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Published at 15th of October 2020 12:21:42 PM
Chapter 196

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit

Chapter 196 - Why did he pick Ye Zhen? What's good about her? (1)

Shen Weiyin had been silent since coming out of Lu Corporation . Her expression was extremely ugly . Seeing her like this, her agent had Lawyer Nan return alone . While driving, Xi Wenjun tried to perusade Shen Weiyin, "Weiyin, I'll help you decline announcements in the next two days . You should take some time off . "

Xi Wenjun didn't think Shen Weiyin was in the right state to continue working .

In addition, she could predict that after today's events, the romantic complications between Lu Beichuan, Ye Zhen, and Shen Weiyin would spread like wildfire online, which would make it even harder for Shen Weiyin to calm down and properly work .

Shen Weiyin looked out the car window as if she was turning a deaf ear to Xi Wenjun's advice .

"Alright, don't think too much about this matter . Ye Zhen and Lu Beichuan are a married couple . It's not appropriate for there to be gossip about you and Lu Beichuan . You're at the period when your career is rising up . You're going for the film empress title . This dirty scandal only harms your reputation without giving any benefits .  When Lu Corporation issues a clarification announcement tomorrow, the studio will issue a statement too . When that time comes, just forward that statement to express your stance on this issue .

Shen Weiyin continued to silently look out the car window .

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Xi Wenjun knocked on the steering wheel . In a very unhappy tone, she said, "Weiyin, are you listening to me?"

Shen Weiyin finally turned her head . "I heard it . "

"Don't think about Lu Beichuan anymore . Based on his attitude today, you can see that he doesn't have the slightest affection for you . If he did, he would have given you a graceful way out instead of letting his wife humiliate you in public . If he cared about friendship between the Shen's and the Lu's, he wouldn't have refused to see you today . " Xi Wenjun sighed . She continued to earnestly persuade, "Weiyin, you're still so young and beautiful . There's so many outstanding men pursuing you . Why do you insist on hanging yourself on Lu Beichuan? He's a married man . "

The red light came on at the intersection ahead of them . Xi Wenjun slowly stopped the car .

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"Weiyin, you're at the critical period of your career . The title of film empress is within reach . I've already chosen a script for you that will get you that title . As long as you play that role, you'll definitely be awarded the film empress title in the coming year . Your life is so fabulous right now . Why did you insist on grasping at a rotten man?"

Shen Weiyin lightly leaned back . With her head resting on the back of the seat, she stared blankly at the congested lane .

"But he's Lu Beichuan . "

"What about Lu Beichuan . . . " The latter half of Xi Wenjun's words got choked up when she saw that Shen Weiyin was crying .

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This was her first time seeing Shen Weiyin genuinely crying .

Tears silently streamed down Shen Weiyin's cheeks .

"Weiyin, don't be like this . You'll meet other men . "

"I can't accept this . " Shen Weiyin slightly furrowed her brow . Through a blurry gaze, she seemed as if she was seeing the past . "I've always known that only Lu Beichuan is worthy of me . Everyone always said that we're a match made in heaven and think that we're childhood sweethearts . We were supposed to be a couple that would be the envy of everyone when we grew up . In college, all the students and teachers thought only Lu Beichuan was worthy of me and no one except me is worthy of Lu Beichuan . I thought that he likes me too . It was only that the Lu's are too complicated, so all of his energy had to be devoted into his family's business . That's why I didn't blame him for his tepid treatment towards me . Why did he choose that parvenu's daughter, Ye Zhen?"

Shen Weiyin turned her head and looked at Xi Wenjun . There was hate in her eyes . "If the woman that he chose was more outstanding than me, I could grudgingly accept it . Why did he pick Ye Zhen? What's good about her?"

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