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Published at 17th of July 2020 09:55:54 AM
Chapter 98
ImOS – Chapter 98: Does It Have to Be So Dramatic at the Pick Phase!?

“Alright, let us introduce the members from both teams . There isn’t much to talk about JAY and the highlight is still at the bot-lane . Let’s look forward to the performance that God Kun will bring to use today . ”

“As for IM, there are so many more notable faces . Jungler Fireloli, mid-laner Athena, ADC Jinjiao, and top-laner AmazingJ . All of them are skillful players . ”

Rita thought for a moment and said: “I feel that this match’s crucial point will be the contest of bot-lane and AmazingJ’s Teleport . ”

Wawa continued the topic: “That’s true . According to skill, IM’s bot-lane is still having the disadvantage . But if AmazingJ is always able to use his amazing Teleports to create miracles with his teammate . I wonder if AmazingJ will be able to produce any amazing Teleports in this match . ”

“Alright, the two teams have entered the pick and ban phase . ”

Along with Wawa’s resounding voice, the in-game image switched to the pick and ban phase .

IM was on the blue side while JAY was on the red side .

“As expected, even the ranked 1st IM’s first ban is used on God Kun’s divine support champion, Sion . This is already the third time Sion got banned . ”

“JAY banned Syndra . It seems like it is targeted at IM’s mid-laner . ”

“Haha, IM’s second ban is Jinx . It seems like their ban phase is roughly the same as YM . Let’s see if IM’s third ban will be Blitzcrank . ”

“JAY’s second ban is Vladimir . ”

“Let’s see IM’s final ban then… Just as expected, IM’s final fan is Blitzcrank . Their three bans are Sion, Jinx, and Blitzcrank . ”

“JAY’s final ban is Ekko . AmazingJ’s strongest champion is Ekko . It seems like JAY is mainly targeting IM’s top and mid-laners . Their three bans are Syndra, Vladimir, and Ekko . ”

Wawa turned around to look at Mille and Rita: “Do you guys think that JAY will continue to use the global turret destruction tactic?”

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Mille shook his head: “I don’t think so . IM’s bans aren’t in targeting that tactic, meaning that they already have a countermeasure . ”

“It seems like they put quite a bit of research onto us uh?” AmazingJ laughed .

“Do not underestimate them . You have seen the consequences that WYD and YM have faced . ” IM’s coach thought for a moment and said, “Take Nidalee, Fireloli . ”

“Mm, okay . JAY’s jungler isn’t that good and I am confident in suppressing him to death . But according to what I know, the opposing jungler isn’t great at Nidalee . I don’t have to be in such a hurry to pick Nidalee . What team composition are we using, do I need to snatch any champion?” Fireloli asked .

“Take Karma and Ashe combo then . The bot-lane is a hard lane, it is better to pick aggressive champions . ” The coach considered for a moment before saying .

The Karma + Ashe bot-lane was something they regularly used .

Be it Karma or Ashe, both of them were aggressive champions during the laning phase and had long range .

They were thinking that even if JAY’s bot-lane was very skillful, if they used these two champions, they wouldn’t fall behind too much .

After all, they were able to put on pressure using Karma and Ashe too .

They wanted to let Fireloli play Nidalee so that he could quickly clear the jungle camps and invade JAY’s jungle area . It wouldn’t allow JAY’s jungler to help out the bot-lane .

This way, JAY’s bot-lane wouldn’t be able to snowball and build an advantage .

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“IM snatched Karma on the first pick . I reckon that Karma is going to be a support . ” Wawa analyzed: “Everyone should know that JAY’s bot-lane is very skillful and by using Karma as the support, they might not be able to suppress God Kun, but they wouldn’t be at disadvantage during the early-game . ”

“Mm, I think so too . ” Mille nodded in agreement: “JAY is going to make their pick . ”

Rita exclaimed: “Amumu? JAY wouldn’t really use Amumu as a jungler, right?”

Wawa said firmly: “Definitely not . Amumu might have the no . 1 win rate in China’s server for jungling . In comparison with the jungling champions in the LPL scene, Amumu’s win rate is actually ahead by 2% . ”

“But a more detailed analysis shows that Amumu would appear regularly in the lower tiers, but from Bronze tier to Challenger tier, Amumu’s appearance rate would gradually decrease . ”

“At the Challenger tier, Amumu’s appearance rate is only 0 . 2% . ”

“It is very obvious that players of different tiers would have a different depth of understanding for each champion . ”

Rita asked: “Then why isn’t Amumu favored by higher tiered players?”

Wawa continued the explanation: “Amumu is most popular for his AOE crowd control that is his ult . ”

“This type of strategy ‘to decide the victory in a single team fight’ is extremely popular among the players in the lower tiers . ”

“But when professional players look at Amumu as a pick, they would see another side . They would question, ‘apart from his ult, what else does Amumu have?'”

“The effects of his Q spell can be replaced with Thresh . ”

“Apart from that, Amumu’s ult might be very OP, but his W and E spell have limited effects in a team fight as a tank champion . ”

“Looking at the champion mechanics, Amumu has very bad mobility and during a contest of experts, it is very hard for Amumu to protect the ally carries . ”

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“Furthermore, once there is an error with Amumu’s ult or if he misses it, his follow up damage is close to zero . As such, Amumu is a champion that has a low tolerance for mistakes . ”

Wawa then said firmly: “I dare to make a bet that JAY is only flaunting the champion and it is impossible…”

Before Wawa could finish his words, JAY locked in the pick .

Amumu, locked in .

There was a wave of cheers in the live venue .

Each match had basically been those few champions and the audience were already sick of them .

It was also why JAY’s matches were always the highlight for each match day .

As unorthodox champions were picked, the audience would become increasingly excited .

Wawa felt the raw pain on his face: God damn it, why do I always get slapped by JAY?

When Wawa saw that JAY’s second pick was Miss Fortune, he heaved a sigh of relief: This pick is finally a little normal .

Wawa then gathered his courage to speak: “JAY’s Miss Fortune pick is still considered normal . But after Caitlyn’s E spell has been nerfed, people rarely use her . ”

Rita said: “Miss Fortune is indeed a little weak . She doesn’t have any displacement spells and will be targeted easily . Furthermore, the formation has to be adjusted according to her . The opposition wouldn’t allow Miss Fortune to farm steadily and allowed her to use her full ult . ”

Mille agreed too: “That is true . A Miss Fortune without ult isn’t half as useful as the other ADCs . Her base damage is too low therefore, her poke damage isn’t significant . She is rarely used in the competitive scene . ”

“Forget it, JAY is famous for being unorthodox . Isn’t God Kun’s Jinx also incredible? This time, let’s see what kind of performance God Kun’s Miss Fortune has . ”

“Amumu and Miss Fortune?” IM’s members were a little stunned .

“What is going on? What is JAY trying to play?” IM’s members were all puzzled .

“Forget what they are doing, we will pick whatever we need to pick . Since they are playing unconventional styles, we just have to crush them . ”

Under the command of IM’s coach, IM picked Ashe and Nidalee for their second and third picks .

But when JAY locked in their third and fourth pick, a member of IM who was drinking water nearly sprayed a mouthful of water on the monitor .

WTH, what kind of champion selections are these!?!

Is JAY playing a Bronze tier ranked match?!

Wawa and Mille who were talking big earlier were also stunned now .

They felt the raw pain on their faces .

What is this god damn JAY doing!!!

This is a professional match, not some ranked match on the Bronze or Silver tier okay!?

Does it have to be so dramatic at the pick phase!?!

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