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Chapter 238: The Gateway to the New World

He Miaomiao returned to the classroom and found that there were not many seats left, so she could only walk to the boy’s seat in the last row by the window.

The boy carried the big bags and small pockets all the way to the last row and placed them against the wall. Only then did he excitedly sit outside the aisle, on the seat next to her.

“Thank you!”, He Miaomiao finally revealed a smile.

With just a sweet smile made the male student’s face red as tomato, he hurriedly said, “It’s alright, it’s alright! After class, I’ll help you carry them to the dormitory downstairs!”

Little B gave him a thumbs up. “Sure, gentleman!”

He Miaomiao indifferently refused. “There’s no need to go through so much trouble. Other than watermelon and mangoes, just eat them all later.”

“Then… I’ll help you take them to the water room to wash them?”

Little A was impressed. Brother, you actually found such an opportunity to please the princess…

Please keep it up, you’ll have a girlfriend sooner or later!


This time, He Miaomiao did not reject him.

Therefore, after the boys were done with the roll call, they immediately went to wash the raisins, peaches, cherry tomatoes and cherries, while He Miaomiao began to distribute bananas to everyone.

“Sisters, who wants to eat bananas?”

The female classmate asked, “Miaomiao, you bought so many fruits, are you inviting everyone?”


He Miaomiao nodded confidently.

I’m not going to tell you that I bought too many because I couldn’t control my desire to shop!

“Then I don’t want to eat bananas, I want to eat peaches!”

“I like cherry, hehe!”

“Miaomiao, can you give me some pine nuts?”

He Miaomiao waved her hand generously. “Sure, you can choose what you want to eat, but try your best to let everyone eat it, okay?”

“Wow! Miaomiao, you’re so generous!”

“Goddess Miaomiao, how about us, the boys?”

He Miaomiao didn’t even think about it and replied, “Beg the girl beside you!”

This was especially the little princess’s way of thinking, but it was unexpected at this moment.


The boys and girls were all laughing, and the atmosphere in the classroom suddenly became lively.

Little A and Little B held their foreheads, feeling that they could not understand Princess Miaomiao at all.

They went to Venice Square with huge effort and bought a lot of fruits crazily.

When they swiped their cards, the amount of the bill was shocking.

It was not easy for them to come back, but in the end, they did not even take a bite and the princess gave it all away…

What were you thinking?!

“Miaomiao… you’re so generous!”, Little A sighed.

“What’s the matter? We can’t finish it.”, He Miaomiao did not care at all.

“Then why did you buy so much?”, Little B widened her eyes. “It’s not like we didn’t try to persuade you!”

“It’s a rare opportunity to go. You have to try one of them, right?”

Her expression and tone were too damn self-righteous. Little A and Little B were speechless.

We don’t understand your world…

The boy quickly washed the fruits and came back. He Miaomiao left a little of everything for themselves and gave the rest to others.

In the end, she opened the mango bag and asked the boy who helped him generously, “Do you want to eat a mango? The big one can’t be touched. You can choose the small ones.”

The boy was overjoyed and carefully picked one out from the bag. He wiped it slightly and directly peeled the skin.

“Wow! So sweet!”

The boy’s eyes lit up and he gave a thumbs up.

He Miaomiao was happy and finally asked, “Classmate, what’s your name?”


It’s been a month since school started, and you don’t even remember my name?

The boy’s heart was aching, but he quickly faced up to his status.

‘You’re just an ordinary boy who has thoughts about white, rich, and beautiful women. You have to have the self-discipline in simping for girls. You have to be patient!’

After thinking about it, he was no longer upset. Instead, he was excited because their relationship had become more substantial.

He introduced himself in a serious manner, “My name is Zhang Yuan.”


He Miaomiao responded and nodded. Suddenly, she spoke in a very serious manner.

“Don’t stare at a girl’s back from now on. I never wear tight clothes. What can you see? If you want to see, please look at the face. There are a lot of perverts in our class already. Behave yourself.”

Zhang Yuan’s face turned green in an instant.


You actually knew? !

But I didn’t stare at her all the time, okay?

A class only lasted less than 80 minutes..

F*ck, how do I explain this? !

Actually, there was no need to explain, because He Miaomiao completely ignored simp no. 1 and focused on the mangoes in the bag.

After selecting repeatedly, she picked out the one she was most satisfied with, and began to peel it.

The fully ripe Guiqi mangoes were very easy to peel. When she opened it, there was yellow and orange flesh inside, but…

Why were the fibers so thick?

The little fairy frowned slightly and suddenly felt a little uneasy.

Let’s give it a try. It shouldn’t be too bad, right?

He Miaomiao immediately grinned after taking a bite.


It was too f*cking sweet, so sweet that it was sickening. There wasn’t even a hint of the fragrance that a mango should have. It was like something made from saccharin.

Moreover, there were too many fibers and they were too thick. The taste was terrible after taking a bite.

When she looked back at Zhang Yuan, he was eating in big mouthfuls, and it was very sweet.

He Miaomiao could not help but wonder: Could it be that the one I picked was especially bad?

She casually threw the remaining half of the mango into the garbage bag, and picked out another one.

In the end…

She fainted, it was not even as good as the previous one!

The sweetness was still up to standard, but it was too sweet, too greasy.

The core of the fruit was big, the flesh was small and there was a lot of fiber.

Bad mango!

Seeing that He Miaomiao was about to throw it again, Little A quickly stopped her.

“Is it that bad? Let me have a bite.”

She took it and carefully took a bite. She asked in puzzlement, “It’s pretty good?”


He Miaomiao waved her hand, too lazy to explain anything.

The standards of different people were different.

For people who rarely ate mangoes, they would be happy if the mangoes were sweet enough.

For people who often ate high-quality fruits, sweetness was only one of the indicators, and there were many other ratings.

When it came to the sweetness of mangoes, the greasy sweetness and the mild sweetness were completely two different concepts.

In short, 88 yuan per catty of mangoes was not worth the money!

He Miaomiao did not consider whether she would lose money or not. Money was not important, but after making a big fuss over it, she was quite dissatisfied with it…


In her depression, He Miaomiao looked at the Australian mango that Wang Yan had given her.

After looking at it for a while, she quickly averted her gaze.

Hmph! I still have a black-skinned watermelon. I don’t want to eat your mango!

She was absent-minded until class ended. He Miaomiao hurriedly returned to the dormitory and washed her hands. The first thing she wanted to do was to open the watermelon.

She cut it in the middle with a fruit knife and took out the small spoon. She held half of the petal and started digging immediately.

He Miaomiao’s mood instantly turned cold when she took a bite.

It was still unripe, slightly astringent, and watery..

59 points, it couldn’t be any more!

As a watermelon, you didn’t pass at all!

Little A came up and scooped a spoonful. She said happily, “The seedless watermelon tastes so good!”

He Miaomiao asked quietly, “How does it compare to the watermelon Wang Yan bought last time?”

“It can’t be compared, but I think it’s very delicious now!”

You’re so lucky!

He Miaomiao was almost jealous of Little A’s taste buds. It was so good to be a person who was not fussy about taste…

He Miaomiao was so tired that she didn’t want to speak. She threw the spoon away and went to play the game listlessly.

The other three girls in the dormitory came back, one of them asked in a bitchy tone, “Hey, Miaomiao, you bought so many fruits and gave them to everyone, but you hid a watermelon and a few mangoes. Why? Are they so expensive and delicious that you don’t want to give them to everyone?”

He Miaomiao’s mood was extremely bad.

Bitchy roommates, how annoying!

“To me, no fruit can be considered expensive.”

The lady boss retorted without even raising her head, then said calmly, “They’re all on Little A’s table. If you want to eat, just eat.”

“Yo, then I have to try it. My family is poor, so any fruit that costs more than 10 yuan is considered expensive to me!”

“Wow, that mango is so big, I want to eat that!”

He Miaomiao’s heart jumped.

“Hey hey, that big one can’t be touched, it’s mine!”

She threw down her phone and rushed over with two big steps to snatch the Australian mango.

“Okay okay. The big one is yours, we’ll just eat the small one!”

“Oh, so generous!”

Little B suddenly interjected, “The big one is more than 40 yuan per cattery, and the small one is 88 yuan per cattery.”

“Uh… Miaomiao is so generous…”

He Miaomiao couldn’t be bothered with them at all. She suddenly recalled Wang Yan’s words.

“Eat it when you’re in a bad mood.”

Right now, it was very, very bad.

So, should she eat it?

If it still didn’t taste good, then today would be completely terrible…

She was clearly very hesitant in her heart, but her hands didn’t listen to her commands. She picked up the fruit knife and clumsily cut it open

The moment he opened his mouth, a refreshing fragrance immediately surged into his nose.


Not bad?!

He Miaomiao bit down with anticipation. Instantly, a soft and firm texture filled her mouth. Immediately after, a sweet explosion followed.

That sweetness was very fragrant, but it was not greasy. It carried a strong wild fruit fragrance, refreshing and delightful.

Within the sweetness, there was a right amount of of fruity sour taste, making the taste extremely rich.

He Miaomiao’s light brown crystal-like eyes instantly burst into a ball of light.

So tasty!

With a few big bites, half of the mango was gone.

After digging out the core with great effort, she couldn’t bear to throw it away directly. She pinched it with her fingers, nibbled and nibbled, and then began to deal with the other half.


After eating all of it, He Miaomiao burped in satisfaction and went to the bathroom to wash her hands and face.

She looked at herself in the mirror. There was fruit juice all over her lips, nose, and cheeks.

There was no need to mention her hands.

She turned on the tap and was about to wash her hands when she suddenly put the ring finger of her right hand to her mouth and sucked on it gently.

It was a big piece of fruit. She could not waste it!

Her slender fingers came out from her lips and became clean. She licked her lips again and smiled in satisfaction.

Hehe, so satisfying!

After washing her face, her mood became very bright and happy. He Miaomiao narrowed her eyes at her reflection in the mirror and stretched out her hand to shoot.

Bang, bang, bang!

Although there were some twists and turns today, the overall situation was not bad.

The countdown was 300 days. Little fairy, go, go, go, go, go!

She returned to bed happily and started a new game. While playing, she suddenly thought of tomorrow.


There was only one mango. If he ate it today, what would he do tomorrow?


It seemed… like… maybe… she should…

Wang Yan still had a watermelon, a cantaloupe, two peaches, and seven or eight blueberries, right? !


She said she wouldn’t bother with Doggie Wang anymore, but what should she do?

Eh eh eh, so annoying!

Just as He Miaomiao was eyeing Wang Yan’s inventory, Chen Yuhang was also very annoyed.

He woke up in the afternoon and habitually wandered to the dining room. However, he found that his father actually didn’t go out. He was holding an iPad and waiting at the dining table.

“Dad, you didn’t have any social engagements this afternoon?”

“No, I was waiting for you.”

Chen Changqing was 47 years old this year. He was in his prime. He had a short stature, but he had a square face and thick black hair.


Chen Yuhang was shocked.

“I heard from your Uncle Wang that you offended the rich kid of a mine province?”, Chen Changqing raised his head and glanced at him.

“It’s fine. it’s settled.”

Chen Yuhang was quite resistant to discussing such matters with his father. He sat down in front of the dining table, but he quickly lost his appetite.

“Originally, I wasn’t the one who caused the matter. I shook hands with them and made peace. You don’t have to care about it.”

However, Chen Changqing refused to let go. “Tell me in detail. If you get involved with those people, there won’t be any small matters. You can’t let your guard down.”

Chen Yuhang had no choice but to give a rough description and hide the matter of him giving the money.

Chen Changqing listened to the whole story but refused to believe it.

“Tell me the truth! How much did you compensate the little girl?”

Chen Yuhang stammered, “Uh, I gave 20.”

Only then did Chen Changqing nod his head.

“You handled it pretty well. Giving money was the right thing to do.”

Chen Yuhang propped his head up and thought to himself: fine, next is the time for education…

Sure enough, Chen Changqing began to talk non-stop.

“Hang Hang, you have to remember that your family is not short of money. Things that can be solved with small money are not a problem.”

“You know that you have to ask your uncle Wang for information about her background means that you learn your lessons from the previous incident. Very good.”

“Next time, if you can control your temper and stop being so impulsive, it means that you’ve really grown up.”

“Why did you throw the bottle when you were drinking with a little girl?”

“I’ll handle this matter of yours. I’ll still have to compensate her and apologize.”

Chen Yuhang was full of frustration, but he afraid to argue.

His pocket money had already been cut off by his father. If he did not behave himself, he would only be able to eat dirt for the rest of his life. He would not be able to spend his days drinking and have fun.

“Yes, yes…”

He kept nodding his head.

A father knows his son the best. Chen Changqing could tell at a glance that his son wasn’t listening to him at all.

If it were in the past, he might have stopped talking. Today’s situation was different, but he had no choice but to be more serious.

“Don’t harrumph at me. I’m your father. I won’t do you bad!”

“It can be said that there are no weaknesses in the family business. The only thing that can affect me is the international environment. So when I’m outside, I don’t easily offend people, but I’m not afraid of offending people.”

“I’m talking about proper businessmen. Included those who have been tainted in the past and come clean.”

“That’s because everyone plays the same thing. There are rules.”

“But there’s a type of black that can’t be washed clean — how can you wash clean your hands with someone’s blood?”

“In the mine province, even your uncle Wang doesn’t dare to act rashly. Who do you think I am? And what kind of prick are you?”

Chen Yuhang quickly raised his hands in surrender.

“I know, I know! Didn’t I not do anything?”


Chen Changqing snorted coldly.

“This is the last time I’m warning you…”

“When you’re out in the world, don’t mess with a fifteen or sixteen-year-old brat who has nothing. Don’t mess with a lone wolf from Dongbei, don’t mess with a nouveau riche from the mine province, and don’t mess with your cousins!”

“I’m not afraid of a fight between you and Wang Siming. I’m just afraid that you’ll become blind!”

“Conflicts are all sudden and intense. Once they happen, how would you have the time to check on his background and ask for help?”

“The characteristics of us businessmen in capital city are that we abide by the law and follow the rules. Our strengths are that we risk our background. Stabbing someone in the back, risk our lives and play head-to-head were not the things we good at.”

“You better know what you’re doing.”

Chen Yuhang hurriedly nodded. “I have it, I have it! Don’t worry, I promise that I won’t get into any trouble in the future!”

Chen Changqing nodded in satisfaction. “Alright, let’s eat!”

Yesterday’s incident was not a big one. After being educated until now, it was already enough.

He already compensated and apologized. It was not a big grudge to begin with, so what else did he want?

The idea was right, but Chen Changqing didn’t know that Chen Yuhang spewing feces at President Wang wasn’t the first time.

So, the matter wasn’t over at all.

“I don’t want to eat anymore. I have no appetite!”

Chen Yuhang frowned at the porridge and dishes on the table. His stomach was obviously hungry, but he had no appetite at all.

“Hm?”, Chen Changqing raised his head suspiciously. “Sister Liu made it specially. Don’t you eat these every day when you wake up?”

“I don’t feel like eating today. I’m going back to my room to play some games.”

Chen Yuhang took out a can of beer from the fridge and swung it back to his room.

When he turned on the computer, he opened the can opener and took a big gulp.


Why was the beer so tasteless today?

Chen Yuhang was extremely puzzled. After thinking carefully, he attributed the reason to the excessive anger in his liver.

“Damn it, Yesterday’s incident was really f*cking terrible! Wang Yan, Lv Yichen, wait for me!”

He put down his beer and started to play games.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, his father went out to the office. Chen Yuhang was hungry and annoyed. He finally couldn’t sit still.

When he called to make an appointment, he thought twice. He passed Huang Xu, Lin Baizhou, Chi Haomiao, and found Fang Tong and Wu Fanlin.

“What are you going to do, Master Hang?”

“I’m angry, let’s go play with some chicks!”

Oh, Fang Tong and Kuan Mian knew what to do. Their big brother was unhappy and needed to flirt with girls to vent his anger.

The three of them gathered together. Chen Yuhang crashed a 911 GT3 RS but he still had a top-notch X5. The cars of the other two guys were still not as good as his.

“Where are we going?”, Fang Tong asked.

“Anyway, let’s not go to the Capital Dance…”, Kuan Mian was terrified, afraid that he would bump into Wang Yan again.

Fang Tong quickly tried to smooth things over. “Who wants to flirt with chicks at Capital Dance… are you stupid? Of course, it’s BIFT or CMU!”

Chen Yuhang really went to Capital Dance, BFA, Central Academy of Drama, Central Academy of Fine Arts, and CCM. Although he didn’t get much, he was never tired of it.

There was nothing else, he was just famous. If he managed to flirt with one, he would have a lot to brag about.

When he heard that, he asked with interest, “What’s up? are those two places fun?”

Fang Tong gave him a thumbs up. “Great! took me there once. The girls are fun and easy to flirt with!”

“Elaborate it, bro!”, Kuan Mian is curious.

“Fashion Technology was a mediocre college. It has photography, performance, modeling course so there are a lot of beautiful women. The girls are easy to get started with, and all of them are trained in front of the camera. They really good at flirtatious play or play hard to get!”

“The CMU is even better. There are three compulsory courses —

First, etiquette and cultivation. The temperament is not inferior to the Capital Dance at all.

Second, the oral expression class. They can talk and chat, and coax people to be extremely comfortable!

Third, women’s studies. Those who learn poorly are basically brainless. With one Tiffany necklace, you can lure them away. Those who learn well are really thoughtful, and it feels especially fresh!”

Fang Tong spouted a lot of facts, and when the two wolves heard it, they were so fascinated that they almost drooled.

“Let’s go! To the good courtyard!”

Chen Yuhang wiped his mouth and set off.

After sitting on top of the X5 for the whole afternoon, Chen Yuhang finally found a girl who looked pretty good. Fang Tong and Kuan Mian also gained something, and the group set off to eat.

Chen Yuhang specifically said that he wanted to eat spicy food to stimulate their stomach, so everyone went straight to Gui Street.

They didn’t deliberately look for any western restaurants or big restaurants. It was summer, so some cold beer, crayfish, and grilled oysters are the ways to go. Even gods would want the treat.

When they arrived at the place, they took their seats one by one. The three girls did not mind the small restaurant, and they chatted happily with their big brothers.

Then, when the dishes and wine were served, Chen Yuhang slowly felt that something was wrong.

It was obviously very fragrant. If it was any other time, he would definitely drool, but why did he not have any appetite today?

He was extremely hungry, but nothing tasted good. That kind of feeling was really too uncomfortable.

Chen Yuhang also took a few mouthfuls, took off his gloves, and drank the wine impatiently.

“Young Master Chen, why aren’t you eating? I’ll peel it for you.”

The girl he picked up was called Xiaoxue. Needless to say, itmust be an alias, but she was beautiful and obedient, which made him feel very comfortable.

“Xiaoxue is so obedient!”

Chen Yuhang forced a smile, lowered his head, and took a bite of the prawn meat on her fingertip. He chewed twice, and it tasted like wax.

“You eat it yourself. Don’t mind me. I’m not hungry.”

He was actually very hungry, but the feeling of hunger was getting fainter and fainter. His nerves were becoming dulled.

Fang Tong and Kuan Mian did not dare to dissuade him, because they were very “clear” about the reason why Chen Yuhang was in a bad mood. They could only drink with him.

After drinking another two glasses, Chen Yuhang went to the toilet to drain the water in a bad mood.

Once he entered the toilet…


What was the thing that so freaking smelly?

His nose twitched violently twice, and he smelled a pungent smell from the not well-sealed sewer.

Normally, when an ordinary person smelled this kind of smell, they should be very resistant and disgusted psychologically.

But for some reason, Chen Yuhang’s heart actually surged with a faint sense of excitement.

Gulp gulp…

His stomach started to beat, and he was suddenly so hungry that his appetite was huge.

What the hell?!

Why did this happen?!

Chen Yuhang was shocked and confused.

Forget it, forget it. As long as he knew he was hungry, it had been almost 20 hours since last night.

He shook his head. Since he couldn’t figure it out, he might as well not think about it.

After going to the toilet, he returned to his seat. Just as he was about to feast, his strong appetite suddenly disappeared again.


What was going on?!

Just as he was shocked, Xiaoxue suddenly exclaimed, “Oh my, this prawn’s head stinks! What’s wrong with the store? Aren’t dead prawns picky?”

“Give it to me.”

When Chen Yuhang heard the word stinky, his heart suddenly moved. He took the prawn’s head as if he was a ghost.

He placed it in front of his nose and sucked on it…

F *ck!

I feel it! I feel it!

Chen Yuhang’s eyes lit up. Driven by his hunger, he sucked on the prawn head that was smelly..

Yes, yes!

This was the smell!

It was so good

Chen Yuhang felt as if all the pores on his body had opened up. It was delicious and comfortable!

Xiaoxue was stunned.

Her eyes were wide open and the corners of her mouth twitched. She did not know where to place her hands.

Young Master Chen… Er…his hobby was very strange…

Chen Yuhang did not think too much about it. When the food entered his throat, it brought a fishy smell and warmth to his stomach, bringing both psychological and physical pleasure.

The door to a new world slowly opened in front of him.

Young master was very excited. He slammed the table and shouted, “Waiter! Call your boss over!”

The lady boss, who still had her charm, was nearby. She asked with a smile, “Young Master Chen, what do you need?”

“Give me another plate of those dead prawns!”

The lady boss’s face instantly turned pale.

Oh no!

Young Master Chen was going to cause a scene!

In the past six months, Chen Yuhang and his buddies had patronized the store many times. They had drunk too much and smashed bottles twice. They even had a conflict with other customers once, it would be quite difficult to serve them.

She quickly smiled apologetically. “Aiyo, Young Master Chen, what are you talking about? Why would we let our customers eat dead prawns? We kept them prawns alive before cook. If you don’t believe me, you can go to the kitchen and take a look!”

Chen Yuhang’s expression immediately darkened. “Does that mean there isn’t any? !”

“No! There really isn’t any!”

The lady boss waved her hand anxiously. “Maybe some of them died early and the chef didn’t notice. If you find one, I’ll give you a free plate!”

Before Fang Tong and Kuan Mian could figure out what was going on, they tried to persuade him.

“Master Hang, we always eat here. No matter how many times we eat, we still can’t find a dead one. Don’t blame the lady boss!”

Chen Yuhang thought about it and it was true. His face became even darker.

“Can you find dead prawns in the nearby restaurants?”

The lady boss was dumbfounded.

Are you short of money, so you planning to go to fool some people?!

She waved her hand firmly. “How popular is the business on the entire street? No one would do such a thing to ruin their reputation. Don’t worry, it’s really not that bad!”

Damn you!

You want to eat a prawn with a heavy taste, but it’s still f*cking difficult to get a relationship? !

Chen Yuhang was extremely disappointed. He panted heavily and downed another glass of beer.

The cold beer entered his stomach and mixed with the rotten prawn that he had just eaten. His stomach began to rumble.

Numbing, spicy, cold beer, and dead seafood were all things that stimulated the stomach. A normal person would not be able to withstand it. Moreover, Chen Yuhang had not eaten anything for a whole 20 hours, so his stomach was exceptionally weak.

He immediately stood up with his hand on his stomach and went straight to the washroom.

“Master Hang, What’s wrong?”, Fang Tong and Kuan Mian were extremely puzzled.

Xiaoxue hesitated for a moment and did not dare to say anything about what had just happened. She just stood up and took out a wet towel, saying, “I’ll go take a look.”

“Yo, you’re so sensible!”

Fang Tong and Kuan Mian laughed out loud.

Chen Yuhang rushed into the toilet, took off his pants, and squatted there. In an instant, the mountain collapsed.



Poor Young Master Chen was in so much pain that he was sweating.

However, in the midst of his pain, as the smell reached his nose, a mysterious and magnificent sense of excitement surged into young master’s heart.


What a dense and fragrant smell!


Chen Yuhang took a deep breath, his whole body felt comfortable.

In the comfort, the burning hunger crazily stimulated his brain, sending out a signal that “You need to eat”.

Chen Yuhang was extremely weak, but at the same time, he was very regretful: Why didn’t he grab a small golden steamed bun just now?

Eating while shitting, how…


Why am I such a weirdo?!

Chen Yuhang suddenly realized that something was wrong. He felt that this idea was definitely not something that an ordinary person could have. It was a bizarre thought.

However, he did not know why, but his heart was faintly excited because of this.

Extraordinary people do extraordinary things. I heard that great people usually have some weird quirks?

This is nothing, right?!

As his thoughts ran wild, his stomach became hungrier and hungrier, and the fragrance at the tip of his nose became more and more alluring.

Xiaoxue, who was standing guard at the door, realized that the door was not locked. She asked a few questions softly, but Master Chen did not respond. Thinking about Iphone 6S plus that Chen Yuhang promised to give her, she gritted her teeth, grabbed a wet towel, and pulled the door open.

At a glance, she saw a scene that caused her worldview to collapse.

Xiaoxue: (⊙﹏⊙)

The tyrant gold on the Young Master Chen’s fingers was once Xiaoxue’s favorite color, but at this moment, that gold was no longer luxurious.

The tyrant gold Iphone 6S plus, please get out of my dream list right now!

I only love the rose pink from now on!

Silently putting down the wet towel, XIaoxue flashed out of the bathroom with a whoosh and hid in a corner to retch.

After trembling for a while, she returned to the dining table with a pale face.

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