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Published at 7th of October 2020 10:31:29 AM
Chapter 116
ImOS – Chapter 116: Where Is That Korean? Let Me Kill Him

“WTH, host, smash him!!!”

“Trash Bang!!”

“Bang is SKT’s ADC, a world-class ADC . It is rather difficult to smash him right?”

“God damn it . It still has to be done . We cannot allow that Korean to be so haughty!!!”

Ouyang Xue looked at the messages in the streaming room and took another glance at those disgusting and unpleasant words from Bang, she involuntarily shivered .

Her eyes were already turning slightly red, but Ouyang Xue had a very stubborn personality . Even after suffering such humiliation, she was still biting hard on her lips and not allowing herself to feel angry or wronged, which would result in a loss of emotional control .

I cannot cry . I cannot cry, I cannot cry, I cannot cry!

If I cry, it means I admit defeat!

What should I do?

There is only one method to deal with this situation and that is to smash Bang and solo kill him .

However, the opposition is the world’s strongest bot-lane pair, can I win them?

Furthermore, I picked Draven .

If I knew that the opposition were Bang and Wolf, I would have picked a stable ADC that is leaning towards farming .

Using Draven against Bang in lane…

Ouyang Xue felt a little speechless, but with her stubborn personality, she was preparing to contest .

Even if she couldn’t win, she would never admit defeat!

Ouyang Xue’s cursor moved rapidly as she bought a Health Potion and a Doran’s Blade before exiting the base .

Going to the lane?

Of course not .

The spawn time for jungle camps was faster than the speed of the minions reaching the lane . It also meant that it was more profitable to clear one jungle camp before going to the lane .

Of course, by doing so, one would lose the authority to control the lane and aggression .

There were pros and cons .

However, this time, the opposition was SKT’s Bang and Wolf, that’s why Ouyang Xue didn’t hesitate to signal that she was heading to the jungle area .

After clearing the jungle camp, Bang and Wolf would have pushed the minion wave over a little . At most, she would hide under the turret and take last hits .

Ouyang Xue’s support was Leona and this allowed her to have a trace of expectation .

The combination of Draven and Leona was considered one of the best . Leona had two stuns that could control the opposition, giving Draven the chance to deal out his burst damage .

If Ouyang Xue didn’t guess wrongly, by the time they cleared the jungle camp and went onto lane, Bang and Wolf would have controlled the lane and while taking last hits, they would constantly force Draven and Leona out of the experience zone .

As a coach, Ouyang Xue knew that Bang and Wolf were striving to hit level 2 first .


As expected, while Bang was claiming the CS, he said to Wolf, “Fight at level 2 . ”

It was a short and straightforward statement .

Wolf was already prepared as he was very familiar with Bang’s playstyle . No matter what kind of situation it was, Bang always prefered to have fights at level 2 and level 6 .

Because these two levels were the moment when there was a burst in power and it was easy to take kills .

Bang and Wolf gradually positioned themselves forward .

When Bang last hit another minion, there was golden flash as both Bang and Wolf hit level 2 .

Ouyang Xue was also counting the minions and when Bang was moving over to claim the last hit, she was already retreating .

Bang frowned a little and asked, “Wolf, this distance is a little far . Can you Q her?”

“Of course!”

Wolf’s reply contained two words, but these two words signified his confidence .

His Thresh had been putting on great performances and was also known as the no . 1 Thresh .

If he couldn’t even achieve this simple task, then Wolf wouldn’t be able to tolerate himself .

“Nine o’clock position, 35 degree, trajectory speed and movement discrepancy are smaller than 0 . 3 seconds . ”

Wolf the fatty was fully concentrating . His eyes were opened, but he wasn’t looking with his eyes… he was looking with his heart .

All of a sudden, Wolf’s finger gently tapped on the Q key… Death Sentence .

Thresh lifted his wrist and swayed the hook in his hand .

Immediately after, there was a ‘swish’ and Thresh’s hook of death weaved through the minions and across Leona who didn’t use her spell to dodge . It accurately hooked on Draven who was right at the back .

“This distance…” Ouyang Xue was rather surprised .

She didn’t think that she would get hooked by Thresh!

As a coach, Ouyang Xue knew that if Thresh wanted to hook her from this distance and with so many targets in between, it was definitely the extremity of one’s skill .

Before Ouyang Xue returned back to China, Wolf’s success rate on this hook would be definitely lower than 30% .

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However, Thresh didn’t hesitate to make the move earlier . Could it be that they have improved again?

Wolf’s Q spell could only be described with two words… Deadly accurate!

At this moment, Draven was already in Bang’s attack range after getting hooked by Wolf . Bang immediately executed the QW combo before attacking Draven frenziedly .

It was fortunate that Sivir’s burst power wasn’t as high during the early game phase, therefore, Ouyang Xue was able to avoid death .

However, that silly Leona actually used Exhaust just to save Ouyang Xue .

Now that they lost Exhaust, when they fought the next time, it would be much more dangerous .

Time passed by rapidly . Bang and Wolf were the first to hit level 3 .

“We are level 3 now . It is time to start . ” Bang revealed a sneer .

How dare you reject me . Just wait for my berserked revenge .

Wolf shrugged his shoulder and said, “Congratulations Bang, this Draven is going to become 400 gold for you . ”

If someone else heard this statement, they would surely laugh their heads off .  

What do you mean by Draven is going to become 400 gold? Draven still had 1/3 of his health!

Even if Thresh and Sivir had sufficient damage output, Draven was still holding onto Heal .

All of a sudden, Wolf made his move .

After executing the QWQE combo, he managed to hook Draven at the extreme end of the hook distance before pulling Bang’s Sivir over .

Sivir immediately executed the QW combo .

When Leona saw Sivir came over, she used her E spell at Sivir too .

However, the opposing Sivir was Bang . He used his E spell with ease and turned Leona’s spell into his own mana .

Ouyang Xue quickly used her Heal . She was waiting for the hook’s effect to vanish before she Flashed back to the turret .

However, Bang continued the close pursuit and followed up with his own Flash . He then executed two normal attacks under the turret to pick up the kill on Draven .

Bang then used Heal and didn’t allow the turret attacks to kill him . He then walked away from the turret range .

Wolf grabbed another potato chip and stuffed it in his mouth while speaking unclearly, “Haha, Bang, you are so violent . ”

Ouyang Xue looked at her in-game screen which had turned black and white . She bit her lips tightly while her complexion was turning pale .

The difference in skill is too much, but I cannot give up!!!

After taking a kill, Sivir started to put on a complete suppression .

When they were level 5, Thresh executed another hook from extreme distance . With Sivir’s burst power, Draven was killed again .

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After Bang killed Ouyang Xue’s Draven the second time, he hurled out abusive words again .

These words were just like sharp blades that stabbed ruthlessly into Ouyang Xue’s body .

Utterly defeated .

Ouyang Xue lowered her head . Her fringe had covered her face, making it hard to see her expression . She just sat there with her head lowered while her delicate shoulders were throbbing . Her slender body looked as though it was slightly shaking .

Right at this moment, Xiao Ran was in his room and searching for songs in Baidu .

Why was he searching for songs in Baidu?

He was afraid that the two songs he had picked were already in this parallel world . It wouldn’t be good if he made such a huge mistake .

Just as he was browsing through Baidu, he suddenly noticed that his QQ fans’ group chat was constantly ringing .

He opened it up and took a glance .

“WTH, there is a great show on Douyu!”

“There is a female host getting smashed! Damn damn damn!! There is also explosive insider news!!”

“It is said that she is involved with Bang and also has some chaotic relationship with the SKT management people . ”

“Hurry, hurry . I heard they are playing in the KR server and they say that the female host is crying . ”

After reading, Xiao Ran’s eyes lit up and quickly asked in the QQ group chat .

“Ohh, is there some show?”

“Where is it? I want to watch!”

The QQ group chat suddenly turned silent before there was a wave of information that surged in .

“God Kun, I heard that the female host is JAY Team’s coach . ”

“That’s right, your female coach is crying after getting ridiculed by Bang . I heard that she is being smashed in the lane and is crying right now . ”

“Those Koreans are truly inhuman . God Kun, why don’t you go over and conquer the KR server!”

All of a sudden, Xiao Ran was stunned .

After seeing the descriptions and explanations in the QQ group chat, Xiao Ran’s expression slowly turned ashen like never before .

The veins on his temples started to twitch repeatedly .

He gripped the mouse with his right hand so tightly that there were ‘creaking’ sounds .


At this moment, Xiao Ran had an extremely terrifying expression . Subsequently, he stood up, opened his door and headed upstairs . He was running towards Ouyang Xue’s room .

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“Xuexue, what happened? Don’t cry!”

“You don’t have to bother about that trash . Xuexue don’t cry . ”

“F**k that Bang . If you have the guts, come to Dalian . I will make sure to slap your big mouth and beat you this little bastard to death . ”

“If you are that capable, come to Inner Mongolia, I will stab you to death!”

“Hunan’s triad swears if that Korean dares step into Hunan, we shall let him die a bloody death!”

“God damn him, how dare you make our Xuexue cry . I will bring my men to Korea and kill him!!!”

“From today onwards, I will boycott Korean goods!!!”

“Are there any brave brothers? Follow me to bath the KR server with blood . Those above Diamond III, pm me!!!”

“That Korean is too much, damn it . I want to kill his entire family!!!”

“Xuexue, aren’t you JAY Team’s coach? Find someone to help you . ”

“That’s right, why did we forget about that . Isn’t our CN server’s no . 1, God Kun in the JAY Team? Ask him to come over and torture that Bang . ”

“Will God Kun come? He is very famous now . If he loses, it will be a huge blow to his reputation . ”

“WTH, is this the moment to consider about reputation? Even if it isn’t for Xuexue, he should do it for China’s LoL players right? Didn’t you see those Koreans saying that our LoL players are all trash?”

“Host, hurry up and call God Kun!!”

“God Kun, where are you, we need you!!!”

Ouyang Xue’s body was still constantly shivering, but she had also seen the messages on the screen .

God Kun, Xiao Ran should be in his bedroom right now right?

Even if he knows, will he help me?

Just as Ouyang Xue’s mind was in chaos…


There was a loud sound at the main door . Subsequently, there were hurried footsteps before the bedroom door was also vigorously opened .

Xiao Ran, who was wearing just short pants and bare body was standing at the door and panting .

“Don’t cry, I am here . ”

When Xiao Ran saw Ouyang Xue’s reddish eyes and that pitiful face, his anger burst out again .

“Where is that Korean? F**k, I will make sure to kill him today!”

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