyone was well aware of this fact, and small guilds would inevitably be difficult to get benefits. What was so bad about accepting the $1,000,000? Also, those guilds would become Dominance's hatchet men and add to his strength in competing with other guilds.

Lin Jie never expected that this would happen. If most people were really bought over, then wouldn't they be banded together like strands of rope? Then, where would he go to gather his souls?

'No good, this fatso must be killed.'

Lin Jie's eyes turned cold and took his communication device to prepare to gather people…

Just at that moment, a pitch black blade's radiance suddenly flashed! From top to bottom, the blade cleaved from the back of Dominance's head directly to his lower body.

-368! (Critical Hit)

A dark figure appeared behind Dominance, his whole body was full of barbs like a sea urchin. The longsword in his hands was emitting a golden-like radiance. He flung his sword handle, and Dominance's head flew out.

"You came?" Demon Robe laughed coldly and said, "You sure took your sweet time."

The newcomer was Eighteen Massacres!

Who knew what adventure he had encountered? He had a body full of armor that was hard to see its grade, and he had become even gloomier.

"Dark Devouring Enchant." Lin Jie's pupils constricted. He recognized this strange enchant.

Its effects were very simple: Increase all attributes by 15%. How formidable was this enchant? However, as a price for the power, one needed to kill 10 people of the same race every natural day. Players and NPCs were both acceptable.

As for a major guild leader, having 10 underlings to give up their lives was too simple.

"Prepare to clear the grounds," said Eighteen Massacres in a sinister tone. He took out a huge bundle of engineering bombs and threw it to the group of people behind. The smell of gunpowder was stimulating their noses.



The explosions sounded crazy, and the gate turned into a sea of ​​fire with hundreds of players dying a violent death!


"Fu Sheng, 2,000 people have finished assembling. They are distributed around the base," said The Heavenly Shield in a low voice.

"Listen to my instructions," said Lin Jie and hung up.

After Kingdom of Glory's extremely powerful wave of clearing action, they actually did not continue to take actions against the players, but instead began to clean up the monsters. Even the two items that the Werewolf Potioneer dropped were thrown onto the ground.

"What does this guy want to do?" Dumb fox frowned, lifted his chin and let an underling go to pick the items up.

Just as he touched the card, countless magic spells smashed him into pieces!

"Sly Old Fox, your IQ is decreasing more and more." Eighteen Massacres coldly took a look at the people around and said smilingly, "In guild fights, other people are actually allowed to be present?"

Ghost Eyes and Dumb Fox both looked at Eighteen Massacres, and their eyes gleamed.

Indeed, with solo players present… It was too inconvenient!

Regional Announcement: Forest City clearing the grounds, solo players please leave on your own accord.

"Do you mind?" Eighteen Massacres released an announcement and asked calmly.

Dumb fox smiled slightly. "I don't mind."

There were quite a number of solo players who were just there to join in the fun. Looking at this attitude of the few guilds, which intended to cooperate and snatch the base, some lone wolves hurriedly left.

Some people were skeptical, so they just had to stand at their original spots. As a result, they were directly stabbed to death by the Bandits that were lying in ambush.

Lin Jie was in the base, so his life was not threatened for the time being, but that was only temporary! Lin Jie carefully dodged here and there, finally finding a small corner that did not have any monsters. He was preparing to hide and ambush, but he did not think that there were already three Brotherhood members hiding there.

"Brother, are you planning to hide? Not going back to the city?" There were three Brotherhood members around him, all of them were Bandits who were about to leave.

After all, the survival ability of Bandits in the wild was ranked first.

Lin Jie smiled as he said, "I will stay for a while more, you all should go back first."

"Will do, oh yes, this is for you." A bandit suddenly threw a scroll over. They then signaled each other with their eyes to activate stealth and left quietly.

Random Teleportation Scroll: Special Item, elementary. You shall be randomly teleported to a coordinate within 150 yards. Channeling time is 1 second.

The Random Teleportation Scroll's reading time was 10 times faster than the returning scroll.

The value of this scroll was at least 20 silver coins! Lin Jie's heart was filled with emotions, he was touched. If Brotherhood could continue developing like that, it would definitely become a huge organization!

On the other side, Midnight Triumph, Hunter's Guild, the Shadow Devil Workshop, Kingdom of Glory, and a portion of the Dark-Robed Knights' people had reached a consensus, driving out other people, including small guilds, and starting clearing the monsters.

As for the distribution of the guild base, they did not say a single word about it!

That fragile alliance was only united for the temporary benefits. Maybe in the next second, they would raise their swords against each other!

Just at that moment, a golden light pierced through the sky!

The Guild Base Boss was spawned!

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