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Chapter 1
Chapter 1 ~ I Did Tell That You Can Do Anything!

After rescuing the Elven Country, the next day after I safely returned back home, I sprawl on the bed weakly.

When I woke up that morning, I was hit by multiple sicknesses; sore throat, a fever and diarrhoea. Must be from the muddy water I’ve consumed during the fight with the dragon yesterday. Truly a bad idea to get bathed with water during midwinter.

I immediately treated myself with Recovery Magic, but my strength was totally sapped since I overworked myself for a whole day yesterday. I was ordered by Ann to recover for several days until my strength recovered.

Naturally, I will be rewarded.

After the heroic act, I went to sleep for the rest of the day.

On the next day, even after resting the whole night, the exhaustion remains. Though, it has become easier.

Ellie and the others went to Garland Fortress, and from what they’ve gathered, the army did march their troops yesterday as planned. They dispatched half of their full forces. It seems that they are trying to make the elves indebted to them.

There is no hidden motive behind us helping the elves! Are what the other soldiers kept on saying.

Since there were quite a lot monsters scattered around the Elf Forest nearby the kingdom, it’s better to kill them, and a large amount of  manpower is required to do so.

There’s not that much damage inside the kingdom, but the exterior of the walls received a good beating due to what I did yesterday.

I don’t think they will leave it as it is.

From the looks of it, the messenger was seen coming in and out of the country. The situation inside has been recovering piece by piece too. Even the adventurers were gladly welcomed inside the Elf Country.

As for us, for now we heard no people talking about our involvement. I’m sure Lily-sama is upholding her promise to keep everything as a secret.

“We did a great job!”

Ellie is quite dissatisfied, but it was a promise, and nothing good will ever come by being in the light.

Our rewards are the large amass hunting fees, as well the two dragons body. The bodies of the dead monsters that we’ve collected were not few either. I was thinking of recovering the Earth Turtle King’s remains as well, but it seems that only its shell have value, as its meat were not tasty.

“Earth Turtle King, I want to try eating it.”

We already heard how its meat has bland taste, but as usual, Tilika wants to try it.

“Do you still have the Earth Turtle King that I’ve defeated?”

Even if there are no remains left, the Earth Turtle King originates from the Demon Realm. It won’t hurt to hunt there for a while.

“That is fine.”

Tilika seems fine with it, but Ellie might be opposed to the idea. Ann seems content now that the quests are clear. Sati will not complain.

“Maybe we can take this opportunity to rank up to ‘A rank’. I don’t see the reason why not.”

“It’s not good! This chance might not appear again.”

“I’m sure there will be another one.”

There are only four quests issued for the last six months. By looking at the recent trends, there is a high possibility that we will be pressed against another issue in the future.

“Do you really think so?”

“Perhaps. That’s why, there is no need to hurry to become a hero. Let’s hand in the recognition to those adventurers this time. Truth is, they really helped save our tails.”

For the time being, Ellie can settle with that reasoning.

In 20 years, this world will be destroyed. This time, it was just a prelude.

There should be many other opportunities in the future. My mood fe

els heavy thinking about it.

I honestly need to tell everyone about it sooner. But, I still want to maintain this peaceful life, even if its just for a while. If the destruction of this world is known, then there will be no more peace left for me.

I wonder if everyone can migrate somewhere safe.

“What if I dig underground and built a bunker, where it’s large enough for everyone to relax? I’m sure it’s safe enough.”

With the amount of mana I currently had, it might take forever to create an underground city.

“Absolutely not.”

“There is no way I can agree to such a thing.”

“Masaru, think about it more seriously.”

And here I’m seriously saying it……I was instantly rejected by everyone besides Sati.

“But the fight this time, I believe it was the toughest……”

“In the end, my judgement is more correct. I’m not saying that Masaru’s decision  was wrong.”

Sergeant-dono did say that an adventurer can choose to live a cowardly life.

“But thinking of escaping all the time, isn’t that too cowardly?”

Ellie said it harshly.

That time, if I didn’t saw the dead body of the elves beyond the wall, then maybe I can contain myself more not to issue our withdrawal. Perhaps.

The difference between the factors that affected me and Ellie’s judgement if whether the enemies have broke through the wall. She believes that we still can go on even if the wall was broken, whilst I think otherwise. There is a reason behind me acting ‘cowardly’.

“That is why I insist everyone to retreat……”

After a while, Ellie seems to understood it.

There is no doubt that I’m a pantsy, still I’ve to make some excuses. I don’t want to leave bad impressions to my wives.

“Me and Sati are fine with it. I have plenty of skills, and we are capable of melee combat as well.”

“I’m ready since I decided to become an adventurer.”

Ann said it firmly……

“Isn’t it for Masaru to decide?”

Tilika throws out a question. Am I prepared……though, there is no way I’m not.

Just about.

“To some extent, I’m prepared. Didn’t I go out to kill the dragon in the end?”

Even though half of things that I’ve done were impulsive acts, I think they still counts.

“Right. There is nothing that I can say if Masaru is not ready himself.”

“Well, there is no reason to be worried about me. What I’m worried the most are you guys.”

“Aren’t you being a tad bit too overprotective? If it’s just Orc then even us can defeat it without relying on magic.”

Since Ann Cudgel Martial Arts is level 4, she can still handle small fries by herself. [Editor Crywolf641: Okay guy’s I was just confused as you are whrn reading this sentence so please just ignore its un edited. 

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