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Chapter 125

Now, she better go and transfer Kooine’s scores . Fii got up from her chair in the break room .

(This completes my victory . )

The form for the increased score that Fii had in her possession had to be written down and then taken to the dining room to be certified . It wasn’t a set rule, but rather the simple reason that no one would know if she didn’t . In order to finally decide her own victory in this manhood ranking, Fii left the break room and headed to the dining room . Kooine followed behind her .

When Fii came to the front of the diner, Lemier stood in front of her . Next to him were Slad and Gies . They were the usual trio .

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Fii looked at them with narrowed eyes and asked them what their intentions were .

Lemier, standing in the middle of the three of them, asked Fii the opposite question .

“What’s wrong with Ius?”

Fii huffed with a wicked look on her face .

“I have decided to talk to him . All day in my room . ”

Hearing those words, Lemier raised his arms and put it on his hips . The other two did the same . An obvious battle pose . Although Guise, who has an injured leg, only has an arm .

”You’re not going to win . So, you’re going to try to peel off my first place by force? It’s manly…”

“I don’t care about your manhood . If a friend is about to go bad, I’ll stop him . That’s what friends are for . ”

Lemier’s eyes were serious . The boys in the north quarters were also excited by the composition .

“Good! That’s manly!”

Lemier looked into Fii’s eyes and said with a sad expression .

“Heath, let’s not do this anymore! Even Heath wouldn’t have wanted to come in first place this way! There is no way that kind of victory is going to make you proud of yourself! And, if you still want to do it, you can beat us…

“Go! Kooine!”



To no avail, even with Lemier’s persuasion, the rebellion of the three men was put down by Kooine, under the direction of the merciless Fii . Incidentally, Guise, who still had an injured leg, was laid on the ground relatively gently by Kooine .

”Ah… . ”

A sigh escaped from the boys in the northern quarters at the sight of him . A boy next to Gormus, who was watching the commotion, spoke to him .

”Hey, Gormus… You’ll have to do something about it . You’ll have to handle it . ”

Gormus, who had already taken a meal out of it, said,

“I don’t really care who’s in first place . I’m not that critical of his methods either . ”

The boy’s shoulders slumped at his words . But, despite his words, Gormus rose from his chair .

”However, I’ve been losing to Kooine all the time . It wouldn’t be bad to pay him back for once here . ”

As he said this, Gormus chuckled and scrambled through the apprentice knights in the dining room to stand in front of Fii . A villainous smile appeared on his strong face and he bobbed the fingers of his hand .

“Let’s play the game, Kooine . Bare-handed before you settle this with a sword!”

Kooine and Gormus faced each other in a fighting pose . Even though it’s not a sword fight, they are both apprentice knights . They have also received proper training in manual skills . It was clear that it was going to be a real match . The apprentice knight boys also watched the outcome of the match from Gormus’s side with nervous expressions .

As Kooine kicked the ground, the figure moved to scratch off .


Someone’s voice rang out .

Kooine instantly moved to Gormus’s side and slammed his fist with all his might into his armpit . A thumping, bang . It was a direct hit .


Gormus, who smirked, swung his fist down to Kooine as it was .


Kooine hurriedly flew backwards to avoid it .

“The only thing that matters is that your attack is half as powerful as it could be without the wooden sword . It’s not a problem if it doesn’t hit your face . ”

As he said this, Gormus faced Kooine in a fighting pose, focusing on protecting his chin and face . Although there are gaps in his body, Gormus’s well-trained abdominal muscles can withstand a blow from Kooine .


“Good! Gormus!”

The apprentice knights who had become the audience gave a roar at the sight . Contrary to his training with the sword, Gormus is more on the offensive .

He attacked Kooine unilaterally while successfully defending the chin, pigeon tail, and other parts of the body that are the weak points . Kooine can’t do any damage in the hit areas, so he has no choice but to go on the defensive .

However, Kooine was also a big deal . His movements were swift, and it evaded Gormus’ attacks at every turn .

But— .

“No! Kooine!”

Fii shouted, and just as Kooine avoided the fist that came from his right to his left, his shoulder hit the wall .


Kooine’s eyes widened .

Before she knew it, Kooine had been cornered into the connection between the dining room and the corridor . There, one door was closed and walled off from the other, and it was in a corner .

It’s a very good idea to have a good idea of what to expect . He will be able to get Kooine in place while attacking .

“I have got you cornered, Kooine . ”

Gormus chuckled .


As expected, Fii also let out an impatient voice . Gormus was caught off guard and swung a stopping fist at him, wary of getting away from both sides . Sweat fell from Kooine’s forehead .

“Go! Gormus!”

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“There! Just stop it!”

“Oh, you’re losing! Kooine!

Everyone shouted, Gormus’s fist swung down, and then the apprentice knights saw something incredible .

Kooine jumped and avoided Gormus’s fist . That much is clear .

From there, Kooine landed on the ceiling, spinning his body in the air with the momentum . His feet were attached in a crouching position as if the floor was really there . It was only for a moment, but everyone present certainly witnessed it .




That was an unbelievable movement, which was not human, caused everyone in the room to let out a dumbfounded cry . The next moment, the ceiling deflected with a thumping sound, and the rapid acceleration of Kooine’s kick is sucked into the face of the stunned Gormus . All that’s left is Kooine standing there quietly, and the huge body of Gormus, who had fallen down .

The apprentice knights shuddered .

Even Fii was taken aback by the inhumanity of Kooine’s movement . It’s a good idea to be able to have a good time with your friends .

”Yo … well done! Kooine!”

Fii approached and praised him with a fearful pat on the body, making a smile, but his face was drawn and his voice was trembling . The other knights also buzzed .

”What was that move just now…?”

“He landed… on the ceiling…”

“Are you really human? Aren’t they animals?”

Kooine, who got away with that kind of thing, is now being nudged quietly by Fii .

(Good… . I’m so glad Kooine is so obedient…)

This was the only time Fii truly felt that way .

The other boys also felt it, although they tended to forget it due to their usual quiet temperament . The existence that defeated Gormus, defeated that Persil, and set an undefeated record among the apprentice knights now is Kooine .

”Why is that guy following Heath…”

Even though his temperament is that of a dog itself, his strength is truly that of a wolf . The strongest of the apprentice knights and the strongest of the strongest followers of Heath . Two are the best cunning in the northern quarters and the strongest military force in the world .

There was no one to stop them now . And so, Fii and Kooine had returned to the break room after transferring the points .

”I guess it’s settled that I’m the winner of this masculinity ranking . ”

“Yes, sir . ”

The transfer of points really put them in first place in the masculinity rankings, and there was less than an hour left to go . The apprentice knights who were opposing Fii had no more chance of turning the tables on her .

Fii’s shoulders trembled .

”I won…I won… The most masculine man in the north quarters, I finally got that position . I am… I have finally won…for the first time in my life…”

Fii sat in her usual chair, looking up from her prone face and trying to capture the sight of the victor in her eyes . A mumbled murmur escaped from his mouth .

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The usually fussy break room was empty . There was no one at Fii and the others’ side . He was alone with Kooine standing at his back .

“Yes . ”

Jointly nodded at his words…

”Oh, we have a little time to kill before the winner is decided . ”

Half an hour until the manhood rankings were decided . With her spare time, Fii, out of her usual habit, leaned back as hard as she could against the back of the chair . The chair supported her weight and absorbed her movements . It was extremely comfortable .


As soon as she felt the discomfort of that, something creeped up Fii’s back . With a bang, she got up from her chair and turned her attention to it .

Kooine looked at Fii with a curious expression on his face .

“The chair is fixed…”

The chair, which had been creaking and rattling until yesterday, was in some danger of tipping over when Fii put her weight on it, as he had done earlier . The chair had been re-screwed tightly, and upon closer inspection, She found that even the parts that had stood on the floor had been cleaned up and repaired in various places . Come to think of it, the other chairs and tables have also been cleaned up .

Kooine stood as she scurried around the break room . By that time, Fii had started to walk away . As if guided by some premonition that ran through her head…

One of the apprentice knight boys muttered as he found Fii back in the dining room .

“What? Did he come back to brag about his victory or something…?”

Having given up on the manhood rankings as a win for Fii, the boys had moved on to the next topic of conversation .

“Speaking of which, are you going home for the next long weekend?”

“I might be over here . We’re in a rundown house and it’s not that cozy . ”

“But, the north dormitory is pretty rickety, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, everything is broken these days . ”

“That kind of thing hasn’t happened since Torokko-san was removed from General Affairs . ”

“Oh, but someone fixed the floor of the water feature that came loose the other day . It was refinished with new boards . ”

“Oh, come to think of it, yes . I wonder if they’ve already found someone new to fix it for you . ”

As Fii walked through the cafeteria to a certain point, the events of the north quarters, which hadn’t been talked about in recent days because everyone was so occupied with the manliness rankings, popped into his ears .

“Come to think of it, this table used to wobble, but when did it stop wobbling?’”

“Hey, I never cared . ”

“Really . It was pretty hard to eat . I don’t know when I realized I had all my legs together . ”

“Hey, you know, that hole in the wall out back . I saw it today and it was blocked up . ”

“I wonder who the people in charge of the north quarters are right now, when they’re in the process of reorganizing and management isn’t working . ”

Fii had noticed . When she was about to enter the dining room, she noticed a rubber cover on the corner of the door . Then, the kooine’s footprints on the ceiling were gone .

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Every time she saw and heard them, sweat ran down Fii’s body . Fii passed through the boys and stood in front of a single sheet of paper . It was a paper to be filled out when she received a tool loan . One that would receive little attention from the apprentice knight boys . Fii reached out her hand to move the explanatory form on top of it .

That hand was trembling .

(No way… . no way…)

Fii’s face turned blue . To a premonition . Led by a premonition that was almost certain . When she turned the paper over, there was only one name written in a blur .

Zelius .

The moment she saw that, sweat poured from Fii’s back and a strong sensation passed through her body . It was a feeling of defeat . Fii’s brain began to spin at high speed like a human being on the verge of death from there .

(Don’t tell me…you’ve been doing this for a long time…?)

Repairing the dangerous or broken parts of the quarters… She don’t care about your manhood ranking… No one has to know…

It definitely didn’t feel right . The strategy of leading the group to lower Zelius’s score was working too well . For some reason, Zelius had been in a much less popular places these days . That’s why that strategy had worked so well .

The reason is this…

(Ever since he came back from his parents’ house, Zelius had been going around repairing broken places that had been neglected by everyone else, places where everyone was in danger…)

The scene came clearly to Fii’s mind . The image of a man quietly repairing the broken parts of the dormitory for the benefit of everyone else .

That’s not all .

He used his dirty hands to repair even Fii’s chair that was about to take the first place from him . It was obvious that he was supposed to have shown himself to be hostile, but he didn’t care about that .

He even went out of his way to install rubber to keep them out of harm’s way for their own sake, which was something of a riot . He erased the footprints on the ceiling so that Kooine wouldn’t get mad at him later . Even the shifting of the legs on the fine tables in the dining room and the holes in the back wall that hardly anyone cared about… .

And, he didn’t tell anyone about it, he just kept doing it in silence .

Fii thought that he was fighting him too . She thought that he was desperately trying to put up a fight to take the first place away from her . And yet he didn’t care about that .

He didn’t care .

He just watched quietly as they fussed over their manhood rankings, repairing the places they used on a daily basis so that no one would get in trouble, and even repairing dangerous places so that they wouldn’t be in danger of making a scene .

How dare he… . .

Fii hurriedly suppressed the words that were about to come out of her throat .

(If I say it out loud now, I will lose…)

It was a clear premonition . If she let this word leak out, it would be the catalyst for everyone to hear what Zelius had done, and the points would be reversed . If that happened, there would be 30 minutes left . There was no more chance for Fii to win .

(He still has a chance to win…! People don’t know this fact . If I can get through these 30 minutes by distracting everyone, distracting them and hiding this fact, I will win the manhood rankings…! I can win . I’m a winner…!)

Fii told herself that desperately . She struggled to keep her voice from leaking out of her mind . Her whole body trembled .

(We can win…! We can win! We can win . We can win . We can win . (I … win …)

She struggled to stop her body from screaming and told her mind that over and over again… . That was all it took for a moment .

The next moment, Fii’s body collapsed from her knees . She fell to her knees with a gulp, and an uncontrollable voice escaped from her mouth .


At that moment, Fii’s defeat was decided .

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