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Published at 20th of August 2020 10:33:49 AM
Chapter 112
ImOS – Chapter 112: No Sportsmanship

Tahm Kench’s ult brought Fiddlesticks straight into IM’s base . Viktor was so angry that his hands were trembling: These Chinese are too much!!! Do you have to bully us until this extent??

IM’s mid-laner, Athena might be a Korean, but he had learned plenty of Chinese words .

He knew there was a saying called, “Always stop at the bottom line, so that future relationships wouldn’t be ruined . ”

Was this ‘stopping at the bottom line’?

If Xiao Ran could hear Athena, he would definitely say, “Chinese language is broad and profound . ”

What was the main point of the saying, “Always stop at the bottom line, so that future relationships wouldn’t be ruined . ”? It was the second half of the statement, ‘so that future relationships wouldn’t be ruined . ’

You are a goddamn male, I am not going to f**k you, why do I even want a future relationship with you!!!

“Hurry up and lick him!”

Under Xiao Ran’s command, Tahm Kench extended his tongue and licked at Viktor .

At the same time, Xiao Ran had also controlled his Fiddlesticks to throw the EQ combo at Viktor .

Viktor was already in low health, therefore, he instantly collapsed and died under his own inhibitor turret .

“You have slain an enemy . ”


The two consecutive announcements by the female system voice had brought about a wave of cheers .

In just a short period of time, there were two Aces .

Furthermore, JAY was simply too aggressive!!!

Tahm Kench had used his ult to bring Fiddlesticks into the enemy base, just to wipe out IM .


So ruthess?? 

I like it!!!

Looking at his Mejai’s Soulstealer which was now at full 30 stacks, Xiao Ran was in a great mood .

Immediately after, he recalled back to base .

With so much gold, he could already purchase Rabadon’s Deathcap .

After Miss Fortune, Amumu, and Brand pushed down the inner turret, they recalled back to base and didn’t even enter the enemy base .

According to Xiao Ran’s implied meaning, he was asking them not to push so aggressively, otherwise, the opposition might just surrender at 20 mins and they wouldn’t be able to continue playing .

This tactic wasn’t just limited to Amumu, Miss Fortune, Fiddlesticks, and Brand .

Champions like Sejuani, Vel’Koz, Lissandra, Lux, Rumble were all able to play this ult combo strategy .

That was why they had to make use of this opportunity to practice .

When JAY’s members heard Xiao Ran’s statement, they were all flabbergasted .


Using the LSPL’s no . 1 ranker, IM to practice?

However, after seeing the kill difference between the two teams now, they were all getting excited .

So what if you are IM?

Don’t you also have to kneel down in front of us?

Just a few weeks ago, we were tormented so badly by you .

Damn it, we finally have the chance to take revenge!!

Yea, we will use you for practice!

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We will torture you into misery!!!

What was the atmosphere at IM’s side?

“Let’s surrender, I don’t wish to play anymore . ” IM’s jungler, Fireloli had already taken off his headphones .

AmazingJ pressed on the Tab key with a gloomy expression . After seeing his Poppy having 0 kills and so many deaths, he had also lost all the courage to continue playing .

He knew that today’s match was going to be a hard battle . Unlike his teammates, he had never underestimated JAY .

He felt that this match would simply be a tough match, but they wouldn’t lose .

But how could he know that he didn’t just lose, he lost in such a pathetic manner!

“God damn it, who is the one that said that JAY’s support is just here to fill up the spot!?” IM’s ADC, Jinjiao said furiously .

Fireloli fiddled with his hair agitatedly and said, “WTH, it is JAY’s previous ADC that said it . It is that Kalista player who played great with God Kun as Support Sion . ”

Jinjiao said with disdain, “He? Great my ass . If I was the ADC back then, with that strategy and support, my performance will leave him ten streets behind me!”

When Jinjiao said it, he felt a little inappropriate and turned back to take a glance at his support .

As expected, his support had an expression that was as unpleasant as one could describe…

Jinjiao quickly changed the topic: “I feel that this support… oh, wrong, as the ADC Miss Fortune in this match, he is much better than that Kalista . ”

After speaking, Jinjiao recalled about the moments in the match when he was outplayed various times . He then said in a frustrated tone, “Surrender then, just surrender . ”

“I wish to surrender too, but we can’t . ” Fireloli said helplessly .

“Why? Why can’t we surrender?”

AmazingJ sighed and said, “Because the match isn’t at the 20 min mark yet . ”

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All five members of IM went into silence at the same time .  

Before the match, they would never believe that the outcome of this match would be like this .

They had yet to reach the 20 min mark, but JAY had already smashed them up so badly . Even if they wanted to surrender, they couldn’t do so .

“Damn it, is JAY’s previous ADC an undercover?!”

Jinjiao didn’t know where to vent his anger and had put it on a person that was very far away .

“That’s right, I think this is also part of their strategy!” Fireloli agreed and said, “God damn it, he dares to trick me like this . Good! I shall not spare him the next time I see him!”

As the match time had yet to reach 20 minutes, they were unable to surrender . Without a choice, they had to continue playing .

All five of IM’s members had gone back to their lane and were cowering at the turret to clear the minion waves, but they had already lost all of their fighting spirit .

They didn’t even do their best to defend the turrets .

The gap in items was already infinitely huge, especially when they were behind by one finished item, the opposing champions could basically fight 1v2 at any time .

Defend the turret?

Then you shall be served with another Ace!

It was fortunate that the match was already 17 minutes in and they just had to endure for a little while more, before they could surrender .

Once the 20 mins mark was up, IM immediately surrendered .

Everyone closed on ‘Yes’ within a millisecond .

Their hand speed’s APM definitely reached above 300!!!


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(TL note: Good Game)

In this dazzling battle between IM and JAY, JAY had won with an overwhelming performance .

During the team fight at dragon pit where Fiddlesticks used his wonderful ‘Taunt’ to trick all of IM’s members, causing their team to be wiped out, but IM still wanted to persist .

However, when they received the ult combo from Miss Fortune, Amumu, Brand, and Fiddlesticks and were killed under their own turret, they knew that there was no chance to reverse this match .

Especially when Tahm Kench used his ult to bring Fiddlesticks into their base to kill Viktor, resulting in another Ace .

It had truly struck down at IM’s will to continue fighting .

As such, this match was ended in advance!

After taking off their headphones, all five members of IM were relaxed as they finally didn’t have to be tormented .

When they stood up from their seats, they all looked at Xiao Ran at almost the same time .

AmazingJ gave a thumbs up to Xiao Ran .  

Athena bowed slightly as a sign of respect towards Xiao Ran .  

Jinjiao nodded to Xiao Ran and said: “JAY has really recruited an expert!!”

Fireloli nodded and commented: “That’s right, this match’s MVP is definitely Fiddlesticks . His ‘Taunt’ at the dragon pit fight will certainly enter the top 10 plays . ”

At this moment, JAY’s five members had also stood up .

When Xiao Ran stood up, he mumbled unhappily: “IM has no sportsmanship . The victory has yet to be decided and they already surrendered . ”

“I was just getting excited with all the killing and they already surrendered . I haven’t even killed enough . What a turnoff . ”

If the members of IM knew that Xiao Ran was frowning for this reason, would they still express such goodwill? Would they still give him a thumbs up? Would they still bow with respect? 

All five of them would definitely wield a chopper and charge at him!

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