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Chapter 922: Su Yang Retires From The Film And Television Industry

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Hence, when Su Yang came to their house without a word, the two elders started to worry.

They knew that Su Yang was a good person, but… They did not have any confidence when facing him.

‘Would our daughter be happy with Su Yang?’

As parents, most of the time, they did not want their children to become successful or marry into a rich family. Instead, all they wanted was for their child to be happy…

Although they were worried about Su Yang, Chu Xia’s parents did not show it on their faces. Instead, they welcomed Su Yang warmly.

During the meal, they had also observed the relationship between Chu Xia and Su Yang. The two youngsters who had just tried a certain act were in their second honeymoon phase.

Hence, Chu Xia’s parents felt much more at ease.

Su Yang had no idea what Chu Xia’s parents were thinking. He happily had a meal at Chu Xia’s house before leaving with the red packet that Chu Xia’s mother had given him.

Returning to the virtual space, Su Yang was shocked when he touched the red packet, which contained 18,888 yuan.

The two thick stacks of money made the red packet bulge. Su Yang thought that it was a custom in Shanghai and what was inside, so he did not take it seriously.

‘From the looks of it, Chu Xia’s Mom is clearly trying to save face for Chu Xia. She’s even taken out their family’s assets for this…

Looking at the amount of money in his hands, Su Yang did not know whether to laugh or cry. The next day, he returned 18,000 yuan to Chu Xia, leaving only 888 yuan…

While Su Yang was leading a carefree life, “The Devilish Boy” was also screening…

With Jiadian Group’s promotional resources, “The Devilish Boy” had practically appeared in the Spring Festival Gala period.

There were even a few popular movies that had been canceled to avoid clashing with “The Devilish Boy”. They were planning to release the movie over the summer.

From this, one could tell how influential Su Yang was in the domestic entertainment industry.

As for “The Devilish Boy” itself, it did live up to Su Yang’s reputation. As soon as it was released, it received double the box office and reputation!

Not only did the box office earnings skyrocket, but the media and professionals’ reviews for it were also very high.

They thought that this was another movie with Su Yang’s typical production style.

For the past two years, the film and entertainment industry had been researching Su Yang’s films.

At first, they did not notice any pattern.

After all, Su Yang did not make a lot of movies, and they were of different genres. It was too difficult to find common ground.

In the end, it was the professors from China Academy of Drama and Beijing TV who came up with the research.

They felt that Su Yang’s films were different from other film companies in the country, where the former’s were highly industrialized.

Movies could be works of art, or they could be industrial products. They had long been recognized by the film industry.

However, domestic movies had always failed to find the boundary between the two. Furthermore, China was a “director center” movie, so even though it was a commercial movie, there was too much self-expression mixed into it, causing its reputation and box office to fail.

However, Su Yang’s movie was different. As a producer, investor, and director, he had absolute control over the project.

Not only was he in charge of special effects production, but he was also in charge of editing. Coupled with the influence that these two rights extended to filming and the script, he had much more power over movies than normal producers.

On the other hand, Su Yang had managed to manage all these rights. He did not preach nor did he have any hidden meanings. He used interesting stories to attract people’s attention. Coupled with exciting scenes and sharp editing, he far surpassed the local special effects. In the end, he achieved great success!

If that was the case, perhaps the people in the film industry would only think that Su Yang was a commercial filmmaker and would not value him that much.

However, in the joint research of two professors from the top academies in the film industry, they discovered that Su Yang’s movies were not the same as ordinary popcorn movies. It was just enjoyable to watch. Instead, it had the self-expression of a work of art and a spiritual core.

For example, the patriotism from “Wolf Warriors 2”, the fate of the entire human race from “Wandering Planet”, or the victory of “The Devilish Boy”.

Only a highly industrialized film with a mental core would be a complete “Su Yang’s Typical Production Style”.

All the directors and actors who worked with Su Yang were unknowingly influenced by him, which was why they could film such an exciting movie.

And this model was a great reference and reference to the current domestic film industry!

As soon as the research was published, Su Yang’s status in the film industry rose to a whole new level…

In particular, “The Devilish Boy” broke 1.5 billion yuan in three days, exceeded 3 billion yuan in 10 days, and successfully became the top three in the country’s film history. This not only made Su Yang official, but it also made Su Yang the top three in the film history with his personal identity. It also made Su Yang’s position unshakeable.

It became a “legend” in the hearts of all film industry workers.

As for the three movies, they had three different genres, different styles, and different genres. Because of this, there were now three different paths for domestic movies.

Many people were looking forward to Su Yang’s next film.

While everyone was looking forward to it, they did not know that Su Yang no longer cared about that industry.

Previously, he had been involved in the film and television industry because this was the industry with the least funding, the biggest impact, and the most convenient cultural output.

But after Su Yang became a global tycoon, the film industry ended up becoming too meagre.

His eyes were only focused on the region and the country.

Therefore, Su Yang did not even post a single Weibo or WeChat Moment when “The Devilish Boy” was released.

Most of the publicity and negotiations for the movie were done by Li Zijun.

This abnormality gave many netizens who were following Su Yang a premonition.

Because of the popularity, many media outlets started to pay attention to this matter.

Hence, when Su Yang was about to enter the venue for a foreign event, a reporter who was stopped by a bodyguard asked Su Yang loudly, “Mr. Su! Mr. Su! I would like to ask if you will continue filming in the future?”

Initially, Su Yang did not pay attention to these reporters who were doing the informal interviews.

However, this question happened to be the talk of the town recently. Many friends even secretly asked Su Yang about it.

Hence, Su Yang stopped when he heard that.

When they saw that Su Yang had stopped, the bodyguards quickly formed a circle and separated the crowd. They were on high alert while preventing anyone from bumping into Su Yang.

Su Yang was wearing a well-ironed suit. He was already 24 years old. Compared to the past two years, he looked much more mature and domineering. He looked at the reporter and smiled. “I don’t think so.”

Then, he thought for two seconds and added, “Everyone knows that I have a lot of things to do now, so I might not have the time to invest and produce movies like before.

“Thankfully, the movies that I’ve been investing and making for the past two years have been pretty good, and it has provided many new ideas for the movie industry.

“I believe that in the future, our country’s film and television industry will be flourishing, and we will be able to squander more and more.

“I look forward to more excellent producers, directors, and actors rising to contribute to our country’s film industry.

“Finally, thank you for your support for our movie all this time. Thank you.”

After that, Su Yang did not bother about whether his words had been recorded. He strode into the venue.

That day’s meeting was “Asia Regional Economic Cooperation”, a form of trade that the country has been promoting to expand outward in recent years.

The reason why the country called Su Yang over was because they hoped that Su Yang, who was a successful entrepreneur in terms of technology, economy, cross-country collaboration, and regional economic integration, could bring about new ideas and ideas.

At the meeting, Su Yang expressed his approval of this “Asia Regional Economic Cooperation” plan. He felt that it was a win-win plan for all the countries in Asia.

It is also the first step toward achieving national goals for the global economic community.

After that, Su Yang expressed his thoughts on the matter and even suggested the resources and projects that he could provide for it.

The meeting was very successful.

However, compared to this conference that had a huge impact but was too dull, the news that Su Yang had made it clear that he would no longer be producing movies caused an even bigger sensation.

Even though they already had such speculations, the netizens found it hard to accept the classic movies that Su Yang had produced over the years.

After all, in most netizens’ eyes, Su Yang had a huge share of the success of these movies.

Before Su Yang started filming, whether it was sci-fi or youth animation, they were all unpopular.

It was almost like 100 movies would go down in dust with every 100 movies filmed.

Su Yang, on the other hand, did not hesitate to invest in these films. He even made them popular and gave them a second chance at life.

Now that Su Yang was gone, would the locally-produced movies become stagnant water again?

Many people had this worry.

However, when she thought of what Su Yang said, “I believe that our country’s movies will flourish in the future, and it will be better and better to squander. I look forward to more outstanding producers, directors, and actors rising to help contribute to our country’s film industry.”

They felt that what Su Yang said might come true.

It was always harder to create something, and Su Yang had created an era. As for those who came later, they just had to follow Su Yang’s path.

‘This… shouldn’t be difficult, right?

‘So, maybe… The golden age of domestic movies is coming?!’

With this thought in mind and Su Yang’s busy schedule, everyone could tell that Su Yang had left the industry. Hence, the netizens were all supportive and congratulated him.

In the end, Su Yang thanked all the netizens who had supported his movie sincerely. This made the netizens leave comments on Su Yang’s Weibo.

The comment that they left the most was “Thank you for bringing us so many classic movies in the past few years. Thank you!”

Compared to the reluctance of the netizens, the people in the film industry heaved a sigh of relief.

The pressure that Su Yang gave others was simply too great. Four classic movies in four years, and all of them were huge box office sales figures. Such people were simply an insurmountable mountain for those working in the same generation.

Just like Qin Shi Huang in the past, charging through his enemies from all directions, crushing everything.

Now that he had publicly “retired”, the pressure on everyone lessened.

Therefore, many film and entertainment companies were eager to get into action again. They were planning to find new and young celebrities, popular young actors to film sci-fi movies, and animations. All in all, they wanted to ride on Su Yang’s coattails, and make a huge movie!

Therefore, in just a short period of time, the film industry was once again filled with outstanding talents. In order to reach the top of the “post-Su Yang era”, they started to work hard…

Su Yang had heard about what was happening in the film and entertainment industry, but he did not care much about it.

He had seen the comments left by the netizens on his Weibo and was quite touched.

However, these feelings only lasted for a moment because there were two more important things that he needed to focus on.

The first was the plan before the new year arrived: give Draenor a blow.

He was too busy dealing with this matter to have the time and energy to deal with himself.

Su Yang alone could not achieve this goal.

Therefore, at the end of February, when China’s annual Spring Festival Gala had just ended, Su Yang took the data and report that his team had given him and personally flew to America’s Wall Street to look for allies to work with.

The second thing was related to this.

Draenor’s delay was not his motive. He wanted to give Su Yang the opportunity to develop. Su Yang also needed something that he could use to guide international opinion.

So… He’s got his eye on the domestic Tik Tok.

Su Yang’s sharp senses told him that if this thing became popular in the country, it might continue to become popular overseas and become an export of public opinion that broke through the international blockade.

Hence, he authorized Zhao Licheng, who was in the country, to go to Tik Tok’s headquarters and negotiate with the CEO to buy off the international copyright, or directly acquire the entire company…

When Zhao Licheng went off to negotiate, Su Yang had also arrived in America’s Wall Street. He met his old friends whom he had worked with before.

Facing these old acquaintances who were still deeply in control of the country, Su Yang directly placed the investigation report of his team on their case.

After reading the information, these financial giants did not show any expression on their faces, but deep down, they were worried.

Because in Su Yang’s report, there was not only Draenor’s investigation, but also Draenor’s ability to break through the encirclement and obtain the essence of the victory: these financial giants were losing their authority and influence over America.

These financial giants had already discovered this.

With technology and the Internet affecting people’s lives more and more, their influence channels have been greatly affected.

In this campaign, their agent’s failure was a warning.

After this was over, these old acquaintances had studied the reason for their failure, but they could not find the key point.

But now, the information that Su Yang provided them made them understand where they had failed…

Therefore, when they were facing the same opponent, they decided to work together with Su Yang.

As a result, in mid-March, all media outlets in America revealed a shocking scandal.

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