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Chapter 372: Are You A Pig? Do You Believe This?

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Ziye stood in the hall. She was looking around anxiously, like a child who suddenly heard from her family when she was feeling hopeless.

“Second Sister, you must be here. Come out and meet me.” Ziye’s voice was soft but determined.

“Since my return, I realized that everything here’s too familiar. Be it my sisters or the other Immortals, they look the same as they once had. Obviously, they didn’t look like this when getting sealed. You fixed them, right?”

There was only silence around her.

“The tables, chairs, and set-up are all the same as before. The hobbies of us sisters, like Big Sister who liked to play the zither and Fourth Sister who liked to play the lute only you knew about those. You put them in their happiest state,” Ziye said gradually. She did not know if her Second Sister was here. She looked like she was talking to herself.

“I secretly put my hairpin between the doors. You took it, right? I know it’s you. If you’re here, why’s it so hard to come out and meet me?”

As she finished speaking, her face froze. She turned into pieces of purple leaves and disappeared. When she reappeared, she was on a platform on the rooftop of the pavilion.

Here, a woman in an orange dress was standing. On her delicate face, two streams of tears were rolling down. There was a ribbon at the end of her dress that looked like a tail flowing in the night wind. She looked as if she could be blown away at any moment.

Compared to Ziye, she appeared even more mature and formal, cold and elegant.

Ziye looked delighted. She called out with surprise, “Second Sister!”

The Second Sister looked at Ziye, her eyes filled with love and gentleness. “Seventh Sister, you’ve grown up so much! You even pulled a trick on me!”

“Second Sister, if you weren’t sealed, why didn’t you look for me?” Ziye looked at the Second Sister, feeling hurt. Her eyes were filled with doubts.

The Second Sister shook her head and sighed. “Silly, so what if we meet? I’m lucky to be able to come to the Heavenly Temple from time to time. I can’t have any interaction with the outside world to avoid any unnecessary trouble.”

Ziye continued asking, “Where have you been living all these years?”

The Second Sister hesitated for a moment. She said, “Actually… I’ve been with the Empress.”

“Empress is still here?” Ziye was surprised. She asked, “Wait, I didn’t mean that. What I meant was, the Empress is still alive? No, what I meant…”

“Alright, I know what you mean.” The Second Sister shook her head and smiled. She continued, “The Empress and Emperor were following Dao Zu around. Since they had many good deeds, they can’t get in trouble. They’re merely forbidden.”

Ziye bit her lip and said, “I met Houtu Empress and I learned a lot regarding the catastrophe. Dao Zu…”

“Alright. This matter seems to have other reasons behind it, don’t talk about it.” The Second Sister cut her off. “My element is a Nepenthes. The Empress intentionally saved me to be with her in hopes of forgetting her worries. It’s apparent that she doesn’t want to get involved in this matter anymore.”

“What other reasons?”

“I don’t know. I heard from the Empress that the world changed abruptly. Dao Zu didn’t have a choice.”

Ziye did not dwell on the surface questions. She said, “Second Sister, let’s think of a way. Perhaps it won’t take long before we rebuild Heavenly Temple since we have the Empress.”

Her eyes sparkled with excitement on her face. Her tone consisted of something known as hope.

“So innocent, how’s that easy?” The Second Sister shook her head bitterly. She said, “However, you were able to unseal the Heavenly Temple. I was shocked. How did you do it?”

“Second Sister, do you know that the Underworld’s now completed? This is all because we met an expert.”

“The Underworld’s completed?” The Second Sister frowned. “That’s unexpected.”

Ziye continued. As if she was a child showing her treasure to her senior, she said in a mysterious tone, “Second Sister, did you get Flat Peaches from staying with the Empress?”

The Second Sister shook her head. She could not help rolling her eyes at Ziye. “Do you think times are as they were? Many Heavenly Spiritual Plants had been mixed with impurities. Why? You have a craving?”

Ziye smiled and said, “I always have Spiritual Plants. Perhaps you’re the one with cravings.”

The Second Sister was speechless. “I think you’re eating in your dreams every day.”

“Hahaha, here, for you.” Ziye grinned from ear to ear.

Suddenly she took out an orange and handed it to the Second Sister.

“What’s this? An orange?” The Second Sister frowned. She received the orange from Ziye with a strange look. “This orange…are you telling me this is a Spiritual Fruit?”

She peeled the orange skin and saw that the orange was clear like jade without impurity. Each piece was regularly sized. The presentation of it was far better than those fruits back in the Heavenly Temple.

“Oranges can actually grow this way?” The Second Sister felt as if she was learning something new.

She gradually plucked out a piece and placed it in her mouth elegantly. She chewed gently with her lips closed.

Along with a gentle bite, the rich juice of the orange seemed as if it was unleashed, shooting out suddenly and flying into each corner of her mouth.

Eventually, a golden yellow liquid gradually oozed out from the corner of her lips. However, she had no time to wipe it off.

This was because a sour and sweet taste had exploded inside her mouth. The wonderful taste, the sourness with sweetness, had triggered her taste buds. She lost her ability to think momentarily.

“This…this is actually…Spiritual Fruit? And it’s so delicious?” Her eyes widened. She was not forcing more fruit into her mouth. She pursed her lips and carefully tasted them.

Although the Flat Peaches back in the days were Heavenly Spiritual Plant, their taste could not come close to this orange!

To be blunt, she had lived so long and had not eaten such delicious food. This had refreshed her understanding of good food.

Ziye was watching by the side. The Second Sister had always been a calm person with a cold and elegant temperament. Ziye thought she could watch the Second Sister lose her composure. She would then record it with a Picture Pearl to blackmail her in the future. Thus, she was…rather disappointed.


However, having her usually elegant Second Sister acting this way already showed how powerful this orange was.

The Second Sister looked at the Picture Pearl in Ziye’s hand and quickly stuck her tongue out to lick away the remaining orange juice. She warned, “What are you trying to do?”

“Nothing, just wanted to check if this Picture Pearl was broken or not.” Ziye remained calm and kept the Picture Pearl.

The Second Sister asked with a serious tone, “This orange…was given to you by the expert you mentioned?”

“Indeed,” Ziye nodded. She then said with excitement, “Second Sister, the expert’s very powerful. It’s beyond your imagination. I feel that if we serve him well, we’ll get anything we want!”

To serve him well? Get anything they wanted?”


The Second Sister looked at Ziye differently. “You got this orange from serving him?”

Ziye nodded.

“My poor girl.” The Second Sister ruffled Ziye’s head with pity. She was quite emotional.

They were the Seven Fairies. They were not the actual daughters of Empress. They were adopted. They were once the high-above fairies, beautiful and elegant. They were called the Goddesses.

Yet now, the youngest Seventh Sister had to…serve a man for an orange.

Although…this orange was indeed an exquisite treasure.

With that in mind, she put another piece of fruit into her mouth.

“Right, I remember we had two Daluo Golden Immortals guarding the Heavenly Temple. Did they give you a hard time?”

“Not just a hard time, they called me useless and wanted to capture me.” Ziye then smiled. “However, they were exploded by the expert’s fireworks.”

The Second Sister halted. “Fireworks? What treasure’s that?”

Ziye said, “Listen, I’ll tell you slowly…”

At the same time.

At the Southern Sea.

Ao Feng twisted his dragon body with an anxious look. Soon, he swam back to the Southern Sea Dragon Palace. After transforming back into a human form, he continued walking in.

Inside the Dragon palace, quite a crowd had gathered. One of them was an elder in black robes. They were having a meeting.

Seeing that Ao Feng had come back, he smiled and asked with concern, “Ao Feng, you’re back? Did it go well? Eh? Where’s the elder that went with you?”

Ao Feng looked pained. “Father, there were some changes. The elder won’t be making it back.”

The crowd frowned. They found it hard to believe. “What’s the matter?”

Ao Feng said, “Ao Yun was poisoned but he didn’t die. This wouldn’t have affected the outcome, but…surprisingly, in the end, a few Taiyi Golden Immortals got involved. Even the Sea Eye had problems. It didn’t shoot out any water!”

The elder frowned. There was a problem at the key moment?

“Did you bring back the Dragon Soul Pearl?”

Ao Feng took out the Dragon Soul Pearl and smiled. “It’s back!”

“Good.” The elder smiled and let out a long sigh of relief. He said in a low voice, “This matter was my fault. I should’ve sent more people. Recently, the situation has changed. Even the Lord Demon God’s dead!”

The crowd was shocked. They found it hard to believe. “Lord Demon God’s dead? Is this news…reliable?”

He was a Daluo Golden Immortal! Not just any ordinary Daluo Golden Immortal, he was at his peak!

“How did he die?” someone asked with confusion.

The Southern Sea Dragon King shook his head and said, “Cause of death was unknown. According to the rumors, he was sitting down before he suddenly died. The two demons guarding his room had been captured.”

“There’s such a death in the world?”

“Perhaps he took it hard and killed himself?”

“Other than a Saint, who else could do such a thing unknowingly?”

“Alright, we need to be more careful now that he’s dead. Don’t talk about this matter anymore!” the Southern Sea Dragon King declared. He said with a serious tone, “Now that many changes have been happening out of nowhere, we must be even more cautious in the future!”

The crowd nodded.

Ao Feng’s heart sank. He said, “Dad, I heard from Ao Chen that the ancestor of dragons is still alive. Should I take that into account?”

“Ha, ridiculous!” the Southern Sea Dragon King shook his head. He scoffed, “Are you a pig? You believe this?”

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