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Published at 29th of July 2020 04:53:29 PM
Chapter 164

Chapter 164 - You were the one that sent me that jade bracelet, right? (2)

Outsiders might find nothing wrong with this . They would just think Lu Shaoyan had a big circle of friends . It didn't matter since he didn't attend to proper duties . However, although Lu Shaoyan had been abroad for several years and only kept in touch with his friends through phone calls and video calls, his friendships remained as close as before . As a person that was able to keep his temper for so long, it was no wonder that he was able to keep a low profile for several years and land the fatal blow on Lu Beichuan .

In the living room, Old Master Lu was sitting on the couch with a straight back and with both hands on his cane . . His face showed that he was trying to suppress his happiness . .

"Old Master, Second Master is back . "

Old Master Lu said in a deep voice, "What are you standing around for?! Hurry up, come in!"

Although these words were sharp, anyone could hear the affection in his voice . Having gained this son at an old age, it was only normally that Old Master Lu would want to spoil him .

Lu Shaoyan walked inside . With a mischievous grin, he walked to Old Master Lu, knelt down, and touched the ground with his forehead three times . "Dad, I'm back . "

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Old Master Lu had wanted to give Lu Shaoyan a beating with his cane . But as soon as he saw his son's smiling face, he couldn't bear to . He sighed and said, "You haven't sent me any news for the past several years . Were you trying to worry me to death?!"

"Dad, don't be angry . Haven't I come back? I'm perfectly fine . "

"I thought you were waiting until I died to come back!"

Those words were out of line . The old butler hastily tried to reassure and persuade Old Master Lu in a low voice .

Old Master Lu wasn't that angry . He was just worried . And yet, he stubbornly refused to say that .

"Get up . "

Lu Shaoyan stood up with a smile .

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Old Master Lu was looking at his son with an affectionate gaze when he suddenly caught sight of Lin Zhan standing behind Lu Shaoyan . Furrowing his brow, he asked, "Why is he . . . " 

Lu Shaoyan hastily went over to Old Master Lu's side and whispered several sentences in his ear . Old Master Lu's expression changed a lot as he listened as if he had heard something exceedingly awful . Finally, after Lu Shaoyan was done whispering, he asked in a sunken voice, "Really?"

Lu Shaoyan solemnly nodded .

As a result, the furrow between Old Master Lu's brows deepened . He carefully looked at Lin Zhan from top to bottom . His gaze held incredulity .

"He can stay for now . "

Once Old Master Lu said those words, Lin Zhan would naturally be allowed to stay .

"I wasn't able to come back when Beichuan got married or when he had a kid . Now that I'm back, as his uncle, I have to do something for that . " He took a black box from a servant that had been following behind him . He handed it to Ye Zhen . "Please take my meager gift . "

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Ye Zhen didn't act coy . She magnanimously took the box . Smiling, she said, "Thank you, uncle . "

"Open it and see if you like it . "

Ye Zhen opened the box . There was a watch inside it . It didn't have an expensive brand's logo or a complicated design . Still, the workmanship was exquisite . Since this was a gift from Lu Shaoyan, it must have been expensive .

" . . . This watch must have been very expensive, right?" Ye Zhen kept her smile as she said, "Thank you uncle for your thoughtfulness .

"It's nothing as long as you like it . "

Ye Zhen truly didn't like this gift one bit .

If her guess was right, this watch was custom-made with a GPS tracker secretly installed inside of it . No matter where she went, as long as she was wearing this watch, he would be able to find her location .

The feeling of being monitored really wasn't very good .

"Where's my great-nephew?" Lu Shaoyan smiled again as he said, "I'm not even 30 yet and I have a great-nephew . How strange and rare . "

Mother Lu brought Zhouzhou over . She didn't have much negative feelings towards this flippant and glib-tongue brother-in-law . They had only interacted for a short period of a few years before he went abroad, so she didn't have much of an impression of him .

Lu Shaoyan held Zhouzhou in his arms . Zhouzhou stared at him with his big black eyes . He didn't cry or smile . He was a quiet and well-behaved baby .

"Zhouzhou, I'm your . . . " Lu Shaoyan furrowed his brow . "Great-uncle . . . this sounds . . . "

He shivered . "I'll introduce myself to you when you grow up . "

As Ye Zhen watched from the side, her hands felt cold, but her palms were sweaty .

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