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Chapter 366: How Cool Was It to Spend Money

Wang Yan read the book and wrote down his notes. Five minutes before the auction ended, he opened the system and took a look.

Experience points: 6,490/12,500.

OK, he casually entered 351 million Yuan into the auction price column.

He did not mean anything by it. It was just enough to add up the experience points into an integer of 10,000/12,500.

In the office on the 19th floor of Sunrise Building, seeing that the countdown was about to run out, the opponents who were preparing to celebrate their victory were collectively dumbfounded.


What was going on?!

Mr Jin and Manager Ge looked at each other, and a thought emerged in their hearts at the same time: Could it be that the other party had leaked the secret?!

Otherwise, there was no way to explain it!

It just so happened that it was one million more than the maximum amount they had prepared. It could be said that it was the ultimate pressure line.

B*stard, who the hell are you flirting with?!

And what Mr Jin and Manager Ge couldn’t understand the most was that Wang Yan didn’t follow the normal auction routine at all!

Usually, the bidding price would be added round after round to exert pressure on opponents…

It would involve guessing the opponent’s psychological bottom line…

Or the bidder would perform a habitual follow-up before suddenly jumping the price…

None of these were there!

He just unreasonably raised the bid of 321 million Yuan to 351 million Yuan in one go!

Jin Xin was dumbstruck for a long time. Suddenly, he slapped the coffee table and jumped up to scold angrily, “What the heck! Did you get the money from the wind?!”

Mr Jin stared at Manager Ge gloomily and suddenly asked, “Brother, aren’t you going to explain?”

Manager Ge was extremely flustered and aggrieved.

“Explain what? Mr Jin, do you think that I went to that kid to inform him?! Why should I do that!”

“That’s interesting… That kid didn’t move for an hour, but he slapped us right on the bottom line. No more, no less, just one million Yuan more… What would you think if you were in my position?”

“Mr Jin, we’re on the same side! Even if I dare to trick you, I can’t trick Mr Cao, right?!”

Manager Ge felt wronged all over the place and started shouting.

Mr Jin still didn’t believe it, but he couldn’t find any flaws, not to mention evidence. The grievances in his heart were much more than Manager Ge’s.

Triple Xin was so angry that he almost went crazy. He anxiously asked, “Dad, what should we do? Raise the price again?!”

“Raise my a*s!”

Mr Jin unhappily cursed with his eyes wide open.

“How can we raise any more money? Moreover, if we continue to raise it, what could we get? There’s no profit at all!”

Tripple Xin was speechless for a moment.

At this moment, the young man who had not spoken all this while suddenly spoke,

“Young Master Wang’s promise of borrowing 20 million Yuan without interest is still valid. You can return it within three months.”

Mr Jin still shook his head.

He had enough money, but he could not do business that would lose money.

If he asked for 370 million Yuan, 220 million Yuan of it would be from his own family. Including the waiver from property fees, the cost would still be close to 200 million Yuan. It was not worth it.

In order to prove his innocence, Manager Ge immediately said, “Mr Jin, I can go to Mr Cao and apply for another five years of property fees waiver. After removing the 11 million, you actually just spend another nine million.”

Mr Jin was finally moved.

“Can it work?!”

Manager Ge immediately took out his phone, “I’ll communicate with him right away!”

There were less than three minutes left. Fortunately, though Mr Cao was very strict with cash expenditure, he was generous with property fees, so he quickly agreed.

Triple Xin’s eyes lit up with a glimmer of hope. He immediately rubbed his hands together and sat back in front of the computer.

“Dad, what’s our next bid?”

Mr Jin was silent for a moment, then he raised a finger in a very experienced manner.

“Add another one million to test the other party! After bidding the price, we’ll start the timer. Let’s see how that kid responds!”


Triple Xin trembled as he entered 352 million Yuan on the keyboard. After repeatedly confirming that the number was fine, he timidly clicked on the bid.

Wang Yan leisurely drank his sweet coffee with milk and honey. When he saw that the other party had bid again, he could not help smiling.


His resistance was quite strong? !

Since that was the case… Wang Yan might as well make up another round!

He calmly tapped 40,100 with the unit was 10,000 Yuan, confirmed.

He only needed to fork out 5 million Yuan more. The remaining 45 million Yuan would be filled by the system. This was the best timing to act cool, wasn’t it?

He clearly did not pay much, yet he could make the other party experience that kind of despair and powerlessness. It was a great feeling!

As expected, the moment the new number appeared on the page, Xinsheng’s office immediately fell into a dead silence.


The father and son were completely in despair. Apart from despair, a wave of powerlessness rose in their hearts.

Normal people would increase the bid according to the lowest bid. They would tug and tug at the opponent’s fighting spirit, using the smallest price to obtain victory.

Who would have thought that they would meet such a master?!

He increased the bid by 30 million Yuan and when it was not enough to kill the opponent, he directly increased the bid by 50 million Yuan in the second round!

How could he spend tens of millions in such a casual way!


Triple Xin jumped up abruptly. His eyes were red as he grabbed the notebook and threw it out.


Crackle, crackle…

The notebook smashed against the wall and instantly fell apart. It fell to the ground, just like Triple Xin’s heart.

He only wanted to step on Wang Yan once, why was it so hard?!


Manager Ge was so scared that he trembled. He put on a smile and nodded at Mr Jin. It was worse than crying.

“Um… Mr Jin, I still have work… I’ll take a leave first!”

He turned around and left.

The representative of Young Master Wang glanced at the incompetent and furious Triple Xin and left without saying a word. As soon as he stepped out of the door, he immediately took out his phone.

Mr Jin looked at his son, who was panting heavily. Thinking about the consequences of the company’s headquarters being taken down by that fierce dragon, his temples started to throb.

As for Wang Yan?

He picked up his coffee again and happily calculated where to find the last 2,000 experience points.

Who would be so impatient to go back and forth with you?

No matter who that person was, he would kill anybody with one slap, forget it!

With the remaining 5 minutes of delay, there were no more accidents.

As the experience points suddenly jumped to 10,500/12,500, in theory, the two floors belonged to Wang Yan now.

Director Huang immediately called. He was beaming with joy, but also full of shock and disbelief.

“Young Master Wang… Domineering! To tell you the truth, we have seen a lot of the world, but we are still stunned! My colleagues here were dumbfounded. Now they are all clamoring for me to treat them! With your help, I have completed this mission more than expected, Sir!”

The first call was a round of flattery, and the title unconsciously changed to “Sir”. It could show the power of Wang Yan’s two bids.

And this was exactly the effect that Wang Yan wanted to see.

When there were competitors, Wang Yan only needed to make a phone call. Because of his face or pressure, Huang Guangliang had to tell Wang Yan who the other party was.

However, Wang Yan resisted his curiosity and didn’t make the call.

How much of a show is there to take the initiative to ask?

He would wait for him to speak!

Stunning Huang Guangliang would be very helpful to Wang Yan’s follow-up plan.

Even if he didn’t do it, having such a network would still be very beneficial.

Wangting Entertainment was registered in the other party’s jurisdiction, so there were many opportunities to interact with them.

Using the system’s money to build an unfathomable image, putting on the tiger’s skin and waving the banner, what could be more satisfying than that?

Wang Yan calmly skipped over the flattery and asked in a gentle but high-profile tone, “Director Huang, I’ll pick up the documents at 2 o’clock on time. Is that alright?”

“I’ll immediately urge my colleagues to expedite the process!”

Huang Guangliang’s tone was firm and decisive. Not only that, he also offered the highest respect for the willful madman.

“In addition, I’ll personally send it to you after it’s done to express my gratitude!”

Wang Yan smiled and naturally agreed, “Then I’ll have to trouble you, Director Huang. I’m indeed a little busy. Shall we meet later?”

“Alright, wait for my news!”

After hanging up the call, Wang Yan stretched his back, feeling very comfortable.

Look, he managed to spend the system’s money, expand his assets, accumulate a pile of experience points, beat up a bunch of idiots with one slap and subdue another crucial network.

How good it was for a person who knew how to spend money?!

At least 95 points!

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