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“The man who was once a hero cursed the world, after all. It’s useless no matter how much I try to make others like me because they think that one day I might curse them too.”

After finding out this truth, I accepted being hated by others. I have absolutely no intentions to curse the world but it also can’t be helped if people think otherwise.

“Claudia…it’s not only the hero and Dark Spirit King who are to blame. The kings are also at fault here. Isn’t it also written in the myth? It’s strange for you to be hated.”

Older brother said while frowning.

“Even if that is so, it’s already a fact that everybody detests me. The Light user who saved the world would naturally be more liked than the Darkness user who tried to destroy it.

When everyone was thinking that the world would be destroyed because of the hero’s curse, a woman bringing the salvation appeared. That person was a female with golden hair and blue, sky-colored eyes and possessed the protection of Light Spirit King.
On the brink of destruction, the world was saved by this beautiful Light user and the hero’s country was renamed Laycia.

“That being said, if you are done with your business, would you mind leaving? I would like to read the rest of the book.”

As soon I tried to wrap up the conversation, my brother hastily opened his mouth.

“T-to be honest, I came to invite you out. I am planning to go on a walk outside the mansion with mother during noon…and maybe you could too, um…how about coming with us?”
“Outside the mansion…? Duchess seems to be in a quite good health recently.”

I call my parents Duke and Duchess.
After giving birth to me, who possessed the protection of Dark Spirit King, my mother’s mind and body both seemed to be exhausted. Ever since I was born, she has been spending most of the days in bed.
I haven’t seen her much after the period of breastfeeding ended but I’m glad to hear that she’s been doing fine.

“That’s right. Recently she’s been gradually regaining physical strength and the doctor said that there shouldn’t be a problem in going out for a while.”

Older brother talked happily.
Even I feel that I want to come to an understanding with my mother, but if I accompany them, she might fall ill once again. Thinking so, I decided to reject my brother’s invitation.

“I will refrain from going. You two can go and have fun.”
“…I see.”

Older brother only left those words, exiting my room with drooping shoulders.
As if to replace him, my private maid came back with a cold towel and iced water. Her hands, trying to earnestly treat my injury, were shaking.
All maids who get assigned to me fear me so they usually don’t last for long.
Because the maids who quit their jobs are strictly forbidden from revealing that I hold the protection of Dark Spirit King, there are various speculations circulating in society, like how I’m tormenting my maids to make them leave or use them for human experiments.
It still hasn’t even been a week since this maid has been assigned to me, but at this rate, she will also quit before long.

“You can withdraw already. Just leave that towel.”

If it’s just cooling my hand, I can do it too. Thinking so, I said to my private maid.
She nodded as if relieved and hastily left the room.
Looking at that sight, I gave a deep sigh.
I wonder how many maids have quit before now? My maids change so often that I have already given up on counting them.
It’s about time I did something about this situation.
I sat back down on the chair and started to put together some ideas.

A few days later. As expected. my private maid resigned and left the mansion.
As soon as I heard the news, I headed towards the office of my father – Duke Alaudi Letsya.
After knocking and entering the office, I noticed my father and the butler, Jordan, looking at me with wide eyes.

“Claudia? now that’s rare.”

Certainly, me coming to my father’s office when I haven’t been called is a rare thing. It’s understandable that they are surprised.

“Duke, I have no need for private maids anymore.”

To say honestly, my father had a complex face with sorrow and relief mixed in it.
Even if my father found a new maid, she would get scared without a doubt and quit the job. In that case, there is no reason to forcibly have a private maid.
I want to avoid BAD END, so I’d rather my reputation not take any more hits and prevent weird rumors from spreading.
I can take care of myself and this is the best choice for everybody.

“…I see. Then I’ll leave taking care of you to Jord-“
“No, Jordan has the work that he must do.”

When I interrupted my father’s words, he asked back dubiously.

“Then, who will…”

After this, Gerald did something unusual and showed himself before the people other than me.

“It will be me, of course.”

Perhaps feeling awe after looking at Gerald’s appearance, my father’s and Jordan’s face stiffened.
Immediately after, a beautiful young man with grass-colored shoulder-length hair and golden eyes appeared as if to protect my father.
This is my first seeing him, but this must be Romario, Wind Spirit King who gives protection to my father.
Spirits whimsically give protection to the people whose souls fit their types. That itself isn’t very rare, but it is highly unlikely to receive protection from the Spirit King.
However, Romario is special and even before my father, he has given protection to other members of the Ducal family of Letsya several times.
It seems like he has taken a liking to the people of Letsya family.
In this world, not only the spirits but humans also have special attributes and it’s easier to form a favorable relationship with spirits who have the same attributes. Many of the  Letsya family members have a wind attribute, including my brother, who also uses wind magic.
Attributes are often inherited so generally, you can only use attributes of either of the parents, but sometimes there are cases when a child has a different attribute from their parents or has multiple attributes. Also, darkness and light attributes aren’t hereditary, so they are a bit rare.
Romario seemed to be wary of Gerald, his expressions seemingly displeased.
Seeing that, Gerald suddenly started to laugh.

“Don’t be so vigilant, I won’t just eat him.
“I wonder about that.”

Romario’s voice was firm, but Gerald didn’t pay any mind to it, directing his sight towards my father.

“I will take care of Claudia. Don’t send other people anymore.”
“H-however…”, father said hesitatingly.

He must be worrying that leaving me, who doesn’t get involved with humans with spirits would increasingly isolate me from society.
However, Gerald pointed out a more realistic problem.

“You only keep sending people who bring harm to Claudia. I can’t withstand my Claudia getting hurt any more than this!”

Till now, the maids who would become my exclusive servants would faint after seeing me or get so frightened that they wouldn’t be able to do any work. It’s not uncommon for me to get injured like the other day.
And, even though I would never say it forwardly, I am certainly troubled by their attitudes. That must be what Gerald is concerned about.
It’s an unexpected development, but if this means that there won’t be any new maids, I don’t mind letting Gerald take care of me.
While I was thinking, Romario started talking with an unwilling face.

“I also agree with Gerald. Alaudiー.”

My father lowered his eyebrows and looked at Romario with a troubled face.

“Spirits won’t allow their lords to get hurt. You must know that too. We can all feel that if this continues, Geralds mood will keep getting worse. I don’t think that this situation should continue.”

Romario’s words must have convinced my father. He silently nodded and looked towards Gerald.

“I get it. Then, Gerald-dono, I will leave her in your hands.”
“I don’t need to be told by you.”

Leaving those words, Gerald disappeared. Romario too saw this and also vanished from sight.

“Claudia, tell me if you’ll have any problems.”

Father threw some caring words at me, but he didn’t try to meet my eyes. He’s also one of those who are afraid of me.

“I am much obliged for your concern.”
“We are a family, after all”, said my father and tiredly smiled.

You guys know that usually I prefer to get the whole chapter out no matter how big it is, but I’ve been putting this  on the side for a long while and I’m not sure when I will manage to translate the whole chapter so I might as well just release it in 2 parts

Pretty vague words here so notify me about any mistranslations, typos and weird grammar you’ll see.

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